Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 416

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 416 Lucky

Usually, Nik didn't even bathe. It was to save time. After all, manipulating his sweat to cleanse his body and then using air manipulation to groom himself felt quite natural. In this world, the total number of times that Nik actually bathed out of enjoying the act itself could be counted by fingers. This restricted Nik from discovering the large bathhouse constructed within the estate. With a curious expression, Nik pushed the door open and walked into the changing room. Since this was a private bathhouse, instead of boxed shelves on either side of the walls, Nik observed the two wooden platforms. They were polished and glowed like beautiful stones while a few pairs of clothes were already placed over it neatly. Well... the left platform had the neatly folded robes. The right one was dr.a.p.ed with a bear's hide with the lifeless eyes of the poor beast staring right at Nik.

"Korra really needs to calm things down," mumbling under his breath, Nik proceeded to pull his tunic up and then folded it before placing it on the small gap on the left side. At this moment, Klas knocked on the door softly and then walked. Instead of her usual black shirt pants, Klas wore a loose grey robe with a black cloth belt around her supple waist. Her short emerald hair was tied up and resembled the sprout of a pineapple. Seeing her entrance, Nik smiled and inquired softly, "I would have expected you to enter the bath already." Shaking her head at his words, Klas took a step forward and then slowly traced her index over Nik's h.i.p.s.

"Master, let me perform such meager duties. It is a delight for me." An ordinary person might feel deception in Klas's attitude, but Nik didn't. In [L.u.s.t's Recruitment], Nik held the dominant half of the relationship, which allowed the apostle to gain insight into his partner's emotions. The same held true for his partners if Nik didn't hide his emotions. But this was hardly the case. He was as n.a.k.e.d as a slave sold in a s.e.x auction. Disregarding the inappropriate analogy, Nik felt heartfelt emotions in Klas's words, and this could only be attributed to her past and maybe her homeworld.

"Sure." Not denying Klas's request, Nik observed the relieved gleam in her emerald eyes, and she got to work. With her head only reaching the lower cut of Nik's pectorals, it was easy for Klas's dainty fingers to quickly grip the edges of Nik's pants and pull the article of clothing down slowly and gently. Purposely or not, Klas's head was leaning down with her slightly hotter breathing condensing over Nik's abdomen. Her gaze darted towards his hands that didn't move a single inch from his waist and feeling somewhat embarrassed by her thoughts, Klas finally changed the position, and her hands instantly slithered into Nik's pants from the side and then pushed it down with the tilt of her wrists.

Instead of Nik's skin, Klas came into contact with soft fabric, and finally, her eyes were attracted to Nik's form-fitting underwear that covered the beginning of his cutting thighs and the substantial bulge of his flaccid tool. Gulping down the slight burst of mineral fluids from her stock, Klas slowly knelt and continued to pull Nik's pants down. Honestly, it was a wonder how Nik even felt slightly aroused by the act. Then he recalled the facts that with enough emotions and talents, such a mundane act could definitely turn into a tantalizing play that would make every bathing moment an eager one.

"Master, please pull your legs out, now." Looking up, Klas whispered while matching her round emerald eyes with Nik's violet hues as he calmly moved his legs out of the loops and let Klas straighten it. He observed every single movement. This was Klas's intention in the first place. In fact, paired with the dark-grey robe that could easily slip down her shoulders, Nik's vision was invited into Klas's exposed, modest bosom with glimmering emerald n.i.p.p.l.es topping over the small, fleshy a.r.e.o.l.as. Nik took a deep breath as Klas continued to look at him and then gently reached out for the corner of his underwear.

Of course, he wore underwear. If he didn't, then his previous intense battles would have already cost him his c.o.c.k or one of his balls, maybe both. Still, unaware of such mood breaking thoughts, Klas gently pulled down the underwear, finally revealing Nik's thick and flaccid c.o.c.k that simply put erect men in shame. Regaining her composure, Klas committed to the task and only admired Nik's tool that wreaked havoc to her crystalline human hybrid body. With the tool reflecting on her pupils, Klas pondered on her next step. Undressing, she knew. But the customs of this world, she didn't. Unfazed by the realization, she looked up but didn't stand up and whispered politely.

