Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 447

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 447 Then Again I Am A Genius

Purple Qi Manipulation +5

Hamon Manipulation +1

Life Energy Manipulation +1

Elemental Manipulation +1

Calligraphy +2

Energy Fusion +1

Energy Conversion +1

Gravitation Manipulation +1

Space Manipulation +2

Multi-task +3

"It's no use! No use, I say!" Nik groaned as he continued to lay on the mattress with the surroundings either charred or filled with kaleidoscopic mist that still continued to destroy a few parts of the room, effectively interfering with the working of the runes etched on the interior of his bedroom. "I am a genius seen only after thousands of scoundrels are sacrificed~ It's no use, don't praise me anymore!" Nik cackled as he couldn't help but kick his legs out. Meanwhile, the three spirits grew as silent as they could bu finally, Lilith couldn't help but cuss out, "Infuriating bastard"

"Oh, what is that? Do I here a tough sword melting as its innard sear with flames of envy? Can't be helped, can't be helped, I am a genius, after all!" Sky bit her lips, clearly aggravated since she could have never expected Nik to extrapolate a single mastery in insight to such an extent. Only Asmodeus felt slightly calm, but she could also only speak up shakily, "As e-expected of my study partner..." As Nik's grating laugh continued, Sky couldn't help but speak out, "Stop being so conceited already. It's just a single level."

"Yeah, yeah. Even though it cannot be helped that I am really a genius, (yes it is official, now), but I can help with being less obnoxious. Anyway, what's even better is that it only took six hours~!" Nik commented, more than pleased with the duration of his consolidation of becoming a master. His base in other manipulation skills was already amazing and using the chance that his skill [Light Master] provided, Nik easily identified the difference and pushed his manipulation skills in a certain direction. Of course, his purple qi and space manipulation would still take some time to become proficient in but the level 10 boosts of the skills were more even better!

Once again, just to satisfy his vanity, Nik looked at his slightly modified status screen.

[Name: Nik Faran

Age: 21

Affiliation: None

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Skill Palace, Physical Genius, Limit Buster

STR: 30 (+10)

AGL: 30


VIT: 30 (+10)

ENG: 30


CHM: 15

LUK: 9




Spiritual Connection:

Use: Allows the host to form a deeper, spiritual connection with its mate and instinctually understand the desire of the other party.


L.u.s.t's Recruitment:

Use: A special skill that allows the user to place a special mark over the agreed party from the opposite gender and allow them to wield the following benefits at the user's discretion:

System's Access (Only if the host is still part of a paradise.)

Stats Pool.

Talent Pool.

Skill Pool.

Consciousness Pool.


Charm Supreme:

Use: The user's potential charm is instantly exercised and control based on the intent of the user.


[Pheromone Illusion: Lvl 11

Use: Utilizing the scented pheromones of the host, the following effects can be achieved (The skill has a greater effect on the opposite gender):

Mind Control

Carnal Desires


Lvl 10 Boost: Dream Master Allows the user to control the dreams of the targets under the effect of the pheromones and utilize their dreams for the host's agenda.

Nxt Lvl: 19 Sp


L.u.s.t Domain: Lvl 4

Use: Utilizes the will and intent of the user to create a special domain that targets the carnal desires and deviancy of the opposing parties within the range and immobilize them.

Range: 15 meters.

Next Lvl: 5 Sp


Mirage Manipulation:

Use: Targets and manipulates the senses of the opposing party. High proficiency is required or the target's life may be endangered.



Cure: Lvl 3

Use: This skill allows the user to cure any and every disease and returns the target to a disease-free state. This skill cannot cure curses and the effect highly depends on the level of the skill.

Nxt Lvl: 7 Sp


Battle Arts: Lvl 2

Use: Allows the user to learn mystical arts that affect the physique through the following benefits:

Extrapolation of Battle Arts.

Combination of Battle Arts.

Infusion of Battle Arts into muscle memory.

Note: This skill needs its extrapolation bar to be filled before it can be leveled up.

EXT: 1908/100

Nxt Lvl: 11 Sp


Life Vision: Lvl 2

Use: It allows the user to visualize the life force or lingering life force from a certain distance.

Range 60 meters.

1 Energy/second

Next Lvl 2 SP


Elemental Manipulation: Lvl 10

Use: This skill allows the user to manipulate multiple elements in affinity with the user.

Level 10 Boost: Nurture No longer will the elements turn to their basic nature and conflict with the opposing elements. If two or more elements are controlled simultaneously, the user can choose to nurture the elements from each other.

