Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 438

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 438 Ryu'er Route 12

"I don't like Ray at all," donning a rather casual outfit with wide-ended sleeves and flowery pattern over the top, Ryu'er muttered with a fierce pout as she walked alongside Nik with her fists clenched. She was 'this' close to just undo her hair and let her world turn grey for a few breaths as she stewed in her own defeat and disappointment. The nearby stalls that usually attracted her appetite failed to garner any attention as the continuous chatter of the civilians bypassing the couple only seemed to enhance her annoyance.

"Relax, losing to Ray is similar to getting defeated by me," Nik whispered comfortingly as he guided Ryu'er to a stop by clasping her shoulder and pointing at the owner of the stall selling a few trinkets capable of adding a 'feline' charm to someone. "How much is this collar and ankle bracelet for? And these, too." Nik pointed at a rather indecent outfit consisting of a sparkling bikini with translucent clothing probably to cover the body and give an alluring feel. The boss's gaze lingered on the depressed Ryu'er for a moment and then feel on Nik once again. He, of course knew, who Nik was. Nik's legends and rugged charm serve as the comfort of many married women to sleep blissful nights of passionate dreams, or so he loved to believe.

"Um, Lord, don't you think your partner's size is a little... er."

Nik smiled and shook his head. "This is for her mother. She's got natural curves for this," he pointed at the clothes once again. Nik's words worked like a charm to divert Ryu'er's attention from her most recent defeat that bared her entry from the finals at the hand of the seductive succubus. Now, only three teams were left for the finals Ning'er's, Nie Li's, and Ray's. "I can easily fit into these... probably... give or take five years."

The merchant's expression turned doubtful as Nik shared the same doubt and rubbed her head. "Sure you will~" Nik's tone made Ryu'er feel even more depressed. She didn't like losing at all. Clenching her jaws under Nik's amused gaze, Nik paid the merchant without bargaining. His coffers were being filled by multiple whorehouses in the city. He just needed to visit them and bam, he would get rich once again. The only honest money he would even think of earning is within his homeworld. The rest of the adventures, meh. Quick money, easy expense.

"Here, this ought to brighten you," Nik smiled and stopped at another stall, a fast-food one. "Master, you knew?" Ryu'er tilted her head and looked at Nik, unwilling to pay any attention to the soft murmurs directed towards Nik. "Of course, girl. The spicier the fish, the better for you, right?" Nik smiled and gestured '2' with his fingers to order two plates of the stuff he just spoke. The cook seemed to be used to Ryu'er's presence and he knew what to cook. "Master... do we really need to host Ray?"

'She can keep a grudge, huh.' Nik noted internally as Lilith whispered, "Every human does, to some extent." And that marks the end of philosophy today, Nik snickered and poked Ryu'er's inflated cheeks. "Of course, we don't. It's not a need. Ray is my partner, in my low experience, he should be one of the better ones out there. He is incredibly helpful, smart, sometimes wise, and a delightful companion. Of course, without my tongue into his mouth."

Ryu'er sighed deeply, probably in defeat. The thought of Ray's shit-eating grin turned Ryu'er's mood fowl once again. But all her anger seemed to melt as Nik continued, "Honestly, aside from you girls, there is only Ray and Brian whom I can think of befriending. These travels... they get lonely. Leaving someone in a comatose state and moving forward. It sounds possessive and depressive. But that's the only arrow in my quiver. Ray is like... a buffer. His situation is similar to mine and this helps me... not 'too' lonely, you know."

Nik was many things, but a heartless lover he wasn't. It took a toll on him, no doubt. But that is also the reason he accidentally overworked Xue Yin to help him complete the central city in his consciousness realm. If not in the real world, he at least, wanted to give his girls a way to interact with each other and him through a complex consciousness realm. He still couldn't provide a functional society, but that is also the reason why Nik wished to make the consciousness realm as close to reality as possible.


Ryu'er muttered. Her gaze drifted towards his free hands. 'Should I hold them... master looks so lonely. Will he feel the same thing once he leaves me too?' Ryu'er genuinely felt complex when she thought of this. Sure, she felt slight pity, an emotion she never imagined to direct towards Nik since he was... too... you know. But aside from this, the thought of Nik feeling distressed at her absence titillated Ryu'er. She couldn't contain it and yet she bit her happiness down. 'Ah, but the main subject is... should I hold master's hand? He never stops from patting me and making me feel good... I should probably...'

