Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 429

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 429 Enticed

Unlike the fighting experts Korra and Asami, Xiao Ning'er, Ye Ziyun, and Ryu'er still hadn't developed their fighting styles yet. Just like Nik said, the entirety of the basic technique filled with insights was unnaturally neutral. Even when it was divided into three parts based on proficiency, each separate part could act independently and turn into a foundation to develop one's unique sense of battle upon. But such a style required a lot of time, practice, and experience. In this aspect, Nik was helpless since he himself fought without his own brand of martial arts. In essence, his true and overall understanding might be wider than his disciples, but when compared to true warriors like Elizabeth, Saeko, Shigure, Korra, Asami, and others, Nik's deficiency in the depth of understanding was quite clear.

Aside from two poor souls that prioritized a few aspects of their lives more than training, everyone else reached the necessary proficiency in the technique. Nik didn't rank the students, it would have been a hassle, so he merely announced their clearance and waited for the kids to disperse. A few competitive kids really wanted to know their ranking, out of them, many wanted to sneer at the lower ranks while the remaining number wished to improve. Still, Nik followed his own thoughts and dismissed them until... he looked at the four girls with a minor twitch of his lips. "Hmm, Ryu'er, you did good... not only the training, but you have grown as a person...

I can say that I am proud to know you as another living being."

Nik sat on his chair to level his gaze with the girls and looked at the other two disciples, "You two were great. Even with the restrictions, you did not lose your sharpness. Well done," praising the trio, Nik hesitated for a moment before smiling towards Xiao Xue, "And you, too, Xiao Xue. You definitely have enough proficiency to begin learning the difficult counterparts of the technique." While his disciples took his compliments with silent smiles, Xiao Xue bowed slightly and spoke up, "Thank you, teacher. I definitely want to learn more about this technique."

Nik nodded and inquired the four girls, "So?"

"Teacher you didn't tell us... are we going on the trip?" Ziyun asked with a curious expression as Nik recalled how vague his words were yesterday. "Of course, all my disciples are needed on the trip. I still need to discuss details with your senior sister Lanruo, but most probably, we will be leaving the day after the exams are completed. Once the plan is drafted, I'll have a private chat with both of your elders and reassure your safety." Nik's reasonable explanation placated Ning'er and Ziyun when suddenly, Xiao Xue tilted her head curiously. With an index on her slightly raised lips, she looked into Nik's eyes and asked one of the weaker links in the explanation.

"Um, teacher? I heard from my father that Lord Huyan allowed his daughter to stay within your second fiancee's estate... Since she is practically living with you, shouldn't you have already discussed all this with her? I am really curious about what teacher practices to be so busy. It must be great!"

Xiao Xue's words froze the remaining trio completely. All the remaining 'maidens' within Nik's discipleship knew that aside from being kind and caring, Nik was practically a horny dog. Still, the disciples respected Nik enough to keep this secret between themselves instead of smearing his honored reputation. Meanwhile, Nik was truly astonished as to why his name didn't symbolize infamy in the city yet. Maybe all the heightened [LUK] finally paid off? Gazing at Xiao Xue intently, Nik failed to find any ill motives against him or his disciples. She was a genuinely curious girl with more brains than she let others on. Thinking carefully, Nik decided to answer in a roundabout manner.


'We exchange fluids for l.u.s.t.'

" we exchange food for thoughts... Lanruo is a clever person with great intellect and we..."

Nii couldn't help but finally feel a sense of shame as he felt the trio's gaze linger onto his face. He was shameless by definition, but Ryu'er's new look unnerved him slightly. "...yeah, we just have too many things to discuss." Concluding, Nik heaved a deep sigh while the girls exchanged a look among themselves. Nik didn't mind this and Xiao Xue nodded thoughtfully with a soft I see. Finding out that the ponytailed pinkette accepted his explanation, Nik nodded to himself. "Anyway, Xiao Xue, you have a great talent," under the trio's slightly trembling gaze, Nik expanded his 'area of interest' and invited Xiao Xue, "if you don't mind, I'll be happy to train you personally. Of course, this relationship between us would start after the vacation, so you do not have to answer me now. Sleep over it."

"Hmm, thank you for the offer and the time, too."

Xiao Xue nodded gratefully as she bent her waist slightly. Usually, the remaining girls wouldn't have noticed this but... the moment Xiao Xue bent, her large b.r.e.a.s.ts shaped accordingly and attracted their attention. 'They are really big...' The trio thought simultaneously.

"All right, I have to catch-up with teacher Asami. Ryu'er, do you want me to"

"Ah, n-no! Thank you, master. I'll be accompanying these three for some time before returning."

Smiling, Nik once again placed his large palm on Ryu'er's head under her expectant gaze and scratched her sides as she resisted the urge to mewl. Well... "Hmm~" a soft hummed echoed nonetheless.

"I won't be seeing you girls off. So, be sure to return to your houses before it gets dark."

Once the girls left, Nik turned on his heels and started clearing out the training field. After he placed everything of note within his spatial ring, Nik took to the classroom only to find a slightly annoyed Asami waiting for him. "Took you long enough. Got ambushed by those four again?" Asami leaned back on the chair dedicated to the students and inquired with a soft huff. She had been waiting for quite some time. Of course, she didn't fear that Nik had already left for two reasons. One, this is one of the few private moments they can share. Two, she had already set the date through the chat into Nik's consciousness. Taking out the items belonging to the classroom, Nik shook his head. "It wasn't an ambush... well, just a bunch of curious girls with to the point questions." Humming a soft tune, Nik started arranging the classroom dutifully.

