Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 422

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 422 Motivation

Instead of setting up an alarm, Nik flooded his consciousness with sound explosives credits to slightly disgruntled Asmodeus and the moment it was 5 am, his body shook while a loud bang impacted his mind. Ordinary men might have collapsed to the sudden explosion instantly, but Nik's body and consciousness have been strengthened quite a bit. With a soft grunt, Nik gently scooched Gojira's and Asami's arm away from his body while sitting up. Once again, all the girls slept together. Well, it was out of need. A single girl could only satisfy Nik if they could pull 4-5 sessions of orgasms from Nik while being able to hold their own fort. Aside from Gojira, even Klas had to recuperate after a few tens of minutes.

Today's stroll within Nie Li's dream was also in vain. Instead of getting a prized technique or a piece of information about the recent future that could lead to his gains, Nik was forced to understand Nie Li's experience in alchemy in its purest essence. Even inscriptions would have been better. But this was, in fact, relative to Nik's situation. With already a pile of skills and knowledge to digest and advance without potentially crippling his mind, an addition of understanding to the art of alchemy that Nik would barely pursue was, indeed, quite a waste. If this understanding were to be gained by someone else, with a slight practice, they could compete against the master alchemist of the city.

'But... going through a person's dream isn't the best manipulating skill after all.' Nik dressed loosely. He didn't even pretend to immerse himself in the current world and wore a grey tank top with a pair of black shorts and made his way up to the roof to prepare for another round of the cultivation of purple demon eye technique. This technique... Nik really wanted to have high achievement in. The value was simply too great. Meanwhile, a few girls also woke up and started preparing for the day.

A few minutes earlier than the rise of the sun, the girls had already started their practice. Well, Ryu'er tried to hide the previous day's bonding but how could an uncontrollably smiling Ryu'er not look strange? How could none of them tell that she was acting differently when she didn't even resist Asami's pat to satiate her curiosity. Who didn't know how to make the appropriate connection and locate the source of such a change? Almost instantly, the girls looked towards the roof with a half-exposed Nik meditating and setting his body straight without any care of the world. As the girls waited for Nik to miraculously hear their grumbling inquiries as to how he even gathered the pair to corrupt such a cute little Ryu'er, the sun finally edged above the vast hemisphere and Nik instantly opened his eyes, barely catching a trace of purple qi erupting through the east.

This purple qi is a special form of qi that only surfaces right before the rise of the sun. This is what made the cultivation of purple demon eye so stringent and also the reason why a cultivator needs to slowly take higher risk for capturing a greater density of qi to keep the progress steady. Once Nik completely digested the sliver of purple qi, he shifted into the estate and wore slightly world-fitting clothes before making his way towards the backyard. Once he arrived, the girls grew slightly sluggish but didn't come forward. This divergence from training was especially prominent for Ziyun and Ning'er. When Nik turned to face Ryu'er, instead of exaggerating her embarrassment, she turned her face sideways with a sweet smile.

"All right, I am going to turn on the pressure." Nik still hadn't explained all of his students about some of his truths, so he indicated the emergence of gravity pressuring them. Once the girls completed their basic build-up training, they all returned within the estate to have a meal.

"Teacher, did something happen to Ryu'er?"

Ziyun inquired in a roundabout manner. Gojira still hadn't woken up yet, so she simply couldn't hug Ryu'er tightly and encourage her openly to just push Nik down and ride until one of them falls in the other's embrace with a face full of satisfaction. Of course, this still didn't stop the astute to follow their train of thought. "Ain't that obvious? They already slept together. Teach is a monster, not even leaving cutie Ryu'er out." Korra remarked with a know-it-all expression and munched on the green-sweet shrimp while Ryu'er hastily slapped her palms on the tables and stammered, "N-nothing happened!"

She glared at others while Nik showed a look full of betrayal and sadness. It was an exaggeration, of course. Seeing this, Ryu'er once again went 'haywire' and mumbled once again, "W-we didn't sleep together... Nik is not like that."

"Something happened. She just called the Teacher by his name."

Ning'er spoke with a sharp expression while sipping on her juice and then eating some bread. Hearing her words, Ryu'er plopped on her seat once again without any strength to retort and when the two classmates turned to look at Nik, he refused to answer with a smile. Today is Ryu'er's examination. Instead of risking her tests by pulling her attention all over the place, Nik decided to calm the group and stated that the only way to pull answers out of him was to get a good grade and perform the techniques he had taught them to a satisfactory level. Of course, his height of expectations for his own apprentices and other students were quite wide. With no way left and under Nik's explicit words to not trouble Ryu'er during these few days, Ziyun and Ning'er finally calmed down and agreed to Nik.

