Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 437

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 437 Settling Past

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"Hmm~ Five more minutes," Ryu'er whispered coyly. Her harms slithering through Nik's pits while latching onto the sides of his back as she refused to budge. "Come on," Nik kissed her forehead once again while giving her sweet butt a soft pat, "Today is the semifinals. You need to reach on time."

Within the span of a few days, Ryu'er's confidence around Nik had been boosted considerably. 'Maybe it is because of the brand?' Nik hypothesized internally. Meanwhile, other girls gave Ryu'er an amused look. Most of them had already left and the remaining ones would be leaving in a few moments. Except for Klas, of course. Any servant wouldn't be worth her salt if she wouldn't be present near her master as much as possible to be able to relieve his s.e.x.u.a.l frustrations on the go. She had three pairs of a similar outfit, so Klas always remained fresh. This time, she even pulled her hair in a high ponytail, making her short, thick locks point up diagonally.

"Teach, you need to stop all this cuddly stuff..."

Korra muttered while adjusting her hair. After gazing at the mirror one last time, Korra turned and made her way towards Nik.

"Still calling me teach? Nik sounds better, no?"

Nik smiled. Even though he suggested Ryu'er to wake up, Nik himself remained embracing her firmly, unwilling to move. Even he loved his bed. "It does, but until I graduate, I'm gonna call you teach. Anyway, shouldn't you get up, too?"

Korra said while prodding Nik's shoulder with her toes.

"Five more minutes~"

Nik instantly took Ryu'er's tone and whispered coyly, making everyone present turn slightly speechless. "Isn't that right?" Nik smiled and hugged Ryu'er close to his chest and brushed his cheek against her head. "Mm~" Ryu'er mewled in agreement.

"Whatever... you both are lazy... infectiously so." Korra rolled her eyes while suppressing a yawn... the scene looked so comfortable that the girls had to look away, or else, they might succ.u.mb to the sheer laziness looming in the room. They needed to move. Quick!

"Klas, you should just train. We three are just a couple of lazy asses."

Nik suggested as Gojira turned her head and hugged a body pillow, squeezing the softness tightly. Hearing Nik, Klas's gaze turned strange. 'Master loves sleeping... huh. Maybe, they aren't that different after all.' Klas nodded as a figure of another being flickered within her mind. She silently retreated out of the room. Her thoughts should never be confused with her master's demands. What she might think great for master may not be actually needed. So, even if Klas felt like staying and just rub one out of that aching boner, she didn't act without her master's words. At least, she doesn't during the daytime. At night, however, it was fair game.

"So? Are we waking up?"

Ryu'er opened her eyes and looked at Nik with a pitiful gaze. The completion could go and suck off. Why should they care? It felt soooo good to just stay with master and... and...

Ryu'er's skin flushed unnaturally as she rubbed her face against Nik's chest. "That's awfully cheeky of you." Nik smiled as his fingers shamelessly dug into the crack of her butt, sealing and rubbing the soft mounds with the broad of his index as he could feel her temperature rising. "Hmm~" Ryu'er whimpered. She felt happy. She enjoyed Nik's touch... her master's touch way more than she should. Aside from the bestowal of Ravager's Blessing, Ryu'er had nothing else to give him, but Nik still showered her with love and comfort. A hot breath leaked, stroking Nik's chest as she felt herself getting wet at a breakneck pace.

"Master... it is morning. We shouldn't- Ah~"

Ryu'er complained while forcing down her enchanting m.o.a.ns. She should at least put a pretense to resist, right? All of the girls do that. Especially Korra. At one point, she would be screaming crazy with her sweaty body entangled with Nik's while romping and bucking her h.i.p.s with her eyes rolled up and her tongue lolling crazily alongside the continuous gush of orgasms and once it was done, she would just snarl in slight frustration while kicking against the bed. This behavior was completely opposite to what Korra showed in front of others during training.

"We should," Nik retorted with a wolfish grin, pinning the glass-eyed Ryu'er with slightly amused gaze, "This will energize you," he whispered while pressing her swollen clit, rubbing it while pushing it back simultaneously. "See? You already look ready to go!"

Nik leaned down and pecked Ryu'er's lips before stopping himself. The fact remained that she needed to compete and her opponent might possibly be the old-monster disguised as a student.

"Ah! Master, why are you... stopping?"

