Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 434

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 434 Restricted Evolution

If it wasn't for the presence of many family heads in the audience, the commoner parents and elders would have started cheering loudly. No matter the age or civilization, a good battle really gets the adrenaline pumping into the audience. "Say, you are glowing too much... like my wife after we had done the deed," the family head of Qing Family snickered. Not minding the insult, Xiao Xue's father waved his hand kindly and retorted, "Something similar. Master Nik took my daughter under his discipleship, after all. Ah, what were you saying? Your wife? The woman glows more if smacked with money. Try that today, will you?"

The surrounding men froze for a moment as their gazes turned towards the front seats. The Gin Family's Head seemed to be a little satisfied seeing his niece right next Nik while Asami took the task of regulating the battles. Just like him, the Winged Dragon Family's Head nodded seeing a member of his own family close to Nik. Getting concubines was quite a common tradition of the city. Even the City Lord had another concubine, but she disappeared after the first wife gave birth to talented Ye Ziyun. However, one of the accompanying elders of the Winged Dragon Family felt a little uncomfortable seeing Xiao Xiaji getting close to Nik... she was too close. The thing that crushed him was the fact that Nik seemed to be ignoring all the girls around him.

He was meditating with beauties around him cooing into his ears in public! But the elder couldn't muster any courage to confront Nik. First, if his past relationship with Xiaji before she ran into the institute got exposed, his domestic life would be ruined. His wife, the largest woman of the family, would practically crush her. Second, even if he confronted Nik, what would he say? That he forced Xiaji into bed by placating her with benefits and once she wasn't satisfied by him, she escaped into the institute? Isn't that practically asking Nik to laugh at his face? As if feeling his gaze, Xiaji turned to look at the elder with a derisive smirk that seemed to have broken all his ego, making him plop back on his seat. Satisfied by his reaction, Xiaji continued to focus on the competition while writing down the results and poking Nik every now and then.

The idea of the system seemed to be universally accepted as the three teachers continued to chat with each other through Nik's consciousness. Soon, the bored Xue Yin within the estate entered and answered most of their questions while Ryu'er, who was sitting across Nik, had her mind connected, too, listening silently and understanding the true situation. She tried to contact her mother, but one fierce yawn into Ryu'er's consciousness calmed the petite lady down.


"There, I stopped her from asking too many questions." Within the consciousness realm, Gojira lay on the ground. Instead of her true form, she continued to explore the empty city in her new, human form. "So... what was that? Why is there... a black tattoo over my chest?" Nik inquired while pulling his tunic up, allowing Gojira to see the black, totem-like tattoo stretching from his left chest to his shoulder, probably reaching his back, too. Observing the Draconic pattern, Gojira frowned and pointed out, "This wasn't on your body when..."

"It isn't on my body... this tattoo is branded on my... well, being. My spiritual persona has this mark, I am just borrowing it in the consciousness realm," Nik explained while letting go of the edge of the tunic, covering himself once again. "It kinda looks like my previous mate's figure... you know, Ryu'er's father. But somehow, it feels different. This is probably, Ryu'er's mark."

Nik's lips twitched as he inquired, "And?"

Shrugging, Gojira looked around. "And? What? In reality, my species gives birth after devouring a massive source of energy. Ryu'er is different. We bred. His father called himself a Dragon God. Said that he had fallen from a higher plane. Till now, I didn't believe his bits, even as he roared in despair while falling in my tummy. It seems, he wasn't lying after all."

"So you have the tat, too?" Nik inquired curiously as Gojira shook her head. "It seems like a v.i.r.g.i.n's thing. Ryu'er's father had a family, or so he claimed. So, I didn't know about this mark until you showed me. What does this even do?" Gojira muttered to herself before chuckling, "probably a slave brand. Dragons are said to be possessive. I wonder whoever they lost their v.i.r.g.i.nity to would be expected to belong to these stuck up lizards."

Nik felt a little disgruntled. Even though Asmodeus, Lilith, and Sky played it cool. In reality, even they didn't know the true function of this mark on his individual spiritual avatar and the fact greatly disturbed them. Now, with Gojira giving up, Nik sighed deeply and decided to help her vent. It was obvious from her tone that she still had some pent-up feelings. "So... you and Ryu'er's father weren't on the best term?" Nik inquired while summoning a grand bed in the middle of the street. Nothing pleases Gojira more than a soft bed and Nik really enjoyed the fact.

