Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 439

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 439 Ryu'er Route 22

Ryu'er slowly slid her dress down. The apprehension in her heart grew as she expected Nik to slip into the changing room. Her master, after all, didn't let the norms of society hold him down... like, any society he ever visited. Looking at her completely exposed figure through the unblemished mirror, Ryu'er recollected her thoughts and bent to pick her clothes to hang them on the adjacent wall. She gave the light blue gauzed underpants a hesitant look before sliding the bra over her modest bosom, her soft pink n.i.p.p.l.es taking a darker shade under the gauze while the panties stuck against her entrance due to the dampness, much to Ryu'er's embarrassment. With slightly watery eyes, Ryu'er observed her own figure, her mind drifting back to her shameful, one-sided defeat that led to Nik taking her out just to make her feel better.

'Truly... master is too kind...' She bit her lips. Weakness to her mother and Nik was acceptable for her. One gave birth to her and the other... well, she just wanted to remain meek in front of him. But Ray... that c.o.c.k-loving man-s.l.u.t... Ryu'er's jaws clenched once again. Her eyes almost spewed fires of agony when Nik's voice drifted through the curtain. "Did you wear it? Can I see?" She imagined Nik's lips to be lifted gently as he would stealthily enter the room and capture her from behind. His thick arms wrapped around her tummy while his fave overlapping hers to slip his tongue into her mouth and just use her mouth as he felt like. His hot, throbbing c.o.c.k against her... against her...

Ryu'er's breathing grew rough as she gulped to quench her dry throat and she hurriedly stuck her head out while making sure to grip the edges of the curtain to not let anyone see anything. Her heavily flushed face turned to Nik as she quickly nodded. "Um... master... c-can you enter?" She partly felt worried that the act of her master entering her changing room would become the gossip of the city and serve as the method to tarnish his reputation and the efforts he invested in helping Shen Xiu's endeavor. But a smaller, hotter part of her jumped in delight as she found Nik standing up with a kind (wolfish) smirk and taking measured (wide) steps towards her changing room.

"Hmm? We are definitely buying this." Nik nodded as he saw Ryu'er gripping his sleeves nervously while her slightly crouched figure failed to hide the sheer sensuality emanating from her body. "Mm," Ryu'er nodded shyly. They should definitely buy this... alongside many others. Just seeing the master's reaction made it easier for Ryu'er to decide that they needed loads of exotic outfits to... her gaze drifted down and this time, just to show how much Nik appreciated the s.e.xy thing over Ryu'er, he didn't control his boner and let it stick against his past.

'Ahh... master's...' Ryu'er's other hand unconsciously leaned to trace it when Nik caught her and shook his head. "First, let's see a ton of outfits on you and then..." Nik leaned down and gave her dried lips a loving kiss, "and then, we should already use the outfits bought today to flex on others. They have greatly underestimated both of us."

His words pulled vigorous nods from Ryu'er as she recalled the condescending (mocking) looks from the other girls when they found out that Nik came into Ryu'er in one pump, effectively hiding their fear towards their greatest competitor they might ever face. Nik knew this but Ryu'er didn't.

For the next hour, Ryu'er tried out multiple outfits, each one of these lacy fabrics of s.e.xiness managing to fit rightly on the little Empress as she would sometimes call Nik within the changing room to display them or sometimes swipe away the curtains proudly to show how good she was looking. Like usual, Ryu'er didn't even think about the cost of all the purchases even for a minute. Why should she? If she spoke about money in front of master, wouldn't he feel offended? After buying whatever that met their eyes, Nik and happily smiling Ryu'er took their leave. As they left after leaving a grand tip, the previous lady walked in and gathered the report from the female attendants present on the floor, and the contents of the report made the lady's eyes glow in excitement.

This was top-tier information!


"Master..." Ryu'er whispered while her hand felt snuggly and warm when wrapped around Nik's palm, "should we return back to the estate?" She inquired. She was more than satisfied by the attention Nik placed on her. As they walked, Ryu'er slowly adjusted to the feel of the almost transparent underpants wrapping her e.r.o.t.i.c bits. "Back home, huh... well... I had something else planned, too." Nik smiled with a strange glimmer on his face as he led Ryu'er towards the stream of inns structured a little bit away from the market area. Finding the most suitable inn that was priced based on hourly durations, Nik rented a top-tier room for two hours.

