Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 428

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 428 Demonstration

The martial demonstrations were supposed to be under Nik's supervision entirely, but now, Nik thanked his high luck for having the main teacher accompany him in the lessons. If Nik were to grade all the students within the institute, he might have gone crazy from the extremely demanding task. The moment he walked into the institute's premise, he used his authority as the strongest teacher and their benefactor to open them up to the world of s.e.x and made the teachers oblige to grade the students of their own classroom based on the sharpness Nik demonstrated for the varying classes. No doubt, the teachers accepted Nik's favor while a two to three rather flowery teachers with mellow scents took the chance to surround Nik. Before they could rush into Nik, He motioned them to stop with a hollow laugh.

"Teacher Pen, Xiao, and Gin... you three look beautiful today." The three girls with uncommon hair color blue, green, and red respectively gave a knowing smirk and hugged each other in a tantalizing manner. Their similarly colored pupils swept past the easygoing Asami as the woman in regard nodded back with a smile. "Only beautiful? How mean~ Beh, don't you have more things to say?" The teachers behind the trio gave strained groans before preparing for the martial demonstration. These three had already turned notorious to kick every single man out of their rooms and only please themselves through their fingers. Their exact words still seemed to pierce the hearts of plenty of men and drove them to the folds of other, accommodating teachers if our fingers are comparable enough to 'that' then we'll rather wait for founder Nik.

The most heartbreaking part was that the teachers couldn't retort as they were already sure that Nik's legend would silently stimulate their female partners even with their own presence. But what could they do? Wasn't it gracious enough that Nik didn't eye every female teacher within the dorms? Meanwhile, the tri-colored flowers, from Pen Hua's side, hugged Nik's arm, wedging the elbow in between her soft b.r.e.a.s.ts as she leaned forward in anticipation. The trio was already tired of waiting. Their parted and shapely lips bitten in frustration were testament to their impatience. "I have plenty of things to say to the three teachers." Not being the type to shy away from such a situation, Nik leaned down and softly pecked the blue-haired Pen Hua's cheek as her eyes widened in surprise. Not only her, the two teachers behind her Xiao Xiaji and Gin Jiu and Asami raised their brow in surprise.

"But if you don't help me, Teacher Pen, how can I ever get enough time to embrace you and shower you in praises?" Nik inquired rhetorically as he gazed into Pen Hua's ocean blue eyes and kissed her other cheek. "Wouldn't you help me?" Leaning towards her ear, Nik breathed hotly. Everyone present in the scene had committed actions far depraved than this, so none of them raised any ruckus. Feeling Nik's hot sigh against her skin, Pen Hua felt her knees turn weak but before she could fall, a thin stream of warmth traveled into her body as she blinked and saw the suggestive smile on Nik's face.

"I really look forward to meeting you after the vacation, Teacher Pen, Xiao, and Gin. In fact, be sure to visit the opening ceremony of the Glory Center. I'll definitely wait for you three." Nik smiled and took his hand away before leaving the three dazed women behind. His plan to live within the City was a long term one and, again, spamming his life with more women without even having quality time with more than enough partners in his life would not only be stupid but also dangerous. Relationsh.i.p.s are not one-sided. Even with Klas, Nik was trying his level best to not let the emerald crystal-men feel like an actual servant. She tried to kill him out of her mission, Nik f.u.c.k.i.e.d her for his ideals. That was it. He didn't want the past to overly affect his relationship with any one of the girls.

As Asami followed Nik, the duo heard a surprised peal of squeal from behind. Hearing this, Asami looked at Nik with a deep sigh. "They can't be categorized as regular fans... so, those three are your... s.e.x fans?" The term s.e.x-fan itself pulled a merry chuckle from Nik. Shaking his head, Nik shrugged. "Does it matter," he replied, "their title, that is. The three of them have shown their interest more than ten times already. Today is the most direct approach ever. If we can find common ground, I wouldn't mind to try and spend time with the three of them, too." Hearing his words, Asami felt slightly sour. Well, until Nik's hand sn.a.k.e.d into hers and gripped her palm firmly. "Relax." Nik faced Asami with a smile, "Saying it won't matter to you guys, but either way, every one of you is important to me."

"How would it not matter?" Asami smirked and closed the distance between the two while walking towards the classrooms. "You should butter us more. Praise us more until we are sick of it. We all will then brush your smooth attempts away, but you should continue to butter us up. That is the only way we, or at least, I can stop myself from kidnapping you from others." Asami tilted her head and rested on Nik's shoulder while blowing a hot sigh near his jaw. "Butter you up... then what have I been doing every night?" Nik jested while kissing the top of Asami's head.


"There he is! Laughing happily! Kissing those three Hmmgh!"

Samya groaned. With her sword-staff placed upside down and tilted on the handle, Samya rotated her h.i.p.s to let the metallic staff impaled within her holy hole stir with sensational juices trickling down the l.u.s.trous surface of staff and reflecting sunlight. While she was frustrated with the fact that one hand was needed to keep the staff aligned, a problem which would not exist if instead of the staff, it was a thick c.o.c.k penetrating her, Samya made the best use of her free hand by pulling her left b.r.e.a.s.t out of the gold-edged dress Nik offered and fondled the meaty treat with her body trembling due to built-up orgasm.

