Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 433

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 433 One Pump Chump

"Hmm?" Hazy eyed and numb, Korra widened her closed eyelids into narrow slits as tears streaked down her cheeks to accompany the drool leaking through the corner of her lips as she could feel her body stretching in a completely different manner. It felt like stretching her legs but something was off. Terribly so. Feeling something soft on her b.r.e.a.s.ts, Korra looked down... well, she was sprawled on something hard and cold, so, she tilted her head up and found the red-haired Gin Jiu sucking her wine-layered choco tits.


And then it hit her.

Nik really is an otherworldly beast.


The girls only needed a slight nudge. Gojira wasn't one of them and with Korra straddled onto his waist, finding his neck as an appropriate replacement of his lips, Nik looked at the astounded Ryu'er gazing at her mother swallowing a pole that may very well surpass the length of the front side of her skull. The bulge of her throat and the inhumane expression of suffocation made Ryu'er more worried than anything for her mother. "Hmph!" Korra panted while suckling on the flesh of his neck as her fingers clawed his shoulders. Smiling to himself with girls getting down on each other around him, Nik placed one firm grip behind Gojira's head and the other one over Korra's perky ass while turning back and requesting an equally petite Klas to help make Ryu'er feel comfortable.

Korra's blue pupils showed little consciousness, but Nik didn't care. Gentleman he wasn't and taking advantage of drunk beauties was the bread and butter of a professional sc.u.m. Enjoying the tight throat that would soon adjust to his shape, Nik prodded Korra's forehead with his own and the moment her lips came to his view, Nik struck. On the other hand, Gojira coiled her arm around Nik's thighs and let the sheer thickness of her beloved's c.o.c.k warm her throat up. The sudden gesture of swallowing the entire length was slightly dangerous, but she won the bet and with the shaft lodged in its rightful fleshy dungeon, the act of breathing itself became a task full of pain. But Gojira enjoyed this kind of pain. Never have been manhandled, Gojira loved how Nik gripped a fistful of her hair and kept her pushed over his c.o.c.k.

"Grragh~!" A throaty groan finally signified the limits of the woman. She needed to train her breath capacity, the empress noted to herself. She hadn't even lasted more than Asami and she was already coughing and splattering thick ropes of spit bridging her lips while the slobbered up tip poked her chin as if mocking her. Growling with the lady squirt garnered by the shove of the c.o.c.k, Gojira felt Nik's hold turning into loving stroked that gently nudged Gojira to dive down once again. Meanwhile, with his other hand grabbing Korra's butt cheek and tugging it, Nik continued to ravage Korra's mouth. The wine of this world, unlike his homeworld, was scented and instead of the more than a common alcoholic scent that Souko wafted in, Korra gave off a flowery scent.


"Get off!" Korra groaned as she felt her n.a.k.e.d crotch tingle the moment Gin Jiu wrapped her tongue around her n.i.p.p.l.e. Shoving the red-haired bimbo away, Korra wiped her face with the surface of her arm before looking around. The first thing she noticed was her soiled crotch. It was painted in white with her innards still feeling hot. Seeing was different than realizing. With a gulp, Korra turned her head and found every single woman sprawled across the room, except for the dressed Xiao Xue, Ning'er, and Ziyun. Much to Korra's surprise, she found Ryu'er and Nik embracing each other as his member still remained lodged into Ryu'er's slick fold with a dribble of c.u.m leaking every now and then.

"What the..."


"Aaagh~ What- hmmp! da heewll!" Korra shrieked as Nik continued to move his hand and finger her slightly darker hole. Surprisingly, Korra turned out to be the most shaven of all Nik gently cradled her body in between his arms while he continued to reach the deeper corners of her tight fold by laying beside Korra with a tilt of his body. While his middle and index finger spread Korra's wet and hot innard, his thumb and palm covered the outer entrance dripping with juices and teased her fat clit as her m.o.a.ns subsided with every jesting kisses on her lips.

Nik could feel other girls around him. Lanruo kissing his back while Asami took the turn to smother against his c.u.m-soaked c.o.c.k with her hands cupping and massaging his balls to wring out every drop left. But Nik just let the feeling keep him erect and focused entirely on Korra. She demanded it with her wet presence. Once again, as Nik continued to scr.a.p.e her mouth with the broad of his tongue and played with her juicy b.r.e.a.s.ts with the remaining hand, a clear squirt stretched into a beautiful arc only to be cut short by splashing against Asami's face. And already expecting her junior queen of the arena to fidget into body-numbing orgasms, Asami had already closed her eyes as she wrapped her lips tightly around the base of his c.o.c.k to leave a mark of her lips.

