Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 417

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 417 Incorrect Princess Leia

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Nie Li finally opened his eyes. A pleased look flashed by his face briefly, but soon, he recollected his composure. The joy and excitement of returning to the past and correcting his regrets had long gone. After all, he faced dangers at every corner of his life during the 'future' 300-years. With his legs still crossed, Nie Li started to count his gains. Instantly, a glowing yellow ring appeared behind him. That's right, most of the students were already capable of absorbing a spirit ring, but due to the institute's rules, they couldn't. But, the spirit ring of a shadow lantern was too great of an opportunity to pass.

"My martial skill Farm Hoe is a tool spirit. It can complement various affinities in the world... in my previous life, Shen Yue obtained this spirit beast and sold it in the upcoming auction for a fortune." Thinking of the Sacred Family, a complicated look appeared over his face. But Nie Li didn't let this life's Sacred Family's misfortunes lower his guard. "Aside from the Sacred Family, the City Lord has already declared that Teacher Nik managed to retaliate against the Demon Lord and injured him grievously... Nik... why do I feel that my reincarnation has allowed the previous life's martial talent to gain a fortuitous encounter and grow this powerful?" Thinking till here, Nie Li patted his head with a sigh. This has become a major problem for him.

These recent days, he was simply overthinking. Nie Li continued to feel that every strange circ.u.mstance within the city might have been connected to his reincarnation. After all, the old reincarnator still did not have enough insights into the concept Butterfly Effect. "Speaking of insights... I have obtained another paper of the Temporal Spirit Demon Book, but even now, after spending another year, I cannot master the insights hidden within Teacher Nik's martial arts." The spirit ring behind Nie Li vanished while he focused on the greatest gain the temporal book artifact. He had used the paper to enter into the temporal realm once again and spent another year just to master Nik's techniques. But he failed. His insights remained rudimentary.

In this world, every action of a living being has an intent behind it. The same could be applied to martial techniques. If a person has insights into the intent of power, then even the casual punch from this person might take the opponent's life away. Similarly, intent into speed could bring greater evasive abilities, intent to durability could increase defense. Those who could master a single intent in their life are termed as Masters.

Nie Li himself had mastered multiple intents power, speed, dexterity, and control. But even with his prior achievements, the Master level martial artist could only gaze at the beautifully fused intents with envy. Until now, Nie Li had only touched the surface of a new intent that seemed to be hiding greater explosive strength than the intent of power itself. Temporarily, Nie Li termed this intent as might. But naming and mastering were two different things entirely. Right now, even without any particular physique, Nie Li had the strength to defeat any Rank 2 spirit master that cultivated beast martial spirit and sported stronger physiques. How?

The answer is his insights. With the insight of power, Nie Li could damage other living beings at a strength far greater than anybody's imagination without hurting himself in return. After all, to master an insight/intent is to master a reality of the world itself.

"I'm beat!"

Groaning, the reincarnator lay back with his eyes closed. He needed rest. Gaining insights into another form of reality was far easier said than done. Haste would waste all his efforts, and only a good rest would give Nie Li hope to improve the next day.

As if his prayers had been answered, Nie Li found himself surrounded by a vast expanse of sand with occasional dunes entering his vision. Behind him was an encampment of the survivors of Glory City. Nie Li looked around in astonishment before he took a deep breath and ran back into the perimeters.

"Ah, what was I even doing outside the defense. Sigh, I need to grow more cautious." Entering, Nie Li nodded towards the guardsmen and walked into a specific tent. Within, a refined and mature version of Ziyun sat with a strange face. Seeing her, Nie Li tilted his head and inquired with a warm tone.

"Looking at your expression, it seems that you still couldn't cultivate Tang Clan's Purple Demon Eye, right?"

Ziyun looked towards Nie Li with her natural violet eyes and nodded plainly. Nie Li did not feel strange seeing her expression as he continued, "It isn't easy. The Tang Clan was amazing. In reality, after cultivating the purple demon eye for a little time, I have discovered that this technique actually infuses the insight of vision. Once a person cultivates this technique to its highest level, they would instantly be able to mold the insight of vision into their body! Ziyun, this is a technique that gives a shortcut to the grandmaster realm!"

Hearing him, Ziyun pursed her lips and spoke reluctantly.

"Fine, teach this technique again. I am a little interested now."

Nie Li smiled and nodded.

But strangely, after he described the technique, he suddenly fell into a bottomless abyss while unknowingly, a flash of golden left his body and escaped through the abyss.


"Countless benefits..."

Nik muttered and opened his eyes. He was back into the underground suite, while a little over 13% of his total stock of pheromones remained within his body. He looked sidewards and found Lilith and Asmodeus cultivating reluctantly. In fact, unlike Nik, who was far away from forming his spirit ring, the two spirits were incomparably close in creating the spirit ring of their first plant/blade. Asmodeus cultivated two plants, Lilith cultivated three blades. After these, Nio would have to hunt spirit beasts for their spirit rings. Exhaling deeply, Nik didn't lay in between his satisfied girls. Instead, his thoughts grew cloudy for a moment.

'Nie Li found another page, and it seems like connecting with his consciousness is also a good method to steal the fruits of his labor. In his 'future', it seems like Nie Li and Ziyun are quite close... can I use this weakness and try to control his mind? No... controlling the mind is already risky since I don't understand his true mental capabilities. Not to mention the fact that entering the dream allows me to understand the essence of various things directly.

After all, the purple demon eye technique would have taken me three days to start, but now... I can try today morning.'

Just a single dream venture into Nie Li's mind allowed him to learn a technique that could push Nik's insight into the realm of grandmaster.

Masters could infuse the insights, Grandmasters could carve the insights! The former can be disrupted, but the latter cannot!

Licking his lips, Nik finally slumped down. He hugged Lanruo and Xue Yin directly as they snored softly. Asami and Shen Xiu were to the right, beside Lanruo. Meanwhile, Gojira hugged Klas tightly with a satisfied expression and continued to sleep.

Even if Nik lay on the bed, he didn't sleep. He took out a cruel item from his inventory and used his manipulation in gravity to keep this item above his head. He needed to wake early, and this item would help him very much.


"So stupid..."

Ray mumbled while rolling over the bed.

"How can a woman even disguise herself as a man so deeply? If it weren't for her scent, I would have hit on her!"

Ray groaned as he recalled the situation.

After Ziyun, Ye Hong, and Ray entered the room silently. They came face-to-face with a handsome stud with a good physique. Maybe, Ray focused too much on his body, but when he grew close, Ray found that this person was actually a woman. The entire physique was a disguise, and even if Ray couldn't look past the front, the fact remained that Ray was now interested in this woman's motives.

"Wait... doesn't this mean that the real stud died?"

Ray sat up and muttered.

Well, it didn't matter to him.

At this moment, Ye Hong's voice came from the inner changing room.

"Do I really have to wear this?"

Before Ray could reply, Yar's snarl resounded, "Just hurry up and wear it, you big baby!"

Apparently, Yar was dressing Ye Hong a rather exotic dress.

"Huhu... finally, my Princess Leia fantasy!"

Ray muttered and lay down once again.

Although he was restricted due to the society's norms by being unable to fill this courtyard with his partners, Ray still found a great method to pass his time.

'Either way... before my identity is revealed, I need to start targetting the Family Head...

With his ass in my hands, I can even bring all the partners into this courtyard with various pretenses.