Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 448

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 448 Training

"I am... exhausted~!" Xiao Xue rubbed her shoulders as she, alongside her apprentice sisters, walked into the manor. The moment they stepped in, Ryu'er, for some reason unknown to her, inhaled audibly and if Xiao Xue is supposed to be honest then it looked like Ryu'er had been 'sniffing.' Seemingly, the results weren't par to her satisfaction as Ryu'er furrowed her brows. After being with Nik, there had been a certain calling within her that whispered passions of possessiveness into her ears. Either Nik possesses her or she returns the gesture and even when these thoughts started to calm down after they actually committed the deed and gloriously broke their master's embarrassment, such a feeling emerged once again when Nik feel unconscious.

Afraid Ryu'er might be, she actually, felt extremely close to Nik. It wasn't something spiritual or mental connection. It felt as if their 'existence' and condition were similar. Her thoughts, however, broke, when the four girls got to understand that Nik had left with Gojira, Xue Yin, and Klas. To Ryu'er, Ning'er, and Ziyun, their master's intention was obvious. But they couldn't bring themselves to fault him by leaving them... alone. Ziyun and Ning'er, felt that even thinking of their master 'that' way would be an err of kindness since they didn't wish to impose upon Nik no matter how many dreams they accompanied their master's bed in. However, such sentiments weren't shared by the recently entered Xiao Xue as she tilted her head innocently and smiled a toothy one.

"How about we organize a party of our own? Tomorrow will be the completing ceremony, the results have been already established. So? Let's ask for help from Teacher Shen Xiu!" Xiao Xue still addressed Shen Xiu based on her previous occupation. Her words caused a strange glimmer to shine within the eyes of Ziyun and Ning'er as even Ryu'er couldn't help but blush as she recalled how she had unintentionally 'conquered' her master. To make a man of such caliber c.u.m with a single thrust... according to her mother, Ryu'er could die happy. Of course, after that, Gojira let her intentions known that anyone who even tried to harm would have their entire lineage exterminated...

'Alcohol!' Ziyun and Ning'er seemed to have exclaimed simultaneously, meanwhile. They distinctly remember Korra riding their master's crotch as she kissed him with her hot body wrapped over him and their master's arms over their senior's butt. Gulping while merging this scene with one of their recent dreams, Ning'er and Ziyun inadvertently looked at each other and as if privy to the other's thoughts, blushed. Their desires were reflecting in their eyes and they hurriedly regained their composure!


"It's kind of embarrassing... right?"

Xue Yin inquired with a heavy flush. Her body, alongside Gojira's and Klas's, flanking her sides, stood on their fours as they faced the door with their butt high in the air as Nik stood behind, of course, completely n.a.k.e.d, unlike the scantily dressed 'sleeves' he would be soon making out of them. Unlike his time with Ryu'er, finding no reason to be apprehensive, Nik booked the room for eight hours as he was fully focused on training his new skill 'purification.' It wasn't wrong, since, his session, in fact, would start by using that skill just to make it easy for all the girls to truly stay clean while also being able to enjoy without embarrassment.

Wordlessly, Nik activated [Purification] and let the pale-gold concentric rings pulsate as the trio, forcefully stuffed with drinks and extremely spicy snakes, actually felt the 'pressure' disappear from their bodies. Realizing what had just occurred, even after Nik's description, the trio felt speechless. Although Klas didn't need to excrete, Nik still pulled her in for the fun and now feeling most of her 'unusable' minerals vanishing into thin air, she stammered with a flush of excitement, "I can eat mercury stones without any problems from now on~ Master, you are amazing!" Meanwhile, Xue Yin and Gojira raised their eyebrows in surprise. It was uncanny. Their sudden pressure and desperation to pee disappearing as if it didn't exist in the first place.