Next Lvl: 31 SP


Gravitation Manipulation: Lvl 10

Use: This skill allows the user to manipulate the gravity of the natural environment.

Level 10 Boost: Condense User can instantly condense gravity without any resistance into various shapes.

Next Lvl: 19 SP


Hamon Manipulation: Lvl 10

Use: This skill allows the user to manipulate the energy of Hamon that is polluted by the UV radiation of the stars. This type of energy has minimal restorative effects and high reinforcement effects on the physical body and is extremely malleable.

Level 10 Boost: Reinforce Passively generate Hamon by digesting the nutritional meal and reinforce the physique.

Next Lvl: 26 SP


Life Energy Manipulation: Lvl 10

Use: This skill allows the user to manipulate the purest energy of life. This form of energy has high restorative effects on the physical body.

Level 10 Boost: Life Blood With every 1,000,000 cycles of blood circulation, a drop of blood saturated with Life Energy would be refined and enter the circulation to improve the regeneration ability of the body.

Next Lvl: 20 SP


Energy Fusion: Lvl 10

Use: This skill grants the user the ability to fuse the various forms of energy. The level of skill determines the success percentage of the fusion.

Level 10 Boost: Fusion Channel Forms a specific channel where predetermined energies can fuse instantly and be manipulated by the user. A period of 12 hours is required to change the predetermined fusion.

Next Lvl: 23 SP


Energy Conversion: Lvl 10

Use: This skill allows the user to convert a particular form of energy into its opposite counterpart through the use of system-neutral energy.

Level 10 Boost: Conversion Lover Increases the efficiency of the conversion into non-affinity energies.

Next Lvl: 21 SP


Space Manipulation: Lvl 4

Use: This skill allows the host to control the fabric of space based on the potency of the level of the skill.

Next Lvl: 9 SP


Body Manipulation (Lvl 16):

Use: This skill allows the host to control various functions of the body and the external features of the host.

Lvl 10 Boost: Micro Manipulation This feature allows the host to control the body at a micro-level.

Nxt Lvl: 33 SP


Absolute Sharpness: Lvl 1

Use: Anything struck enough can be cut. Each strike would draw effect without fail.???

Next Lvl: 3 SP


Calligraphy: Lvl 14

Use: It is the skill of forming symbols by hand and arranging them well so that they show integrity, harmony, and rhythm.

Lvl 10 Boost: Swift Allows inhumane pace of forming symbols.

Next Lvl: 29


Multi-task: Lvl 9

Use: This skill allows you to gradually cope up with the burden on the mind by committing more than one complicated action.

Nxt Lvl: 21 SP


Purple Qi Manipulation (Lvl 6):

Use: It allows the host to utilize the system energy to gain the aspect of ethereal purple qi.

Next Lvl: 16


Purple Demon Eye (Lvl 1):

Use: This skill allows a passive boost to visual abilities. This skill requires a continuous supply of purple qi to level up.

Note: In case of using SP to level the skill, the user must have a large holding of purple qi or the eyes of the user may be permanently damaged.

Next Lvl: 3 SP


Purification: Lvl 1

Allows the host to purify anything deemed waste into ???.

Range: 1 meter, 2 ENG/seconds.

Next Lvl: 3 SP


Genderswap: Lvl 1

Allows the host to swap the gender of the intended target. This skill does not utilize the system's energy. Higher the level, the greater the number of available slots.

Slot: 0/1

Next Lvl: 20 SP


Light Master

Use: Allows the host to gain a master level of insight in the element of light.

Next Realm: 159 SP]

"I really want to brag... looking at all this," Nik muttered once again but before his spirits could berate him, the apostle continued without missing a beat, "but this kind of rush fades too quickly. Ah, the misfortunes of a humble philanderer."

"This... is another form of bragging," Sky pointed out as Nik shrugged. "Well, then brag it is. Honestly, I don't even get to use most of these skills. Of course, this is my fortune but I guess that there is a need to level up my [Cure] skill. This combined with my enhanced [Life Energy Manipulation], I will only need to remain cautious of curses and stuff like that."

"Including instantaneous poisons. There won't be any time for you to cure such poison," Asmodeus chimed as Nik thanked her and seriously regarded the issue. "All I need to find are sick people... not from the mind but the body and we are good to go," Nik commented after a slight consideration before sitting up and stretching his body. Seeing the state of the room, Nik's smug smile turned into a wry one. The kaleidoscopic clouds were actually him combining every single element in his arsenal by the tiniest amount as they continued to nurture each other and lay ruin to his room. Having enough test practice, Nik pulled his intent to nurture the elements any longer as the cloud disintegrated silently as pure element energy wafted out of the mass and dispersed within the room.

