Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 431

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 431 Alcoholic Ritual

What could go wrong? is what the dark-headed Min thought as he and his team consisting of two other beast spirit masters leaped on the stage with radiant smirks on their faces as if the result of the first match is already set. The trio glanced at each other and discovered a similar unwillingness to form their much-trained formation. After all, they were up against a single girl. Her martial might, though thoroughly ingrained into the trio's tough muscles, could not cover the relevant ease of the situation on the surface. Korra was one girl. Their team was comprised of three hunks.

What could possibly go wrong?

A strange silence swept the higher-seats of the audience. None of the family heads graced this makeshift arena and took their mighty butts to the stage graced with Ye Zong's presence. Well, except a few family heads such as the Huyan Family. Within the audience, many considered the situation similar to the trio hunks. Alas, the higher-ups forming the current audience were all too familiar with soothing their tense nerves through spectating blood-boiling battles filled with depraved craziness for violence and right in front of them, the only girl who could defeat the Mistress of Violence and become the Tyrant who ruled the underground arenas with gory fists stood with an absolutely bored countenance.

This would definitely turn wrong.


"Amazing, the team super flame abyss demon lords of the glory won with shocking advantage," Nik clapped while getting on the stage once again. He smoothly transitioned the victory-loss moment for the students without rubbing it into the unfortunate souls. He looked at the parchment once again and placed the mic-stone into his pocked before scribbling the name of the losing team. and circled Nie Li's team. This wasn't a stick-to-the-norm type of competition. In the first round matches, whoever lost would be unable to participate any longer. Of course, these matches were only here to depict and grade each student based on their intellect, proficiency, and teamwork. Pen Hua graded intellect and awareness of the students. Xiao Xiaji assessed martial talent. Gin Jiu wrote reports on the teaming capabilities of each student. Even if Nie Li's team won, unsurprisingly, Lu Piao's name had already reached the last dregs of the list.

If Nik had to classify the three fans of his, they would fall under Souko's category S.l.u.tty Professionals. One of the common findings in the modern world with the moderately advanced technological system but quite uncommon in this classic world of cultivation. Nik had heard a few whispers about web novels and such back in his homeworld that depicts such a system of living and Nik was now interested in perusing through such contents once he returned. More knowledge about possible worlds he could visit would never hurt. In fact, it was one of the more popular ones that he still hadn't visited. The world of elementals, demon-infested lands, and now, the land with hot, vulnerable, s.e.x.u.a.lly frustrated goddesses and dragon-slaying monsters were all very new to him.

"Now, team lightning dragon and team green serpent, come up on the stage." Bringing the mic close to his lips, Nik stated calmly. Ning'er's team and another all-girls team stood from their seats and walked towards the stage while eyeing each other carefully. Ning'er, Ziyun, and Ryu'er, being Nik's disciples were quite focused on. Nik's reputation, though ineffective to his mind, was already branded upon the citizens of the city. Who Nik was, what his story is, his recent accomplishments... everything was already mapped and spread. So, even if Nik himself didn't care, or, in reality, didn't even notice the effect of his reputation since men naturally feared the woman magnet he was, it did not mean that his disciples and people close to him were oblivious to it... except Gojira.

"Xiao Ning'er... you two will focus on her. Stall for time and when I am done with the other two, we will fight her together."

The leader dared not underestimate Ning'er even in a 3 vs 1 scenario. Heaving a deep breath to calm her tense nerves, she waited for Nik's Begin to sneak past Ning'er and knock the two other teammates of her. She was already confident in accomplishing that aspect of the plan but... if she could defeat two students simultaneously, that was equivalent of admitting that her own teammates might not even stall Ning'er at all.


