Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 449

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 449 Invitation

Nik had to give credit to the worker of this city. It only took them a few hours to remove all the temporary fixes on the martial grounds that were the foundation of erecting arenas for the completion and once again lay a better, 'lavish' site for the ceremony that would be personally hosted by the City Lord alongside an expert of equal capabilities San Mo, the principal. Dressed in a loose, traditional robe picked by Shen Xiu and Lanruo simultaneously, Nik waved his fingers across his hair, pressing a few loose strands back as Lanruo hurriedly pointed out, "Hey, that hairdo looked great!" Her tone held a slight tinge of a complaint as the pinkette was the one who handled Nik's hair against his wishes.

"It felt slightly... itchy. I don't think I can get used to 'intentional' strands over my forehead," shaking his head and making his hair rearrange themselves, feeling the familiar spots scratched by locks of hair, Nik smiled, " this feels better."

"But you should look better. This is your event, after all."

Lanruo hugged Nik's arms. After they all got ready, Shen Xiu suggested leaving in pairs with Lanruo instantly claiming Nik as her right of being the first fiancee... of this world... well, she is technically the first to engage in an official relationship with Nik but the thought of him having fathered a woman made her 'title' seem a little fickle. "And? I am the kindest master and that title is enough for me. If it wasn't for my disciples, you guys' insistence, I would have preferred sleeping. Can't have too much sleep after all."

"First," Lanruo pouted with her gaze turning flat, "You will win the title of the most debauched master only. Second, didn't you say that your time of 'lazing' around is concluded."

Shameless, as Lanruo proclaimed him to be, while they walked through the street at a casual pace that allowed the couple to enjoy each other's warmth, Nik smiled widely and explained how much of misunderstanding Lanruo caught herself in, "Didn't you hear me? 'I' and whipping 'you.' I can't get considerably strong in the areas I want you guys to grow. With enough time, your skills would reach the required level, meanwhile, I will focus on my skill since my body's overall quality would be hard-pressed to any changes."

"In essence, I will continue to have fun, sleep, and commando all your asses."

Giving a toothy grin to Lanruo's flushed pinch, he chuckled mildly and pulled Lanruo closer as he didn't even bother keeping the gazes of other citizens away. They should be allowed to look at his divine form every once in a while.


"These kids have proved themselves talented and smart in the way of cultivation," Standing on the raised platform with his hands behind his back and a somber expression on his face, Ye Zong spoke with his voice rumbling and a perverted principal averting his gaze from a few specific females that are rumored to be close to the strongest 'non' cultivator of the city. "We all can rest easy knowing that the cultivators succeeding us are not irresolute and have what it takes to defend the city when it really counts."

Hearing till here, Nie Li's expression turned solemn. His mind once again dived into the apocalyptic event for the city where the Sacred Family betrayed the entire city and ran off. Now that he had a second chance at his life, Nie Li could breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the two major obstacles of the city's growth Sacred Family, and the Dark Guild had been eradicated by the efforts of a single man who had won Nis Li's respect and slight admiration.

'Gin' Nik.

And now, after seeing the sheer improvement in his liver of the previous timeline, Nie Li felt even more indebted. The art of teaching couldn't be practiced easily. Shen Xiu was the most obvious example of this fact and now, strangely, Nie Li felt his anger subside, only by a slight amount, knowing that Ye Ziyun, in fact, has grown considerably close to Shen Xiu as Nik's disciples, including Shen Xiu, stood together in an eye-catching group. However, much to Nie Li's surprise, Shen Yue had been accompanying Ye Zong, instead of pestering Ye Ziyun as he did in the previous timeline.

'All right, I have reached the rank 14 yesterday. My accomplishments have already surpassed my previous version. With the shadow spirit (abyss lamp in the holy Orchid ruins) as my first spiring ring, I have outgrown my past version by leaps and bounds, not to mention my master level insight into power and other concepts.' Nie Li mapped out his achievements as Ye Zong continued, 'But there is much to achieve. I need to earn money quickly. With my alchemy recipes, once I enter the Alchemist Association after this vacation, I'll be able to gain a large number of spirit pills that will increase my cultivation at a pace even quicker... I also need to find a way to help Du Ze's mother. Unfortunately, my progress in the purple demon eye technique is rather pitiful without any breakthroughs yet. Since this is one of the rarer skills that need certain physical requirements to gain insight into concepts, my insight into 'vision' has fallen to the abyss.'

The purple demon eye technique took minute threads of purple qi set off right before the sunrise. Now that Nie Li needed to cultivate this technique once again, he recalled how slow and pitiful his journey had been. Meanwhile, Nik planned his own method.

