Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 450

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 450 Plans

While Ray continued to think on how to convey the 'threat' Ye Han currently posed, once the ceremony was concluded and the crowd started to disperse in preparation for the banquet set in the evening, Nik thought hard on two issues confronting Ray about the other soul that may probably belong to his sister and pulling Ryu'er away to discuss anything she might have realized about herself in the past few years. In reality, even till now, Nik couldn't think of any positive argument in favor of exposing the situation to Ray that could compete with the demerit of risking his life. Though friends and companions, what would Nik had committed if he found that the soul, and quite possibly, the consciousness of his hypothetically dead lover ended up within Ray? Could Nik have the galls to wait and just see things through? Could Nik even try to further risk the chances of his lover disappearing completely in case something happened to Ray?

The answer was obvious to anyone who knew the slightest bit about him and similarly, Nik knew Ray. Their friendship still had boundaries and once these limits are treaded across, all bets are off. In comparison to potentially turning Ray into an enemy out for his blood and extract the soul from his body the most simplified manner of preserving a soul, according to the Soul Times Nik felt far more comfortable discussing things with Ryu'er and he did just that as he ignored the pleas of the bountiful goddess, intentionally leaving the 'lying' woman out cold, Nik pulled Ryu'er by taking her hand, despite her embarrassing flush and gazes of the crowd. Waving at his students and girls before taking his leave, Nik and Ryu'er soon found themselves leaving the premise of the institute as Nik let out a sigh of relief. Just like Ray exposed the other day, Ye Han, in reality, did not hold any saber within her pants and instead sported a heated dungeon ready to be explored. The 'best' part was, Nik could feel the 'crazy' in her eyes and the apparent disguise that even Ray couldn't figure it out.

While proficient than Nik in the matter of illusions, Ray fell short when it came to 'observing.' He had a physical talent Perfect Eyesight, that allowed him to even observe the slightest of twitches in the deepest corner of the bodies if focused. From the beginning, despite the full effort to disguise, Nik easily saw through Ye Han's movements which were too 'feminine' in his eyes and there as an extremely thin layer of skin over the 'figure' since the reactions of her body were delayed by minuscule moments. Now that he knew that Ye Han wasn't an 'unfortunate' guy with a hint of p.u.s.s.y but an actual female in disguise, Nik could feel relief.

'Now then, the matter at hand...' Nik's grip grew a tad tighter as Ryu'er could feel Nik's... embarrassment. Tilting her head up, Ryu'er looked at Nik's face while he avoided any direct eye contact. The moment of him turning a one pump chump was still engraved in his mind but suppressing his immaturity since all these 'flaws' within him fell short when it actually came to his survival, Nik led Ryu'er to a desolate corner of the western region of the city. Such spots were extremely easy to find. In fact, the only reason he didn't wish to continue this talk within the manor was due to the fact that if Ryu'er does know anything about it, he would rather have them chat alone far away from their place. Nik hadn't gotten strong enough to shake off the fear of the unknown and in reality, even without overtly interfering with the girl's life, his concerns remained genuine.

"Say, Ryu'er..." Nik spoke as he took out two chairs from his spatial ring. Standing within a dark alley felt a little awkward. "Do you know anything about ravagers?" Nik inquired softly and as if Ryu'er had been waiting for the question, she smiled... in pride? Nik grew confused before he flinched as Ryu'er raised her index and a thin stream of extremely familiar quality of black mist leaked and leaped around Ryu'er. "Did you mean this, Master? I have this... skill that I just know I can use. It's called Ravager's Blessing that can only be used once on the mate of my choice. Seeing that master is the best, I thought of bestowing the blessing the moment w-we... c-c-connected..." By the end, Ryu'er's words had already turned into hushed whispers while the black mist actually turned its color into a smoking pink one while Nik blinked in a daze before completing her sentence, 'and making me c.u.m in a single push... well played, disciple...'

"So you do know what ravagers are?" Nik asked with barely concealed excitement.

"No, master," and Ryu'er dashed all his hopes before continuing, "This..." she gestured towards the roiling mist with the tilt of her gaze as the color soon turned murky black once again, "is pretty tame... I have been controlling this for like... eight months after actually being born. Aside from that blessing which gives me the feeling would have the best gains for the target, it doesn't do anything else... in fact, I don't even think that my... father had it," she whispered, slightly concerned that Nik might put a distance in between herself and him once he realized that she was merely an output of another man's work.

Honestly, if Nik even knew this, he would shrug it off as the 'side-effect' of this world's upbringing. If it were up to Ryu'er, she would have clung onto Master even if he were to be her blood father. Still, Ryu'er's words and actions did provide Nik a whimsical insight into the so-called blessing as he tried to move the mist surrounding his spiritual world but the action ended in a failure as the mist, for the first time, conveyed a deeper thought within Nik as if it was a sentient existence.

