Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 414

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 414 Corruption

Nik silently sat on the western gate of the city while waiting for the expedition to return. Previously, the group was expected to return tomorrow morning, but the experts sent by various families finally managed to catch up and now retreated without any stops. Nik even heard from Lanruo that right at the last moment, Nie Li was found within the actual place of treasure, and it was also suggested that he had taken the greatest gains. Alas, the young boy refused to hand anything over and managed to offend a significant half of elders. Still, they couldn't act against Nie Li since he was a rightful aristocrat, too.

Looking down, Nik shouted towards Shen Yue. His words did not pull any reaction from the surrounding guards since they were extremely 'focused' on their duties.

"Will you ever tell your Aunt that you have taken your own holy oath?" Nik inquired with a snicker. Right now, Nik did not even bother pretending in front of Shen Yue since he was already a part of Ray's troops. Nik could easily 'smell' Ray's protection. In fact, Nik greatly desired this kind of ability that could use pheromones for an extended period over the partners and protect them at a limited range. But a chat with Ray after Nik sent him a martial technique suited for him exposed the fact that this skill was an innate one. Nik even tried to replicate the skill, but without crucial knowledge, the little number of experiments proved to be vain.

Meanwhile, Shen Yue looked up and smiled broadly. He wasn't also acting like an edgy teenager as he did in front of Xiu to keep things normal. "Time and a place for everything, I guess. Anyway... as long as I can postpone the beating I'll receive from Aunt, I will hide it from her," Shen Yue spoke cheekily as Nik finally decided to satiate his curiosity.

"Say, when you do the deed, is it only Yar, or Ray joins, too?"

Shen Yue's lips twitched. This kind of private information, how could he expose? Shen Yue had already lost his v.i.r.g.i.nity. His mouth and butt belonged to Ray while his tool belonged to Yar. In fact, when Shen Yue met with Ye Hong and others, he came to realize that even as a succubus, Ray has kept his prized ass to himself. Nik, on the other hand, observed Shen Yue's difficult expression before he stopped probing. Ray and Nik casually shared the details of their experience every now and then. Especially, in front of Brian, who simply didn't have as thick of a skin as the two debauched vice-guild masters. Of course, Nik didn't feel that Ray's actions were unsavory. It was just a preference, what's wrong with that?

If Ray's s.e.x.u.a.l preference unnerved him, then what would Nik do once he found himself in front of another species that actually used tentacles, or had a structure of a cave with the interior filled with probing tools...

'No more hentai for me in the next few days...'

It was evident that the casual glances at the '2d' p.o.r.n comics in the book shop had already started to corrupt his mind... but now that Nik thought of his [Body Manipulation]...

Shaking his head, Nik thought for a while and decided to try and make things right in between the aunt and nephew. "Actually, hiding things from her, or exposing everything right off the bat might just strain your relationship. Of course, it will only be temporary, you both are like mother and son to each other," Nik's words pulled Shen Yue out of his wet dream.

"What should I do then... I don't want Aunt to feel betrayed or anything."

Shen Yue spoke with a bitter smile. Of course, he had thought hard about this, but once the deed was done, Shen Yue found himself wanting more. This was not unrealistic. Nik and Ray were like drugs to their partners. Once a person has had enough of them, they would feel more greedy and desperate. Of course, keeping this effect under control was Ray's and Nik's expertise. Else, were the two not Fatale enough to bring downfall to the city with their beauty? The innate skills such as [Charm Supreme] was a way to control their attributes. Of course, charm never meant physical attraction alone, but in this case, the duo's beauty was prominent.

"Ease into it... start by slowly showing your preference, I guess. Shen Xiu already knows that Ray is a succubus, just like you knew I am a l.u.s.t apostle. So, you'll have to start changing your attitude from fake to real little by little."

Shen Yue nodded with a heavy expression. Just like Nik said, him being broody all the time was a mechanism to hide his true self. He was afraid of what Shen Xiu might think, of course. She was, as Nik said, more than a mother to Shen Yue. Her opinions mattered to Shen Yue greatly.

"Oh, here they come!"