Ryu'er's heart thumped against her chest as she reached out to grasp Nik's palm. The thought of her dainty fingers wrapped around master's solid, calloused palm made her flush. Steam was rising once again, from both ends. Amidst the dizziness, right before Ryu'er could touch Nik's palm, the owner smacked the plate loudly, almost making Ryu'er shriek out of her skin. "Here ya go, Lord. Special chili fish!" He clapped his hands over the two plates as the pieces of fish cut neatly glistened as if the cook was performing some magic. After wringing Old Kon's experience dry, Nik had already recognized his dispassion for cooking. He loved eating, that's it. So he didn't care that much about the performance the cook was putting forward. Ryu'er, meanwhile, gave the cook a stink eye. The mood was ruined and she couldn't even think of holding Master's hands now. The sadness on his face had long retreated into the depths of his heart.

"After this, we should probably shop some clips for you. Cute ones, too." Nik smiled as passed a plate to Ryu'er and took the other one for himself. His words made Ryu'er nod vigorously as she instantly extended their date from purchasing clips to trying out outfits... possibly the lecherous ones that actually fit her! The fish, as titled, was extremely spicy. So much that Nik felt his testicles shiver and he instantly crunched down the candies sold by the cook. What a scheming cook!

Nik hissed internally but the moment he turned towards Ryu'er, he was stunned. 'Maybe... this wasn't a bad idea at all.'

Flushed and glassy-eyed, Ryu'er blew over the fish with her soft pink lips deepening in color. Her blush far heavier than Nik had ever seen and the religious look on her face almost gave him an untimely boner. 'If I kissed her... it would be spicy... literally. Oh, wait.'

Nik suddenly thought and took out his mobile phone. Before Ryu'er could understand, Nik started tapping the capture button after opening the camera, capturing multiple images of the same post. 'I'll sort them out later... now then, the name for the folder... Hmm, can't name all of them individually... how about based on the world? Let's see. This world literally cultivates... but there are some major cunts here,' demon lord's figure flashed by Nik as he nodded internally, 'That's it, this is the first pic for the folder Land of Cuntivators. Hehe, I'm a genius!'

"Ah! M-master, that! You snapped me, right?"

Ryu'er inquired with a tilt of her head, her face turning cuter and innocent by the second as Nik continued to tap. "Yeah. I'll show them to you once I sort them out." He said while placing the mobile phone back into his inventory. After finishing their snack, much to Nik's pain, they moved forward. Ryu'er's eyes drew towards his empty hand once again. Gulping, Ryu'er's breathing grew rougher as she mentally debated if she should take the hand or not. If she did, what would master think? If she didn't, would the master feel sad? In the swirl of opposing emotions mixing into one complicated c.o.c.ktail, Ryu'er failed to notice the look of realization on his face as he took Ryu'er's hand.

'Almost forgot... I need to go on dates regularly.' Nik berated himself while turning back to look at Ryu'er's reaction only to see her blush heavier than the time she ate that spicy treat. 'Yea! Screw that literal plate of chili.' Nik pumped himself internally as he waited and continued to wait for Ryu'er to move. Feeling her fingers slowly sliding around his palm and forming a grip, Nik turned around as Ryu'er moved alongside Nik with her head lowered.

'This- this- aaaah!' Sporting a weird smile with her lips pursed, Ryu'er squealed internally while she kicked against her imaginary bed. Her fingers traced the callous right below Nik's fingers as her heart thrummed in excitement. 'Don't... it's- it's too~ much!' Ryu'er gasped softly as her figure grew closer to Nik, almost hugging his arm.

"Here, this should look good on you." Nik stopped as he pointed at one of the clips hanging over the stall. The clip was red with a blue layer in between. Taking the clip while nodding at the female owner of the stall, Nik waited for Ryu'er to look up but the shy maiden never did. Slightly helpless, Nik bent and brought his face closer to Ryu'er, his breathing against her ear making her spine tingle. "If you don't look up, or say anything for that matter, how would I know if you truly like it? Here, what do you think of this?" Nik slipped the clip into Ryu'er's vision as she hurriedly nodded. Smiling helplessly, Nik paid for the clip as the duo continued to wander around the street. 'This won't do... I need to start forming a plan in every world. I already have the restaurants and movie theaters marked in the homeworld, so it's easy to plan a date... but in such an era... it would have been better if there was some sort of festival. Oh, maybe I can give the city a cause to make festivals.'