Nik gave his blessings the moment he stepped on the ground. Turning back, Nik found Ning'er furrow her brows. The orange-headed girl wore her most common sparring outfit with a half-sleeved dark-brown form-fitting tunic marking the curves of her upper body tucked into darker pants that tightened around her h.i.p.s and inner thighs to improve mobility. A green bangle adorned her left wrist while shoes of spiritual nature covered her feet. Gesturing towards her teammates, Xiao Ning'er begun the match by sending her two teammates forward. She wasn't willing to show her true colors yet. At least, not until she fought Ziyun or Ryu'er. The trio knew each other's capabilities fully well. Ryu'er was the strongest, no doubt. But the three of them had a past with no involvement of their master and the things they learned in this period of time now turned out to be far more beneficial than the techniques they currently trained.

Seeing the two teammates walk forward instead of Ning'er, the team leader of the green serpent let out a defeated sigh and sent her own teammates out before beelining towards Ning'er. This was the worst-case scenario but she didn't wish to back out without a convincing battle. These kind of hand-to-hand battles, unlike the glory of spirit skills, were short-lived. Ning'er did not even have the need to strike more than three vital points and the team leader of the opposing party fell to the ground, her body spasming. Seeing this, the lips of Ning'er's father twitched as she barely recalled the familiar move with which Nik knocked him out in finality and allowed Ning'er to take a step forward and forgave the past mistreatment and made an effort to mend their strained relationship.


"We won! Yeah!"

Chen Linjian smiled and stepped down the stage. He felt slightly weird that defeating teacher Nik's disciple was quite easy. But, the moment his foot touched the ground, the unconscious bodies of Lanruo and her teammates vanished into hazy pink petals as Chen Linjian turned back with an astounded expression on his face. Matching Lanruo's glowing pink pupils and the phantom of an ethereal white-barked tree with fleeting pink petals, everything clicked for Chen Linjian while his teammates stood slack-jawed.

Not minding the removal of the greatest battle strength from his team himself Chen Linjian spoke calmly.

"Don't feel afraid. The fact that only I was placed into the complex illusion suggests that Huyan Lanruo can only affect a single person. Her team does not have any close combatant and we can use this weakness." Chen Linjian smiled towards Lanruo and advised his team with a calm expression. The two were enough to deal with Lanruo and now that her tricks were exposed, even if Lanruo controls one of them, the other could directly attack Lanruo and try to break her focus. This was the most basic way to deal with illusionists. Alas, Lanruo returned the smile as her teammates chuckled at the act of one of the brawny youths attack the other.

"You spoke for a long time. Don't mind if I use that to my own advantage."

Lanruo weaved a complex illusion with her limited spirit power and instantly controlled the entire battle. The facts combined with her earlier skills instantly made the representatives of other families note down the apparent skill of training illusionists likely available to Nik. And the fact greatly unnerved all those in power. Even Chen Linjian's fave turned dour once he realized his team would likely be eliminated in the first wave itself. Not to mention his elders, even his father would likely be disappointed.


"Ah, all this mansion to myself~" Ye Han's figure melted into a bewitching beauty still garbed in Ye Han's oversized green tangzhuang. Pulling the sleeves, the beauty showcased her outstanding strength by ripping apart the locks of the suit and revealing her uncovered b.r.e.a.s.ts. Cupping her breadmakers from the underside and pushing them up, the gentle seductress smiled softly, "Aah, finally I can breathe! That suit was too damn tight. My injuries should be healing soon enough," mumbling to herself, the woman thought for a while and took out a few items and placed them within her room.

"Oh well, I am already free. Meeting my new champion would take a few days. Might as well sew congratulatory robes for our meeting. He might be the new demon lord after all~"

The woman smiled and took out high-quality rolls of cloth before sitting down and mapping the suit based on Nik's usual clothing.

Meanwhile, an unhealthy amount of paintings depicting Nik that had turned into a great trend with the local citizens now decorated Ye Han's room.

"Hmm, his sense of fashion is slightly strange. The cuts of his pants are slightly longer than the previous master of ours... could it be..."

