Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 446

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 446 Honey Lemon Pops Please

'I am definitely lucky.' Nik may be a narcissistic cuck maker, but right now, he meant every word he said, then again, he always did.

[Host can merge Light Manipulation and Light Domain to attain a higher, development skill, Light Master. The removal of Light Manipulation from the Elemental Manipulation cannot be reversed, proceed?]

Even when Nik saw the new skill's name, his thoughts reached out to the attainment of insights in the world. Master, Grandmaster, and such. Thinking for a moment, Nik accepted the terms from the [Skill Palace] and suddenly, a burst of information within his mind almost made him unconscious once again but already familiar with such events, Nik had activated [Multi-task] to its full capabilities, training the skill simultaneously as his understanding regarding the element of light transformed. He couldn't spout any bullshit as if the light was heaven and yang and such. To Nik, even after his understanding of the term 'light' grew by leaps and bounds, a light would always remain light.

[Light Master]

Use: Allows the host to gain a master level of insight in the element of light.

Next Realm: 159 SP

'Woah...' Nik mouthed as he looked at the plain yet outrageous description. Sighing internally, Nik kind of felt that the price wasn't over-charged at all.

"Nik... you should take a break. This is a good moment to use the understanding of the light to bring your other manipulation skills to a higher level."

Sky suggested. He had been awfully slow in training his [Space Manipulation] and [Absolute Sharpness] and even if these were some amazing skills, he simply lacked the time and focus to actively train them. Her suggestion, however, would mean that he would have to miss on Korra's and Lanruo's competition and the thought didn't sit well with Nik.

"In reality, I would have suggested you to enter that time-realm once again, but we both know that it's not possible. So, just give the last push your elemental skill needs and bring it to level 10 collectively. I have a suspicion that the level 10 boost of the [Elemental Manipulation] would be extremely different from the singular manipulation skill."

Sighing deeply, Nik felt bad by the fact that it is true but he still hadn't grown too soft to cry over the fact that he wouldn't be able to meet his partners for a few hours. After all, if he were to be that short-minded, he would feel extremely insecure leaving his partners in the homeworld, or, he could have brainwashed his entire harem. Sending the message to his partners that he needed some alone time to recollect his thoughts, Nik started filling the entire room with inscription patterns, simultaneously training his calligraphy, too.

In reality, after learning the basics of the inscriptions just to have enough knowledge of the art, Nik had completely stopped his effort to learn more. Instead, Asmodeus' knowledge had far surpassed Nik and Xue Yin's as Asmodeus kept on filling his spiritual world with patterns to train herself with. In fact, she was already proficient in the spatial inscription pattern that is a mandatory ingredient of spatial rings and spatial houses which Xue Yin only got a hang of a few days back. Right now, to Nik, the inscriptions were a method to understand the elements and also infuse the essence of [Energy Fusion] and [Energy Conversion] and understand all the manipulation skills at once, including the Space Manipulation.

If it wasn't for his [Multi-Task], however, his brain would have turned into mush in the first few seconds.


"This is kind of boring, the competition that is. How did we even get through it the past few days?" Xiaji inquired as she, alongside Pen Hua, and Gin Jiu sat alongside Nik's disciples and witnessed Korra breaking her opponents in the most literal manner.

"It's probably Nik. I mean, let's face it, we don't like snobbish kids rubbing their achievements into their competitors' faces," Pen Hua stated calmly as she and her friends were already free from their task of making reports. The other teachers from the advance and genius classes would be making the reports as Asami brought Nik's other disciples just to let them understand what the battle of spirit masters could look like. After yesterday's event, every girl who had started to enjoy Nik's daily treatments felt frustrated at the moment, and somewhat worried. A person like Nik just doesn't fall unconscious even after filling tens of women so the strange situation of him falling unconscious and hastily calling for the help of other girls kind of made them feel somewhat edgy. They couldn't even get a good sleep since they were already accustomed to being 'full' of energy and sleeping on Nik's mattress.

"Hee~ I could use some red flower wine candies. My head is killing me!" Gin Jiu complained as the girls looked at her.

"Sure, 'eat' alcohol to fight back your hangover," Asami stated with an amused expression as Gin Jiu stated in a matter of fact like basis, "The only way to not encounter a hangover is to keep enjoying alcohol. You know, steel cuts steel and lava fight lava kind of thing."

"Isn't this a drunkard's excuse?" Pen Hua inquired, pulling an agonized groan from Gin Jiu as the petite flame-haired woman complained, "What else do you expect? My entire family is a tavern of drunkards. We drink, we laugh, sometimes we have a good time, we sleep and the cycle repeats."