Nik jumped down the 11-meter tall wall and removed his restrictions from the guards as they also discovered the arrival of the expedition and started to increase the intensity of the flames to illuminate the surroundings. "Huhuhu... I have new things to show my little disciples." Nik smiled in childish excitement as he recalled his evening's training. In reality, Nik had two reasons to meet with the group of disciples at the gate.

First, he came here to pick Ryu'er for Gojira, and second, after not seeing them for two days, he really wanted to meet them as quickly as possible. In some manner, Nik was more childish than the kids themselves.

"Hehe, he has returned!"

Shen Yue licked his lips while proclaiming softly. Nik acted like he didn't hear his nephew muttering in such thirst and waited for the group of people to get close. With his natural eyesight and [Perfect Eyesight], Nik soon observed the gloomy expression of the children. Of course, they would be gloomy. Their adventure was cut in between by the elders they wished to escape from momentarily. However, there was one person who still managed to stand out in such a depressed group.


A golden furred figure waved its arms as Nik frowned for a moment.

'Is this what Lanruo told me about? The duskgold dreadclaw bear?'

After a small inquiry with Gojira, the monster who dominated the list of top ten savage beasts, he knew that even a young bear of this species is not to be underestimated. "Well, this certainly makes it easier to understand Lanruo's frustrations."

Nik muttered under his breath as he waved his arm, too. In a few breaths, the group slowed down in front of the gates since the students and the elders would be dispersing. Out of them, Linjian had the worst expression, while the Ye Hong's group also contained a worried Ye Ziyun. Nik had heard about the arrival of another Ye youngster.

[How was your trip?]

Nik inquired Ray with a smile as he nudged Shen Yue forward. Nodding towards Shen Yue, Ray returned Nik's look and then waggled his brows suggestively.

[So many guys who can easily get influenced? What do you think?]

Unlike Nik, who didn't need to find partners to increase his stats within the system, Ray still had to collect multiple partners. In fact, Nik's talent Exotic Escort seemed to based on this rule of the Incubus Society.

Looking around, Nik found his disciples. They weren't standing together anymore. Ning'er, Lanruo, Ziyun were with their family elders while a clearly embarrassed Ryu'er tried to stay away from Korra only for the bear to pull her back.

"Korra and Ryu'er... come with me."

Nik stated with a smile and then looked at the remaining girls. He didn't call for them immediately. Ziyun needed to return immediately since it was her brother who was injured. Meanwhile, Nik had no right to bring Ning'er within his house so late in the night.

'Are you ready for your surprise?'

Nik's words entered Lanruo's consciousness as her eyes brightened, and she nodded hurriedly.

"Oh, and, Lanruo. You are coming with me, too."


The elder suddenly felt on the spot. Before he could speak, Nik gave him a look, "Didn't Xiong already make it clear? Lanruo is my fiancee and disciple. Do not obstruct."


"Can you not wear this anymore?"

Lanruo rolled her eyes as Nik frowned and touched the supper soft bear fur cloaking his body.

"But... Korra went to such troubles... and it feels so soft..."

Nik's argument lacked any sort of commitment, but Korra was glad that Nik didn't feel aversion of trying out the bear.

"You look dandy, teach," Korra commented with her arms behind her back and her gait carefree.

"And you, that risk... well, actions speak louder than words. Get ready for your punishment tomorrow."

Nik shrugged as Korra's lips twitched.

"Give my cloak back to me!"

She hissed, but Nik easily pushed at ger forehead and kept her away while smiling smugly, "Don't wanna."

"Um... it is nice to meet you. I am Shen Yue."

The boy greeted while Ryu'er looked at Shen Yue and snorted.

"Beat it."

Just like this, the entire group cheerfully walked into the Sacred Family's estate. Lanruo was more than pleased with this surprise. She can actually live with Nik! Alas, her hopes were dashed when an emerald-haired woman greeted Nik as 'master' like servant-master and then a very buxom woman who was more than e.r.o.t.i.cally and loosely dressed jumped at Ryu'er and pulled the little hug toy into an embrace.

Lanruo didn't need a deep enough insight into Nik's mind to understand that these two might already be her tainted sisters and...

Lanruo looked towards the surprised Korra and astonished Ryu'er before feeling a little doubt that now that these two have entered... leaving might reach the level of impossibility.