Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 443

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 443 Botched Confrontation

[Talent Gained:

Limit Buster: Under the extreme situation, certain locks can be pried open for a short duration.]

This is the talent he received from Korra after sorting out the options of [Exotic Escort]. The skills he received from the trio teachers were placed within the skill pool of the [L.u.s.t Recruitment] and finally, [Exotic Escort] simply did not create a panel for Ryu'er. If it was before his mutation, Nik would have cussed out loud, but now he belonged to the discriminated category of the multiverse, he felt like Ryu'er's true talent was simply too disastrous to be revealed.

Honestly, Nik never thought of defying the [Transmigration Paradise] and the locks and the invasion of privacy by the system. In fact, these things allowed him to partially escaped the direct threats that the three pillars of infernal posed against Nik. But now, Nik would be lying if he didn't harbor the thoughts of defying the system. Its actions were too peculiar when it came to ravagers and now that Nik himself turned into one, he needed to be cautious of the system within himself.

'Today is the finals for the apprentice class and tomorrow, the completion for the intermediate, advance, and genius classes will also conclude.'

Since apprentice class's competition was basically a slugfest, each round is completed quickly but the same couldn't be said for the other classes due to their ability to use their martial spirits and spirit skills greatly lengthen the time required to complete the battle. Not to mention the tactics that the students think to overcome their foe.

"Hmm, too good, teach. Stretch~" Korra twisted her body and hugged Nik from behind while mumbling with a sly grin on her face with her chin dripping with drool. 'Wait... now that I think of it... every single girl that I go out with drool an awful amount of saliva... a side-effect? Even I don't have this much spit.'

Nik thought internally as Ryu'er slightly squirmed with her feet pushing against the gap between Nik's legs and comfortably allowing her feet to rest in between them. 'Oh, god. They both are uncomfortable to sleep with. One digs into me, the other slobber me,' Nik groaned internally but still closed his eyes as Korra snuggled up Nik's back. 'Well, I shouldn't be complaining I guess... it's better than sleeping alone.'


The group, after getting ready, committed themselves to their routine. In their situation, a routine is of utmost importance. After all, the girls, and even Nik, can't just linger around with absolutely nothing in their mind because if someone did that, then it would cause a chain reaction of dulling everyone besides them. And, either way, none of the girls had actually ever thought of destroying their routine. Now that they knew of the consciousness pool and the fact that they might have to live in that world for a period of time, the girls decided to add a few talents to themselves so that they can set up within the consciousness realm itself. Each one of them is brilliant in their own kind. Even Gojira, if given enough incentive, would be willing to teach others on how to sleep on any surface.

With the assumed time limit being more than 1 year, the girls had started selecting their options and also procured materials to pursue such hobbies. Of course, they wouldn't start it now. No. They would pursue their hobbies once they are within the consciousness realm. And from Xue Yin's intel, there is a high possibility that each one of them might just get an entire Nik for themselves. The thought alone was more than enough to make the girls willingly enter the consciousness realm once it is fully structured.

Once Nie Li won the competition, after Ray let him, due to the simple fact that Ray wished to remain hidden and push Nie Li into limelight further, the competition of apprentice class was concluded. Out of all the students Nie Li, Ray, Du Ze, Xiao Xue, Xiao Ning'er, Ye Ziyun, Ryu'er, Gin Kao, Chu Chao, and Yan Ner were allowed to accompany a teacher of their choice to find a spirit ring suited for them. They could, however, not ask the said teacher to enter the perimeters marked as the inner area of the Star Dou forest. Strangely, Nie Li decided to 'kindly' give his chance to Lu Piao while Nik's disciples instantly chose Nik to accompany them.

With the apprentice class getting free the earliest, they dispersed into varying groups but many decided to stay and watch the competition between the intermediate class's students. Meanwhile, as Asami hosted the competition, an apprentice alchemist reached out to Nik and gave him a message regarding Yang Xin's inability to visit the competition due to her prior commitments. Furrowing his brows, Nik couldn't helo but recall if he had set-up any form of meeting with Yang Xin. He had promised to deliver the first batch of ingredients to Yang Xin after four-five days into the vacation. Gazing at the slip, Nik continued to ponder when it hit him. He had been too dense recently. Well, his mind is always active and flexible when it comes to the possibility of having s.e.x, but the sheer number of girls he managed to hook up with even before an entire month had passed made Nik realize just how 'stocked' he was. His thoughts were already full of fluffing his current partners that he had started to avoid the other possible partners A goddess and a master alchemist.

