Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 440

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 440 Present

Satisfied and fulfilled, the two returned to the estate arm-in-arm with eerily similar expressions. Their steps, despite the recent exercise, were filled with vigor. "Master... um... you promise to forget whatever I said back then, right?" When the two grew closer to the estate, Ryu'er suddenly inquired with an embarrassed expression. She still couldn't believe that 'she' had it in herself to say all that. Nodding at Ryu'er, Nik comforted her by patting her head and whispering, "Of course, you are my obedient disciple. All that was your naughty frustration speaking," as he spoke till here, Ryu'er's expression eased but the moment Nik pulled her into a sudden princess carry, her face reddened. "And, you will always be my cute slave. A little s.l.u.t who wants to be filled, right? Bred more thoroughly than her mother. Creamed more than her mother. And, want to always try and relieve your master."

"M-master!" Ryu'er gasp, unable to believe that her master could be so roguish. Speaking all 'that'... her l.u.s.tful commitments without an ounce of shame while squeezing her butt simultaneously. "Hmm, oh, how could I forget," Nik continued with a wolfish grin, "We will do it everywhere. Behind your apprentice sisters. As they train, I will fill you. And then, I'll make sure that you train with my seed still inside you. And this," he probed her butthole, "will be mine, too. You asked to be marked in every hole, right? You, Ryu'er, are the most obedient disciple of all."

Nik whispered as Ryu'er buried her face into her master's chest with shame blossoming in her heart as her body squirmed in embarrassment. 'Why did I say all that? Uuuunnn! I shouldn't have! Stupid Ryu'er! Naughty Ryu'er! Dirty Ryu'er! Now master thinks you are a dirty girl!' Ryu'er berated herself internally. Her palms clutched over her master's tunic as she whispered, "That's... not it, master. Ryu'er... is a g-good girl." Her voice almost broke, making Nik's lips twitch. 'I shouldn't tease her too much, I guess.'

"Shame on you, making such a cutie with a hint of nasty on verge of crying." Asmodeus complained as Lilith eyed her dubiously, recalling her pleased m.o.a.ns at Nik's rough treatment the moment he awoke from his hour-year slumber.

"Shut up, please?" Nik groaned internally while silently bringing Ryu'er to the estate with her body still in his arms. She didn't say anything further. Of course, Nik could hear her ragged breathing turn calm as her state of mind returned to normalcy. "Anyway," Asmodeus chimed, "when you are done tending to your group, visit in. There's something you should see." Nik furrowed his brows and resisted the urge to enter right away. Once they were outside the estate, Nik let Ryu'er on her feet once again as she hurriedly held her master's hand. She didn't like it when titled as a naughty girl outside their duration of... s-s.e.x, but she definitely loved holding his hands. No doubt about it.

"Ahh! Teach is finally back! Just look at the damn time! Didn't you invite your partner for dinner?"

Korra complained the moment she saw Nik and Ryu'er entering through the door. "Yea, yea." Nik smiled and waved at the group hanging about. By this time, all the girls are already free and just screw around with each other. Xue Yin's head lay over Gojira's back as they both hogged the largest couch. Hua was forcing her newly cooked 'experiment' over the Jiu as the red-haired girl struggled fiercely. Instead of tedious robes, every one of them wore crop tops and shorts as if this was a casual summer evening in his homeworld. "So? Ray is more... casual. I don't think that we need to dazzle him, really." Nik smiled as he walked and sat on the couch adjacent to the one occupied by Xue Yin and Gojira as Ryu'er settled beside him.

"Master, would you like a glass of water?"

Klas inquired as she moved towards Nik with a tray in her hand. "Yeah, thanks." Accepting the glass while inquiring Ryu'er for the same, Nik gulped down the content before sighing.

"So? Broke the spell?" Asami inquired as she perused through the local news her favorite pastime. Her words made Ryu'er's face heat up as Nik nodded with a wide grin.

"Yep!" Before he continued, Nik looked towards Ryu'er, and seeing her shifting uncomfortably, he shook his head and decided not to brag how much of champ Ryu'er actually is. "Hmm? Holding back?" Asami raised an eyebrow in surprise as Nik shrugged. No point in gloating if your partner ends up feeling hurt. "Oh, where's Xiu?" Nik inquired as he looked around. Except for Xiu and Lanruo, everyone was present within the living room. "She..." Asami closed her eyes and tapped her forehead with utmost concentration, "yeah, no idea. Did you try asking her directly?"

"No, I actually have a thing to take care of"

Before Nik could finish, accompanied by Korra's excited yelp, Lanruo, and Shen Xiu sauntered into the living room with a packet in Lanruo's hand. It slightly looked the packing of a suit but felt more traditional as Lanruo quickly sat on Nik's lap and gave him a coy grin, pulling begrudging scoffs from the girls around him as she placed the package over the table, creating a mess of Asami's pile of news as she groaned and glared at Lanruo. "Hehe," Lanruo giggled, "sorry, too excited to show this."