She licked her lips enchantingly while drawing and marking the dimensions just by compiling all the drawings. If Nik were here, he would find that her measurements were impeccable.


The results of the first wave of the students had been set. Out of the first eighteen teams, only nine entered the second stage of the battle. Of course, Nik didn't ruin the fun by making his own disciples fight each other so quickly, so out of Ning'er's, Ziyun's, Ryu'er's, Nie Li's, and Ray's teams, the other four who passed had their own qualities. The results and opinions were duly noted on the result sheet by the three teachers. After today's match, the two arenas pertaining to intermediate and apprentice classes would be removed. The winning teams of the advance class would hold their battles alongside the genius class. The continuation of the completion of intermediate and apprentice classes would be held in the stage set for the advance class.

"Good goin' you three!" Korra grinned as she accompanied the group. This time, even Nik and Asami gathered together with the four girls while Ray had excused 'herself' to group up with Ye Hong. "Yeah, we were lucky to enter right off the bat and quickly finish our fights," Lanruo spoke with a merry expression as she recalled the absolute dominance held by the trio. Walking amongst them, Xiao Xue felt a little out of place.

"So? Did you allow your opponents to survive?" Nik turned his head towards Korra and inquired with a chuckle. The question itself brought Nik's reward into her mind as she stammered and turned her head in the opposite direction, "O-of course! Why would they not survive?"

"Well, broken bones and mangled muscles is considered survival... barely."

Asami pointed out while Korra scowled at her words. The other girls looked at Korra with varying expressions. Lanruo was unimpressed, Ryu'er felt respect, Ziyun and Ning'er were slightly pale, Xiao Xue felt her mind buzz but the three teachers clicked their tongues simultaneously.

"Such a ferocious attitude. No wonder she is still single."

"Ugh, and why are these three with us?"

Korra groaned as Pen Hua and Xiao Xiaji hugged Nik's arms with Gin Jiu walking behind Nik closely.

"We are going to party, remember?"

Nik smirked as Gin Jiu spoke from behind, "The drinks in my father's establishment is the best in this part of the city. As for these four..." her crimson gaze swept past the four girls, "they can finally taste alcohol." She sneered in contempt as Asami looked tilted her head and suggested, "We should drop the girls off. It could get late."

Asami's words made the girls feel a little anxious as Nik nodded. Meanwhile, he contacted others to reach the designated location. After all, a party would definitely work wonders to soothe his partners. Gojira might never get another chance to become active in a few days after this opportunity passes.

"I... am staying. I live with you all... why should I care if it gets late."

Ryu'er retorted meekly as Asami looked down and locked her gaze with Ryu'er. The little Empress was still new to matching gazes with others and soon turned her head sideways. At this point, Nik smiled and patted her head while willingly breaking off the contact from the three teachers. "Of course, you will be with me the whole time. As for you guys..." Nik turned to face Ziyun and Ning'er only to see their unwilling expression as he chuckled and made a less than a master-like decision.

"I might as well teach you the wonders of alcohol."

Drinking was a game that starts early in this world and already being 15-year-old, the two would soon go through this kind of experience one day or another. It would, in fact, be better if they just experience alcohol with a group instead of alone. Nik then looked at Xiao Xue and smile apologetically only to set her heart aflutter. She hurriedly bowed and spoke loudly.

"Disciple Xue would like to learn the wonder of alcohol, too."

The others looked at the pink-haired qipao dressed girl with strange expressions. The girls truly felt complicated. She was engaged and a good friend and seeing her more than likely breakage of engagement in the near future, Ryu'er sighed deeply. This didn't concern Nik and he conveniently forgot his earlier commitment of only accepting Xiao Xue after the vacation and smiled broadly.

"Sure, tag along. Teacher Gin, contacting the Xiao Family's head... will you do it?"

"Leave it to me."

Gin Jiu held more affection towards Nik since he belonged to the Gin family. It was natural for her to agree to her family's star in a heartbeat.