"If you three are feeling stressed, why not just enter the underground arenas? I can introduce you guys there," Asami suggested as the trio shuddered!

"Hey/ Oi/ No way!"

The trio exclaimed simultaneously, pulling stares from the crowd behind them as Asami chuckled.

"You guys need to start training. I think Nik would begin your training alongside Xiao Xue."

"That's all cool," Xiao Xiaji shrugged before Xiao Ning'er called out to Xiaji.

"Um... elder-"

"Just call me by my name girl," Xiaji smirked as Ning'er hurriedly shook her head. "How can I do that, Elder Xiaji... it's just that... yesterday, Elder Wun continued to ask me about you... and master. He seemed agitated."

Hearing Xiao Ning'er's explanation, Xiaji frowned with a bad taste reaching her mouth. She turned her head and locked gazes with the accursed elder who kept glaring at her direction and snorted before looking to Asami.

"Ah, elder sister Asami~" Xiaji nodded towards Ning'er to gesture she understood and smiled towards Asami sweetly, "Won't you help your weak sister to seek justice against that monster?"

The gazes of other girls turned strange as Asami shrugged and pointed at the barbarically laughing Korra as she threw another fallen opponent off the stage.

"A monster should be facing another monster. Good thing, we don't need to search for one since one of them is extremely close to us."


Smashing another cup, Brian growled as his attendant, a brown-haired youth with soft features, yelped in surprise.

"M-master! You shouldn't get too angry, right? Even though you haven't started cultivation and need to wait 100 years for consolidation ritual to take place, the effects will be incredible!" The youth exclaimed, trying his best to placate Brian as he placed the cloud shark fin pie in front of Brian and pleaded, "P-please, try this."

Seeing Krin tremble under his crimson gaze, Brian sighed. The sudden notification of him getting removed from the Fiend Society and most of his benefits getting removed, Brian could only feel that his 'amicable' ancestor had started to make some sort of plan against him. The thought cemented when his true description was leaked in the most recent bounty and most of his abilities were exposed, too. Now, alongside the S-Class Bounty from the Heaven Paradise, the fiend society itself issued a lucrative A-Class bounty for his head.

"Krin... contact master... I want a transmigration heart... wait, no, I want three transmigration hearts and a single reincarnation heart. Say that... he won't owe me any favors and I won't be his disciple from now on for this price."

Krin paled as he heard his master speaking such words. In Brian's family, the ordinary youth had already become quite popular. He became the student of the most respected senior of the sect, he defeated death and came back to sect even when it was a high possibility that he had been assassinated, and now, he was selected to be one of the three youths to accept the hundred-year consolidation ritual that would widen his foundations by an astronomical amount!

As Krin left with his back slumped, Brian calmly gazed at his room. He was called an eccentric within his sect. Even without any cultivation, Brian was as respected as a rank 6 equivalent of the paradise within the sect. He would hunt his own lunch, he would draw in a style that did not conform to the norms of society and a few articles of clothing that Brian sported, though enviable, were quite different from the traditional robes and armors worn by the sect members.

But Brian knew about himself. He is no genius, just a lucky buffoon who fell in the traps of his ancestor and now, after tasting the sweetness of his adventures, had to pay the price for all his gains. In reality, he could defeat the rank 2 equivalent of the sect easily and match against the rank 3 equivalents without any troubles without any cultivation but sheer physical strength and time law manipulation gained by accidentally absorbing the bloodline origin of a Temporal Fiend. He was merely privileged, not talented.

"The investment of transmigration heart... sigh, I am too soft."

Brian muttered as the faces of the two other carefree buffoons grinning while poking fun at each other emerged in the back of his mind.

"Master..." A deep voice rumbled within Brian as he reclined back on his chair and swept his crimson gaze over the posters decorating his room. Another reason why he was called an eccentric. Posters simply didn't exist in this world and Brian shamelessly claimed that it was his creation.

"You haven't gotten soft," the deep voice continued, "merely... mature."

"That's not reassuring at all," Brian chuckled as he took out one of the beer cans he took from Nik and gulped down the content.

"Haa~ I just hope that a single reincarnation heart is enough for... well, enticing the paradise. That man can create unique items as if he is pissing and not defying the common sense."

"In my humble opinion, master," the voice whispered, "A single transmigration heart is enough to entice the Transmigration Paradise, much less the core of laws of an opposing paradise."

"Eh, can never be too careful. Anyway, I'll be meeting those jerks in 9 days... they better appreciate my intentions and for the love of god, reach rank 2 already."