She said while unzipping the package and revealing a set of outfit consisting of a dull gold tunic with runic patterns running down the left side of the outfit. "This was designed and refined by the top seamstress in our family. The primary material used is the hide of the Duskgold dreadclaw bear that Korra hunted down and the runes were designed by Sister Xue Yin." Lanruo said as Xue Yin didn't seem particularly interested. Gojira's laziness is quite infectious, now others understood that. "Hmm, this looks great." Nik remarked while looking at the notification from the system.

[Dusk Tunic (Dark Green)

Effects: +10 STR, +10 VIT

Set Effects:

2/3: +5 AGL, +20 ENG

3/3: +10 AGL, +40 ENG]

[Dusk Pants (Dark Green)

Effects: +10 AGL

Set Effects:

2/3: +5 AGL, +20 ENG

3/3: +10 AGL, +40 ENG]

[Dusk Band (Dark Green)

Effects: +10 ENG

Set Effects:

2/3: +5 AGL, +20 ENG

3/3: +10 AGL, +40 ENG]

"Wow..." For dark green items, the stat increase was already a phenomenal achievement, and seeing that the outfit was an actual set, even Nik felt excited by the prospects. Till now, he hadn't encountered a set of any rank, after all.

"And this is a present from all of us, to you."

Lanruo gave a cheeky grin before pushing her back against Nik's chest and pecking his lips by looking over her shoulder.

"All of you?"

Nik tilted his head in confusion as Lanruo explained"

"We all contributed! A few pushed in the materials required, some used their skills, and the remaining collected the money. Teach, even Ziyun and Ning'er paid up and I made sure to receive a sum from Xiao Xue today!"

Korra grinned smugly.

"... yeah. We all are gangsters, sure." With a twitch of his lips, Nik kissed Lanruo once again before she could complain. "You should wear this today. Rub a little into Ray's face."

Asami suggested with a smile while Xiaji retorted, "Isn't it better to give this a test behind closed doors first?" The green-haired curvaceous lady smiled suggestively as Gojira opened her eyes into slits and turned her head to look at the slightly traditional and royal-looking outfit. She definitely approved of Xiaji's suggestion.

"Oh, that does sound better," Asami muttered in agreement, "shame... we couldn't commission the same style of underpants for Nik."

"Oh, no worries," Nik smiled and pulled out a rather gaudy boxer with gold rims and glimmering look. "I already have all we need."

He gave the girls a toothy grin as they all accepted the verdict. Today, they'll get down on the royal Nik.



Mirage hollered with untold frustrations as she crashed another rack of books in Khooni's living room. The red-haired fiend remained silent under the angered state of his little sister. On the other side, Nirdai's consciousness loomed over the goblet of wine malevolently. His expression, similarly fierce and despondent.

"F.u.c.k ravagers! I should have f.u.c.k.i.n.g killed mine the moment I sucked them dry! Ravager this, ravager that! Those bastards are crazy! Why would a ravager even take a shine on your kid, huh? Not to mention the s.l.u.t you slept with slipped away with that bastard and we only found him the moment he died!

None of this makes any sense! None!"

Mirage angrily chewed on the books before spitting them away. Instead of pink fog, ominous gray mist broiled around her.

"Ravagers... tend to pop out from the places one least expects. It's not a problem though. My Battle Arts is already locked with his existence and sealed with my source..."

Khooni whispered calmly as Nirdai retorted.

"It isn't the fact that our preparations were ruined. Mirage lost her best leverage over her successor. Meanwhile, the system always gives a detailed report to the host about the changes in their bodies. We could bypass that once we left our arrangement in that boy, but what about the moment they are removed?

He probably knows the truth by now and he will remain guarded."

"Even so," Khooni frowned, "We just need his soul, right? When he reaches rank 8, I would be able to interfere with his affairs"

"Too many variables. The act of us interfering with his tribulation was to give the boy a sense of gratitude towards us. Mirage spent three skill sources, you gave him a pseudo-talent, and I finalized his bloodline so that he doesn't lose out his ability to stay with his partners. He is possessive, just like every other Incubus. That was the main motive instilling gratitude..."

"But now, can we really say that he would remain carefree as he ranks up..."

"Put a bounty on him. Use a talent as a reward." Mirage huffed in anger.

"Not only him, but the remaining duo, too. No need to keep up with the pretenses."

"Well, the bounty can take place instantly, but their removal from our societies would only work once they log back into the paradise."

"Just do it," Nirdai sighed. All their plans were dumped just because of one untimely ravager.

