Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 442

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 442 Best Feeling

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Nik sighed. A pleased expression touched his face as he recalled his venture into Nie Li's dream. This time, Nik was fortunate enough to have an active role in Nie Li's dream and gained a rather unusual technique. It might be better to call it a support process. Nik now held complete knowledge on how to control a spirit ring, hide it, move it, store it, and as such. Such a piece of information could cause havoc within the city and Nik now felt slightly apprehensive of Nie Li. Using these techniques, Nie Li could be a spirit master of the highest order and still hide his accomplishments deeply. Of course, reason dictated that Nie Li still had a long way to go.

'But... reasoning a champion is a futile effort. If Naruto's world... the land of shinobis exists then Naruto would definitely be a champion of that world. I have read it completely... and there is one conclusion. Naruto's existence is completely unreasonable. From the moment of his birth to the end of the war, a chain of events directed the blonde warrior on his path, and in many situations, his actions didn't sit right with his goal to become the Hokage.'

Still deep in thought, Nik started to form conjectures on why it was so easy to kill Demon Lord... 'Ah, it wasn't easy at all. That freak had four c.o.c.ks for crying out loud... so, if I use Smite Token, I can easily bypass the locks of the world's will on various Champions and kill them without issues. If I attacked the without any plans... no, if I follow this line of reasoning, something bad would have happened to me once I kill the Demon Lord. But when I killed Aang, nothing happened. Strange...'

Nik didn't delve too deep into one of the many casual thoughts that would pop within his mind every now and then. He simply wasn't used to thinking hard. Recalling Asmodeus' continuous interjection, Nik decided to enter his spiritual world to see what's all the ruckus was about. Anyway, all the girls were still sleeping, so he didn't mind spending time in the calming

"The f.u.c.k! We've been trying to contact you over and over again!" A slime jumped on Nik's face while he hastily dodged a deadly swing of an infernal sword, "If you wanna f.u.c.k, at least make sure that the integration of your body isn't degrading at a breakneck pace!"

"Just what would it take for you to get serious in your life." Even Sky sounded akin disappointed mother.

"One disappointed spirit at a time, please," Nik sighed as he pulled the slimy gunk of an Asmodeus from his face and held it in front of his face as the purple rubbery slime slowly oozed down as Asmodeus' voice pulled Nik from his casual behavior.

"Focus on yourself. You should be able to instantly feel all the changes in your spiritual world."

That is true. The spiritual avatar is the concentrated state of his spiritual world. This was also the reason why the strange tattoo that encompassed his spiritual world appeared over his spiritual avatar. With his enhanced control over the spiritual world, Nik soon paled once he realized the gravity of the situation.

"T-this- what the f.u.c.k!" Nik cursed out of pure astonishment. He could actually feel his soul! But that wasn't even the worst, unknown change. His spiritual world had somehow evolved, in system's words, it was mutation but Nik now refused to believe. He is deeply aware of the process of evolution. And 'this'... the increase of the sheer capacity of his spiritual world, connection with soul, another sprout of soul incubating within his spiritual world and the pitch-black miasma covering his spiritual world... this is definitely something greater than mutation.

"Well, 'ravager'," Nik scowled as he heard Sky's words, "This is what happens when you stick your tool in women of unknown origins. Even s.e.x can be dangerous, that's the most basic rule for female assassins. The same applies to you, a passive devourer. Ah, it's ravager now."

Sky's leathery wing fluttered as she flew over and landed on top of Nik's head. Meanwhile, Nik exhaled deeply and sat on the crimson side of the spiritual world.

"What's this 'ravager' anyway? The thing that changed everything should be the so-called Blessing of Ravager, right? I am missing some serious context here."

Asmodeus scooched over to Nik as Lilith held her tongue from lashing at the purple goo. "Ravager is something strange, even to your previous incarnate Kaal. There's actually a myth about ravagers.

Existence in everything. Existence in nothing."

"That sounds... sooo stupid," Nik groaned as he controlled his urge to check his status and waited for Sky to finish her explanation.

"That it does. Something, or someone, cannot exist in everything and nothing at the same time. It is illogical even by the standards of those who wield realities on a whim. If you want to understand the gist of it how mysterious ravagers really are then you should know about the three eras of the multiverse."

"Ack, Asmodeus, don't blob over my c- spiritual c.o.c.k!" Nik pushed the deflated slime over to his knees as Asmodeus whimpered in distress while Lilith snorted. Unperturbed, Sky continued.

"The first era of multiverse had everything. Strength, technology, laws... everything. I loved to call this era Party era but records state this as the Genesis Era. Next, due to unknown reasons, the era changed. Decline, is a better term. Cultivators of the law fell. Law energy extinguished and gods collapsed. However"

"Wait, what did you call this era?"

Nik inquired.

"Personally, I call the second era Sucking Era but the record noted as the Destruction Era. Now, the current era we live in. I agreed with the records and am not ashamed to call this era as Innovative Era. Various forms of energies, both good and bad, are innovated daily within the multiverse."