Ryu'er inquired in shame. Her thighs tightened around Nik's wrist as she wiggled her waist in indignation. "Yeah, yeah! We were just getting to the good part!" Asmodeus chimed internally. Not minding the spectators, Nik smiled and stood up, bringing Ryu'er up along.

"Too much of everything can be dangerous."

Nik's words caused all the three spirits to scoff simultaneously while the apparently sleeping Gojira's lips twitched. "So, you shouldn't let yourself become too lazy. Don't learn from your mother... she has already achieved everything she wanted, the greatest one being me, of course."

Nik patted Ryu'er's head as he pulled the bedsheet away to reveal their exposed figures stuck tightly with Nik controlling his boner. [Body Manipulation] was quite practical. Meanwhile, feeling Nik's hand covering her head, Ryu'er nodded. 'Maybe master isn't wrong,' she thought. It was true that her changes in the past three days had been monumental, but she shouldn't lose herself. She still needed to train a lot to.get her body in her control completely and get her blood spirit ring unlocked. That would instantly bring her at a higher level than all the disciples under Nik's wing.

"I understand, master," Ryu'er let out a soft sigh. Her lips still reveling in the taste of her master's lips. "Good. Let's get ready... we only have an hour left before the competition begins."

Nik smiled as Ryu'er grudgingly let go of Nik. She pulled out an outfit from her spatial ring and got ready. The last steps to look fresh had changed for Ryu'er. Now, she combed her hair diligently and pinned back the thick locks to reveal her eyes. In Nik's words, they were enchanting. 'Enchanting~!' Ryu'er giggled foolishly but she suddenly looked over her shoulder and seeing Nik looking back at her with an amused grin, Ryu'er felt her face heat up.

'This won't do. Master is no longer my master... we... are a couple. I can try to ask him to do a few things for me, too, right? After all, the other girls, especially that drunkard of a teacher, Gin Jiu, ask master to take her while standing and pulling her in air.'


Ryu'er turned around and averted her gaze with her shoulders slightly raised and her arms behind her back. She just needed puppy's ears, and she was set. "Can we..." she tilted her gaze towards Nik with expectations flooding her pupils, "Can we go out? Like other c-couples."

"Sure," Nik nodded with a smile before turning and spanking Gojira's exposed butt.

"Hey, shouldn't you offer such a gesture, too?"

Gojira groaned and pulled the sheet over her choco butt, "Nah, too tired... always. My life is already balanced. Enjoy, both of you. Use that mohbail to take memories and show them to us... daughter, make me proud. You still haven't taken Nik, after all."

Gojira dug her face into the Nik shaped pillow once again as the man's expression turned unnatural. They all were aware of the incidence... that horrible, soul-shaking incident. Luckily, for Nik, according to Shen Xiu, it didn't count.

"Mom!" Ryu'er gasped with steam rising out of her face. At least, the lower place letting out the steam was covered.


Once the breakfast was concluded, Nik slipped in the fact that his 'partner' Ray would be coming over for the dinner, piling a large number of questions. Since Shen Yue always left the estate early in the morning with a hired team to venture in the outskirts of the Star Dou Forest, he wasn't aware of this fact. If he was, he would be skipping around with a pleased expression.

Using words to answer was time-consuming, and the group of teachers and students were already on a clock, so Nik connected everyone's consciousness into a giant hub once again and replied to each and every question.

No, we didn't f.u.c.k.

Yes, he is s.e.xy. Didn't you already see him?

Of course, he loves men. That willy was just an unfortunate accident.

Hmm? Probably. I might try to ask him to direct you in illusions. It is his main method, after all.

An orgy? Well, it may be hard. We both are possessive as hell. Oh, nah, he doesn't share his anus.

Hmm? Oh, yeah, I have some magazines of such body structure. I'll share it with you all... those are hot as hell.

No, for the last time... I don't think we'll hook up... probably.

Sigh, whatever. Ryu'er, you shouldn't think like that. No, it won't be a sword fight. It never is. And Korra, for the love of God, just don't share that imagination of yours. We all can see and perceive it.

'Yeah, sharing consciousness might not be the best idea.'

Nik cut the connection as his mind was spamming with images too beautiful to describe with words. Unwilling to stop here, Xiaji, Jiu, and Hua started pleading to connect to the hub once again but no amount of squeezes and kisses could budge Nik.

He was being professional. How could he let his mind get spammed by images of him plowing Ray while working the shift of host once again?