If the elements in his control could actually explode or turn the situation even worse then Nik simply shouldn't even think the Elemental Manipulation skill worthy enough of him to invest so much time into it. Once the room had turned 'normal,' instead of using his mastery in element to clean himself, Nik utilized [Purification] which instantly produced a wave of a golden ring that continued to pulse with Nik as the center. His energy reserves started to deplete instantly as the acc.u.mulated sweat and 'dirtiness' crumbled into nothingness. This skill didn't only affect the external existence, but also his organs as all bodily excrement disappeared into nothingness, bringing a pleased smile on his face. Just with this skill, his dream of bringing anal joys to his girls without any form of hesitation could finally take place. They would have no need to actively take care of their backdoor and even eat spicy food to their heart's extent without fearing any punishment to their assholes.

{A/N: Credits to the novel Delve on royalroad for this skill and its uses.}

Once Nik and his clothes had been cleaned and freshened, he stood up and walked out of the room. After Nik's room, the bas.e.m.e.nt had long rows of personal prison that Shen Xiu felt necessary to look for when she was purchasing a manor under her name. She, of course, didn't earn any voyeur or masochist tendencies yet. The real reason for the prison, according to Shen Xiu, is to deal with 'troubles' that cannot be dealt with using 'diplomatic' means. It was this side of Shen Xiu that served to further attract Nik to her. Right now, according to her routine, she would have gone to inspect the construction site of her business complex. It could be said that all of the Sacred Family's reserves were being used to construct the lavish business complex. Although Shen Xiu already confessed her knowledge of departing with Nik, Shen Xiu decided to give her all and also groom a group of 'like-minded' managers that love money more than anything and are fed by the aristocrats hogging all the major business opportunities so that they could continue her resolve of wreaking the economy of the city into the most unstable state recorded in the annals of the city.

Walking up the stairs, Nik's eyes scanned the hallway before he registered the overbearing scent of the Empress of Monsters around Xue Yin's room in the deeper section of the manor. Thinking for a moment, Nik decided to call Klas there, too. Since Nik hadn't covered the manor with his pheromones, he could only find Gojira based on her scent. Meanwhile, Klas, aside from the physique, was quite low-key when it came to the physical marks left in the surroundings. Her scent, though sweet and mellow, was far too minute to be detected without the use of pheromones. Once he knocked on Xue Yin's door, he heard her amused chuckle alongside the words of invitations.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" Xue Yin inquired hurriedly as she stood and scanned Nik seriously before hugging him tightly while breathing a pent-up sigh of exhaustion. Over her shoulders, Nik looked at the multiple incomplete talismans that Xue Yin had been working on with spirit stones and other spirit materials necessary for a long-lasting inscription present on the worktable. "Good. Now, better," Nik smiled as he wrapped his arms around her and returned the passionate embrace as Xue Yin soon took an audible gasp before squirming in Nik's grasp. "Just a few seconds more..." Nik whispered. He felt Xue Yin's hesitation due to Klas's entrance and Gojira's amused gaze sweeping past the duo.

Helpless and slightly happy, Xue Yin didn't continue her struggle and rested her head against his chest until he broke the embrace willingly and sat on the nearby chair near her worktable before Klas bowed slightly and greeted Nik, "Master, is there anything I can do to ensure that you never fall unconscious again?"

Nik could only shrug and sigh, "Even I would want that, but this trouble just escaped my reaches. Anyway, Xue Yin, Gojira, and Klas, let's go out and get some fresh air."

Nik smiled, his intentions were obvious.

"Haaah~" Gojira m.o.a.ned in complain, her curvaceous body covered by one of Nik's larger shirt as she seemed way too interested in the comics Nik had shared with the girls as a mean to vent and control their stress, "It's only early in the morning."

"You know..." Nik muttered, "Ryu'er got some real princess treatment when we went out. Are you sure that you want to miss out on what your daughter enjoyed? Then again, the new generation always surpasses the old."

His words caused the eyes of the three girls to light up in excitement as Gojira instantly sat up, her hair slightly disheveled. Nodding at their reactions, Nik smiled towards Xue Yin, "I'll complete your workload. When you guys get ready, just call me," Nik tapped his forehead before adjusting his chair against the workable and started to complete Xue Yin's daily quota of tasks.