Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 445

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 445 F.u.c.k.i.n.g Ravagers

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Nik felt pretty great after teasing an orgasm out of a goddess. Being the first goddess to ever fall into his palms, Nik had already decided to make sure that he learns as much as he can about beautiful women ten-times his age. A s.e.x.u.a.lly frustrated goddess pursuing justice was oddly easy to manipulate as Nik didn't even need to use his full capabilities and just the scent leaking from his pheromones seemed to entice the blonde goddess far more effectively than he had expected. She was sweet and naive, her thoughts most probably twisted after living for an extremely long time and her perception regarding dirty talk far more skewed towards traditionalism than the modern culture Nik thrived in. But that didn't matter as he finally realized one thing his [Exotic Escort] couldn't provide him, in fact, it would be better to point out that this particular talent in itself might look extremely great but when Nik himself was quite restricted by the system, the use of the talent itself fell greatly.

'It cannot provide bloodlines, it failed to map out Ryu'er's characteristics and if I am not wrong, Samya has something additional known as a divine spark but even that isn't described in the panel.' He silently gazed at the translucent panel in front of him. Nik didn't fear that he might trip something, or into someone before falling since the system's interface was pretty much customizable by the mere thoughts of the host. After all, the system's hold over the host was far greater than a master's over a slave.

[Exotic Escort Initiated. List of available talents, skills, strength, wisdom, etc. for the host compiled. Please select.


Talent: Sword of Justice, Blindfolded Justice

Strength: 67

Agility: 65

Vitality: 78

Energy: ??

Charm: 33


Skills: Sword Light, Holy Sword, Voice of Justice, Blade Wings, Melody Strike, Cleave Summon, Sword Domain, Light Domain, Justice Domain.

Element: Light]

'Yeah... this kind of entity allowed me to humiliate her and use her as I see fit. Sorry, Mitsuko... I am getting addicted to traveling in different worlds.' Nik mentally added as he started going through all the skills. From what he knows, the skills of the girls in this world matches their spirit skills. As Samya said, she had gained nine spirit skills that meant she completed one of the requirements of becoming a god and that is absorbing nine spirit rings.

[Sword of Light] Lvl 1

Use: Creates a blinding light that pierces the target physically wherever the user's vision is condensed.

[Holy Sword] Lvl 1

Use: Covers the user's sword with holy energy that boosts the sharpness by 150%.

[Voice of Justice] Lvl 1

Use: Disregarding the origin of the target, the user may instantly paralyze the target with words filled with intent, or control the target itself in a hypnotic trance for a short duration. Range: 1 meter.

[Blade Wings] Lvl 1

Use: Forms a pair of wide wings by the conversion of spirit energy. Every single feather constructing the wing is a sharp, dual-edged blade.

[Melody Strike] Lvl 1

Use: Transforms the voice of the user into lethal strikes that may pierce of lacerate the target. Range: 3 meters.

[Cleave Summon] Lvl 1

Use: Utilizes a large amount of spiritual energy to form a gargantuan sword above the user's head that can be controlled at will. Time Limit: 10 minutes.

[Sword Domain] Lvl 1

Use: A domain constructed from the conversion of spiritual energy where the user can materialize any form of sword that would bend to the user's will. Range: 3 meters.

[Light Domain] Lvl 1

Use: A domain constructed from the conversion of spiritual energy where the user can control a vast amount of light Elemental energy at will. Range: 3 meters.

[Justice Domain] Lvl 1

Use: A domain constructed from the conversion of spiritual energy where user can infuse their intent of justice into the surroundings, directly affecting the opponents to view the world according to the user's nature. Range: 3 meters.

[Sword of Justice]

Talent: The user's attack with swords would increase in parameters once stricken against the opponent that the user view as a hindrance to one's own justice.

[Blindfolded Justice]

Talent: The parameters of the user, including intent and will, increases if blindfolded. If blindfolded for long, however, the sudden removal of the blindfold may disorganize one's mind and thoughts.

Sucking in a cold breath, Nik looked at Samya's stats with a lot of his questions answered but unfortunately, many doubts still remained. He wasn't bothered by the fact that Exotic Escort failed to measure the energy stat of the goddess. Since all the stats for the pick showed by this particular talent is based on his own level, the only reason Samya's stat failed to load is probably due to the sheer gap in between both of their [ENG] stat. What surprised Nik was Samya's broken skills and talents. Right, deep down, Nik knew he didn't have the right to call other people broken when he already had so much that he couldn't even make the best use of his resources.

But right off the bat, Nik could imagine a combination of Blade Wings, Holy Sword, and Sword Domain where Samya could dominate most of her opponents. And this was only the look of the skill at level 1. Surely, after using these skills for dozens of years, Samya's real strength, despite her current weakness, is something Nik couldn't hope to achieve. And now, he freaking managed to pull a goddess of such caliber into his fold! Nik didn't know if he should call himself...


'Lucky? Could it be that the direct increase of luck stat is finally starting to take effect? It would have been better if there was a clear description of the stat and its factors but not a single host has even managed to compile the result and even if one did, they did not share it with the world.'