Dressed in sling bikinis that were slightly shorter so that the strings could stretch and create an amorous feel, Nik placed his hands on Gojira's dark and Klas's pale butt while leaning his face closer to Xue Yin's thonged bottom with her entrance barely covered and her fleshy sides spilling and a thin string dividing her cute pink butthole. Unceremoniously, Nik believed in his skill and took a deep sniff, making the trio shudder slightly. To Klas, this wasn't a new experience. She made her opening into Nik's harem with anal, but to Gojira and Xue Yin, the thought of their butthole getting sniffed in a dirty manner was more than arousing and complicated. They felt like their views of the world would change once they experienced this. After all, as Nik proclaimed, they didn't feel the need to excrete. Even if this didn't work out, the worse thing that could happen would be the trio getting scarred by the experience and never be willing to try it again.

Fortunately, as Nik took his hands from the two shameless buns on the side and gingerly thumbed open the second, v.i.r.g.i.n entrance of the master inscriptionist, a small smile touched his cheeks as he mentally pumped his fists. Success! The skill [Purification] might just revolutionize the entire s.e.x system as he knew. Meanwhile, Xue Yin gasped the moment Nik overlapped his lips against her butt and hurriedly tried to move only to feel the furry cuffs turning into convenient restrictions as she couldn't even move her arms. "H-hey! That's dirty, I am sure, that's literally dirty! Don't force yourself, Nik!"


A resounding spank turned Xue Yin's words of worry transform into a gasping groan as Nik raised his head with a flat stare observing her fidgeting back, "Oi... just what kind of sick freak you think of me as? I do have boundaries restricting myself, you know. In no manner am I the God of Kinks that revels in any and every fetish," Nik pushed his thumb into Xue Yin's butthole as he continued with a smile, his other hand finding itself thumbing Gojira, "Anyway, we can finally train these babies." His words made the duo tremble. More so for Gojira as the wild rut she expected to get surpassed only made her thonged bottom hotter and wetter.

"Let's see..." Nik muttered as the clattering of the 'training' equipments made the trio blindfolded girls shiver. Klas needed no training due to the difference in lineage, but still, it would be a good experience for her, that Nik guaranteed. "First, we'll start with something small. Enjoying anal s.e.x is like trying to rub one out with the non-dominant hand. It requires the ability to 'feel' pleasure. I could override your senses and make each session more pleasurable," Nik muttered. Once again, he sat upright while gazing at the three asses swaying in a mind-numbing fashion as he scratched his chin in contemplation. Surely, he could do what he just said. With his [Mirage Manipulation,] Nik could gain greater access to their nervous system and tweak their pleasure sensors but that is way too unorthodox and a 'one-time' application.

"Since I am planned to stay here for quite a long time, I might as well try things in an orthodox manner."

Picking a mini pink vibrator in the shape of a cute bead, Nik's smile grew broader as his tone sent jitters down the trio's spine and they strangely felt enjoying such a 'restrictive' treatment that even Gojira decided to be patient. "We have hours to practice. By the time we leave this room, I promise you that even when new to this, you two would have orgasmed at least 3 times to this feeling. Of course, the first time would feel the strangest, so bear with it."


"Didn't we have a party... like... a few days back?" In tow with the three women whose face still blushed in an extremely maiden-like manner, which would have been impossible for Gojira, the experienced girls could only wonder the treatment the three received. A pang of envy accompanied such thought and the girls, admittedly, would have let this emotion led them astray if not for them already knowing Nik's methods. He simply didn't hide anything from his girls. They, of course, didn't know the slight tweaks in their thoughts, and Nik didn't plan on letting them on this secret. In reality, no best relationship is the honest one, and having a single secret of his own strangely comforted Nik. He looked at the decorated living room with a gaze laced in annoyance that he didn't bother hiding. Instead of parties, he would have rather enjoyed a happy, normal dinner with 'not-so-normal' family.

