Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 426

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 426 Monthly Right

"A picnic?" Gojira looked towards Lanruo. Her unruly hair was tied up while her eerie crimson pupils observed Lanruo's perky and tight body before clicking her teeth. It has only been a few days but Gojira was sure that Lanruo's body didn't give such a healthy vibe. Surely, regular training was helping everyone around her... 'Should I stop lazing around, too?' Gojira questioned herself internally with her gaze wandering about to Nik only to see him hugging the blushing daughter of hers with his eyes closed. The steam from the bath made the water surface slightly opaque, but even then, Gojira could see Nik shamelessly resting Ryu'er on his n.a.k.e.d crotch.

"Yeah! We should! With you around, we will be able to relax, too," Lanruo's words made Korra and Gojira groan in dissatisfaction. Facing Gojira, Korra muttered in a displeased manner, "How can she do that? She just sleeps around!"

"Heh, sleeping prevents loss of energy. You should try it, maybe that way you can finally grow strong."

Gojira didn't mind Korra's insult. After all, out of everyone present in the bath, only she was unaware of the truth. Due to the current days being more exhausting than usual, the three working women didn't contribute to the discussion and imitated Nik with their bodies leaned back and their eyes shut close.

"Master, how does this feel?"

"Mmg~ pleasant," Nik let out a content sigh as Klas massaged his shoulders. Now that his questions regarding the cultivation of this world were quite easily fulfilled, his next plan of action was to start making some sense of the system in the coming years. He had tried to achieve this many times previously, understanding system, that is. But every time, he was limited by the lack of an appropriate partner. Klas could now help Nik's understanding grow by leaps and bounds. His fingers gently sunk into Ryu'er's plump butt.

Remaining true to his word, Nik did not initiate such contact but merely agreed to fulfill Ryu'er's request. The flushed girl, with her head nuzzled against Nik's upper abdomen, slept peacefully. She wasn't even bothered by her master's slightly hardened c.o.c.k thrumming against her slick fold. For a moment, Korra looked towards the duo and hesitated. Seeing this, Lanruo shrugged while Gojira gave an understanding smile and encouraged the young girl to pursue the woman-making tool.

"Learn from my daughter," Gojira proclaimed in pride as she swam towards Korra and nudged her with a smug grin, "see? She is so young and so demanding! Hahaha! She'll definitely leave me and others behind. Even now, all she wants is your master's lap when she should be staying with me~"

Waggling her eyebrows suggestively, Gojira pushed her face closer to Korra's as she groaned in frustration and stood up. The dripping sound attracted the ears of all the girls in the bath as Nik opened his eyes in narrow slits and gazed at Korra's rugged back before closing them wordlessly. "Did you just sneak a peek?" Lanruo hummed in amus.e.m.e.nt while Gojira also looked towards Nik. Feeling the lack of lying, Nik nodded honestly and let out a soft sigh once again as Klas kept pulling popping sound from his back.

It felt good to be tended once in a while. Of course, he'll make sure to return the favor to Klas shortly.

"Oh, about that picnic. Sure, I'll join, too. My fans always enjoy my presence!"

Gojira stated while sinking into the pool once again as Lanruo pursed her lips. She did not want to inquire who the said fans were. Probably, spirit beasts... but for them to have enough intelligence to follow someone, they must be quite aged and strong.


"Wait, what?!"

All the girls yelped as they looked at Nik's c.o.c.k. According to his bloodline and evolutionary chart, every advancement would bring a slight increase in the overall size of his tool. But today, with extreme concentration, Nik barely reduced the length by half an inch through [Body Manipulation], but this reduction in return broadened his girth by a relative margin.

"I was thinking," Nik mused while stroking his own member and nodding in satisfaction when he found no changes to the sensitivity and other factors. "My size is already taxing to you all and even if I use my skills to replace the pain with pleasure, the fact is, all of you always feel strained during each session." Nik continued while rubbing his chin. He was standing on the bed while the girls lay on the bed, making it look like a gallery of s.e.x.

"So, I'll try to keep the overall shape in control. This way, I won't have to hold back, too."

"You were holding back?" Xue Yin inquired with her lips parted in shock.

"Not with Gojira and Klas." Shaking his head, Nik grinned wolfishly, "but now, I won't have to hold back with you guys either."

