Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 436

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 436 Dreams

"Oh, honey," Nik brushed his cheek against her while cooing into her ears softly. His thick fingers, sturdy and warm, passionately cupper her b.r.e.a.s.ts. Squeezing her slightly large bosom and pushing out her n.i.p.p.l.es. His lips took a playful turn and comfortingly kissed on her ear, the moisture itself sent jolts of pleasure that made her heart shiver. "You are mine. From the moment I started teaching you, I've always wanted to do this. Squeeze you, touch you," Nik's breathing turned hotter and with a tantalizing note, her kissed her earlobe, "taste you."

"M-master, I"

She exclaimed. Her heart wasn't ready. Not for this, at least. "Hush," Nik retreated up and gazed into her eyes gently, his wrists waving around while pulling her soft, tender b.r.e.a.s.ts in a lewd manner. Fighting down a m.o.a.n to prevent herself from testifying how much she was enjoying


Ning'er gasped with her thin robe sticking to her sweat-laced body and flushed cheeks as she hastily stood up and looked around, finding herself in a familiar room with her belongings decorating the place. Her eyes took furtive glances around, unwilling to believe that she was truly alone but the pang of disappointment when her expectations failed made her feel embarrassed. 'What am I even doing. That was a dream. Get out of it, already.' Ning'er admonished her depraved mind. Nik... master would never do things like this. Sure, he had women around him... but who doesn't?

Unaware of the effects of culture and upbringing skewing her thoughts, twisting and wringing it until droplets of passion and desire dripped into the mind of the demure disciple, Ning'er continued the line of reasoning with efforts that would have pulled tears of pride from Nik. 'Why should master be doing this for me? Comforting me, teaching me, and then even... relieving me. He never asked for any compensation from the families whose members are under his wing. How could I even dream of making him,' Ning'er's vision recalled Nik's gentle demeanor as he kissed her on the neck, making her shiver in aching pleasure, 'service me.' She completed her thought and clicked her tongue.

Pushing the blanket away, Ning'er finally found the source of unnatural cold that kept on making her feel uncomfortable and the large stain on her mattress didn't comfort her. Ning'er pursed her lips as her mind went haywire. It wasn't pee. No, it would be stinking by now. Well, she was panicking and sniffing it was the only way to confirm that she hadn't 'de-aged' to start wetting her bed once again. In some cases, Nik would have even added the fact that it isn't just kids that wet their bed. At least, not with their pee.

"What is this smell?"

Ning'er mumbled while pushing the tip of her index against the stain. The bedsheet had dried to be slightly stiff as Ning'er's gaze flickered in doubt.

"Could this be..."


"Another dud," Nik complained to himself as Asmodeus suggested, "It has been stated that emotional instability causes dreams to occur frequently. We have already established that this Nie Li boy had some... future connection with your disciple. Why don't you use that?"

"Sure, turn my disciple into a pawn. What a great plan. Next, when I require, I should just sacrifice you when it is convenient, right?" Nik retorted as Asmodeus groaned, "Then stop complaining. Maybe this guy found out that someone's tapping his dreams and found a way to defend himself. Either way, I want more notes. I have mastered the language used for inscriptions present in the library. But with my memories played with, I can't recall other stuff. But, I know that there are more languages with better effects."

"Then we'll wait. Language is the foundation of inscriptions. Once we travel enough, you'll already have a large stock of languages under your hold," Nik stated while laying back down with Ryu'er still stuck over his body. His mind, meanwhile, continued to chat with his spirits.

"All right, do we have any clue as to what this tattoo is?" Nik said, his n.a.k.e.d spiritual avatar sat in the spiritual world with a black tattoo of a dragon covering a good portion of his chest and back. Hearing him, the spirits turned silent. Even Sky hesitated before whispering, "It is easy to find out the function of this... tattoo."

"You just hesitated. Is this really a tattoo?" Nik inquired with a sigh. "It feels more like a brand."

"That it does," Sky agreed. This was also the main reason why the spirits and Nik hesitated from bringing Ryu'er into the equation. If she could control the situation, well and good, but what if she couldn't. The only word that rang alongside a brand is a slave. The thought didn't allow Nik a comforting sleep and another dud dream from Nie Li's side ticked Nik off. Just dream already!