"E-enough!" Her eyes regarded Nik's form in unceasing streams of tear that accompanied the emotional and physical wreak she was turning into. Still, her dark-skinned, glistening body rubbed against Nik. Her parted mouth breathing hotly against his glazed chin as Nik removed his soaked fingers from her cute slick and gently nudged Asami's face away. He wasn't 'that' proficient in [Body Manipulation] where he could push out another c.o.c.k from his body in the real world. So, with the misfortune of only having one key to open all, Nik aligned his slobbered tool against Korra's wet folds before pushing in.

Her body was already warm enough to accept the tool she had been fighting over and the moment he pushed in, Nik kissed down on her lips to have her m.o.a.ns all for himself. Forgetting everyone else, since they all will receive the attention due to them, Nik raised Korra's leg by locking his arm with her knee and tilted her body to face him as he drove his c.o.c.k into her pink folds. The soft *squelching* sound gave everyone a pause as the girls turned their heads to admire the first pound before driving down on each other.

"Aaaaghhh~ Teachhhh! Oh, god!" Korra gasped, feeling breathless, as she subconsciously clenched around Nik while breaking the kiss. Seeing her expression, her l.u.s.t-glazed eyes accompanied with the sheer cuteness, Nik's c.o.c.k throbbed, stretching her walls further as he bucked his h.i.p.s and shoved his entire shaft with a smack of his balls against her sweat-juices glazed butt crack. For a moment, Nik's eyes drifted down to her abdominal muscles that aesthetically waved with each of her deep breaths as his mind wavered for a moment. Still lodged within her, Nik removed the restrictions of the [Body Manipulation] over his c.o.c.k as the glorified tool returned to its true and massive size as Korra yelped with her eyes going wide. She didn't know what happened, but Korra was sure that Nik did something dirty.

"Good fit, don't you think?" Nik inquired with a smile as he slowly dragged his tool while his griths and curve of the c.o.c.k scratched Korra's cunt in a manner she could never replicate. "Oohh~" Korra groaned as she felt Nik's c.o.c.k pushing into her once again, ruthlessly impacting as all the built pressure from Asami's mouth threatened to burst into her with wet, white delight. Her body crumbled into a hug as her leg broke out of Nik's grasp and tightly wrapped around his legs, restricting Nik from moving as her clenched thighs increased pressure of Nik's c.o.c.k as it bulged into a one, thick spray of c.u.m that invaded the entirety of her dungeon and left no corners unpainted.


"You woke up, huh?" Xiao Xiaji hugged Korra from behind. Her hot breath instantly making Korra feel her stomach tighten as she recalled the vague memory of the green-haired s.l.u.t f.u.c.k.i.n.g right over her body. Her wrists clamped and her arms pulled back with Nik happily pounding into her seducing cave while Korra seemed to have taken note of her wide h.i.p.s and plump buttocks in particular.


"Oooh! Yess!" Xiao Xiaji squealed with a high pitch as Nik hammered down his little member into her crotch. Each thrust sending another wave of force that made her pale ass jiggle with her glimmering green hair cascading down her shoulder and keeping her sweaty back completely exposed to Nik. Below the romping couple lay a dazed beauty with her not-so-long-ago tight p.u.s.s.y turned into a mess of c.u.m with her hole still stretched as if it had forgotten its original tightness. With each thrust, Nik scooped out Xiao Xiaji's already full cunt, preparing enough space for another spurt of c.u.m as Nik pulled her body up, letting her back rub against his chest while letting go of her wrists and placing his palm on her wide h.i.p.s while pumping into her with deep, unforgiving thrusts.

"Hmm, screaming in such a wretched manner. What would Ning'er's father say once he realizes how terrible you are at your duty?" Nik whispered as he drove his c.o.c.k once again with his balls recoiling against the flat of her crotch while c.u.m continued to drip out of her unkempt folds while mixing down with the pool of c.u.m leaking from Korra. The trio teachers surprisingly had different forms of physiques. Xiao Xiaji had a curvaceous bottom while her b.r.e.a.s.ts were modest. Pen Hua had amazing b.r.e.a.s.ts. Her c.u.m-laced chest was the testament of how much Nik enjoyed her soft and large cups. Meanwhile, the silent Gin Jiu had a relatively ordinary physique with a cute and oval face and a mischievous personality. After all, the c.u.m-soaked, red-haired wine lover was already eating Pen Hua's creamed cunt.

"To hell with them!" Xiao Xiaji groaned in desire as her body practically screamed of s.e.x. "Pretentious elders with their tiny pricks trying to always cup a feel! Heck! Teacher should probably save Ning'er from that family since she would get in continuous trouble once she grows up," amongst the sound of wet flesh smacking against each other, Nik raised his eyebrow in surprise. He didn't question Xiaji any further and just eased her frustrations by marking her body as he rubbed her h.i.p.s before raising his hands and spanking both of her butt cheeks, making her yelp in a pleasurable squirt that pulled a fulfilling groan from Nik as the green-haired minx's last squeeze wrung him out of another load.


