Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 432

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 432 Horny Bear

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The Gin family is renowned for their wines and their reputation remained to the point as Nik swigged from the ceramic-like bottle with a bright expression. Unlike the Star Restaurant of the past, this establishment owned by the Gin family's elder Gin Jiu's father provided a comfortable space for families to enjoy without getting disturbed by the other patrons of the restaurant. Inside the well-furnished room, the short-legged table rested in between with Nik sitting on the thick pillow at the single side of the table with the girls covering the wide breadth of the table on either side. On his left sat his crew of disciples starting from Klas. While Nik had earlier thought of accompanying Ryu'er, the emerald crystal-men poised a convincing argument of serving Nik. After Klas sat a defensively silent Ryu'er, the nervous trio Ning'er, Ziyun, and Xiao Xue and finally, the remaining three teachers who were more than shocked with the sheer number and mind-boggling beauties around Nik. Needless to say, they felt utterly defeated.

Meanwhile, on his right sat all his partners starting from Lanruo and ending at Korra. Seeing all of them in one place, overwhelmed wasn't the feeling that even dared touch his mind. Nik felt partly gratified and partly mischievous with the thought of reducing all the pretenses and taking all of the girls right in this room. Feeling the trickle of hot wine warming his body and, in return, making his thoughts skew further towards depravity, he looked towards his students. Their already assured victory was the excuse Nik used to bring all his girls to the party. With their routine, Nik assumed that a little bit of alcohol in different surroundings would work wonders and it did. Shen Xiu was enjoying herself in a modest drunken state while sneering at Gojira and pointing out her embarrassing state in between the gulps of alcohol.

Not that Gojira minded. Her thoughts, how could a mere 20-something-year-old lass could comprehend? An existence like Gojira has found her own path of living. Uninteresting it may be, but a path dedicated to herself, nonetheless. To Gojira, it is the act of spreading her reputation for the successful opening of her business, which looked laughable. It is the act of continuously inscribing inscription patterns while holding on the thoughts to remain independent is what Shen Xiu should scoff at. A large estate is what the girls did not need. It was Nik's existence that could bring all these girls together and being a broad-minded Empress that used to revel in the taste of the blood of her mate, Gojira did not mind admitting the fact that even if it was a moderately-sized hut, Nik continuous attention was what actually got the girls going now. He had become their chain as well as relief. After having a piece of him, living without his company is dull. In fact, Nik had long recognized the same issue, and even if the comatose state of his partners helped him in this situation, finding an appropriate solution to such a problem was already listed as his long-term goal. Right next to venturing various worlds and well... finding more holes to plow.

It was only beneath these two goals that Nik considered getting out of his troubled state of life his seemingly scheming ancestry which was the testimony of his blazing l.u.s.t. "Master, you should try this." Klas's words pulled Nik out of his thoughts as he saw her placing a piece of reddish-brown stick with unsavory folds on its surface. Picking the stick up and gazing at the surface curiously, Nik opened his mouth and crunched a large piece of the treat when suddenly, the brittle surface dissolved when it came into contact with his saliva and turned into a burst of thick liquid that slightly inflated his cheeks. The taste and texture instantly gave away the identity of the treat A solidified stick of wine!


Nik muttered as he licked his lips and placed the remaining half of the stick. This establishment allowed the patrons to experience various forms of wines and other alcoholic beverages. Nik gazed at his disciples for a moment and found then nibbling on a few treats with flushed cheeks. Xue Yin continued to guide Ziyun and the others while Gojira and Xiao Xiaji, even when they should be guiding Ryu'er and Xiao Ning'er, gave the bothersome task a cold shoulder and continued to enjoy their own treats. A heavy scent thickened the surrounding around the group as it reached the point of inevitability.

With the effect of wine rotting her cognitive function, Korra slammed her hands on the table. Instead of sending a shock, the small part of the table broke, making the drunk Gin Jiu giggle while clapping. "Shut it!" Korra snarled and stood up with her toes barely rooted on the floor. Her posture was awkward as the locks of her hair was matted with sweat and stuck to her forehead. She usually wore sleeveless bluish training top sewed from the fur and hide of the target of her first spirit ring Ice Bear. With thick wrist bands covering a significant half of her forearms, Korra's remaining body was soaked in sweat giving her figure an alluring appeal that even made girls like Asami, who only viewed Korra for her brawn, gulp. This art of unintentional seduction was simply over the top.

"I've had with y'all! Pompous little girls with their 'oohs' and 'haawss'. Damn, teach. You have a thing for fragile stuff?"

Gojira raised her eyebrow and silently ate. This kind of drama was not up to her alley. Although, she clearly did not enjoy being called a 'fragile stuff' from another dark-skinned sister. Demeaning was too harsh of a term for this situation, but if Korra was sober, then Gojira would have definitely exacted a price. Tipping forward with a hiccup, Korra simply jumped across the table. Walking was simply too 'noobish' for her esteemed self. The bear wanted to fly. And fly she did before landing right onto Nik's crossed legs and if Nik hadn't manipulated wind to make her fall a more gracious one, either his testicles or her h.i.p.s would have been damaged. And a woman without her h.i.p.s is as impotent as a man without his testicles.

"Hup!" Korra gasped with a small smile as her face laced over Nik's and roughly took his lips. "Ah!" Ning'er was the first one to yelp as the wide-eyed Xiao Xue hurriedly placed her hand over Ryu'er's eyes, completely forgetting that Ryu'er has lived without her vision for a better half of her life. Ziyun looked at her aunt with her head lowering and gaze tilting high. Unlike the three teachers smiling in a suggestive manner far more depraved than any of the children could handle, Xue Yin was stuck on a spot. She was two parts hot, one part hot, and another part hot with concern for Ziyun slowly turning into nibbles of annoyance. Asami, beside her, raised her eyebrow in surprise. Lanruo, beside Nik, only snapped her finger and placed Xiao Xue into an illusion while asking Nik to do the same for Ning'er and Ziyun.