"It was Xiao Xue's idea," Ziyun thought before speaking as Ning'er agreed with an affirming nod. Xiao Xue paled at the apparent betrayal and her glances of begging and desperation towards Ryu'er were met by the petite girl squirreling away on the fried beanstalks as she stood without a response. "Take it easy, everyone~" Asami chuckled, strangely in a great mood as Xiaji followed on Asami's words and picked up the cup of alcohol, "I could really make use of a party!" She spoke while letting Nik in on the favors she returned to the elder as he decided to step up and confront her. Having Korra literally break him eased the process by quite a lot.

"Yeah... I could use a drink, too," Lanruo whispered in a glum tone as if she had seen better days and downed a cup filled with dark green liquid. Even feeling Shen Xiu's gaze concentrate on him, Nik finally shrugged. "No point in being a party pooper, I guess. Xiao Xue, good work."

Nik's praise stiffened the traitorous trio as Xiao Xue's face bloomed into happiness while she hurriedly nodded and even took the initiative to offer their master a refill, something that Nik agreed upon instantly with a wide smile. The party itself wasn't that different from a regular dinner, Nik realized. It was peaceful.


[Purple Demon Eye +1]

With a slight passive boost to his visual abilities, Nik stretched his body. The examination had been concluded and the ceremony would take place early in the afternoon. Taking this chance, Nik steeled his heart and woke every single partner within the manor while sending three attendants to the Winged Dragon, City Lord, and the Xiao Family's manors to make sure that his remaining three students make it in time. But first things first.

Gazing at all the girls, including the disgruntled Gojira, Nik spoke softly.

"In reality, my life... including my two... friends, is in danger. No, it should be said that I never escaped the scope of the threat. But just suspended it. And, just like how you girls would not like to worry about my life and see me strong enough to survive anything, I wish for the same. The period of getting to know this world, for me, has concluded. Unlike my last three adventures, this world has the means to grow stronger at a pace unknown to me. I am restricted by the system, but you guys aren't."

His words made the girls slightly somber. They knew about certain truths regarding Nik and it was only due to Nik's own carefree attitude that they had been able to screw around this much. His words acted as a bucket of cold water that the life of their man had been under a fatal threat and this particular thought seemed to motivate Gojira way more than others.

"In the next two years... I am sorry, but I am going to have to whip you all, metaphorically. Of course, I can whip you literally, too, if you want that~" Nik chuckled, "But, it remains the truth that you guys have the opportunity to gain powers that can even make me feel envious. It would also serve as a foundation of your future growth because I can promise you that spiritual energy isn't the strongest form of energy in existence."

Nik thought before smiling, "From now on, instead of training your martial arts every day, I will instead use a few methods under my belt to achieve the same results without much practice. Of course, practical experience can be gained here," Nik tapped his forehead.

"Instead, I will focus on three things. Your physical quality, and spiritual cultivation. Things like experience need time, something we lack, but those two things can be pushed beyond the realms of understanding once enough investment is utilized."

The girls nodded. Xue Yin showed slight hesitation since she wasn't accustomed to physical workouts but once the girls realized that Nik's plan included the construction of Gravitational nets that would actually readjust based on the muscle movements surprised them to no ends. Using the level 10 boost of the gravitation manipulation, Nik could weave the net far more easily and it wasn't hard to create more than 14 consciousness clones that connected to his partners and actively monitored their body to readjust the gravitational multiplier by a minute level.

Surprisingly, Gojira's limit turned out to be the 6 times the natural gravity, further testifying Nik's claim regarding the possibility of their limitless growth. A few, like Pen Hua, and Asami tried to escape sneakily but this turned out to be a fruitless endeavor with Nik smiling gently and placing the gravitational weave over them once again. Once Xiao Xue, Ning'er, and Ziyun arrived, Nik taught Xiao Xue the most advanced and complicated form of his technique that achieved the participation of almost all the musculature of the body that weren't connected to extremely tender organs and instead of his 'automated' gravitational force field, Nik placed the remaining duo in a basic 50% incremental treat.