Sighing deeply, Nik also noted the obvious difference in his and Samya's domain ability. His domain ability did not require any form of energy... it just existed at Nik's will. Maybe, his domain did channel a peculiar form of energy, and it's just that Nik himself hadn't been able to understand the form of such energy. Calming his thoughts, Nik continued to think while walking through the pavements of the institute. The consideration turned out to be a long one as he couldn't easily decide which skill or talent to obtain. Samya's talents, in particular, would be placed within the talent pool since Nik himself didn't need it. But if he chose to accept a skill, then it would be for his own use and the [Light Domain] really tickled his mind.

But Nik didn't let his thoughts run wild. He still isn't clear on the amount of energy required to form the domain. Sure, the thought of using the domain to increase his understanding of light element and possibly breaking through the bottleneck of his light manipulation. Just as the thought crossed his mind, a physical throb of his brain instantly paralyzed him as he finally felt the churning mist around his spiritual world seeping into his body... physically. The moment before he felt losing his consciousness, he instantly connected to the strongest moveable existence he knew of.


Even after calling for her help, a slight thought emerged, bringing a troubling musing that Gojira might be too busy sleeping. Thinking till here and failing to contact his spirits, Nik instantly connected to all his partners, including Samya, who could easily see him. To Samya, he spoke words of assurance so that she doesn't leave her healing sanctuary while the girls in various places around the western region of the city felt their expression shift and moved towards the institute the moment Nik plopped over the ground on his face and lost his consciousness.


"Where am I?"

Nik whispered as he sat up. The ceiling he opened his eyes to was completely unfamiliar and his proportions seemed out of place. He shouldn't have b.r.e.a.s.ts and yet, here he stood slowly, with a thin stature and modest b.r.e.a.s.ts. The squeakiness of his voice made him feel extremely creepy. Pushing his fears away, Nik looked around. It looked like a wooden hut but he couldn't observe too much for the moment the door of the hut opened, a masked man rushed within with a roaring saw in his hands. The blade instantly stabbed Nik as his eyes widened.

'Motherf.u.c.ker! How can you treat b.r.e.a.s.ts... like... that...'

Nik thought before fading out of existence.


{Chose Light Domain}


With an eerie tone lingering within his mind, Nik sat up. He was alone, once again, but this time, he found himself within a body he is familiar with and a room that had seen better days than the dry one that might have slipped in today. Taking out the clock, he found that it was already 3 am in the morning and that meant Nik was unconscious for more than 11 hours. Instead of focusing on the peculiarities of the situation, he hurriedly contacted his spirit. The dark mist still blanketed his spiritual world but nothing happened to his spirits and they were as clueless as him.

'Ryu'er... never fell unconscious. Well, f.u.c.k my life. I was just thinking that I had gotten lucky and the next thing this ravager effect bit me in the ass.'

Nik unceremoniously termed the strange situation stemming from his origin turning into a ravager as the ravager effect and now, he sat with a deep frown. Once again, he focused on the eerie chant, and much to his surprise, Nik realized that the owner of the voice seemed to be he himself. Just slightly deeper and... well, hotter.

With the chants already aligned to his thoughts, Nik decided to select the skill [Light Domain] when suddenly, his other talent triggered.

Skill Palace.


"You won't find it," Nirdai stated as a matter of fact. If finding even the tiniest bit of information regarding the ravagers could be possible, then such thing would have already reached the ears of higher-ranked beings such as the infernal pillars. Alas, since the first era, none ever managed to understand even the tiniest bit regarding the ravagers. As if, the ravagers' existence, or something higher, denied the world a chance to understand them.

"I will find something. And then I'll use this 'something' and convert it in a weapon to take control of Nik Faran once again. I lost a soul! A soul that I have been nurturing with my remaining bloodline source! I refuse to lose everything just because of a f.u.c.k.i.n.g ravager jumping into existence!"

Mirage hissed as she continued to go through every single record that even speculated on the concept of ravagers by the tiniest bit. Each of these speculations, however, made Mirage sick. The most prominent theory is that ravagers are simply beings destined to revolutionize the way of the entire existence. All these eras are merely stepping stones needed to nurture a true ravager that would destroy the world as they knew it. Of course, such a theory failed to provide any comfort to the fallen succubus as she shifted to another theory, which wasn't extremely different from the first one.

"Sigh, you are too stubborn, Mirage."

Nirdai let out an uncharacteristic groan as Mirage continued to research without giving Nirdai any attention.

"Hahaha, look at this! Look! I caught a being full of neutral genes out in the sightseeing. It has impressive abilities too, but a tad too weak. I'll just refine the little guy with a blood infection!"

Khooni suddenly appeared out of nowhere as he waved his hand and produced a small, pink-skinned mouse-like living being floating mid-air as the figure's large blue eyes looked over at Nirdai and Mirage.

"It can see our consciousness. Impressive."

Nirdai commented as Mirage couldn't bother herself with Khooni. As if hearing Nirdai's praise, the figure flew around with a clear call.