"Oh, what should we do about Lucifer? He has started rallying against my society." Khooni stated somberly as the expression of the other two changed subtly. Lucifer... he was a rank 9 being, just like the trio present. Kaal's greatest rival and the friend the Temporal Fiend bonded through fights that tore galaxies asunder. "He should have died, seriously. I don't like c.o.c.kroaches." Mirage muttered as her gaze flickered.

"We don't need your opinion on his existence," Khooni sighed deeply. Lucifer is like a clinically insane wife who lost her husband. He doesn't sit still and if he had started to move, then it probably means that he figures something out about the trio infernal ancestors and the Supreme Seraphim. That could only mean one thing, Lucifer's rapid ascension to Rank 9 once again.

"Do you think he figured out Nik's origin?"

Khooni inquired softly.

"Let's go with the worse possible case. I will be selling my incubus society to Transmigration to purchase a Re:Body token."

Though unwilling, Mirage thought the same as she looked at Khooni sourly.

"Well, it's official. Your society will survive the longest."

Giving a toothy grin, Khooni pumped his fists.

"Yeah! You two will listen to my commands for the next 3000 days. Now come, massage my legs. Be gentle with toes."


The remaining two infernal ancestors groaned and agreed reluctantly.


Meanwhile, unaware of the changes caused by a single session with Ryu'er, Nik finally welcomed Ray as he arrived alongside Ye Hong. Around this time, even Shen Yue returned, much to Shen Xiu's gratification as the group shared the meal together. Alongside meal, the two sides shared quite a lot of information.

"Did you know about them?!"

Shen Xiu demanded, clearly not so gratified anymore after finding out the cause of Shen Yue's shift in behavior as he sat beside Ray with a heavy blush covering his face. Questioned, Nik didn't wait to chew on the noodles and gulped them down. In some cases, this kind of argument is inevitable, Nik now understood that. Still, he was unprepared. "About them. Eh, kinda. Sorry."

Shen Xiu's brows squirmed as she slammed her palms before standing up and leaving the table unceremoniously. "Well, if it helps, Shen Yue wasn't beguiled into it."

"It doesn't!"

Shen Xiu shouted without turning back.

"So... what's it like?"

Gin Jiu didn't mind Shen Xiu's anger. The two didn't know each other that well and she was slightly eager to understand the process of how... well... how Ray's 'parties' worked.

"Well," Ray tilted his head shrugged, "It's the same concept. Target a hole and plunge."

"Oh?" Korra and Asami opened up simultaneously while Nik's lips twitched as he excused himself while tapping on the table.

"I need to... chat with Xiu. Don't leave without saying goodbye though."

"You got it." Ray smiled and nodded from across the table as Nik left.

"So, did you and Nik ever fall into a n.a.k.e.d accident?" Xiaji inquired excitedly as Ray's lips twitched.

"What do you mean?"

"This!" Xiaji took out a doujin from her spatial ring when Lanruo coughed.

"Can't we talk about this after eating? We all have loads of these books. I am sure he won't shy away from any question, after all, Nik said that he is pretty open."

"Oh? Now did he?"

Ray smiled lewdly as the group ate together. Shen Yue's heart thrummed wildly as he wished to go after his aunt too, but when explained that the 'talk' between Nik and his partner usually devolves into animalistic s.e.x, Shen Yue calmed his ass and plopped back on his seat.


"I am coming in." Nik announced softly before clicking the door of Shen Xiu's personal room open, revealing the pouting figure laying on her stomach while hugging a body pillow in front of her. The room was dimly lit as Nik stepped forward only for Shen Xiu to speak up indignantly.

"You should have told me... you know that, right?"

"Yeah," Nik grunted softly as he sat on the edge of the bed. Nik wanted flavors in his life and Shen Xiu's current mood was also a flavor that he couldn't avoid. Ray had listed such an outcome where partners may fight if there is no sense of dominance, but in Ray's case, dominance meant over a person's life and mind. Nik understood the fact and appreciated such changes. A harem without skirmishes would slowly turn unsavory. Conflict in emotions would give rise to understanding and a greater bond and this is what Nik believed and pursued.

"But, as I said, I made sure that Shen Yue wasn't forced. I mean, aside from Ray's willy, he is practically one of the most beautiful girls I have encountered even after traveling four worlds."


Shen Xiu didn't move and muttered into her pillow, turning her voice into annoying grunts.

"Yes, excuses." Nik smiled and took a deep breath. The best way to resolve this issue was to let it sink and heal itself. Shen Xiu and Yue are pretty tight after all, and the change in orientation might just make them closer. But the result would be Shen Xiu taking her frustrations out on Nik in the meantime.

"Hmm, you want to cuddle?"

As Nik thought, there was no way the flaming fox's anger would dry away instantly

"Fine..." Shen Xiu slowly stood up with defiant groans.

but that didn't mean that Shen Xiu wouldn't turn to Nik himself to feel better once again.