Much to Xue Yin's and other 'non' fighters' satisfaction, Nik didn't force them to stay in the backyard once they completed their basic jogging after a few hours, instead, he candidly stated that he would start preparing medicinal baths that would simultaneously increase the vigor of their spiritual energy and also mend their bodies simultaneously.

Nik, however, didn't even try to interfere with the further choices of their spirit rings, much like Xue Yin, many of his partners sought specialization, and in reality, Nik simply 'spoke' of his desire to get them stronger, but his 'mind,' once again, exposed to them, could be easily understood as Nik simply wished to make the best use of his time remaining within this world. They would have lots of 'fun' surely but turning his entire life into fun without dealing with actual, tangible threats is plain stupid that even a whore like him knew. In fact, out of all the girls, Nik only expected Gojira to turn into a powerhouse. Ryu'er was now categorized in a literal anomaly and Nik didn't try to predict her growth. After all, the strangeness of the ravagers was way too great.

As his gravity manipulation and multi-task were mobilized and trained simultaneously, Nik and the girls continued to stay within the manor and just commit to themselves until two hours were left before the ceremony and everyone decided to take a bath to wash off the filth. At this point, the eyes of the three women who had already experienced [Purification]'s effect flickered and their cheeks flushed unnaturally.


"All right, you won't be entering! Have some shame already~ is what Shen Xiu said before pushing me out of the big bath."

Nik sighed as Shen Yue nodded silently. Both of them sitting at the opposite end of the bath with their bodies soaked in the warm, hazy water as Nik tilted his head in confusion.

"Anyway, why were you sleeping until now? Usually, you are up and ready to go before sunrise."

Pulling his hair back, unconsciously giving him a sharp image, Shen Yue shrugged helplessly, "Aunt will also he going to the ceremony in the capacity of the Glory Center. Since you are to be there as a teacher, she seemed it fitting for me to accompany her as the young boss of the center."

'I should try to grow my hair till shoulders... no, that is a trap. It won't look good on me... well, it won't suit me but it would definitely look good. Hmm, a beard is the way to go.'

"Hmm? How about having a long wavy beard? In my time, men used to have it all along~" Asmodeus chimed as Nik furrowed his brows, imagining himself in a long beard while waving his hand over the fluff all day long as he 'mentored' his partners.

"That sounds... strangely kinky,' Nik replied as Sky hummed in approval.


Hearing Sky, Nik suddenly thought of something he had almost forgotten, "Hey, Sky, when do I get to know your real name?"

Hearing this, Lilith and Asmodeus snickered strangely as Sky sighed, "Unlike the two more s.l.u.ts," her words pulling a mewl from Asmodeus and a snort from Lilith, "I am what you would classify as a 'real' spirit of this spiritual world. After 'we' went through many things, I was born alongside your soul, turning me into the current existence I am. Now, there is only one condition to understand 'me' in this case and that is to... well, just give it time."

"Cryptic like usual," Nik groaned internally as Sky seemed to be shrugging her leather wings, "What can I do, you simply haven't qualified. You neither have the form of energy needed to synergize with us spirits. You also haven't gained control of your soul. You should know that the previous incarnation of me had conquered its spirit and gained another path to become stronger... ah, what did we call that plane... something of a 'living' reapers society. It's controlled by another Rank 9 being and is acknowledged as an orthodox path of soul cultivation."

Sky's words made Nik sigh. Now he preferred the cryptic version since the details itself sounded like a drag.

"Um... Nik?" Shen Yue spoke once again as Nik's eyelids jumped and looked towards Shen Yue. Seeing that he had gained Nik's attention, the youth continued, "I have been thinking that... um... could you tell me a few things about... R-ray?" Seeing Shen Yue's cheeks flush, Nik sighed.

"Sure, I don't know Ray for long... but ask away..."


A/N: Instead of showing how 'dedicated' Nik is in his training since I have already described his craziness once he get serious more than once, I may write about the incidence in training instead.