Nik thought internally as they both drifted around. Sometimes, the fragrance of snacks attracted them, only these were the times where Ryu'er could outgrow her embarrassment of holding a man's hand... her master's hand, while chowing her food happily. Some other time, Nik started to shop for Ryu'er. There was a cloth store designed for women, but Nik left it for the end of the date. Soon, however, under the continuous stare from the citizens, Nik finally grew annoyed enough to redirect their attention by forming a domain of pheromones. He didn't activate his [L.u.s.t Domain]. The skill's effects were too minute and he wasn't aiming for Ryu'er to get heated up. A date is where the two couples interact. Of course, the 'interact' part would take some time since Ryu'er practically grew squeaky whenever Nik pushed her to converse.

"Hmm, this place is nice," Nik affirmed all the rumors of the place. Lavish female clothing store dealing in raw and readymade materials. The store sported glass panes that allowed passing shoppers to look into the entrance of the shop. Of course, the interior is far grander, seeing that the shop is two-storied. Entering the store, the duo were led to the top floor the moment they saw Ryu'er. The two floors catered to different sizes with the topmost floor proclaiming designs for slightly immature body structure. The floor itself was adorned with a soft carpet and Nik and Ryu'er were asked to remove their boots.

"Lord Nik, welcome to Divine Family's establishment." A woman much elegant and younger to be a saleswoman walked forward and greeted Nik. 'Probably some daughter of the elders?' Nik thoughts as he nodded towards the brunette and thought for a moment, "Hmm, can we get a glass of water? Both of us are quite parched." They weren't. But Nik thought that it would be far better for Ryu'er to get comfortable and show interest in the clothes around them out of her own desire.

"Of course," the girl smiled in understanding and gestured one of the servants present around to bring the requested good with an additive gesture. Then, the girl led Nik and Ryu'er into the floor while slowly introducing the origin of the clothes. "I am sorry," Nik interjected with an apologetic smile, "but can you give us some privacy. My friend is shy." For a moment, the girl's expression turned disheartened. But keeping up with her professionalism, she nodded and excused herself. Surely, the girl from the divine family wished to establish some sort of relationship with Nik and he would have enjoyed the process, no doubt, if he wasn't accompanying Ryu'er. Once she was gone, Nik exhaled deeply and pointed at the hung underpants shamelessly, "Hmmm, that should look good on you..." he muttered as Ryu'er tilted her gaze slightly before heating up.

'T-transparent!' She gasped softly as Nik chuckled and leaned down to embrace Ryu'er from behind. He has been waiting all day for this. Some alone time outside the estate with Ryu'er. "So? Would you try that on for me?" He cooed into her ear, making her whimper softly as he hooked his index around the slick neck of her dress, pulling it forward while revealing her completely n.a.k.e.d, sweaty body. Her perky n.i.p.p.l.es peeking out from the view as Nik kissed her cheeks softly. "After all, getting on with such a naughty dress... hmm, really makes me wonder your intentions. You really are making your mother proud~" hearing her master's tone dripped in sarcasm, Ryu'er's vision grew dark as her little 'chump' maker twitched, glistening by mere words of her master.

'Pet me too! Pet me just like last night!' Ryu'er didn't dare give voice to her thoughts, momentarily forgetting that Nik could 'feel' her intentions quite easily. Smiling to himself, Nik removed his hold over her dress and brought his hand down over her covered lower lips, his fingers rubbing against the slightly damp fabric, "Enjoying it? Do you like master's petting?" He inquired, well aware of the answer, Nik still pushed Ryu'er for the answer as he reached out for the transparent delight and brought it in front of Ryu'er, "What's the matter?"

"I-" Ryu'er struggled fiercely. Should she let it all out and just jump on master right away, she considered. It was at this moment, Asami's advice suddenly slithered into the back of her head, "Men enjoy the pleasure of teasing the girls and they love the act of getting teased themselves. So, what I usually do is try and tease Nik as much as I can... though, it's a tough endeavor to pursue."

'Tease master...' A voice continued to chant as Ryu'er staggered and took the pieces of cloth into a fierce embrace and rushed towards the changing room.


Nik raised an eyebrow in surprise as Ryu'er covered the entrance of the changing room with the luxurious curtain. Pulling a velvet stool over, Nik sat down and casually swept his pheromones across the changing rooms, making sure that no 'fortunate' peeping tom manages to lay its eyes on Ryu'er. Finding nothing of the sort and confirming that the inscription patterns in the room didn't seem to monitor the changing room, he relaxed and waited for Ryu'er to try the dress on.