Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 451

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 451 A Teacher's Kindness

'What is she doing with Nik? Did she betray the dark guild and survived?' 'Ye Han' thought internally as 'she' suddenly corrected her words, 'No... with Nik defeating the demon lord, he himself has the right to lead the dark guild. With that in mind... Klas... that little minx. She never betrayed the dark guild but instead joined the newest boss before anybody else... and seeing her so chummy with my new master...' Ye Han's breathing grew slightly rough as she contained his glare. He hadn't become that brainless to expose his truth just due to someone else getting a headstart.

Ye Han's gaze then landed on Ye Zong, who kept pulling him around. If it wasn't for Ye Han's strength being slightly lower than Ye Zong due to his natural affinity with indirect fights, he would have surely sliced Ye Zong in half the moment he dared touch him. "Nephew Ye, what do you think of your future endeavors? If you give it your all, you may become the next rank 7 master like Lord Ye Mo and even adventure outside the city."

One of the elders spoke, trying to pull a 'political' on Ye Han as Ye Zong beside him fell embarrassed since there was no way an outsider would be able to inherit his position.

'The original Ye Han did had such intentions... oh, well, his body is already acting as manure to some spirit herb. Now, there is no Ye Han but an Elsa, hehehehe~'

Ye Han snickered internally as he recalled how he killed the original Ye Han by draping his appearance. The thought of his anguished screams and flowing blood once again started making him feel 'wet.' Not losing his smile however, he shook his head and replied to the elder accompanied by a mild chuckle, "Elder Mai, why not leave the future uncertain. It's not like you or me can affect it in any manner. Of course, if you did find a way, be sure to share it."

Ye Han grinned before bowing and excusing himself from the group of old coots but the moment he left the elders, he was surrounded by his 'friends' from the genius class.


"Ah! I must attend to a friend of mine," Nie Ming waved towards a middle-aged man and excused himself when Xiao Yun also stood up albeit reluctantly. She had been having a great chat with Gojira as the easiest conversation between mothers is praising their children. Leading with this, the duo soon changed into other topics regarding housework and as such. The revelation of Gojira and Ryu'er staying in Shen Xue's manor surprised Xiao Yun greatly but even that couldn't compare to Nik's offer, "Brother Ming, why drag sister Yun to such chats. These matters must be dealt with alone. Sister, why don't you accompany Gojira for a further chat, she could really use your company since she hadn't been comfortable for a few days..."

Hearing this, Nie Ming nodded readily while Xiao Yun inquired with a hesitant expression. Her eyes wished to continue gazing at Nik but her mind countered the thought. "Is that all right? I feel like I am imposing"

"Then, stay here. I could use some break, sorry for troubling you, brother Nik!"

Nie Ming broke into a wide smile that stunned everyone on the table and soon made Xiao Yun feel embarrassed to the extreme as she sat down with her head lowered. "Oye, Nik! Definitely cuck him! I really, really, have come to hate such template hentai husbands with no clue how needy their wives are!" Asmodeus growled, clearly agitated by all the stuff she read during her free time as Gojira seemed to share the sentiment when she called the most dangerous of alcohol on the table and gestured Xiao Yun to sit beside her.

"Ah, once again, I am really sorry..." Xiao Yun whispered with a smile as she sat down near Gojira. However, Xiao Yun had trouble imagining when she had taken a seat in between Nik and Gojira as a result. "Please, don't be..." Nik shook his head and raised his cup before downing the content meanwhile, Gojira drained her cup devoid of any alcohol and spoke in candor far surpassing Nie Ming's previous words, "It must be troublesome... let me guess, the troubles started after your kid was born?"

"Ah! Sister Gojira what are you..."

Tongue-tied, Xiao Yun couldn't find words as not only Gojira had pointed the truth, but this was also due to Xiao Yun already have found a method to cope up with the situation. Drinking from her own cup, albeit, at a moderate pace, Xiao Yun looked down and muttered softly, "In truth... every marriage in the Heavenly Marks Family is the same. Even for my younger twin sister..."

Nik almost shattered his wine cup as the trio spirits yelped within his mind. Meanwhile, Xiao Yun continued, taking a shy glance towards Nik but when faced with his comforting smile and a strange sense of ease around him combined with the effects of alcohol, Xiao Yun grew slightly courageous, "And... um... to keep our marriage working... for our kids... me and my sister, ehm... we... w-we helped e-each other."

She stammered while almost burying her head into her bosom. Meanwhile, Nik directed the gazes of everyone around him away from him as he mentally commented, 'God bless yuris...'

"Must have been hard... the same urges haunted me after my husband left this world. Leaving me and my daughter alone, but... I came with an even better arrangement... with someone possibly far better than your younger twin..."

Gojira muttered shamelessly while letting her hand fall on Xiao Yun's thigh, a contact she didn't refuse and looked towards Gojira strangely.

"Well, I shouldn't be saying things under the effects of my drink~" Gojira smiled as she leaned back and took her hand while giving Nik a signal. Of course, Nik couldn't touch Xiao Yun outrightly, but he needed to show interest in the rejected beauty. Pouring the drink for Xiao Yun personally, making her feel flattered and spoiled, Nik smiled and tilted his head before saying kindly and... extremely vaguely.