Why he didn't go back to the estate to complete the date? Well, first, he now possessed a healthy amount of fear that he wasn't the god of s.e.x and there are beings with capabilities to turn him into one pump chump. Second, in case the same events followed similar to the night of drunken orgy, Nik wanted to have some privacy, physically, to make the story less shameful.

Leading the blushing Ryu'er to the room, Nik royally ignored the commissioned 'workers' on the lobby floor that tried to strike a conversation with the couple to 'spice' things up. Once they reached their room, Nik placed the inscription key over the lock, and before entering the room, he personally rewired the entire system to isolate the room entirely. He was well aware of the side business that involved recordings of certain acts in similar rooms. Blackmail, after all, is quite lucrative but much to his surprise, he failed to find any bugs inbuilt. Satisfied, Nik entered the room and locked the door behind with a slightly eager grin.

The room, as 'disgustingly' luxurious for his taste, failed to bring down Nik's enthusiasm as he looked at Ryu'er. She sat on the edge of the springy bed with her hands folded against over her thighs. Her legs crossed as the green skirt slid back ever so slightly, revealing more of her meaty thighs that didn't conform to her petite upper body.

With her heart almost jumping up her throat, Ryu'er glanced towards Nik, unaware how coy of a minx she looked at the moment and gulped as she gazed at the hefty meat shaping against her master's pants. From Korra's complaints, 'this' is supposed to be the size when master is in control...

'Just how big is master...'

Ryu'er thought unconsciously when Nik sat beside her and gently gripped her shoulders. His gaze nailing her down with sheer intensity as he leaned down to take her lips. Her soft lips and slimy tongue that is surprisingly dexterous for her age, making him wonder just what kind of talent she is.

Pushing her back against the bed, Nik placed his hand over her the belt of her skirt, his fingers slithering underneath her top as he came into contact with her recently purchased ero-panties. His thumb smoothly stroked her erect nubbin as he wasn't willing to play 'around' the bits. Nik was going all in. Either he turns one stroke c.u.mmer and loses consciousness once again or he emerges a master c.u.mmer with a satisfied woman in his arms.

His lips pushed against Ryu'er's as she gasped cutely. Her little tongue was played and teased as her calves rubbed against each other pressed against the lower edge of the bed as she could feel jolts of pleasure slipping through her n.i.p.p.l.es and making her spine fidget awkwardly. She wanted to struggle with the expectations of more force pinning her down. Maybe this feeling was in her blood, she could recall something of the sort spoken by her mother.

'Oh, god! Ohhh!'

Ryu'er failed to move her master's chest even with all her might. She wanted to ride him. She wanted to do stuff for him. These kinds of thoughts just came. But the moment she realized her master's true strength once again, Ryu'er couldn't help but want to melt. From his tender pats on her head to his rough kisses, his seductive techniques that always led to a good night's sleep, and his intensity that seemed to tug on the weakest strings of her heart... oh the gods of lizards! Ryu'er m.o.a.ned, her palms finally clenching against Nik's tunic as she pulled his body down, this time, there was no resistance. That's what Ryu'er liked. A mate that refused to budged when pushed away and instantly sticking close to her when beckoned to.

With Nik's other arm unraveling Ryu'er's belt, the little Empress' thoughts strayed further away. 'Ohh, master is going to remove it... he is going to suck my... my dirty thing, right? Ah, he said it isn't dirty. I shouldn't refuse his teachings. After all, anything he licks can never be dirty.' Ryu'er's gaze grew hazy as she hugged the back of her master's neck while enjoying his taste. Just like Nik, who could 'taste' and 'differentiate' living being's fluids, Ryu'er was the same. She could even release her pheromones by a slight amount to attract potential mates. Of course, the tables were turned, and instead, Ryu'er was attracted to master even before he released his pheromones. Once she got a taste of her pheromones...

Wow! Her mind blanked as she felt her master's strangely substantial pheromones drilling into her bundle of nerves and stroking them. Instantly, Ryu'er's felt her vision darken with her pupils rolling back.

"Ohhh~" Finally giving voice to her m.o.a.ns, Ryu'er started latching onto her master's tongue.

'Sorry, master. Ryu'er is a naughty girl. I just want to... anngh~'

She groaned and growled with her loosened skirt looming over her thighs and her soaked, translucent-covered crouch bucking against her master's thumb. She wanted it so bad. Anything. His fingers, thumb, tongue, lips! Anything! She just needed something to wrap her inner walls against as she devours her master's saliva with a passion so dangerous that it would threaten to burn everything and everyone.