"It was great at first. We would hunt, play around, and even thrash around in the forest. My mother had already disappeared for god know how long, so having a partner wasn't bad. But how could I submit to another scaled being?" Gojira, for the first time, displayed a loveable pout as she climbed on the bed and pulled the thick blanket over her body. Similarly, Nik lay beside her as the surroundings turned dim. He didn't enter the blanket but tilted his body to face Gojira as she continued the surprisingly short tale, "In the end, the moment that black 'god' tried to commit a ritual that would instantly bring Ryu'er out, I lost it. His words were I'll be taking 'my' child the hell does he think he is? He wasn't even that great. Arrogance needs to have a limit. So I ate him and used him as the source of energy to fuel my daughter's growth... maybe that caused some changes? Maybe tattoos are just Ryu'er's thing?"

Shrugging this time, Nik heaved a deep sigh. He didn't have enough time to explain the details to his girls, but his new information package (including lessons on blowjob, anal, and other kinks) should be already sent to the girls. He would need to officially welcome them, care for them and have lots of fun with them... the usual stuff. "Sleep tight... and, well, if you ever want to eat me, season me well. My taste would punch a pound deeper, I guess," jesting while stroking the head of the mewling empress that has long lost all her defenses and ego against Nik as if it is the most natural thing, Gojira drifted to a deep slumber in his consciousness while her real body would be sleeping, too.

Next, Nik contacted Shen Xiu and inquired if any problems might have occurred on her side. This was simply a routine inquiry. He would like to help Shen Xiu, too, but she simply didn't let any sort of trouble stand in front of her way for long. Today, however, she did sigh in distress. "After you are done with exams... can you... help Shen Yue? He just confessed something... well, we should probably talk face-to-face." Shen Xiu grew silent after that when Nik agreed. Probably, Shen Yue confessed his s.e.x.u.a.l orientation. Nik could imagine Shen Xiu's distress. Having homos.e.x.u.a.l relationsh.i.p.s wasn't in their culture, after all.

Still, leaving a part of consciousness beside Gojira to continuously pat and stroke her to keep the god slayer satisfied, the remaining portions of Nik returned to reality and he looked at the ongoing battle. His disciples still had to take the stage. In fact, none of the apprentice class students had a chance to compete yet. The teams from the intermediate class were taking the first half of the competition. According to his standards, the battle was dull. But Nik's thought didn't linger on the battle as he proceeded to check the live feed of the system.

His gaze narrowed at the notice of update that would occur in a few hours and would shut down for an hour. The notice did not let out any detail and Nik really wouldn't have thought of checking the feed of not for Ray. Even the reminder to quickly rank up to join the auction enticed Nik... but thinking of Klas and her troubles, Nik had to postpone his rank up quest. The succubus, no doubt, won't be happy with this.

[Ray, I was thinking... maybe we should eat together. It's been long.] Nik suggested, unwilling to admit that he would rather Ray deal with Shen Yue's and Shen Xiu's matter. He wasn't afraid, no... a little annoyed, maybe. But he truly missed spending time with Ray. Chatting and jesting were their favorite pastime in the previous adventure.

Sitting beside Ye Ziyun, Ray smiled softly.

[Something up, chump?]

[Nah, just missing Yar... thinking of inviting her for one night. Do I get your blessings?]

Rolling his eyes, Ray instantly refused.

[Yar gained some probing tendencies... and such service is only retained for my own men, if you know what I mean. Of course, want my blessings? Join in. We enjoy ourselves every night. Ever heard of Princess Leia? I have her dress, too.]

Nik frowned. He didn't know Princess Leia but one thing he knew for sure was that Ray's homeworld is quite similar to Nik's current one. They have the same entertainment shows and stuff like that. While Brian heard of Naruto from the information spread within the paradise, Nik and Ray actually saw the source itself.

[Princess Leia? What outfit?]

[Broooo, once you return. Just watch Star Wars, will you? No need to take the story seriously. Just enjoy Leia in a bikini... intergalactic one, hehehe.]

Nik shrugged. Yar won't be joining in for the night, much to Nik's disappointment.

[So, about Dinner? How about tomorrow night?]