"Mmgh!" Korra pulled on Nik's collar. His tunic being the unspiritual kind, tore into two threaded half as he silently placed Ning'er, Ziyun, and Xiao Xue in a sleep, reducing Lanruo's burden. Previously, he wanted to engage in lighthearted humor regarding the story of the party like you recall that one time where your master pissed over an arrogant master in his drunken stupor? Or, that one time where you accidentally kissed your master and zipped his pant undone?

But the current scene was too graphic. Oh, well, he will create such engaging memories from a different party. Right now, he had more hedonistic memories to make. 'Wait... I think having s.e.x in the rooms would be a clear violation of the policies of this establishment. What to do...' As usual. The only way to bend policies is through the use of public will and so, Nik started to manipulate the public within the restaurant. The gates were shut down and well, creating an orgy would be too damn troubling to clean after, so Nik simply placed each one of the patrons in a wet dream where they are engaging in an orgy. 'There! Done!'

Nik thought silently as both of their parted lips locked against each other and allowed their alcohol glazed tongues to engage in a ferocious war of dominance. Bear vs aphrodisiac! The task wasn't in vain. The drunken stupor assisted clearing Korra's frustration out as Nik's arms coiled around her tight waist. She was different than other girls. She trained and trained. Her slowly crafted muscles that may put off men of lower caliber and insecure tendencies only increased the exotic charm about her. Nik could feel it easily. The muscles over her wide h.i.p.s leading up to a rather broad back. Her arms, no, Nik expected to see tiny scars and scabs all over her body. Training often leads to minor injuries. Fighting like Korra, more so.

With Nik's tunic ripped, he didn't feel any need to favor the damp beauty with her clothes and his finger grabbed the edge of her tight top before pulling it up, exposing her back to the other girls as they looked at each other with slight embarrassment. They didn't know what to do at such a moment. In such a case, the three teachers were more experienced as they embraced each other with soothing passion. Their fingers roaming each other's familiar bodies. They had long practiced with each other while holding out true emotions for Nik and seeing the man they adored openly pushing his arm into his disciple's pant and grip her tight butt cheek with the other one unwinding the bandage around Korra's b.r.e.a.s.ts, the three teachers cried softly into each other's mouths. If a pair kissed, the remaining one would seek out other pleasure points without any shred of awkwardness.

Nik could feel the sheer awkwardness surrounding his partners and sighed internally. They had much to learn indeed. Removing his arms from Korra's back, Nik pulled back the head of the greedy bear by tugging her ponytail while he turned his head towards the flushed Lanruo and stroked her cheeks. Looking at the table filled with food that would obviously get in the way, Nik pulled all the things into his spatial ring. Ryu'er could only help Xiao Xue from falling while the other two disciples plopped on the ground. With Korra's leg straddled against his waist, Nik stood and walked in between the group with his c.o.c.k pitching an enticing tent in between his pants. A few understood his intention but only Gojira displayed her true speed.


It had been a long day for Ray. From keeping the appearance of being a delicate flower that had only started to fight and manipulating the boys in his teammate to demonstrate a battle in which his teammate won by a narrow margin. Even though this is an open world, the main mission is usually circ.u.mstantial based on the factions a host chooses. Klas chose the Dark Guild with most of her missions turning out to be the acts that helped the guild, in essence murders. She lost, of course. But the Dark Guild wasn't destroyed and her main mission still wasn't marked a failure until she entered Nik's fold and lost all her progress and was deemed suspended from the paradise until Nik allowed her to enter once again. This meant, after this world, Klas could only appear in the exclusive space of the system or her homeworld.

Unlike Klas, Ray chose the Snow Wind Family's faction that belonged to the option of joining aristocrats. His missions also turned comparatively moderate with low rewards. He hadn't unlocked any high rewarding side missions like Nik. Currently, Ray stretched his limbs and opened the system tab. The tab didn't only show the status of the guild, society, stats, and skills, but it was also an interface that showed a live feed of the events marked impressive by the protocol of the [Transmigration Paradise]. The moment Nik broke the limitation of his bloodline and create a unique line of evolution completely separate from the bloodline tree of the Incubus, the achievement was marked in this live feed.

"Hmm? The Absolute and The Infallible are hosting an auction? Wait... sigh, only their goods will be auctioned and only the hosts higher than rank 1 can connect. Well, it works either way. Hmm, the time limit is probably after two world travels. I can make it..." Then recalling Nik and the sheer absurdity surrounding him, Ray traced his chin with a dubious expression. "Probably..."

The Absolute and The Infallible are rumored to have rank 9 members leading them. Their auction would probably attract all the hosts from the [Transmigration Paradise]. Ray then continued to scroll the feed. Usually, it doesn't hold any important information, but he still checked the feed to remain up-to-date. In some ways, Ray's method of controlling his harem was efficient than Nik's. They both pursued different schools of thought. Nik enjoyed the regular banters of free-willed girls except for a few points while Ray controlled his with an iron fist. Training them and using them according to his wishes. Then there was Yar. While Nik could feel a little lonely due to the lack of common topics, Ray and Yar never had such a problem.

"Oh?" Ray's brows furrowed as he looked at the notification directly from the system itself.

[The system has received manageable feedback. The system will be updated in 17 hours.]

"Should probably send this message to Nik and Brian... they both aren't the type to bother with the updates after all... stupid boomers... especially Nik... a handsome boomer..."

"You got an erection, hun."

Yar's slurred coo resounded within his mind as Ray's lips twitched and didn't even deign to reply to the mischievous familiar.