"Master. This servant of yours has acted hastily and doesn't understand what to do next. Please, vent your anger out on my body." Klas parted her lips, but then stopped speaking anymore. Her gaze was somber, and finally, Nik couldn't hold it in. It was one thing if this was a long-term play, but another if Klas was acting out of her sincerity. "Pfft, you are too cute, Klas..." Nik's gaze flashed briefly before he patted the top of her head and smiled widely.

"No need to apologize. It is hard to familiarize with all the customs of this world," speaking till here, Nik pointed towards the tower of folded towels and gestured Klas to stand up. "Next, you tie the towel around my waist. Then, as my attendant, you will undress and tie the towel around your body to follow me into the bath. Hearing his guidance, Klas nodded deeply and worked quickly. She stood up and pulled open the top towel before bringing it closer to Nik's waist when he caught her wrist and smiled with a shake of the head.

"This kind of activity is better for me to do myself." Nik didn't lie or feel embarrassed. But, it was better to tie the towel himself since the others cannot feel the same sensation. What if Klas wraps the towel too tightly or too loosely? That would just waste time. Of course, Nik simply walked towards the adjacent wooden door and leaned against the wall, letting his gaze wander over Klas while waiting patiently. Knowing his intentions, Klas gripped the black belt around her waist, and with a heavy flush, untied the knot before the two edges of her robe flew free and exposed the major portion of her body.

Taking off the robe, Klas folded it on the floor right below Nik's clothes before walking towards the pile of the towels and intentionally bending with her butt facing Nik and raised high. Only after this did Klas cover her upper body with the towel and then waited for Nik.

"You look good. Tonight, we also need to have a chat on how to proceed in the future."

"This chat will then pose to be a long one. It would affect your sleep."

Nik shook her head and bared his teeth, "I'll just sleep after our chat then. We will have our usual party tomorrow."

Shrugging, Nik opened the door to the bathhouse while Klas's expression changed, and she spoke without hiding her thoughts, "Master also needs to relieve himself. You should instead skip the bath and let all your frustrations out on me"

With a chuckle, Nik caught Klas's wrist and pulled her into the enchanting bathhouse. Of course, he would be willing to sacrifice sleep for s.e.x. There was simply no comparison. The moment Nik entered the bathhouse, he instantly noticed some major changes. Instead of natural rocks scaping the surroundings, the bathhouse was built with beautiful marbles layered with light-toned colors. The space was already slightly foggy due to steam, and Nik's attention instantly fell on the group of girls resting within the bath.

Seeing Nik, Ryu'er let out an uncharacteristic yelp and instantly attracted everyone's attention. Looking at him, Shen Xiu frowned. "Weren't you supposed to bathe with Yue'er in the other bathhouse?" she inquired casually, unaffected by his presence. Nik, of course, wasn't invited into this large bath, considering that there were Ryu'er and Korra. But

"Klas is quite persistent. She wants to bathe together... I can go back, if you want. Shen Yue might learn a thing or two."

Nik's smile made Shen Xiu scowl as she dipped her body while letting out a chain of bubbles.

'Roguish fellow!'

Shen Xiu's voice whispered into Nik's mind.

"Teach, you should have worn that hide as a costume. That would have been a great story later on."

Korra remarked with her arms sprawled over the edge of the pool with her figure wholly exposed. Unlike other girls, she did not keep her towel close to her body and had already placed it on the floor behind her.

"Don't mind me~" Sensing everybody's attention, Nik waved with a smile and then walked towards the shower section of the bathhouse with Klas following him like a puppy. Once Nik turned the knob of the shower, Klas poked his back and gestured towards the stool, clearly wanting him to sit and let her take care of his bath.