"You know... I have held my share of confessions," Lanruo mused with an impressed expression, "but this is the first time where a guy didn't run off to break stars and sky, but reducing the size of one's c.o.c.k to a humane level just to make the s.e.x less strained... yeah, definitely a first."

"Well." Rubbing the back of his head, Nik continued, "what use is the size if it hurts you guys? Short envy tall. Tall appreciates short."

"That's rubbish." Shen Xiu shook her head while Nik turned to Asami and Klas. Asami, already had a trail if drool as she slowly sat up and eyed the member with extreme heat. Licking her lips, Asami tilted her gaze to match Nik's while whispering, "I use my monthly right to exercise the first motion!"

She didn't wait for others as she quickly crawled forward on her fours and knelt right in front of Nik with labored breathing and her dexterous fingers already coiled around his shaft. "You greedy minx." A voice chuckled from behind and slapped Asami's perky ass playfully. It was Gojira. Her curvaceous body hugged Asami from behind and her fingers gently pushed Asami's face against Nik's c.o.c.k. "And here I thought that I am the laziest and greediest of all. But who knew, you just want to gobble this cute toy of ours all for yourself~"

With her other hand tugging on Asami's right, naughty topping, the others also hurried forward. Being the lightest of all, Klas found her special place as she climbed on Nik's back and once again, flaunted her flexibility by twirling around Nik's shoulder and covering his vision with her thighs and moist, emerald mine that was more than wet to be molded and mined for treasured nectar.

"Master, I will be in your kind hands once again," Klas whispered as she leaned down and pecked Nik's lips. Before he could move his hand, two l.u.s.tful beings clutched on his forearm and rubbed their wet snatches against his shredded arm. Xue Yin and Shen Xiu looked at each other with a deep blush as the continued humping Nik's hands. Meanwhile, Lanruo, finally couldn't keep her emotions in check and lost her recently gained cool and collected visage.

"You guys are all unfair!"

She shrieked and pounced on Gojira's back while gripping both of her melon-sized b.r.e.a.s.ts into her palms, fondling the squishy, dark-skinned mounds in delight while breathing hotly against Gojira's neck.


"Hmm? When did I sleep?"

Ryu'er mumbled as her eyes opened to the familiar ceiling. Her body, despite the gravitational force, felt quite refreshed. Sniffing loudly, the little disheveled bundle of absolute cuteness yawned and stretched her arms outwards, letting her more than modest bosom push slightly outwards. Then suddenly, yesterday's events came rushing back. The comforting petting, the bath, the request to embrace her beloved, the unhesitating pull over the hardened monster!


Ryu'er felt smoke rising out of her head as she hurriedly shook her head.

'Ahh~ what did I do? Aaahhh! That- that was a... that was master's... c-c...'

Even in her internal monologue, she couldn't bear to speak such a word and felt not only embarrassed but also distressed. With a soft plop, Ryu'er lay back on the bed and muttered with her eyes distracted by the beautiful inscription patterns on the ceiling. "If I can't even say that word... how can I act on my promise to make master forget mother, not to mention others. Seriously... how pathetic can I get?" Ryu'er mumbled as she recalled being unruly against Ziyun and others, but what credentials did she even have to act like that. Ziyun was kind and accomodating, Ning'er was silent but a sweet friend. She could only get close to Xiao Xue, but in reality, it was only due to her naive expression.

'Your eyes are beautiful!' Nik's whisper grazed her mind as she shivered in sudden delight. "Heup!" Jumping up, Ryu'er changed into regular clothes. Since it was a martial demonstration today, she decided to wear something less flashy. Before leaving the room, however, Ryu'er gave herself one look into the mirror once again.

Even with her clothes more than fresh, the moment she observed her face, all she could gaze at was a headful of shaggy black hair. Ryu'er's gaze dimmed for a moment as she covered her eyes. She was insecure of her peculiar-looking eyes, this was already clear to everyone who knew her and had seen her eyes at least once. But...

'Your eyes are extremely spectacular~'

Ryu'er multiplied the intensity of Nik's praise to gather her courage. Looking at the unused combs and beautiful clips that could easily doll any girl up, Ryu'er clenched her jaws and slowly reached out for her greatest opponent with trembling hands.