'Targetting Nie Li might be my seventh-best choice after all. I don't even need to focus on martial arts as my insight into 'speed' had already turned master. It is strange why I still didn't get a skill for it, but that's beside the point. All I need to do is mooch off the treasure and focus on training the butts of my students, kekeke.' Nik's eyes seemed to be glimmering with a lewd smile on his face. The glimmer in his eyes was due to him actively producing purple qi and train his eyes according to the method described by the purple demon eye [skill] as his knowledge about the technique grew by a considerable margin. This skill had leveled up once again now that Nik had decided to focus on it and slight knowledge and details about the skill were added to his mind. Meanwhile, the lewd smile on his face was just a natural reaction to his debauched existence that didn't seem to favor the peace of the female kind.

"Hey, teach, don't smile like that. The other girls around us are feeling hot!" Korra whispered in a hurried note as Nik looked around and found every single female existence focusing onto him. This wasn't due to his smile though. After all, even if his charm stat was quite great, he still restrained it not look 'disgustingly' handsome but a humble, rugged god that can f.u.c.k any woman into submission. "It isn't my smile. From now on, one of my skills regarding... you know... will remain active at all times. So be a doll and guard me against any woman trying to tear my clothes and force themselves on me~"

Nik cooed softly as not only Korra, but the other girls in the vicinity rolled their eyes. Meanwhile, Nik turned his face to directly peer towards the top of the library, and knowing that another humble goddess is waiting for further commands, Nik mouthed with a gentle smile on his face continue.


"Ahh~ Oh gods!" Samya dragged her tone. Her completely exposed body crouched over as she fervently rubbed her cute little clit poking out illicitly with her other hand pinching her fat n.i.p.p.l.e extending from slightly large and obscene a.r.e.o.l.a as her 'free' gaze let locked against Nik. His debauched, shameless smile sending pleasurable shivers down the spine of the goddess.

'Ah... no more... please... this feels too dirty... too shameless. I cannot continue this~' Although Samya begged, the act of begging itself caused her h.i.p.s to buck while clenching her jaws. Her body was completely soaked with her sweat and juices as she finally dug one of her fingers into her tight entrance, instantly sucking onto her finger. She seemed far inclined to stop internally but once again, the goddess of justice felt her body moving in a justice of its own as Nik's commanding tone made Samya squeak while pulling a soft squirt out.


'So cold... so bold... ohhh, he could easily replace the existence of the evil dragon that started the war and become the first to 'fall' quite easily.' However, if Gojira were to be privy of this extremely cute goddess' thoughts, she would instantly proclaim that her aphrodisiac man is far more capable then a pathetic dragon god.


Once again, Ray felt slightly creeped out when Ye Han looked towards Nik from the corner of his eyes as Ray himself observed Ye Han from a corner of his own.

'Suspicious... this guy definitely smells a bitch in heat... she's practically flooded. Is this some stealth skill... or a stealth martial spirit?'

Ray mused. Anyway, there was certain confidence within him when it came to women targetting Nik. But still, it was the 'crazy' hidden in the eyes of the woman that made Ray feel a little tense. Nik had proved to be a helpful partner and a friend. The fact that Ray had already abolished the idea of him trying to hook up with Nik like the moment they first met showed how great their relationship had improved. If something were to happen to Nik, Ray would likely fall into his previous state. Sure, there was Brian who was also a friend worth knowing, but their ideas and taste didn't match at all. Nik was like the best friend that the person shares his/her weirdest fetishes with while Brian was kind of an 'elder' cousin whom you could only look up to. Sure, even though that wasn't the case to the point, it wouldn't be far away if there was a considerable difference in their ages.

'Damn that Nik... always attracting the craziest of the crowd...' Ray cursed before feeling Shen Yue's concerned gaze and looked at him with a smile and shook his head. 'Man... this Shen Yue is a typical softie with a cold exterior... how cute~' Ray's smile turned eerily similar to Nik's, attracting a major half of male crowd and even almost making Ye Zong slip up as he, too, was caught up by the smile of his niece-in-law.


"Ehm" Ye Zong coughed, his cheeks feeling hot as he continued, "All the students whose teams had reached the top five in their respective classes are invited to join me and my family's banquet to celebrate my son's return."

Ye Zong concluded. This public announcement of the invitation was merely a statement as letters and inviting gifts had already been sent to their families. Now that his formality was completed, San Mo took the stage and surprised the students with a wondrous eloquence before remarking the schedule of each student to get their spirit rings. He conveniently freed Nik from the responsibility of all the students that weren't his disciples and even though the bias was easy to look at, once Nik took the stage and candidly addressed his remaining students' issues by simply showing how much he would be busy with helping his disciples itself, the students felt their anger dissipating. This would have been hard if Nik hadn't been so accommodating to all his students but all of them knew how good Nik was to them within the confines of being a teacher as now, he wasn't only the female students' main reason of attending the classes but also the males and the small portion of mixed delinquents.

Attending Nik's classes was fun and he had already raked a sky-high reputation. When Nik thought of leaving his duties as the teacher while exposed to the bright and happy expression of his students... Nik instantly readjusted his decision. No way he is going to stop seeing their happy smiles. He loved being a teacher!