[All right. Can I wear a dress?]

[Doll up, hun. Maybe I'll invite you for the night.]

From across the stage, Nik and Ray gazed at each other before letting out a short smirk. Meanwhile, within Ray's spiritual world, playing with the two cute spirits, Yar rolled her eyes and let herself known.

"Oh, just rut already and be done with it."


Ray's frustrated click of tongue resounded within the spiritual world.



A frustrated click rang within a seemingly dark and empty space with an only single source of kaleidoscopic glimmer, but even the light was devoured by the pitch-black darkness, creating a deep contrast. The figure that continuously created the light had short glimmering hair. L.u.s.trous white that gave off a rainbow-like sheen. Slightly fair skin and modest figure, at least, that is what could be seen from the jeweled dress covering her body. An equally l.u.s.trous crown crooked over the figure's head.

"Evo... why do you have to be stubborn. Reaching rank 10, like us, is hard. We have become a part of the reality itself... and the reality doesn't want you to evolve further. We all have a great business going. You should just continue to let your clones initiate evolution within"

"Bugger off, bitch."

The silent woman finally spoke. She seemed to be addressing the darkness itself.

"Fine, fine," not taking any offense, the being continued, "We all are eternal. Transmigration, Reincarnation, and Reaction. Evolution should have been a part of the group, just like me, Void... well, the current trend does not allow Paradises for both of us. At least, now, you have a place to say..."

The figure added with an eerie note to his voice, "Forever..."

"Evolution... I, cannot be sealed or killed. Go ahead, stop the labors from evolving, but that is limit of your reach. The so-called guardians of reality are nothing but insecure, talentless bitches. They can't take a step forward, or break off the trap they jumped into. They want power, and they also don't want to commit any sacrifice. What a pathetic paradox."

The glowing woman continued. Her expression neutral.

"Yeah, yeah. Vent. That's all you can do."

The mysterious being chuckled as the woman's gaze hidden behind the locks of her hair finally flickered.



A hulking, blue-haired man hummed a serene tone as he trekked over the mountain layered with violet soil. The peak was disastrously high and the man... walked on the mountain laterally on his feet. A fishing rod hung across his shoulder and casual clothes of his fluttering due to the sheer pressure of the wind. It was already a miracle that his clothes did not tear off.

Finally, reaching the peak and finding a good seat, the crimson-eyed man whipped his fishing rod, letting the string loose and descend into the layered clouds right beneath him.

"I should catch a few cloud sharks for Nik and Ray, too. They've been sharing stuff from their world... they would enjoy the stuff from this world... probably," Brian muttered. "And this update... sounds tedious. Anyway, my Vacation Token should work for three months, this way, the two have a lifeline of another travel before promoting."

As Brian continued to mumble, the fishing rod curved downwards, fighting against his hold. "The clouds turned rather quickly... as expected of the cloud reactor..." Brian grinned and pulled harshly, barely controlling the balance and keeping himself from falling. With another tug, Brian successfully pulled the victim up from the sea of clouds. A green-skinned shark with eight eyes and the size of a car was forcefully pulled from its home. As the shark with cloud for its fins arched in the sky, Brian smirked and slashed his arm towards the shark.

The beast instantly felt itself solidifying at a greater speed and even its fins turned green. Finally, with the shark still hooked to his fishing rod, Brian jumped down and pulled the monstrous being alongside. The moment they passed the sea of clouds, the shark finally felt panic as it couldn't revert into clouds.


Holy Orchid Institute.

After the competition concluded and removed four more teams, leaving a total of five teams in each class, the group dispersed. Many held expectations for tomorrow will be the day where Nik's disciples confront each other. At least, that's what looked to spectators but hidden confrontations had already begun from the first day.

Even until now, the four girls kept to themselves without interacting much. A significant portion of their mind continued to live yesterday's moment where Korra suddenly kissed master without him rejecting the advance while the other half was spent on continuing to shake off the completely new feeling in their life Hangover.

This time, Nik encouraged his disciples to leave with their families, after all, his night was uncertain and instead of exposing another illicit scene to them, Nik would rather let them go early with a few words of encouragement.

As Nik and his... substantial group made their way towards the estate, a scene appeared in front of him.

[Update Begins in 3... 2... 1...]

And the screen shut itself.