Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 418

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 418 Alarm

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*Caaaw* *Caaaw*

When the clock struck 5 above Nik's head, it instantly started cawing loudly. In fact, the blue alarm clock screeched with all its might until all the girls woke up, and Klas was forced to shoot an emerald spike that impaled the clock and busted its circuits. "Hmm~" Meanwhile, Nik groaned softly and twisted his waist sideways, sleeping like a baby. Of course, none of the women, except Klas, wanted that. Lanruo instantly jumped on Nik's body with an angry smile and started riding while shouting loudly, "Aahhhn~ More!"


Nik instantly shouted and sat up! For a moment, dazed expression touched everybody's face, including Nik, before he gulped and rubbed his wrist against the corner of his lips, wiping away the thin trail of drool. He then tilted his head up, looking at the stabbed alarm clock. Finally, Nik looked towards Lanruo in confusion. "Why aren't you n.a.k.e.d?"

"Pfft~" Xue Yin instantly chuckled while Gojira let out an angry growl. The two buxom women slumped back on the bed. Shen Xiu, meanwhile, stretched her arms. "Hey, watch it!" Asami instantly lowered her head as Shen Xiu's right arm went past her face before tilting her body and getting up from the bed.

"My big baby!" Lanruo leaned forward and hugged Nik while kissing his lips. Her gaze condensed, and she finally inquired, "Why did you set the alarm?"

"Alarm?" Nik hugged Lanruo's exposed body without a hint of shame. Her skin was still flushed and glowing after a warm bath and nice rut. Her words made Nik dazed for a moment before he recalled his gains once again and opened his eyes widely.

"Oh! I need to train something. If it works out, I'll let you all try it out, too!" Hastily getting up, Nik twisted his body and allowed Lanruo to fall on the bed gently. He looked at Klas and thought for a moment. "You should rest. From today, you will join the training." Without waiting for Klas's reply, he looked at Asami, who just donned her inner tunic to keep her b.r.e.a.s.ts in shape and Shen Xiu, who was also getting off of the bed. "Don't you two need to sleep? There's still an hour before the training."

"Nah, I might as well finish the questionnaire at this time." Asami shrugged and wore one of the shorts Nik had brought out of his inventory for the comfort of his girls. Well, Nik enjoyed shorts, and coincidentally, so did Asami. So, they both shared his stock of shorts. "Yeah, I'll be helping her, too. She asked for my superior support, after all." Shen Xiu simply rolled a loose robe around her body that looked equally lazy and ravishing. Hearing both of their words, Nik nodded and then looked towards Lanruo, who was already sleeping. Meanwhile, Xue Yin was hugged by Gojira this time around.

Klas hesitated for a moment, but when Nik gazed at her once again, she accepted the command with a sleepy pout and, without any care of her omnidirectional-pointed bed hair, slumped down once again.

For a moment, Nik felt bat about the alarm and decided not to keep such selfish acts up. But time was of the essence here, and he instantly ran while whipping out a brand new pair of shorts jet black with white edges and rather soft material. Within a few moments, Nik reached the ceiling of the estate and sat cross-legged on the top edge of the slope. He faced the eastern direction and started preparing his body.

Purple demon eye technique states that during the moment of sunrise, there will be a moment when a form of energy, termed as purple qi, would rise, and the essence of the purple demon eye technique was to capture a sliver of this energy and refine the eyes with this technique. This is a delicate technique, but the effects would lead Nik to have a grandmaster level of insight into vision. Nik had never been the type to pursue power actively, but even to him, a grandmaster realm was extraordinarily enticing and reassuring. After all, unlike the energies that can be countered with appropriate preparations, insights into the realities of the multiverse cannot be countered easily. These are true powers that belong to oneself. If it weren't so, Nik wouldn't have practiced martial arts with all he had in the first place.

Nik started preparing the conditions of his body based on the technique. In this aspect, his [Body Manipulation] showed its superiority, and he could precisely control even the slightest changes. Nik's training begun at dawn, which was slightly early than the moment of training this technique. But Nik didn't care that much. He would be only gone for a few minutes, and he trusted his students enough to warm-up by that time.


The sky transformed from blood-red to starry violet as all the pain turned into a pleasing warmth. "It's all right. Don't worry." A gentle voice whispered and cradled her injured body into health as Ziyun felt safe and protected. It was a sweet feeling that she only felt during the early years when her father had the time to pay attention to her. Ziyun opened her eyes, and instead of the starry sky painted violet, her gaze locked on the more passionate pair of violet pupils that gazed back with nothing but affection. Chiseled jaws, slightly thick lips, tanned skin tone, thick brows, and rough hair.

"Master!" Ziyun called out with a charming expression. Her body wasn't immature. It was luscious. In here, Ziyun's body took the form of a woman she admired the most Xue Yin. Her soft b.r.e.a.s.ts squished against Nik's chest while she felt a profound sense of embarrassment with Nik's arm wrapping her body tightly.

"Don't worry, Yun'er," Nik whispered warmly while a monkey equivalent of the Demon Lord hissed madly. The pair did not care for him and with the population of the Glory City as the witness, the bright sky as their maker, the duo leaned their head towards each other

"Another dream!"