"Just... do me! Master. Just stretch me! Pin me down as beg for more! Teach me the way of turning into yours, Oggghhhh! Y-your slave while I get knocked up by your seed. Your hot, thick seed!"

Raising his eyebrow in astonishment, Nik decided to question Ryu'er about her speech after the session is concluded and did as she asked. Pulling his pants down, Nik held his c.o.c.k from its base and rubbed it against the soaked fabric with her fat clit poking out, making Ryu'er m.o.a.n in pleasure.

"P-please don't tease me! M-master. I beg you!"

Ryu'er raised her eyes pitifully with her ragged pants pushing her chest forward and her drooling tongue lolling out. Her body was practically latched onto Nik's akin a koala hugging a thick branch while she continued to rotate her waist and ground her soft, tender vulva against the tip of her master's hot c.o.c.k.

"No foreplay then," Ryu'er heard her master whisper as she felt the compromising fabric sliding away due to her master's thick thumb. But at this moment, all her thoughts were concentrated on having that thing into her. Stirring her naughty insides so that she can turn into master's obedient and sweet disciple once again.

Meanwhile, Nik gulped and prayed to all the gods of s.e.x and hoped that he could get to f.u.c.k them if female, or f.u.c.k their women otherwise, before pushing his tip slowly. As if greatly pleased by his prayers and readying their women for Nik's eventual arrival, the moment Nik pushed his tip inside, aside from the strange resonance that caused his spiritual world to shudder for a moment as draconic patterns covered the entire spiritual globe. Seeing this, Asmodeus, Lilith, and Sky let go of their bucket of popcorn and hurriedly inspected the situation.

On the other hand, notifications flung open in front of Nik as he instantly pushed them behind his vision. Unknown to Nik, his body went through a change so dangerous, to some higher beings, that they jumped on their toes. Especially, a group of fiend and consciousness of the two most infamous s.l.u.ts in the multiverse.

"Oh, yeah~"

Nik grunted as he laid his lips over Ryu'er. Ignoring the sense of relief, he slowly planted his entire shaft into Ryu'er as the area right above her crotch bulged. To a fleshy being, this was an incomparably dangerous situation. After all, a v.a.g.i.n.a shouldn't 'bulge'. It could hurt Ryu'er deeply but she seemed to care for none as with Nik still planting his hands on the bed, Ryu'er straddled Nik and hung on his body, her h.i.p.s slowly shaking as she moved back only for Nik to pursue and fill her tiny dungeon with his c.o.c.k once again, making her groan.

Maybe... avoiding foreplay was a wrong decision. It was a good thing that Nik wasn't a human being and his skills exploded, instantly pleasing the slightly pained Ryu'er. Her arms tightening around Nik's neck as she felt her master's tool compacting in size once again. 'He is thinking about me once again... when will I be able to take his entire size if I don't take his second-largest size?'

Unlike Ryu'er's thought, however, Nik was calm about tweaking his size. Ryu'er was quite 'normal' when it came to s.e.x. She couldn't compare to Pavak, Virya, or Klas in their ability to take his entire size. They were simply different existences. To Nik, the size was secondary. A big dong is good, but it won't be useful if even soft pumps start to hurt your partner.

After all, s.e.x is about give and take. And to give, one must move intensely!

Instantly, Ryu'er's eyes fluttered open as she felt her master's pace turning from tender to wild. Each of his hits managing to reacher her deepest recesses even when he wasn't at his full size.

'Oh, master! Yes! Yeas!!!'

She squeaked internally. Her tongue once again finding its comfort in master's mouth as her body shuddered with each ruthless pump that seemed to suck the 'naughty' out of her body, turning her into master's obedient disciple and slave.

'Master! More! Just... moarrr!'

How Ryu'er even slurred within her inner monologue was out of Nik's imagination, but just her expression full of consent and agreement with a sprinkle of predatory hunger made Nik drive his c.o.c.k harder and deeper. The curve of his shaft scratching her inner, aching itches as his tip violently struck her inner walls. Her butt cheeks trembled with each, rhythmic pump and her walls tightened while enjoying the process of her innards ruined by her master.


Ryu'er m.o.a.ned as she came. Her orgasm came with intense reactions that made her squirm against Nik. She felt her consciousness slipping but one look at her master's happy and vigorous expression melted Ryu'er as she held.

The slave needed to hold on until the master is completely satisfied, after all.

'Master... you really know how to make your mates fall for you, huh.'