Near the garden scaped out by the students of the Institute besides the eastern gates, Korra stopped and turned on her heels, matching her gaze with the elder of the Winged Dragon Family who had started following the group of girls the moment the competition ended.

"All right, you old perv, what do you want from my teach's woman? Have some shame, will you? Or else, Teach might visit your home at night."

Korra's words instantly made the other girls nod their heads. The four disciples Ryu'er, Xiao Ning'er, Xiao Xue, and Ziyun had to leave after constant insistence from their older counterparts, leaving Asami, Lanruo, Korra, Xiaji, Jiu, and Hua to face the single elder that had been eyeing Xiaji for quite a while now. The man frowned, belting his wrinkles as he gazed at Xiaji with less than sincere expression.

"Ji'er, come back. You don't belong with them. Only I"

"Sigh, are you this delusional?" Xiaji cut in between as she gazed at the man, "I am not getting back with a person who only wished to use me. In fact, that would have been fine, I am no saint, after all. But being with you sickens me to the extreme level and your average tool alongside any intentions of foreplay just got to my nerves. So, no, take your monologue back alongside your sorry ass, or get it kicked with my super strong friend right here!"

As if to testify Korra's strength, Xiaji patted Korra's lean and muscular shoulder before muttering under her breath, "Woah... that's really hard. No wonder Nik loves you having you this much~"

Korra's lips twitched as she leaned her shoulder down to escape Xiaji's soft palms while she glanced towards the man with her aqua blue eyes.

"So? It's like this. You aren't my match, and even if you wish to retreat, I won't let you," Korra grinned while popping her fingers by fisting them against her other palm as she slowly walked towards the anxious man. "I haven't had enough to fight, and the thought of a person like you trying to get your hands at a booty like that angers me."

Xiaji blushed softly. Korra wasn't wrong. Her lower asset was wider and fuller when compared to other girls' lean and athletic figures despite their hourglass physique.

"Ji'er, we don't have to do this! I can still make you the elder of the clan! With young mistress as a"

As if his promise turned into the straw that broke the camel's back, Xiaji's expression turned stern and she simply waved her hand, "Oh, super-strong friend of mine, beat him up so that he can only crawl back to the family. Oh, that's right," Xiaji took out a blade and smiled sweetly as she gazed at the man, "ai remember you planned to carve the word bitch on my back, right? Don't mind if I do the same~" Hearing Xiaji chortle this, the gazes of other girls around her grew measured and cautious.

As expected, Xiaji did have some 'unique' qualities that she had yet to display.

'It's fortunate that we sent those four away earlier...'

Asami concluded internally as Korra didn't mind Xiaji's quirky nature. In fact, it seemed to be encouraging Korra further.

"Listen, man," Korra stated, "I don't know what you did to aggravate her, but surely, it would leave a bad taste in my mouth once I confront her. So, once I beat you, I'll break your limbs, except for your wrist, after all, you need to something to crawl with, right? And then, I'll use a super intense healing potion on you... you know, the one from the Alchemist Association that claims to mend every injury but causes extreme pain? Hmm?"

Korra smiled as the man took a step back. His face was pale by now and all his heated thoughts regarding Xiaji had been washed away by a bucket of cold water that Korra's words seemed to align with. Gulping, he took another step back, wishing to turn away and retreat, after all, a rank 3 spirit master like him couldn't even think of defeating Korra the Tyrant much less with Asami the Mistress watching the show with a cold smile on her face.

"Y-you can't do this! Use of spirit energy is against the rule of the institute!"

The man shrilled hurriedly only for Korra to tilt her head with what Nik would comment as an innocent expression filled with extreme bloodl.u.s.t. "Hmm? I don't need to break your bones with spiritual energy. I just need to twist them in weird directions, and that's it."

"Hua, want a drink?"

Meanwhile, behind Korra, Jiu offered the blue-haired woman a glass of wine as she accepted it with a smile while Asami chimed and inquired one for herself. Meanwhile, Xiaji smiled and shook her head, replying that she needed to stay sober as she carves out the man's flesh.

"Uggh... they all are way too dangerous!"

Lanruo groaned as she waved her hand and sighed, "I... well, I need to eat something sour... to change the taste of my mouth."

"Ah, I have Honey Lemon pops, want some?"

Jiu inquired as Lanruo nodded.

Seeing all this, the elder felt his hair stand at their tips. They all are crazy! He must have been a fool to even think of trying to get Xiaji back. The thought of her getting plowed by a man far more popular, strong and charismatic than him really left a bad taste to his mouth, but all of this was swept away as he shakily gazed into Korra's eyes filled with l.u.s.t, not for him, but his blood.