'Am I growing too dull? If it were me from the first adventure... nah, I guess, I have always been dull.' Yang Xin's message was, in a way, a method to garner Nik's attention. She had already proclaimed her interest in him and even then, after the first date, Nik had failed to contact her and this might be slightly a troubling issue for her. Well, that's what Nik is inclined to believe after thinking for a bit. Pocketing the slip, he looked at the green-headed Xiao Xiaji leaning over his shoulder while continuing to scribble down the report dutifully with Pen Hua occupying his other shoulder and his disciples merely a few rows behind him. 'Even the body language of Ning'er and Ziyun has changed... this kind of change is, in fact, too quick. Is my bloodline reacting to them far quicker than my estimation? I could even overpower Gojira's pheromones even when she should be having a bloodline greater than extreme-tier. Well, now that the codex has been dissolved, there is no way to confirm. I should have done that right off the bat.'

Nik pondered as the students competed against each other. Nik could, meanwhile, feel the gaze of Xiaji's previous 'partner' that had been soliciting her in the past for enlightening acts. The Winged Dragon Family's elder, or in this case, elders had rather distasteful rituals of similar... advances. Unable to bear such actions, Xiaji moved away from the politics of the aristocrats but seeing her with Nik seemed to be pulling some sort of complicated swirl of emotions from within the elder himself. 'Well, I'll need to take care of him, too. Hopeless romance used to dominate their partners foolishly usually act on their feelings and instincts. Just need to show him his worst nightmare with myself being the core and it should take care of him,' Nik planned. 'But about Yang Xin... I shouldn't ignore her that long. It might not be her fault, too. After her interest, I have shown more than enough rowdiness to make it easy for her to understand where my own interests lie. The same thing goes for Samya... she's been peeping all day now.'

'I need to get my act together.'

Nik loved advocating l.u.s.t and laziness. These are the two pleasures of his life that take the utmost supremacy. But too much laziness would slowly dull things for him. The unending amount of L.u.s.t has never been a problem for him, after all. Finally, after determining his game plan, Nik excused himself once the semifinals of the intermediate classes were completed. Before leaving, he made sure to greet and hear his disciples out just so that they can vent their frustrations and thoughts on losing the competition entirely. After all, with the first two places selected by the students not under Nik's wing greatly dissatisfied the girls with themselves.

"Anyway, you all need to pack your necessities by the end of tomorrow night. We'll be leaving soon. Ziyun, Ning'er, and Xiao Xue, I'll be having a chat with your parents after this. If they ask you the destination of this training camp then tell them that we all will be gathering in the Holy Orchid Ruins."

"Yes, Master."

Ning'er replied with a hint of hesitation. As she spoke, she looked Ryu'er from the corner of her eyes, and failing to find any reaction, Ning'er felt slightly unsettled. As the girls dispersed, Nik turned to the group of aristocrats that chatted among themselves while the audience left. Ye Zong sat on the centermost seat while an equally impressive bald figure with a wide waist sat next to the City Lord. Nik casually swept his glance over the middle-aged elder sitting beside Xiao Yunfeng. The man still looked towards the retreating figure of Xiaji with a slightly heated look, making Nik sigh. Not acting on his most feral impulses that dictated to crush every man's balls that dared to look at his women like a mindless berserker, Nik placed his attention on Ye Zong.

"It has been a while, City Lord. May I interrupt your lively gathering and request something?"

Nik walked up to the group with a humble smile and spoke with a polite expression. Except for a single man, every other noble instantly clasped their fists towards Nik, including Ye Zong and the large man sitting beside him. Xiao Yunfeng held a frown the moment he discovered the elder from his family showing disrespect towards his daughter's master but Ye Zong swept the greetings with a curve of his lips that he learned after countless distasteful conversations. "I don't deserve the title City Lord in front of Master Nik. Please, ask anything you wish." Hearing his words while targetting the unfortunate elder with his pheromones, Nik nodded and continued.