"Creation of energy?"

"Exactly. Combining already recognized energies, deconstruction of primal energies... stuff like this. There are various forms that are already universally accepted. The more popular ones are Qi, Ki, Astral, Blood, and a few others. But that isn't the point. Now, the ravagers. These past three eras, there have been records of extremely eccentric... individuals. They aren't particularly strong. In fact, there have been records of a few infants being categorized as ravagers."

"It isn't a bloodline?"

"Incorrect," Sky sighed deeply, "Don't you recall what I just described ravagers with? Existence in everything and nothing. It's a general statement.

Ravager is a bloodline, it is a constitution, it is a mutation of soul, it is an element, it is a law, it is reality, and it is energy itself."

"That's some... serious flexing," Nik muttered while rubbing his chin as Sky smacked her wing on Nik's forehead.


"Yes, ma'am."

"What I mean to say is, Ravager is a classification of something unknown. Now, 'you' fall under this classification."

"That doesn't make any sense. Ravagers... no, the fact that all of them are collectively"

"Yes," Sky smiled bitterly, "In other words, you can proudly call yourself someone as discriminated by the multiverse itself. How do you feel now? Wanna flex?"

"Not... anymore."

Nik pursed his lips.

"So? What does my version of Ravager perform?"

"It seems to be a classification of spiritual and soul aspects of your existence. Oh, and that purification. That kind of skill shouldn't exist."

"Wait, what about that soul back there?"

Nik pointed at the general direction as Asmodeus snorted.

"That soul belongs to someone you know. What was her name? Ah, right, Carla. That's why I kept calling you in!"

Asmodeus raised slimy fists in indignation as Lilith cleaved the slime into two.


"Huff... well, my situation can't turn stranger than this..."

Nik smiled bitterly as he looked at his status.

[Name: Nik Faran

Age: 20

Affiliation: None

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ?? (Ravager)

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Physical Genius, Skill Palace

STR: 30


AGL: 30


VIT: 30 (+10)

ENG: 30


CHM: 15

LUK: 9

Additional Skills:

Purification (Lvl 1):

Allows the host to purify anything deemed waste into ???.

Range: 1 meter, 2 ENG/seconds.

Next Lvl: 3 SP


Genderswap (Lvl 1):

Allows the host to swap the gender of the intended target. This skill does not utilize the system's energy. Higher the level, the greater the number of available slots.

Slot: 0/1

Next Lvl: 20 SP]

Nik closed his eyes. Many questions erupted within his mind but one thing was clear to him. The system is hiding information from him. The why? however, was completely unknown. The [Genderswap] skill also enticed Nik greatly. He wasn't ashamed of agreeing that there is only one man that can cause him a boner and that's Ray. This skill could easily solve all the troubles but...

'It won't be worthwhile... it's probably the best to hide the existence of the skill from him. Anyway... what should I do about Carla? Wait until... she responds?'

Nik thought as he felt even more annoyed towards Mirage. The skill and Carla's soul were clearly left by the three onaholes once they were deemed to be purified. It was Mirage's angle that was deeply troubling to him.

Keeping his recently gained equipments invisible by toggling the visibility off, Nik tilted his body and hugged the troublemaker ravager and gave her forehead a soft kiss. Sky's advice regarding thinking before sticking in was royally ignored. It won't be fun if there are no consequences. Just the thought of the troubles he might get into just due to sticking his tool into the girls he would meet strangely excited Nik.

'Ah, shit... that's the corrupted line of thinking.'


"Hah~ Where am I?" Ray's brows wiggled as he slowly sat up with an audible groan. On the large bed, only he and Ye Hong slept as the purple-headed youth slept peacefully.

"Where did you expect? Nik's bed?"

Yar's scoff rang as Ray smiled bitterly.

"Give me a break, Yar. I was pretty banged up yesterday."

"You let yourself get like that. There's something deeply wrong in you when it comes to that bastard."

"Abuses are the first sign of infatuation," Ray commented sagely, "don't tell me that you actually are falling for Nik, you pink-skinned s.l.u.t."

"Me? Falling for someone outside the lineage of infernals? Don't mock me."

"Aye, aye. Cool down, will you? And I'll tell you that I am not weird when it comes to Nik."

"That's what you think."

"Ugh, I don't have to deal with this the first thing in the morning. I need quiet."

Ray muttered as he plopped back on the bed with his legs stretching out.

"I need to find a way to save Carla... no finding her is the greatest priority."

"For that, you'll need strength," Yar chimed.

"It takes time... let me sleep again. Everybody knows that sleeping after waking up is the best feeling ever. I could use something like that."


Before Nik slept, he decided to check on all the acc.u.mulated panels from the Exotic Escort. Seeing the long line of names as stats, he exhaled once more and steeled himself to complete this task before helping himself to a nice kiss from any one of the girls present.

'Maybe all of them.'

Nik thought with a wild smirk.


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