Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 444

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 444 Prayers To L.u.s.t

Samya observed the smile she had peeked all too many times to know that something lewd and rude is whirling within Nik's mind and his furtive glances over her stained crotch area cemented the idea. Unconsciously, Samya's breathing turned ragged as her vision turned blurry. She didn't need her distracted eyes to 'feel' the genuine list emanating from Nik. A side that he only showed when accompanying his mistresses. 'Now, notice it. Can you feel yourself getting hot at the sight of my completely n.a.k.e.d body under the loose, stained god robes? Do my perky n.i.p.p.l.es grab your attention as you nail me down and use me like you did Asami? This is my justice. Always making me frustrated by your mere sight while offering your body to other, mortal women that hold no comparison to me. Where's the logic in this world? Why do you offer so less? Why haven't you removed your clothes, knelt and begged me to relieve you of that ache swelling within your'

"I am here to pray to a Goddess? Is it a good time?"

Samya blinked. Her inner mess slowly straightened out as she gulped and controlled herself from licking her dry lips. 'What's with that gaze? I don't like it. It's as if he knows everything. From my shameless act of peeking on a mortal to pleasing my divine hole. I don't enjoy this. Don't look at me like that.' Samya felt her body heat in anticipation. She didn't like the idea of getting caught red-handed, but what if Nik knows? What if he is here to claim his own justice? What if he uses her stick ruthlessly. One stick in her butt and Nik's stick deep into her- 'Don't get sidetracked,' Samya hurriedly warned herself. "Y-yes. This goddess never rejects the words of faith," Samya claimed. How could she? Nik is the only 'mortal' coming close to the acts that reached the level of gods and goddesses. The production of law energy being one of them.

"It's like this, huh," At Nik's comment, Samya's n.a.k.e.d lower lips twitched. She didn't mind the fact that her thighs were soaking. Continuous acts of pleasure in the last few days had already turned her e.r.o.t.i.c bits sensitive. Abstaining from fingering, much less impaling herself with her personally crafted divine weapon, Samya felt her realities twist. Too good to be stopped, to debauched to continue with one's own hand. Then, the only option Samya could opt was using someone else to satisfy her own debauched needs...

Forcefully, even if she didn't want to.

And looking at Nik... peeping over Nik... until now, he fit the bill perfectly. Unlike other men who slowly slaved under l.u.s.t, Nik's demeanor itself screamed all the indecent acts a woman can ever imagine. Once again, thinking of all the stuff that could happen to her once she poked this landmine of debauchery, Samya felt her body ease in a comfortable lean on her sword-staff, her legs assuming a tight hold over the stick as her white robe dug in and tightened around her body, giving Nik the perfect view on how curvaceous this goddess of justice and light actually is.

"T-then? What do you wish to speak? Why do you want to pray? If there's s-something I can help with" Samya felt her strength sap away as her gaze locked onto the slowly floating Nik from behind her blindfold. "Sure," she observed Nik nod as he continued, "It's like this, Goddess. I have come to understand a few facts around the institute," Nik moved around her as she felt his gaze lingering on the contours of her body. 'Please-' before Samya could plead to her body to not show a shameful reaction elicited by the man's gaze, her h.i.p.s wiggles unconsciously the moment she felt his gaze linger on her sweet, godly ass.

"First," Samya gasped softly as Nik, for the first time, stood behind her and gently traced his finger on the nape of her neck as she shivered. 'He knows!' Samya screamed internally. Her body heating up in joy but her heart turned colder by the second as his finger moved lower and lower, perfectly mapping her spine as he continued, "this institute is far more debauched than any whorehouse. P.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.es usually take fees even when they enjoy the s.e.x far more than their customers... something that doesn't happen here."

'Is he comparing me to a mortal s.l.u.t? Me? The goddess of justice that lay ruin to high gods before falling with the destruction of my divinity and left with a mere spark.'

A weird... dirty smile slowly touched Samya's lips as the thought strangely titillated her. She continued to breathe roughly as Nik fingers stopped right at the base of her h.i.p.s where two cute dimples would mark the beginning of her round ass should Nik flip her robe. Once again, just the mere thought of her robe pushed up and her body used, relieved, and ground against made her clench her thighs. By now, it couldn't be more clear that Nik knew about her actions. It was merely a woman's intuition, but once again, she could only think of the punishments Nik would ruin her with to compensate for his invasion of privacy.

"Second, the only way that such a debauched Institute could operate is if it is protected by a person of similar interests," As Samya heard Nik saying this, she felt Nik's index continuing the trail while pushing his finger in between her butt cheeks, sticking her robe into the hot buns while feeling the scorching dampness of her body as the tip of his index lingered over her clenched p.u.s.s.y as her robe tightened over her butt and pulled up from her claves, revealing a thin trail of sensational liquid dripping down her exposed ankles.

