Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 420

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 420 Note

I think that this note is important to be published. This will be regarding a few voices and opinions for the cloning ability I introduced in Nik's consciousness realm. Of course, everybody already know that I usually respect the opinion of my readers and don't try to change them, so, I am posting my thoughts and plans that may or may not change with the changes in my own perception. Mind you, I am not easily affected by the opinion of others.

1) The clone skill is limited in the consciousness realm. In no manner, I would make Nik split himself. This is a wish fulfilment with my wishes being on top of the most.

2) As for the clones in the consciousness realm, it will stay. The consciousness realm is going to be a huge country with each of Nik's clone accompanying a partner. A harem is well and good, but if the girls themselves are not satisfied by having Nik physically all for themselves, since there won't be any physical clones, then consciousness clones it is. This aspect of the consciousness realm will stay despite any criticism I face.

3) As for gangbang part, If Nik likes to enjoy multiple girls at once, then why shouldn't his girls demand the same. Since this isn't a ntr novel, it is perfectly fine for gangbang or other orgy parties in his consciousness realm since they are literally all the girls and a single Nik. When the consciousness clones split, it is, in fact, Nik's perception that splits. In layman's term, Nik gets to enjoy the feel of anal, v.a.g.i.n.a.l, oral s.e.x at once. There is not a shred of self ntr if any have such doubts.

4) Though wish fulfilment, my wishes, in the end, are different from others and my novel cannot cater to everybody's needs. My novel has its potholes, cringes, and cliches despite my active purification of such aspects. They just are present in the novel. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and to make sure that readers don't misunderstand my ranting as a defensive gesture, I am willing to bear any and every curse placed on the novel. Want to call this novel shitty, I am all smiles. Want to call this novel a self ntr, go ahead, I can't stop and won't either.

But, all I will say is, that my plans for this novel are long term. And I try to think from my point of view. If I am really fortunate enough to stand in Nik's shoes, what would I do? What would I think?

5) Almost forgot, I even faced a few criticism based on the bathing scene where Ray's harem and Nik's harem bathed together. To me, it was a wholesome scene where every individual was mature enough to understand that a mixed bathing isn't always full of thirst. Mitsuri and Obanai have been together since the beginning just like a family, or Tanjiro and Nezuko, too. So, I apologize, but there might be other less descriptive wholesome scenes.

Thanks for reading till here. I am blessed to have readers like you guys~