"Sure!" Nik was more than happy. Instead of a shower, Klas used the lower tap and took the sponge placed over the holder and started with Nik's neck. Her dainty fingers lathered Nik's body and then carefully worked its way down. His hard pecs, arousing abdomen, toe-curling back, and h.i.p.s breaking thighs. Of course, Klas didn't restrict herself with pretenses and pulled on Nik's towel, revealing his tool.

By now, every semblance of conversation had finally turned redundant as all the girls tilted their heads towards Nik's direction. Experienced women recalled the clenches and the sheer passion of the body while the two inexperienced out of the seven instantly focused their attention on Nik's exposed butt. After all, to them, it was only this piece of e.r.o.t.i.ca presented with Nik's back facing them. Meanwhile, to the eyes of the girls, Klas's action of kneeling in between Nik's knees and moving her hands forward and backward gave off a very lewd and sensational feeling. Seeing this, Korra secretly gulped, but when she felt Asami's gaze trailing at her direction, she too, dipped deeper into the water. Similar was Ryu'er. Only her hair could be seen while her face was already below.

'Hehehe... at least, that's what should be true in the gazes of others. But, my long hair covers my eyes. My face is up, and I can see the teacher. This victory, is mine!' Thinking till here, Ryu'er suddenly felt speechless when she recalled the identity of the women surrounding her. 'Well... in the long line of battles, I at least won once. This would not be my last victory."

Once Klas scrubbed Nik to her satisfaction, she washed Nik's body as he wrapped the wet towel around him once again and made his way towards the pool. Meanwhile, he gave explicit commands for Klas to wash and join in quickly.

"Make way, people!"

Nik smiled and entered the pool from Shen Xiu's and Lanruo's direction. In fact, after entering, Nik pulled away the wet towel and placed it behind him while spreading his arm and inviting his two fiancees. Meanwhile, the hot water was in a misty state that naturally reduced the vision of other people. But who were the girls accompanying Nik? A master inscriptionist, two highly trained martial artists, two spirit beasts that turned into humans and gained superior physique, and finally, two fiancee's who were cuddling right next to Nik.

They all could observe the flaccid weapon that had the potential to slay goddesses!


Ryu'er whimpered and felt herself losing it while Korra raised her brows suggestively, intending to suppress her fear.

"Ha~ This is amazing!"

Nik mumbled and sighed deeply. This amount of heat could barely affect his tired body, but it was enough. After all, he did not need to boil the water too much and cook his girls. Thinking of his agreement with Klas, Nik heaved a deep sigh. He was already feeling sleepy. His stomach was full, and the heat was just right to stimulate his exhaustion. At this moment, however, Shen Xiu's and Lanruo's expression changed as a stealthy figure snuck in and rested her back against Nik with a content sigh.

"You are right. This does feel amazing~"

Xue Yin purred and threw the towel above her head towards the floor and leaned back with no intention of moving. Her tender rear also snuggled over Nik's slowly hardening shaft until she felt a comfortable spot and stopped. Opening his eyes, Nik leaned forward and kissed the back of Xue Yin's shoulder without much care while the two women by Nik's side exhaled and didn't move. They were already comfortable beside Nik. What use is to fight in such a peaceful environment?

Now, even Klas joined in by dipping into relatively empty space as Gojira finally looked towards her daughter and smiled.

"What are you feeling afraid of? You both are n.a.k.e.d, so shouldn't you try to court him?"

Ryu'er dipped down at Gojira's words, opened her mouth, and bit on her mother's waist. Of course, the bite was soft only to make Gojira realize that her words needn't be spoken in public. Meanwhile, Asami silently closed her eyes. She needed to regain her spirits. This was a rare moment of peace. In fact, preparing the first examination every year had been a major headache for every teacher... except Nik.

Damn that lucky bastard!