"W-what do you mean? This isn't praying at all!" Samya spoke up, slightly frustrated with her body's honesty, her mind's dishonesty, and the correctness of Nik's words. "But of course," Samya felt Nik smile as he spoke these words, "I pray to be able to bring you the satisfaction that others feel daily. As they strike their sweaty body against each other, you are forced to rub one out without any arm to hug you close. Without any c.o.c.k to fill you. Without any man to knead your lonely body as you continue to project your divine aura," Samya gasped once again, having her thoughts spoken out loud as she felt Nik hugging her from the back. Her bent body stuck close against Nik's front as a wonderful scent invaded her senses and threatened to turn her into a Goddess whose only wish is to revel in the fragrance. Samya felt Nik's thick arms over her waist, roughly handling her soft body and pushing her butt against his bulging tool whose thickness put her own divine stick to shame.

"How is this a p-prayer?" Samya whimpered uncharacteristically. She didn't want to, but her throat wanted it. A presence so intoxicating pressed itself against her, wrapped its arms around her tightly as if marking her to be his property. How could her honest body commit the injustice of arguing back? It wasn't her divinity. Justice is blind so is her body. Her body's need could be fulfilled by the figure behind her. His achingly slow grinds against her butt midair testified that this presence is far from ordinary. To her question, the man replied softly as if she is the confused mortal while him being the higher god, "A prayer exists in many forms. A youth helping his parents, a wife diligently servicing her husband, or a criminal actively violating someone else. Prayer doesn't depend on morality but the emotion behind the act... or so my mother loved to chant."

Now Samya really wished to meet such a virtuous mother. One of the man's arms moved up to her hanging cantaloupe-sized b.r.e.a.s.t, grabbing it forcefully while drawing another hit gasp from her mouth while pulling her leaning back close to his chest. "My prayer is to satisfy any woman in need who hasn't crossed certain lines..." the man continued enchantingly, breathing into her ear while taking a long sniff, inhaling her scent... her dirty scent that painted a picture of an illicit goddess crouching with her knees spread, the hems of her robes pulled and her fingers digging into the soft, soaked lips that no man had even dreamt of touching. Feeling the hot, possessive squeeze of her b.r.e.a.s.t with the tip being kneaded forcefully, she finally let out a short yet satisfying m.o.a.n that seemed to please Nik greatly as he continued with the play.

"W-what lines one mustn't cross?" Short on breath and ruddy in the face, she inquired as an act of caution. Never should she cross the lines set by the man with a pole thicker than her own rod of justice. "Any being who wish me ill will, no matter how virtuous or degrading their life is, no matter how pitiful their past is, I will convert them into beings breathing and living to please me," hearing his commanding words that didn't match with his earlier persona of warmth and kindness, a little bit of goddess squirt leaked with a soft *puchi*, however, much to her fortune, the man had more words to fill her heart with weakness and submissiveness, "Of course, there is only a single type of living being who I won't convert regardless of their gender or origin, cheesy as it may sound, I'll surely drill the person into the deepest coffin of the world who manages to harm someone rightfully mine."

"So?" The hot, demonic youth without a shred of pleasant scent but waves upon waves of mind-numbing scent that seem to heat her body inquired with a playful chuckle, "Does my prayer satisfy you, Goddess? Or do you want something more than pretty lip service?"

As if possessed and unwilling to lose this chance to demand everything, she breathed out in a tantalizing whisper, "All... I want everything, including the pretty lip service."

With the goddess demanding the offering of the highest order, Nik felt obliged as he gave her obscene body one tight embrace while enjoying her natural scent. Even though beads of crystal clear sweat touched her forehead, Samya's hear remained wavy without an ounce of dampness as he raised his hand and hooked his finger over the white mantle covering the top of her head and gently pulled it down with his fingers brushing across her blonde hair. Feeling the bombshell shiver, Nik gave a hot kiss to her earlobe, placating her more than observable l.u.s.t as he felt the mantle slowly dispersing into a golden mist that danced around Samya and entered her body. 'Oh? It could be done like this?' Thinking internally, Nik's hand moved down and firmly grasped Samya's jaws.


"Samya," The goddess continued to breathe at her own pace while enjoying Nik 'forcing' her to commit acts of relieving her stress, "Call me by my name~!"

"Remove your clothes, Samya," Nik didn't hesitate to demand as he pushed his thumb against her soft lips, squishing the pink petals as Samya's head was forced back slightly while her clothes, including her sword-staff, grew into a hazy golden mist that retreated into her body, leaving the n.a.k.e.d goddess with her eyes blindfold as Nik admired Samya's hourglass figure glistening in sweat as she leaned forward unconsciously, making him grab her b.r.e.a.s.t and pulling her back with a tight squeeze.