"Ack!" Korra hurriedly stood as she found Pen Hua attacking her too. Her nose no less sharp than a bitch in heat as she licked the dirtied floor while sleeping soundly.

"How cute~ Nik really knows how to drive satisfaction home," Xiaji smiled as she looked at Gin Jiu sleep-humping Pen Hua. "But some are just s.l.u.ts for life, I guess."

"Says you," Korra scoffed as the two girls looked towards Nik the moment he groaned...

"Ugh... I slept, too?"

Nik mumbled to herself as he clearly felt a drain to his body. Over him, Ryu'er slept with a peaceful expression but Nik could still feel his flaccid member in the tightest p.u.s.s.y he had ever visited. The tightest!

Even now, Nik could barely take his member out as he recalled how it only took one deep pump to lose his all within Ryu'er. Even though her crotch continued to bulge, Nik had a feeling that she was more of a s.e.x fiend than himself.


"M-master, please... please, do me, too."

Ryu'er whispered. Only she remained conscious among the group of girls as all of them lay on the floor, sprawled, with c.u.m drooling out of their f.u.c.kable orifices. Xue Yin looked the most spectacular as her butt was still high in the air with off-white mixture dripping down her gaping asshole. Ryu'er's horizons had broadened considerably. Seeing Ryu'er, Nik smiled and stroked her cheek after making sure to clean all of the juices covering his body. Her dark hair was still pinned up with bushy locks looming over the side of her face, framing the top of half of her round visage, giving a 'bobbish' feeling.

"Of course," whispering, Nik leaned down and took Ryu'er's lips. Having enough time to get the hang of it due to Klas's assistance, Ryu'er wasn't gobsmacked like the first time and enjoyed the sensation. Feeling a little fidgety with Nik's arms roaming around her body before settling on her plump ass, Ryu'er sighed internally when suddenly, Nik's large fingers moved down, spreading her butt apart and pushing his finger into her wet snatch.

"Mm~" Ryu'er breathed softly. Closing her eyes, her tiny body hugged Nik's kneeling physique, making it easy for her to reach his neck and embrace him in a manner that didn't make her feel like a kid. She enjoyed the current moment of tenderness after watching how rough Nik can actually be. Only now did Ryu'er understand why her mother is so tame in front of Nik. It wasn't only due to his features but the sheer effort of plowing her until she practically breathed and chanted his name with eyes curved in bliss.

"Just lie down and enjoy." Breaking the kiss with both of their to tongues reaching out of their mouth and connected to each other with a glimmering bridge of saliva, Nik whispered and cooed while softly pushing Ryu'er down. Her enthralling figure completely exposed to him as he rubbed her soft pink entrance peeking through the mound of flesh while leaning down to taste her cute cherry topping that stood perkier than the inverted n.i.p.p.l.ed Pen Hua.

"There you go. Just breath," Nik continued with his free hand stroking Ryu'er's head. His skills had already leveled up, but Nik suppressed the urge to check them just yet and focused on the task at hand. His fingers rubbing and occasionally smacking Ryu'er's v.i.r.g.i.n p.u.s.s.y sent shivers down her spine as her tingling m.o.a.ns made his c.o.c.k throb. He wasn't going to hammer her with his original shaft, the moment Nik slipped his middle finger, he had come to a decision. After all, his middle finger searched around only to feel completely clamped by the sheer intensity of the contraction of walls that Nik didn't imagine Ryu'er to have. If he forced his member in, it would be the same as slicing his d.i.c.k.

Removing the boner-destructive thoughts out of his mind, Nik explored Ryu'er's body with his lips. His tongue swirled around her n.i.p.p.l.es before he kissed his way down towards her belly button and started moving his finger more vigorously. Ryu'er instantly brought her arms towards her face as she cried in delight. Her body arching up slightly, unable to reach its full arc due to Nik restricting Ryu'er. Just below her fleshy hole, Nik thumbed the puckered up asshole, stretching its entrance while covering the hole every now and then pushing his thumb against it.

Once Nik was sure that Ryu'er's body was prepared to handle his already compacted member, Nik aligned his c.o.c.k and pushed softly. Alas, he couldn't enjoy anything as a loud roar buzzed within his consciousness. He came, he fell unconscious and the unceremonious squeak from Ryu'er made Nik feel a little relieved.

At least, he could feel her squirt, too. Now, it didn't feel that shameful.


"Ho~ Little dragon f.u.c.ker is up," Asmodeus chimed in mockery as Nik felt his face burn for the first time in forever. "Kekeke, poor tip c.u.mmer!" Lilith chortled while Sky's smooth chuckle resounded. "Ah, look. Even the egg is wiggling around. Maybe it is laughing, too." Sky pointed out as he quickly put the event behind his mind and cleaned all the traces of the act before even answering the obvious queries of Korra and Xiaji regarding the system.

After all, the tournament would begin in less than 30 minutes!