Ziyun hurriedly sat up when her head buzzed. "Ugh!" Rubbing her head and swiping her unruly hair back, she groaned due to the head rush. Ziyun rubbed her eyes and cleaned the thin layer of crust over her eyelashes. With the rub of her wrist, to wipe away the slobbering drool, Ziyun licked her slightly dry lips and recalled the unholy act she was going to commit in that dream. Her 17th dream with the same circ.u.mstances, to be precise. "Ehhh~ I don't wanna go out!" Her face still flushed with a mere recollection, and she hugged her pillow tightly while struggling into her bed and kicking her legs sideways.

"But..." She tilted her waist and lay on her left side with the lower half of her face buried into the soft and warm pillow that still held her fragrance. "If I don't go... I'll be bored. Everyone is out there. Aunt, Ning'er, Ryu'er, Xiao Xue, and Master... Will they even think about me if I am absent for a single day?" Ziyun muttered with a sour pout, but when she recalled the sheer rage Nik emitted when he saved her, she dropped her entire face into the pillow and nuzzled against the soft surface.

"Oh! I should also make my special handmade curry for Elder brother!"

Ziyun swiftly sat up and asked a maid to prepare the bath for her. Just like Ziyun, the other girls quickly got ready and made their way towards the backyard of the estate. Alas, a few didn't have that great of sleep. With a dull expression, Korra and Ryu'er heaved a deep sigh simultaneously.

"Umm... did something happen?" Ning'er approached cautiously. By now, everyone knew that the two didn't simply conform to an ordinary mindset and were extremely eccentric. To make these two appear in such a condition, something great must have happened. Even Ziyun was attracted while Shen Xiu walked forward to take charge of the training until Nik arrived. The girls could already see him sitting on the roof.

"Nothing... just my self-respect has been damaged. My bed is creaking even without my own efforts... and... yeah, my self-respect is damaged." Korra gave a deathly smile that gave the chills to the spectators. Shen Xiu, Asami, and Lanruo looked away with a bit of guilt while Ryu'er uninterested gaze was attracted to the emerging Klas. Seeing the equally flat 'comrade' that squealed into a deep sleep by Nik, Ryu'er felt a deep sense of loss. Her arms touched her chest and found that she might even be plumper than Klas... even then...

"Yeah, mine is damaged, too."

Ryu'er stated. Meanwhile, only Ziyun and Ning'er weren't introduced to Klas, and Shen Xiu spoke up.

"This is Klas, and she is... recruited by Nik. She will be joining in training sessions from now on."

Ziyun and Ning'er contained their curiosity since the duo already knew that the word recruitment only entailed one thing. They both looked at each other and felt quite left out since Ryu'er and Korra were already showing intimate reactions to Nik's actions. This left an unusual sense of panic within them.

"All right. We should warm up since Nik will take a few minutes."

Shen Xiu interrupted the thoughts of all the girls, and this time, Klas didn't oppose Shen Xiu out of Nik's explicit words. There was no point in causing troubles in training either way, so Klas followed the command easily.

Meanwhile, as the girls continued to jog and conduct light spars, Nik finally felt a stream of warmth, and he instantly opened his eyes. Before the golden rays of the sun, his eyes managed to capture a fleeting purple before he closed his eyes hurriedly. Nik's pupils felt quite comfortable, but this sensation didn't last for long. He gritted his teeth and endured the sting right above his eyes as the purple qi conducted mysterious changes to his eyes. This purple demon eye technique could only be cultivated slowly since capturing purple qi is quite a taxing task, and if Nik were to be even a moment late, he would have actually absorbed the tiniest essence of sunlight, which would have significantly damaged his eyes for a few days. Exhaling deeply, Nik opened his watering eyes and rubbed them before jumping down.

The rest of the morning, Nik made the girls train under the pressure if enhanced gravity. Only Klas and Ryu'er could bear a 100% enhancement while the other remained at 50% enhancement. Nik also noticed that till now, Nik had actually only attracted martial artists or those who haven't tried out any form of a blade. This was understandable since Nik's reputation was built on fist arts. As the girls trained, Nik divided his consciousness into slight capacities. One kept a conscious control of gravity. Second started to train the [Space Manipulation]. The third one actually dived into his spiritual world and started probing the two pages of the temporal demon spirit book. He could ask Sky since she was the most familiar with his previous incarnation, but he then thought of finding out the changes himself. After all, it wouldn't be late to ask for Sky's assistance.

While observing the ancient pages with glowing letters of unknown sources, Nik also glanced at the spiritual egg's direction. Just like Lilith stated yesterday. The egg had advanced into the next stage of growth and had stopped rotting. Instead, it was growing more l.u.s.trous.

This way, Nik and the girls spent their morning, and after the training, Shen Xiu didn't reject Nik's action of inviting two more girls into the estate for breakfast. Once they sat on the table, Ning'er and Ziyun finally understood that Nik wasn't just a master who taught Klas... he was actually her 'master.' Ziyun once again recalled her morning's dream and hurriedly chewed on the dragon bread. Meanwhile, Ning'er inquired with a strange expression.

"Teacher... do you really need a servant?"

Nik looked towards Ning'er in surprise before shaking his head. "Not need 'a' servant. I wish for many! As cute as Klas, if possible." Nik smiled and thanked the slightly flushed Klas. He then changed the topic and inquired the girls, "Are you three ready for your examination?"

The trio nodded.

After all, from tomorrow, examinations commenced.