"Did you even try to infuse your spiritual energy into the brand?"

Lilith inquired while her blade drifted around the glimmering egg. Its state had gotten way better than before. The shell had reverted to an unblemished state while the occasional resonance with his spiritual world assured Nik that this spirit would definitely be at his beck and call. The best part was, unlike the three spirits already occupying his spiritual world, the new spirit has a chance to be complete. After all, it didn't take part in any war and got itself injured, so, Nik could simply start by adding compatible spirit rings to the spirit and boost the being instead of repairing it.

"Not yet... this brand gives me a weird feeling. Anyway, you two have already absorbed the spirit rings cultivated from the herbs and blades. Now, all we need to do is start hunting the beasts compatible with you. At least, I really wish to achieve this goal before leaving this world. Who knows when we'll find other beasts that fit your criteria."

"That's true," The three spirits agreed as Nik thought for a moment and decided to inquire.

"Won't the external spirit bone of the Eight-Armed Devil of any use? It's a 100000-year-old spirit bone."

"Well, absorb it without enough spirit energy and you'll probably explode," Sky commented before she pointed out, "But, once the fourth is born, we'll have a way to tackle the situation. In fact, I have another way that may... ire the system greatly."

Nik was instantly interested.

"Yiu know about alchemy right? But in reality, alchemy is everything from mixing to forming. It uses the current materials and uses the energy present in those materials to create something else. So, based on this concept, we could hypothetically use you and the spirit bone as a material... and fuse both together."

"That sounds lovely," Nik smirked with his words dipped in sarcasm while Asmodeus chortled, "I call eight-c.o.c.ked Nik!"


Lilith clicked her tongue... hilt?

"Well... let's not do it then. I'll wait."

Nik shrugged.

Nik had no need to wake up early and jump up the ceiling now. He could simply use the purple qi generated within his body and train his eye. Not only was this extremely timesaving but the risks had been reduced by a great margin, too. Nik could continue to train his eyes without any threat of so-called yang qi destroying his eyes while simultaneously increasing the level of his [Purple Qi Manipulation].

While the girls continued to rest, his spirits continued to pester, aside from Lilith and Sky.


Asmodeus snarled, aware of his thoughts.

Nik pulled open the system interface and checked out the much-awaited missions list. These missions ranged from the destruction of an entire paradise to collecting nail-sized herbs. Even the bounties like hunting for a particular species or continuous missions like a regular supply of a few products posted in the entirety of the Transmigration Paradise had been compiled together. What did help was the filter function on the screen that allowed Nik to filter all the missions present for the coordinates of the planet/plane he is residing in.

The tabs thinned down and a few dozen missions stretched. The most rewarding one being stealing the divine core regarding the concept of death followed by similar requests regarding the core of life, light, fire, water, and various other elements. After these missions, various requests for collecting herbs. There was a series of particular requests that made Nik scowl for a moment.

Collection of Temporal Notebook, collection of Temporal Artefacts, collection...

All these requests gave quite a hefty reward, but subjectively, none of them could compare to the usefulness of a single page of the notebook. Not letting the thought of hunters pursuing his past incarnation bother him, Nik continued to play with the other functions on the screen. He could post requests, but the act itself cost 5 CP, and the higher the difficulty deemed by the paradise, the greater the payment needed to satisfy both the host completing his demands and the paradise.

Satisfied, Nik swiped the tab shut. He accepted one request, a continuous supply one. The mission required Nik to supply blood of spirit beasts with age greater than ten thousand. Each liter would earn him a grand total of 10 CP. The [Pardon], on the other hand, was worth 1000 CP. He couldn't purchase or supply the stuff in mission while on another planet and would need to return to the space holding the paradise before he could turn the prize in.

After accomplishing all this, Nik closed his eyes and drifted to sleep while tilting his body sideways and hugging Ryu'er softly. Meanwhile, Gojira mumbled something and hugged Nik back, encapsulating Ryu'er in her large, voluptuous bosom as her scent eased Ryu'er greatly.


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