'Must protect soul... invasion too deep. Alternative paths needed.'

Just this form of communication, which Nik could no longer continue, turned this conversation with Ryu'er into a successful one as he requested Ryu'er to instantly communicate if she felt anything strange. Before leaving, just to make sure, Nik did inquire Ryu'er if she could access her spiritual world, which she replied with a tilt of her head in confusion as Sky cleared his doubts saying that the spiritual world is not accessed by the spiritual energy but only strengthened slightly. The way to access the spiritual world, at least, the orthodox one is to jump-start the connection with peculiar soul energy. Of course, since Nik's method was different, as he inadvertently got access to the spiritual world using his evolution as the medium, Nik also didn't have to go through the 'side-effects' of the orthodox means.


The City Lord's Mansion glowed akin a setting sun during at night as many citizens gazed at the scene with an awed expression. Such banquets were a rarity after Ye Zong became the City Lord since he took his work sincerely but the fact that his adopted son became the youngest rank 4 spirit master made Ye Zong compelled to hold a rowdy banquet out of sheer pride and happiness. The guests arrived on time with the lower level family heads arriving quicker than those from the stronger side of the aristocrats. Nie Li, alongside his family and elders, walked into the banquet. Since such an event proved to be a massive boost to the social standing of the aristocracies, the family heads didn't stint of bringing their elders. Accompanying his father and mother, Nie Li looked around, his gaze first sweeping through Ye Ziyun, admiring her current form as she wore a ceremonial purple robe with golden embroidery and her long hair tied into an elegant bun, then, Nie Li looked around, locating Du Ze and his mother accompanying Lu Piao and his family while and finally, he found Nik sitting at one of the corners of the banquet with only a single woman at his side Gojira.

Ryu'er was forced to accompany Ning'er and Xiao Xue as they made their way towards Ziyun who had been sending them glances to save her from the incomparably boring situation. Meanwhile, the group of teachers dragged Korra away just to tease her and let her have some non-violent interactions with other living beings. Lanruo naturally turned to her father. She still didn't forget her duty as a noble and even enjoyed taking part in slightly haughty conversations with her 'noble' classmates from the genius class. All the while, Shen Xiu continued to lay ruin to the family heads she had leverage over. By now, her individual reputation and control of the market, even without actually having opened her trading center, could rival a middle-level aristocrat. This only made other people feel fear at the scene of her opening ceremony.

"Master, I brought snacks."

Klas whispered, slightly creeped out by the man of honor Ye Han's gaze landing on her. Aside from letting this fact known to master, Klas kept her mum as she placed a platter filled with all kinds of snacks present in the banquet right in front of Nik. Just like others, instead of her usual outfit, Klas wore a traditional gown that made her look like a young princess that attracted even more attention than some of the more beautiful young mistresses of the families present.

"Hey!" Gojira complained as she saw the dishes while smugly pointing at the area right in front of her, "Where's my treat, cutie?"

"Who the hell do you think you are talking to?" Klas furrowed her brows as she stood beside Nik religiously, letting Ye Han's gaze shift on Nik once again as Gojira narrowed her eyes, "A person who lost her rights of life."

"Not to you, but master," Klas smoothly countered, her emerald gaze glimmering as she continued, "Do not mistake my servitude to slavery, monster woman. You don't have an ounce of charisma when compared to master."

Sighing in exasperation, Gojira plopped on her table, effectively placing her large bosom on the surface as she attracted Nik's slightly heated gaze, "Niik~ Where do you find all these crazy women from..." The dark-skinned beauty complained as she too, had to walk into clothes that were barely comfortable. Only Nik looked the gaudiest but the most comfortable of all since he plainly toggled the visibility of his equipment and displayed the duskgold set presented to him as a gift, pleasing all of the girls around him greatly.

"Well, in my defense, I have a natural talent." Nik had already started eating the snacks as he gestured Klas to sit beside him, which she dutifully committed as a third part approached their table. Even though the trio took the least popular table, it was easy enough to understand that the 'popularity' of a seat depends on the identity occupying it at the end of the day. With Nik literally eclipsing all the cultivators, the crowd close to his table was nothing to scoff at.

"Um... It seems that you are in good spirits, Master Nik. Thank you for taking care of my daughter all this time."