Her legs crouched slightly, presenting an extremely depraved image that did not befit the title Sword Maiden and the moment she gazed at Nik holding Asami's hand with a kind smile while kissing the top of his head, the scene overlapped with the luscious scene of Nik leaning against the bark of the tree under the soft moonlight while pushing his c.o.c.k as far as he could within Asami's throat. "Oohh, heavens~" Samya dragged her hot sigh while crouching further downwards, the tip of the staff finally poked against her second holy gates as her eyes beneath the blindfold rolled up. "More! Nik offer me more! Your entire body! Offer it~" Samya squeaked in passion as she pinched and tugged on her fat a.r.e.o.l.a, pulling her soft melon in an illicit manner while clenching against the staff that slowly grew warm within her pilgrimage grounds due to the sheer heat of her body. Fantasizing Nik's shredded body f.u.c.k.i.n.g her to the next realm, Samya's breathing paused for a moment before her bodily functions restarted as a high-quality squirt graced and purified the entire roof.

"Hah~ Huff!"

Panting, Samya slowly removed the dress as her wet figure shivered by the sheer thought of exposing her body to the entire world. For a moment, she touched her slowly recovering blonde pubes before shaking her head and recovering her usual spirit robes to cover her hourglass figure. Her gaze remained on Nik until he entered the class and then took out a few decorative materials for setting up the training field. Meanwhile, Samya had already turned to look deep within the monster grounds that provided the basic spirit beasts for the students after the first examination. Finally, She looked towards the translucent inscription patterns surrounding her. These patterns were inexhaustible and only required a high form of light-attributed energy. Till now, she has been hesitating to ask for Nik's help but if she could...

Recalling the sheer intensity of the energy that filled the sky that day, Samya felt moved.



Nik exhaled as he looked at the preparations on the training field. Since the institute is extremely spacious, a map is already displayed on all the entrances of the institute to direct the students to their respective training fields with the same condition of reaching the spot in time or getting their name revoked from the exam. After this, the remaining four days will be spent on practical tournaments that would allow the students to understand the necessity of teamwork... well, except Korra. She, according to her words, plans to wipe the floor with the entire classroom at once should she get the chance. Nik couldn't find any fault with her, after all, he did the same by challenging all the remaining family heads in his list.

Soon, the students rolled into the training field and stood on one of the many squares formed by multiple rows and columns etched by Nik. Meanwhile, Nik sat on his chair with his eyes closed and his back leaned behind. The weather was slowly turning cold, so the day wasn't as hot and unbearable as before. Instead, the sunlight spread a sweet warmth. One of the boys looked sideways aimlessly only to get stunned speechless as he nudged the shoulder of his classmate.

"Wha It's her?"

The clamor instantly attracted other girls and boys as a petite figure in form-fitting training pants and light-blue tunic slowly walked towards the group. Her gait was weak and even her expression couldn't be timider. The usual blue-tipped bush of hair covering the top half of her face had been neatly combed and clipped back, revealing large round eyes with peculiar crimson pupils that instantly charmed many. Even the girls looked more than surprised as they finally uncovered the identity of the new arrival.


Ziyun squealed in childish excitement as she left her box and jumped to hug the doll tightly. Out of the remaining duo, Xiao Xue grinned broadly while Ning'er's gaze slightly turned complicated as she touched her own hair that always remained in a ponytail with the lower half open. 'Maybe I should change my hairstyle...' she mused as her gaze inadvertently swept past Nik and found him staring Ryu'er intently with a wide and genuine smile on his face.

'Maybe... I really should.'

"Ugh!" Ryu'er struggled weakly but slowly found herself feeling comforted by Ziyun's hug as the little Empress, for the first time, decided to raise her hand and reciprocate the excited Ziyun. The smile on Ziyun's face broadened as she felt Ryu'er's hand on her back and rubbed the side of her face against Ryu'er's in pure happiness.

"All right," Nik clapped his hand and brought the students back to the real world. He gestured Ziyun to return to her place while making Ryu'er stand on the box right in front of him where he could see her. Smiling at her, Nik waited for all the students to arrive and when then the time of the demonstration started, he stood up and performed the basic foundation technique silently.

After finishing, Nik looked at the students and spoke seriously.

"I have shown you the level of proficiency required the pass the exam. Any lower, and you'll fail.

Now, we will start with Ryu'er."

With a sharp nod, Ryu'er stepped forward into the larger square clearly etched for hosting the demonstration. Once Ryu'er stood in front of Nik, her chest shifted forward into a deep breath as her tense nerves slowly calmed down while she recalled the sheer bloodshed her mother engaged in even while nurturing the fully grown Ryu'er inside her. A monster Godzilla would require a total of a hundred-thousand-year-old of pregnancy before giving birth. This, of course, changed once Ryu'er and Gojira, the last of the Godzillas turned human. But even then, Gojira once stated that even if she ever get pregnant, the gestation period would definitely be more than 9 months. The thought of a sibling out of her mother and her master's efforts surprisingly calmed and turned Ryu'er slightly annoyed as she took her stance.

Others could only gaze at Ryu'er's back but Nik could enjoy the sheer focus in Ryu'er's uncovered gaze. Her clear crimson pupils fell on Nik before she began her technique. Instead of flaunting her identity by using the entire technique, Ryu'er stuck to the basic one and performed it with dynamics that surpassed the expected proficiency demonstrated by Nik himself.

'She... grew surprisingly steady.' Nik felt a little happy but extremely satisfied. The act of revealing her eyes was, of course, extremely hard for Ryu'er and this itself portrayed her progressive nature.

'Maybe I should reward her tonight... hehe.'

Nik didn't let his inner giddiness destroy his profound expression befitting a teacher and once Ryu'er finished under the applause of the students, Nik nodded and clapped slowly, silently praising Ryu'er's efforts and gestured another kid to start while asking Ryu'er to step back into her box. Just like this, the third day of the tedious exams commenced for Nik.