Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 415

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 415 Dinner

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"Here, master."

Klas personally served Nik while the remaining girls sat without any notable expression. Asami and Korra sat side-by-side while Ryu'er did not seem to enjoy her mother's company for the moment. Shen Xiu looked towards Shen Yue for a moment, worried that such a sight of women of extraordinary beauty surrounding Nik would infect his young mind, but she felt her hesitations eased when Shen Yue concentrated on food instead of women's b.r.e.a.s.ts, an action Nik relished.

"Uhh... will anyone tell me what's going on?"

Korra finally couldn't hold in as Nik looked towards the bear-slayer with a slight surprise, and then he replied with a shrug.

"Dinner. Oh, that's enough. Thanks, Klas."

Nik smiled and finally asked Klas to stop. He wasn't expecting Klas's help, but he didn't feel awkward. Meanwhile, Korra's lips twitched, and she looked around. Ryu'er's mother was a ravishing woman, even when all of the girls were present. Her dark-skin also did not match Ryu'er's light skin tone. She then looked towards others present. Finally, Korra turned her head towards Klas and then mumbled.

"I am going to take a shot in the dark... All these are already doing you, right, Teach?"

Korra placed an entire cloud bun in her mouth and chewed in distress while Nik raised his brow and shook his head.

"Why are you bringing Shen Yue into the discussion? I, Nik, am not that kind of a man."

"Ugh, will you stop it already?" Lanruo rolled her eyes and then pointed at Gojira and Klas. "The number keeps on increasing!"

"Yes, it is a virtuous cycle."

Nik nodded with a gratified expression. A person would hook up with a girl and rock her world. Now, she could either save that guy for herself, or brag and attract other potential suitors. But before Nik could present this analogy, he looked at the expression of everyone present and decided to keep his wisdom to himself. He still wasn't this selfish and simply took the responsibility of Lanruo's frustrations.

"All right, I understand that you have your questions. But first, let's eat. Since you can live here from now on, we'll have a lot of time to spend together."

Nik's words eased a significant portion of the tension. Hearing him, even Ryu'er decided to eat silently while refusing to answer her mother's query, pulling annoyed groans from the poor Empress every now and then.

"Did anyone else got a spirit ring aside from Korra?"

Nik inquired with an eager expression. He was already curious about the skill Korra had received from such a reputable bear and only got his expectations high for Lanruo to shake her head.

"None. In fact, the main plan was to give our all after finding treasure. But the expedition was stopped midway."

Nik nodded and looked around. He didn't know how everyone could eat silently without raising any exciting topic. This was one of the rare moments to spend time with loved ones in a peaceful environment. He wanted to make the best use of it, so, he brought another topic.

"Tell me something about Ye Han? Xiu, you and this guy were in the same class during your early years, right?"

"Ye Han?"

Shen Xiu locked her brows for a moment before recollecting a few instances of the forgotten genius. "Well, he was humble at first, but after being nurtured by the Snow Wind Family, he grew just like us. Snobbish and arrogant."

At Shen Xiu's words, Shen Yue lowered his head while the others also listened carefully. Continuing Shen Xiu's words, Lanruo added with a curious expression, "Didn't he stop hanging out with all his friends after Ziyun was born?"

Shen Xiu nodded. "That he did," she blew softly over the spoonful of soup and continued, "That and the fact Ziyun's birth infringed on his rights to inherit the Snow Wind Family. Poor fool, why would an orphan even think of inheriting one of the high nobles? Only one elder supported him, and now it is reported that he's dead."

"Ye Han is an orphan?"

Nik mumbled with a little surprise.

Meanwhile, Xue Yin finally spoke up, "Don't be that harsh on little Han. He must be going through a tough time."

She heaved a deep sigh after speaking. Meanwhile, Gojira finally thought to add something, "Hey, I always wanted to ask you," Gojira looked towards Klas and continued, "Are you only going to watch us while we eat?"

The discussion stopped as the other girls looked at Klas. She stood utterly unperturbed by the attention and spoke with a formal tone, "I will stand beside Master as long as he wants me to. He has defeated me. My body is his right to use as he sees fit."

Gojira, Shen Xiu, and Xue Yin glanced at each other before thinking simultaneously Use he did! But then, the remaining girls looked at Nik and Korra couldn't hold it in.

"Teach, not letting that girl eat. That's cold."

Korra muttered in dissatisfaction while Lanruo nodded.

"Don't judge me. Her nutritional diet is different."

Nik replied with a sigh since others still didn't know that crystal-men enjoyed minerals, with which they are formed, the most.

"So? What do you eat?"

Lanruo inquired as Klas only looked towards her before sneering and then looking down once again.


The others were slightly stunned. Nik wasn't. Klas had already made her intentions clear. She was Nik's servant. How indifferently she wished to treat Nik's partner was entirely up to her. None of them had defeated her, or rocked her body. Only Nik had the qualifications to hold her reins.

"Klas, you should go and prepare the bath then."

Nik spoke calmly, and Klas now had to leave with slight reluctance. Meanwhile, Nik allowed Lanruo to understand what happened in her absence and finally decided against sharing the essential guide to anal and blowjob. They were all eating dinner, after all.

Meanwhile, Ryu'er finally couldn't hold her questions in and ignore Gojira before she whispered, "Mom... does Teacher know?"

"About us? Yeah. About you having thoughts for him? The possibility is high."

Gojira didn't ever expose her daughter's wish to mate with Nik, but seeing him and his origins, it wouldn't be hard for him to unraveling the feelings of a young spirit beast. Hearing Gojira's words, Ryu'er's eyes widened in size while her words stuck and refused to flow out of her throat. Her heart started thumping wildly. She looked towards Nik with her eyes still covered with her hair, but as if mysteriously sensing her gaze, Nik tilted his head towards her direction and smiled slightly.


Ryu'er quickly averted her gaze and looked down.

Finally, after a few minutes, the dinner came to an end, and as Nik had asked Klas, the bath was prepared for Nik... and, well, willing companions.