Xiao Yunfeng approached and greeted with a wry smile that testified his understanding of the situation and slights committed by the elder of his family. Knowing his intentions, Nik waved his hands, "Please, it is of no matter. He is physically... and mentally dealt with. Since you might be losing out an elder, it is I who needs to apologize." Hearing his reply, Yunfeng's expression turned even more awkward. What else could he do? If it were someone else, even if his family had been in the wrong, Yunfeng would have definitely asked for compensation for the losses at the very least, but the thought of getting a beating worked in wonder as he retreated with another note of apology.

"This is so boring~" Gojira and Nik chimed simultaneously.

"You could try to hook up with a new damsel, right? That ought to clear your distress," Asmodeus chimed as Nik groaned, "Why do your words always suggest that I think from my d.i.c.k... but... that idea isn't bad... nah, the only reason I am bored is that this is my third party in the span of a week. And if it had been a party with music, then so be it. But this... is just a social gathering with old dominating the initiative and turning everything political... that's just... boring."

"Gojira, why don't you smack a few arrogant snobs here and there just to make this party more fun?" Nik inquired as Gojira scoffed, "When did I become your tool to relieve your boredom? Anyway, do you think that I am 'that' senseless?"

"Yeah!" Nik and Klas chimed as Gojira's lips twitched, "Hmph, what do you guys know? Back then, my followers loved to party and slaughter villages just to entice me to plasma beam the mountain off! That was what we called creating a ruckus."

Hearing her, Nik's eyes glowed as he inquired in excitement, "Then, let's enter the consciousness pool."

"Ohh, that's right! I can always turn to my previous form in that realm!" Gojira's massive chest heaved in excitement when the table was once again approached by a third party. This time, Nik's expression grew slightly pleased as he looked to his side and found Nie Li accompanying his father and extremely voluptuous mother. The woman had her hair done up as her dress accentuated her bubbly, buxom body quite nicely, attracting a few stares from the crowd but as the trio reached Nik's table, the stares retracted once again.

"Mister Nie and Misses Xiao, it's a pleasant surprise to meet the parents of one of the geniuses of our class. Please, have a seat."

Nik stood and gestured towards the duo politely as they both smiled in embarrassment after receiving such a warm welcome. Even Nie Li's admiration towards Nik grew by another note as they all settled on the table. Without missing a beat, Nik smiled and introduced his companions, "She is my attendant and disciple, Klas. Meanwhile, she"

"I am Gojira, mother of one of Nie Li's classmates. Please to make your acquaintance." Gojira's fluency raised Nik's and Klas's eyebrows in surprise as Xiao Yun, Nie Li's mother, tilted her head with a wide smile as her bosom jiggled while she placed her hands on the table, "It is our pleasure, Miss"

"Just address me with my name..." Gojira's smile was slightly weird. She would be damned if Nik didn't have any thoughts regarding a woman of Xiao Yun's caliber. Even she wanted to have a piece of this buxom treat. "Ah, then please, don't hesitate to call this one with her name, too, Gojira~" Xiao Yun smiled. Meanwhile, Nie Ming cupped his fist towards Nik, "I have heard from this little troublemaker that you would be gracing our family. I am sure, his cousin sister would he extremely happy."

Meanwhile, form afar, the elders of the Heavenly Marks Family nodded seeing such a scene as the Patriarch of the family showed a pleased expression and started to chat with another lower-level aristocrat.

"Don't be like that, Brother Nie," hearing Nik's words, Nie Ming felt extremely flattered as Xiao Yun took furtive glances towards Nik with an undeniably charming flush on her mature face. Seeing a man of such caliber humbling himself towards the lower ladders within an already weakened family... such heart and mentality really tugged on Xiao Yun's heart.

"Ah, Teacher, please excuse me."

Seeing that his parents were already got on good terms with the 'key' that would allow Nie Li to get to know Ziyun again, Nie Li left after making an excuse. In the eyes of the elder, he was still a child and if his presence remained, then the a.d.u.l.ts wouldn't be truly able to get to know each other.

To such thinking, Nik praised Nie Li as the reincarnator left the table and allowed Nik to order drinks from the waiters provided in the banquet rather than letting Klas run the errand.

[Oh, that woman... is a natural talent... anyway, do I get a shot at Nie Li now?]

Ray inquired from the other side of the banquet as Nik thought seriously before stating in a resolute manner, [2 weeks. I'll break him enough so that you and Yar can dazzle him and take a firm control over him.]

[That sounds really assuring... but can you do that? In two weeks?]

Ray inquired as Nik shrugged. He wouldn't feel bad by breaking off the happy family. This further testified to Xiao Yun's charm.

[Well... it should be fairly easy. I just need to enter the family first. After that, it might take from 2-3 days to turn Nie Li into a complete enemy of my existence before I break him and then let you 'heal' him.]