Tracking Nik through her gaze, Asami let her eyes brand the 'serious' Nik into her mind as she jested, "Did anyone ever tell you how hot you look when you act diligently?" Cupping her chin with both of her hands, Asami gazed at the bent Nik. Her eyes focused on his tight buttocks as Nik smiled playfully and bent a little more. "What do you mean? I am always diligent." Nik finally stood and placed the chairs behind the table on the slightly raised platform and replied with a chuckle. "Diligence in sniffing women's bits is far different from being diligent in mundane matters."

"Diligence is diligence," Nik smirked and waited for Asami to stand. However, gazing at her suggestive smile, Nik moved towards her with a small smile. "Really? Here on students' desks?" Bending across the table, Nik brought his face closer to Asami's as she shrugged with a grin. "What? I thought you were a diligent one. Since when did the presence of students affect you?" Asami tilted her face and snickered while Nik shook his head and pecked the tip of Asami's nose.

"Since I became a teacher. We can f.u.c.k all we want on my table. But not here..." Nik smiled and stood back up. Thinking for a moment, he gestured Asami to follow him with a tilt of his head.

"Let's eat someplace nice today. The most boring part of the examination is passed, so let's celebrate. Just the two of us."

Standing up, Asami followed while nodding in agreement. "I'd like that, too."

As the duo left, a befuddle goddess stomped her foot in annoyance as she moved her hands towards her clothes in extreme frustration once again... but then, she eventually stopped. This spirit robe was easily one of the top ten battle robes even in the higher plane. If she got this one dirty... it would be too sad of a tale. Meanwhile, the dresses meant as offering served their purpose well as Samya had already soaked them into a sticky mess... all she could do now was...

Her heart tingled in part excitement and part humiliation as she withdrew her robe and covered her body by the translucent inscriptions. Her gaze locked onto Nik, especially, his hand which held Asami's hand. Breathing roughly, Samya upturned her staff once again as she crouched and let another costly staff sink into her wet snatch. For a moment, Samya turned dizzy and in fact, missed Nik turning his head back towards the top of the library with a dirty grin.


"Ahh! Hot!"

Ziyun playfully stuck her tongue out as she waved at the piece of steaming roasted crimson rooster stuck to her toothpick while Ryu'er gave no shit about the temperature of the meat and continued to chew on it with tiny bites. Ning'er, meanwhile, waited for her spicy rock tofu and Xiao Xue shared Ziyun's enthusiasm with another piece of a thin slice of meat stuck against her pick.

"Tomorrow, we'll be competing against each other. Aren't you nervous?"

Xiao Xue suddenly inquired as Ning'er, Ziyun, and Ryu'er looked at each other before shaking their heads. The street was filled with traffic but not many ventured to the stall occupied by the four since the price and the taste of the fast-food was too great. Ordinary men couldn't afford it and the three were willing to share Ryu'er's tab equally, which Ryu'er allowed graciously.


"Not at all."

"I can easily defeat these two with one hand behind me and my eyes closed," Ryu'er stated softly while continuing to nibble on her snack with a flat stare as the trio stammered. But finally, the group failed to find fault since Ryu'er had been accompanying them for so long without using her eyes actively since they doubted that the sheer thickness of her hair would even allow any light to cross through the natural barricade of her locks. Still, Ziyun pouted and groaned. "Meanie~ Do you have to make fun of us?"

Ziyun inquired while finally biting the entire piece of the rooster in a single bite while Ning'er blew on the disposal plate filled with crimson and delicious tofu covered in thick sauces that seeped into the spongy treat while letting out an enchanting scent that attracted the trio. Looking around, Ning'er's eyes grew stern. This wasn't juice. It was her spicy rock tofu. And she made it clear with a defensive posture and a soft mine.

"Boss! Another plate of tofu!"

Xiao Xue grinned as the boss of the stall nodded and started working on another plate of his signature dish. This time, Ziyun looked at Xiao Xue curiously, "Say, you don't seem to be getting along with Lu Piao these days. Didn't you patch up already?" The girls already knew Lu Piao's request to Xiao Xue to try and make it easy for Nie Li to blend into their group and chat with Ye Ziyun. Of course, they didn't hold it against Xiao Xue but seeing the obvious wall in between her and Lu Piao concerned Ziyun greatly. She felt partly responsible for the situation, after all. If Nie Li wasn't such a deceitful person to use Lu Piao, then such a situation might not have occurred at all. This was also the reason Ziyun felt a little sour when Nik invited Nie Li for a chat but she restrained herself from confronting her master in the end.

"Lu Piao..." Xiao Xue's clear gaze dimmed momentarily but she shook her head hastily as her ponytail swung in a flurry before she pouted childishly and chomped on her rooster, "Just let me get my hands on that damn bastard! I'll punch him blue!" Ziyun felt even more guilty. Sensing this, Xiao Xue quickly changed the subject as she waggled her brows and jested with a nudge, "Say, what would happen if I accept Teacher's offer? Is he really super strong?!"

Her words pulled a strange twitch from the lips of the trio as Ziyun evaded the topic. "W-well. He is extremely strong... but Xiao Xue, you already have your own style. You don't need to..."

"Ho~ pushing away the competition, eh? How naive!" Xiao Xue grinned while looking at the meek expression of the trio with a brilliant gaze.

"How interesting... maybe I'll join after all." Xiao Xue narrowed her eyes with a smirk as she gazed at the swiftly changing expression of the girls.