"I really wish if there was a way to help you... Nie Li is a wonderful student and his success depends on the conditions within the classroom and his house... I would feel extremely bad if I couldn't do anything to help Nie Li..." Sighing deeply, he chugged down the alcohol while Klas picked the conversation. Seeing the silent beauty, that even attracted Nie Ming's 'you-know-what' gaze, speak, Xiao Yun herself felt enchanted after hearing all about Nik's kindness. "Master, you cannot say that. You have helped teach so many kids and even then... you wish to help more and more students... you even allowed poor sister Gojira to enter our manor and help her groom little mistress Ryu'er..."

Gojira really loved the days when Klas actually felt intimidated by her but it looked like sharing a bed and doing things that aren't even invented in this world really breaks down one's reputation.

Hearing Klas, however, Xiao Yun blanked for a moment as she recalled Gojira's previous words regarding entering an even better arrangement.

'Could it be... no, impossible, right? Isn't Master Nik engaged to Huyan Family's mistress and his previous colleague, Shen Xiu? They wouldn't possibly have...'

Before Xiao Yun could complete her inner monologue, Gojira spoke up, "Well... anything for Ryu'er, right?" Giving an extremely suggestive smile, Gojira winked while Nik nodded candidly. "Ryu'er is a rare talent and an obedient student... she shouldn't have to feel any absence of a man in her family."

If Xiao Yun still had any doubts, Nik had dashed all of them away as Xiao Yun felt her face heat up and looked down on her b.r.e.a.s.ts without letting out a single squeak. She only focused on drinking and wishing for her husband to quickly come her way and extract her but one look around and she felt incomparably annoyed when she was Nie Ming laughing and chatting with the wife of their family friend rather happily. This caused Xiao Yun to slightly suppress her inner fears and drink at a pace far higher than the debauched trio's expectations.

With a face flushed and breathing hot, Xiao Yun felt Gojira's hand falling on her thighs once again. As if expecting something further to happen by getting pulled by the dark-skinned beauty, Xiao Yun suddenly recalled the addition of Nik to the mix, making her heart flutter. Just the thought of an exotic looking woman with a curvaceous figure embracing Xiao Yun from behind and a rugged man with an extraordinary figure like Nik driving his tool deep into her tight... and surprisingly waiting dungeon made her shiver slightly. If it wasn't for her taking measures against the tight clothing and bandaging her bosom lightly to keep them in shape, her n.i.p.p.l.es would already be poking out of her clothes.

"S-sister Gojira... I think that we drank too much~" Xiao Yin couldn't help but drag the ending into a hot slur as Gojira smiled and traced her fingers closer to her crotch beneath the table as she tilted her head with a smile, "What is sister this and that? Just call me Gojira... as Nik does." Cooing softly and making Xiao Yun's heart itch, the mature lady stuck in between the monsters looked towards the monster with the dong and practically begged since he could see all of Gojira's deed and didn't even hide his rather substantial bulge that made the drunken Xiao Yun gulp every now and then.

Realizing that Xiao Yun has already been in an extremely tense state for quite a while now, Nik removed the tiny dome of pheromone and concentrated on Xiao Yun as he gently patted her back, making her yelp softly as she hurriedly looked towards Nik's face. Matched with his clear gaze, Xiao Yun felt her face heat up. "Sister Yun... I apologize but I must ask of you to give me and Gojira some privacy..."

He spoke while smiling wryly and showed no intention of hiding his relationship with Gojira as the woman nodded hurriedly and stood up before bowing to the two and letting her large package jiggle. Feeling the duo's stare while also keeping an eye on Nik's erection, Xiao Yun soon felt slightly accomplished when her body elicited yet another twitch within Nik's pants.


"Did we really have to let her go?" Gojira licked her lips as she gazed at Nik's packed tool while he shrugged.

"It was either that, or having Xiao Yun now... truly, it wouldn't have been a problem, but I am not the type of person who would let her go back to her husband once the deed is done... and I guessed that since she has a twin sister, making an enemy out of her family by just snatching away one 'talent' is stupid."

"Oh, I almost forgot she had a twin sister~" Gojira smiled as his partners soon started to return to the table, this time truly becoming the center of attraction as only one man accompanied all the beauties that would kiss the dreams of men within the banquet. Seeing this, Xiao Yun's expression grew slightly blank and she turned her face to look towards her husband, who now chatted with another friend of his. Once again looking towards Nik and seeing him handle all those women with such tender affection, Xiao Yun would have been lying if she wasn't green in envy. And the further realization of the fact that the prowess needed to 'maintain' such a large group of girls made Xiao Yun fidget every now and then as she let her fantasies run wild... she now needed her younger twin more than ever.

On the other hand, Nik's table was reached out by the person that attracted Ray's attention. Looking to his side, Nik saw the handsome youth with his long black hair managing to look more gruff than feminine. His pale yellow eyes matched gazes with Nik's violet hues as he politely bowed.

"Master Nik... I have heard so much about you. Forgive my ignorance of not greeting you earlier, but as they saw, the best thing should be left for the end..."

Saying this, Ye Han looked up and tilted his head with a genuine smile, "Would you perhaps honor me by accompanying me for a drink?"