With that settled, the girls and others still remained within the estate for another hour but Asami and Nik left early. They had to help prepare the venue so that the examination could be conducted easily. And of course, set anti-cheat spirit tools and inscriptions so that the students couldn't follow the most basic route of cheating. If the kids are still able to commit cheating after all this and pull a fast one under Nik's eyes, then all he can say is that the kids had a brighter future ahead. Nik stayed within his apprentice class while Asami turned to the intermediate class and left Nik to his own devices.

The institute followed a rather crude style of written examination. Instead of preparing questionnaires for all the students, the teachers are supposed to jot down the questions on the board. The students are not allowed to even enter the classes until the time of the exam begins to prevent them from seeing the contents and discuss with other students. Finally, once the examination began, Nik allowed the students to enter one-by-one while handing them the standard parchments prepared by the institute for the examination and allowed them to take their seats. Once all were seated, Nik gave the class a look a instructed plainly.

"Kids, the moment I hear any one of you whispering, or chattering, you will be out and not allowed to continue studying in the institute. Before anybody thinks that they can 'help' each other by using their martial spirits, I'll have to break that thought, too since the classroom and surrounded by detection inscriptions that would buzz below your butts the moment you mobilize your spirit energy."

At this moment, plenty of students paled and looked at each other uncomfortably. Finally, they could only look towards the board with more than 15 questions written and sighed deeply.

"Right, you guys have four hours to complete the exam. After two hours, water will be provided to you all within the class. If anyone of you wants to visit the restroom, then you'll have to accompany one of the cleaners outside and then visit the restroom marked with inscriptions. Even the path you guys walk would be laced with inscriptions."

At Nik's words, many students smiled bitterly and with a bight grin of his own, Nik continued, "Finally. Good Luck. If you guys are not prepared for this exam, then don't worry too much. Prepare for the upcoming exams and balance your score out."


"I am exhausted!"

Nik groaned while placing the final paper down. Since all the exams are committed daily, the teachers are required to grade the paper on the same day as the exam. This meant that Nik and Asami were still within the institute. Hearing Nik, Asami rolled her eyes and finally marked her last paper before placing it over the pile of parchments.

"This is the eighteenth time you are complaining."

Asami rested her cheek on her palm while parting Nik's slumped head gently.

"Sorry," Nik sighed in content. Even he enjoyed some occasional pats. "It's just that... grading the exams is harder than I thought. In between, I simply wanted to give all the students a passing grade based on my mood... and their handwriting."

Chuckling, Asami stretched from her seat and kissed on top of Nik's head before ruffling his hair at a greater pace and then retracted to her seat. "This happens to all of us," she whispered and closed her eyes with her head lowered to rest herself. As the two shared a rather languid and warm moment in silence, there was one pretty goddess completely dissatisfied.

"He didn't come?"

Samya questioned herself. Instead of her maiden's robe that even covered her head, Samya wore a single, form-fitting maxi dress. The blue treat hugged her body tightly from her voluptuous chests and perky ass before easing on her thin waist and plump thighs. It was a rather strange way of dressing and Samya also felt uncomfortable with her n.i.p.p.l.es poking through the dress. Maybe this dress is the recent trend, is what she thought while grabbing her b.r.e.a.s.ts from below and giving the large bunnies a tight squeeze as her melons looked ready to be milked.

Snorting in slight annoyance, Samya took out the remaining bits of the fries and munched on them.

"Shouldn't we go back?"

Asmau finally sat up after a slight amount of rest while Nik shook his head, "I am too tired to even think of moving... so, don't wanna go anywhere."

"Don't be 'this' lazy."

Asami rolled her eyes and stood. She walked around the table and hugged Nik from behind, squishing her body against his while cooing softly, "Want me to recharge you? I have actually prepared a surprise for you."

Nik raised his brows and slowly sat up. Tilting his head, he looked at Asami with interest.

"And you want to surprise me here? In the classroom?"

"It feels more exciting this way."

Asami nodded and stroked Nik's jaws while leaning down for a gentle peck that slowly grew heated with both of their gasps and grunts mingling with each other. Soon, Nik brought Asami to his lap with her face turned sideways to continue the kiss as his hands finally moved and slowly slithered into her clothes from the lower edge of her tunic and made their way towards her tied b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"Oh, yeah. I feel motivated to move already."

Nik whispered and softly kissed Asami's jaws before taking her lips once again and ravaging her mouth shortly.