"Guys," Asami chuckled as she shook her head, "Instead of letting our imaginations run wild, why don't we focus on the competition." Good work, Asami! "How can Nik not be a sc.u.m enough to take Ray in consideration? Didn't he already say that his anal v.i.r.g.i.nity is saved for Nik? Maybe, our super master would find a way to turn the brother in question into a sister."

"Wow... I am going ahead. Don't wanna be near this conversation at all."

Nik groaned and picked his pace as the girls cackled. Even Ryu'er looked at Nik's back while covering her lips.

'Master... can be quite cute.'


Ning'er gasped softly and tilted her head. She could barely focus on the punches as Nik's image continued to overlap Ziyun's figure and turn the punches into inviting embrace.


She hissed. Ning'er couldn't afford to lose here. The cheers from the audience didn't reach through the dome created by the inscription patterns to help the students concentrate in battle. Ziyun's and Ning'er's teammates were already tired. One of them from Ning'er's team was also forced out of the bound but none entered the battle between the two disciple sisters. Ziyun had her hair done up to remove any distraction she might face and she felt quite fortunate. Ning'er was an opponent Ziyun could afford no distractions for.

Tac Tac

The sound of their punches and kicks landing against the opponent's defense rang as Nik stood outside and watched their movements carefully. He needed to analyze their movements since each battle would push the user to personalize one's technique. Korra had her own style and so did Asami. It is only now that Ziyun and Ning'er had started to create a semblance of something personal. Their moves were less rigid and flowed elegantly.


Nik raised an eyebrow. Instead of pulling her foot back, Ning'er exerted herself and twisted her h.i.p.s to strike the kick down, pulling a surprised yelp from Ziyun. 'Relentless attacks...' Nik noted while Ziyun took a few steps back in hurry. Her expression was calm even when her left arm stung. It was even trembling. 'It would leave a bruise... Ning'er really is strong.'

Ziyun licked her lips. This kind of excitement... it wasn't just the battle. This form of excitement depended on her opponent. Ning'er used to have a strained relationship with Ziyun. She still didn't know the reason of them growing apart, maybe, it did not even matter to her. And this was probably true for Ning'er, too.


Ziyun slowly broke her stance and rested her arms.

"I am not backing out just yet!"

Ziyun proclaimed as her palms clenched as she crouched low with one foot forward. Seeing this, Ning'er heaved a deep breath, her perky bosom rising and falling, as she changed her stance that gave more advantages to her legs. "I wouldn't want you to do that too."

Ning'er and Ziyun ran towards each other, adopting the techniques they had learned from their families instead.


Ziyun growled and shot her palm towards Ning'er's face as a kick, straight up splitting Ning'er's thighs, blocked the strike before Ning'er whipped her ankle down towards Ziyun, making the purple-headed teen sidestep and raise her arms to protect her side as Ziyun pivoted over her left ankle and rotated out a vicious kick, pulling a pained groan from Ziyun.

"Not enough!"

Ziyun crouched and jumped towards Ning'er, avoiding another kick aimed at her neck and grappled Ning'er's left leg while pulling her down into a tight hold as Ziyun's body slithered and turned the lock even harsher.

"Go! Yun'er!"

Outside the dome, Xue Yin cheered loudly. Her attractive figure pulling the attention of surrounding men as she used a mic-stone to let her voice boom within the stadium.

"Ugh, my fight was too boring compared to this."

Korra groaned as Lanruo pointed out, "Then you shouldn't have one-shotted them."

"Tch... anyway, how's that thing coming along?"

Korra inquired as even Xue Yin paid slight attention to the conversation.

"It should be done by this evening."

Lanruo smiled in satisfaction as Korra nodded. "Good then... it better look awesome, pinky."

"Oh, enough with the names, s.l.u.t."

Lanruo rolled her eyes as Korra glared at her with flared nostrils.

Meanwhile, Ning'er's and Ziyun's competition was reaching its eventual end.

"Hah, hah! Ning'er... you are too strong!"

Ziyun smiled happily as Ning'er moved her left arm in a circular manner to ease the pain of her shoulders as she shook her head.

"What about you?" Ning'er retorted, getting into a stance. "Let's finish this... I..."

Ning'er stopped as Ziyun smiled widely. Some words and emotions did not need to be spoken out loud. They could be interpreted just through the person's smile, at least, that's what Ning'er's father taught her when she was young.

'It seems true, though...'

Ning'er smiled and nodded towards Ziyun.

'Anyway, always regarding the past is... too bothersome. Better settle all our differences right here and now.'