"Very well. I will be taking my disciples to get their first spirit ring after the City Lord's banquet for young lord Han's return is completed. I hope, it won't be a problem."

His words really failed to pull any doubt from the concerned family heads as Nik is already supposed to assist their daughters in cultivation. But the man sitting beside Ye Zong smiled with a strange emotion swirling within his gaze, "Master Nik, I am Divine Family's lord Chen Zhenglong. Would it be all right with you that we discuss something in private?"


"As you would know," Finding themselves in a rather secluded spot but not hidden from Samya's prying gaze, Chen Zhenglong continued, "Aside from trade in spiritual products, the Divine Family is also known for its valuable information," the man introduced with an amicable expression. "Of course, no business is worth continuing if not for a worthy rival in the trade. Something, or someone, that can make you give your all. A rush of blood that lets one feel young again and now, I have encountered both of these concepts. The Glory Center, and Master Nik, yourself."

"I think I understand," Nik smiled, "but if you would please get to the point, it would save both of us some time."

"An emotion we both agree on, wonderful. Then, I won't beat around the bush. I have procured some... intelligence. A valuable one to the right finder I know that you and your disciples may have an illicit relationship," Chen Zhenglong's eyes widened as he unintentionally blurted the core information making Nik nod. Nik was the least interested in playing these conversational games with Chen 'Zhenny' and simply slipped a slight control onto him and tripped the man's speech. Gulping, Zhenny hurriedly spoke up to diffuse the unintentional fight that his words might ensue, "I-I meant that Back off. You and that Glory Center need to disappear or else this information would be sent to members of high interest."

'No! This isn't what I want to say! What the heck is happening?!' Zhenny roared internally while Nik smiled and pushed words into his mouth that would allow him to understand his real position. "Sure," Zhenny spoke from his mouth, "I'll share that information and it won't change the fact that your strength will remain the same. In fact, the less privileged families would be more than happy to gain your assistance and I would lose miserably. Even Ye Zong is rumored to have been defeated by you. So, really, I can't do much and am already at my wit's end."

As he continued to spout words totally out of his control, Zhenny continued to gaze at the wolfishly smiling Nik with a horrified expression. Doomed! He is doomed. Such a person could control him and make him transfer all his assets under the other person's name, too! The thought of this situation terrified Zhenny. As for the finale, Nik snapped and Zhenny's mouth opened on its own, "With this, I'll make sure to arrive at the challenge on time or else, I would be deemed defeated. I thank Master Nik to hear me out and understand my pathetic situation. Please, don't go hard on me."

"Sure thing," Nik smiled as he observed the sweat-soaked Zhenny. "Oh, and in case you do spread the information of my relationship with my disciples, I can assure that I won't be hurting anyone. It isn't a lie, after all. And I don't have to be embarrassed of myself. Next time, however, you try this trick with me, and I'll make you walk around the city on your arms without a single fabric covering your body. Understood? Now, the Divine Family and Glory Center will engage in a wonderful competition that would raise the standards of the market, for that, I wish you luck."

Nik turned on his heels and left without giving the pudgy man another look. With a pleased expression, he tossed a rock high in the air but suddenly, it shifted and appeared on his open palm once again. Nik continued to focus on this strange act of 'teleportation' of a thumb-sized rock until he climbed the Library and finally encountered the goddess of sword and justice who didn't even try to hide away the stains on her white robes and lower end of the divine sword-staff that she leaned on every now and then. Not focusing on the clearly tainted areas, Nik grinned and waved at the slightly flushed goddess, "I am here to pray to a Goddess. Is it a good time?"

With her eyes twitching under her blindfold, Samya breathed deeply to regain her composure while nodding without a single ounce of shame showing on her face as her heart ran wilder than an eight-legged unicorn chasing its mate.

"Y-yes. This goddess never rejects the words of faith."