"Remove your blindfold," Nik whispered again as he pulled a rather violent reaction from Samya this time. "N-no way! That blindfold represents my divine spark!" Narrowing his eyes, Nik's hand moved towards her face and seeing his relentless pursuit to remove one thing that has been covering her heart, Samya felt a burst of panic that transformed into a commanding growl, "I said, No!"

'Oh, no!' Samya felt horrified internally. She accidentally used her voice of justice that would affect every single mortal disregarding their faith, status, or spiritual energy and would turn Nik into her puppet for a few minutes. It was just the thought of her actions ruining Nik's mood, and probably instilling fear into him, made Samya slightly distress. She just ruined her chance to gain justice for the century-long abstinence from s.e.x just due to upholding her naive vows of keeping her, and her followers v.i.r.g.i.n throughout the eternity.

"I am not taking no for an answer, Samya. I... no, we need to pray dutifully," Nik whispered without any shred of effect from Samya's silent skill. His mind was too deep into the thought of becoming a pope due to his smooth persuasive skill that he failed to notice the slight movement within the black mist surrounding his spiritual world as he pulled Samya's blindfold, making her heart shudder. 'This is it!' Deep down, something terribly depraved clicked within Samya's heart as her sapphire-blue hues were exposed to the world. Suddenly, recollecting all her battles, experiences after she blindfolded herself and the memories of her youthfulness as she gazed at the world with her eyes open, Samya m.o.a.ned in need. She had truly been stripped bare. Devoid of any clothing as her body spasmed, making her butt jiggles against Nik's hot crotch while Nik pinched her n.i.p.p.l.e ruthlessly, unwilling to go any easy on the dirty peeping tom sporting a mask of a goddess.

"Do you want me to speak it out loud?" Nik inquired in hushed whispers as the thought of her body exposed to the world in broad daylight seemed to be pulling a continuous stream of divine nectar. Hearing Nik's words, Samya's hurriedly shook her head. Her body really wished for more humiliation but her mind wanted to get over it. The earlier she releases all her pent-up desires, the higher the chance she would have to keep her sanity. As if intent on refusing all her requests and etching a mark over her heart, Nik grinned and nibbled on her earlobe, making Samya groan another desperate note.

"Hmm, I want to. Is it that hard to admit that you have been using your powers to peep over me?" Nik inquired as both of his hands now cupped her b.r.e.a.s.ts from below, moving it up before pushing his hands and letting Samya's voluminous b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggled down before repeating his action with the occasional pinches to her cherry n.i.p.p.l.es. "How dirty, look at the size of your n.i.p.p.l.es. Must be pinching them hard these past few days, hmm?" Nik jested while tugging at her fat n.i.p.p.l.es. "Ah, n-no! Don't say that!" Samya whispered, breathless by the heat ravaging her body as she could 'see' her obscene n.i.p.p.l.es enjoying themselves getting manhandled by Nik as he pulled her large b.r.e.a.s.ts apart, changing the shape of her b.r.e.a.s.ts in the process.

Feeling the pressure build within her body as each stroke of Nik continued to threaten the burst of the largest stream of orgasm that might pull a rainbow as it arches elegantly over the peak of the library, Samya clenched her jaws with her head snapping up as thin trickle of drool left her lips. "Show some dignity, will you?" Nik snickered against her ear, making Samya feel annoyed and strangely aroused by his constant words of belittling her. "And what's this?" Leaving Samya's upper body, the moment Nik's finger traced over her abdomen, clearly moving down to her wet snatch with his fingers drawing a soothing arc over her body, Samya's chest heaved out as she came with her jaws still clenched and her eyes rolling up for the umpteenth time.


Seeing the powerless goddess in his hold, Nik unceremoniously sent the L.u.s.t Recruitment's notice while allowing Samya to regain her composure. "Accept the invitation, if you want more, of course. Think of it as an entrance ceremony... of our prayers in the future."

Nik whispered as he took out multiple pieces of clothing that should fit Samya in a manner so illicit that even Mitsuko would blush in excitement and shame while slowly allowing her drenched body on the surface of the tangible sphere that still covered the duo and hid them from the eyes of the world.

"W-wait! Complete... this..." Samya whispered, her eyes displaying her desperate need to feel what kind of justice she would be able to go through with the real rod of judgment but seeing this, Nik smiled and silently and jumped down on the rooftop while waving his hand.

"Pray like this tomorrow, and you'll earn greater rewards. Oh, by the way, be sure to wear one of the offerings."


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