Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 452

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 452 Crazy

Led into the inner rings of the City Lord's mansion and invited into what looked like Ye Han's room, Nik took a seat on the edge of the bed. By now, Ye Han had already let go of his pretenses and made sure that Nik understood this fact, too. Once they both were alone, unknown to Ye Han, Nik had already swept the surroundings with his pheromones to check for hidden danger and turn into one themselves. If Ye Han showed any strange movement that might lead to Nik's injuries, the apostle wouldn't hesitate to activate his pheromones and let 'her' body crumble into waves of orgasms. In reality, that is the kindest way in Nik's arsenal to defeat any female opponent.

Inhaling deeply and letting the sweet scent lingerie within the room settle into him, Nik looked at Ye Han. Now, it was either Ye Han was actually a physically 'dual' person or this was merely a disguise. Quite fortunately, with a deep smiled, Ye Han's skin melted in a strange manner that creeped the hell out of Nik as the 'goo' entered back into the body of an extremely appealing figure with waist-length black hair contrasting with the changed healthy skin tone and a pair of lovely purple eyes that matched Nik's hues in intensity and desire. Unperturbed by her n.a.k.e.d figure exposed to Nik, the woman rubbed the spatial ring tenderly and produced a set of loose pajamas that she instantly donned while moving and bending in a manner that was highly motivated to give Nik a great show.

Once clothed and her hair tied into a rather hurried ponytail with thin locks still reaching her slightly rounded cheeks, the smile on the woman's face grew even wider as she knelt on her knees and placed both of her palms on the ground. With a tone reaching the level of reverence, she introduced herself. "Master Nik, my name is Elsa Granhiert, the daughter of the previous Demon Lord and the recently demised Demon Lord's 'prize.' Now, please do me as you see fit." Concise, just how Nik appreciated but in this case, he would still need a little more context. Seeing that the woman named Elsa wasn't intent on humoring the idea, Nik rubbed his chin, wishing this to be one of the moments where he could have used a rather long and brisk beard to wave his hand over and decided to go with Elsa's engagement.

Anyway, it wouldn't be the first time he would be f.u.c.k.i.n.g someone without getting emotionally attached to the partner. But... "Why don't you put your daggers away first? If you have already been someone's 'prize' then surely, you understand that any form of blades can kill the boner." Maybe Elsa had strange tendencies? Nik wasn't the one to judge, but anything that might become a threat to his brother, whether intentional or unintentional, must be dealt in a similar manner Removal.

Furrowing her brows, Elsa shook her head, rather adamant about keeping the hidden daggers into her sleeves. The thought of how her current master knew about her weapons didn't last long as she stated plainly, "My weapons will never leave my side. Now, master, have your way with me or I shall be forced to disembowel you."

"That's some sick play..." Nik praised as a yawn escaped his lips. He wasn't intent on playing this stupid game where the lack of information would cause further misunderstandings and might even endanger his life. His time of having s.e.x without the most basic knowledge of his partners had been concluded and he wasn't willing to go back to his previous ways. Snapping his fingers and readily invading Elsa's body with his pheromones, Nik soon took control of her mind enough to 'suggest' his opinions that would get accepted by Elsa. Feeling hotter by the second, Elsa's gaze grew from subservient to hungry and predatory. Restraining herself from touching her e.r.o.t.i.c bits before her master proved herself worthy or a failure, Elsa's indignant growl was cut short by Nik's inquiry.

"Just spill it, will you? Engaging in dirty talks can come later."


'So... this girl is crazy in the head. Probably due to her oast traumas likely inflicted by her father. Well, any person enjoying the title of Demon Lord can never be sane... but to sleep with the man who slew her father... yea, her entire existence might be twisted. Hmm, so according to her, I am supposed to be the new Demon Lord... it does sound enticing. Well, she is enticing herself but the position would allow me to access multiple resources... right? But the problem is, there is a high chance that the moment I accept the terms, a mission would pop. If the rewards are great, then fine. But if it isn't... then it would be problematic.'

As Nik sorted the information presented by Elsa and carefully eyed her panting figure. Nik didn't try to elicit personal information that may break the thin control over her. Since she had already gone through much, at least, this much is suggested by her mental health, Nik's control over her mind in secret was a hard-fought one. If he accidentally tugged on her trauma then the result might be counterproductive. Even now, Elsa seemed to be on edge the whole time.

"Hmm, get up," Nik stated, completely immersing himself as the person in command without actually accepting anything, and to his words, Elsa stood up, her light pajamas loosely tracing her perky bosom, erect n.i.p.p.l.es, and wide h.i.p.s. Seeing the violet-colored pajamas that easily conformed to the standards of the modern society with the buttons and the collars, Nik made an inner note to inquire about all this and took out a watch to look at the time. He really didn't want to get caught in all this mess, but now that he knew what 'Ye Han' was and how much of a help it would be for him, Nik decided to tackle the issue Elsa proved to be.

'The banquet would probably end in two hours... and even if she is hot... can I risk it while she is wielding daggers hidden beneath her sleeves?'

The three spirits within Nik's mind didn't even think of deigning the inquiry with an answer as Nik stood with a smile that caused Elsa's heart to thumb unnaturally. "Oh, before we start. What happened to Ye Han? Don't tell me you were acting as Ye Han the whole time?"

"No, Master," Elsa smiled sweetly. This, alongside the heavy flush and m.o.a.ning breaths, created a tantalizing image that proved enchanting enough. "I gutted him and then sliced his bowels before doing the same to the elder he was traveling with~"

'So... hot...'

Nik could hear Asmodeus' giggle followed by Lilith's groan as Nik smiled and cautioned his mind. He already knew that Elsa would try to attack him if he couldn't dominate her as the new demon lord. Of course, Nik would be stupid to not take the offer but he still decided to play it safe. Crazy chicks are definitely hot but it wouldn't take long to die at one's hands if not careful enough.


"Hahaha, young master Ye Han and Master Nik sure are taking their time! They must be chatting about young master's further progress." One of the elders commented before shifting the conversation towards the group consisting of Ray and other genius class students, "But to think our family is blessed with such talents... Ye Ziyun with her innate full spirit, Ye Ray with her twin spirits and now Ye Han, too..." The elder didn't complete his words but a pleased smile touched his cheeks.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the banquet, the table occupied by Nik's partner, Gojira gaze Xiao Yun one last glance with a suggestive smile that made the woman avert her gaze before Gojira looked at the others present. "This feels a little awkward, don't you think? Aside from our time on the mattresses, we never grouped together."

"Consider it a trailer for the outing tomorrow," Shen Xiu remarked as she gave her nephew a lasting stare before sighing deeply as she found how engrossed Shen Yue had been while chatting with Ray. "Oh, come on. It feels like all the blame would fall on me!"

Lanruo stated with a pout before looking around, "By the way, where is Nik?"

"Oh, he is probably going down on someone. His scent is all over the place." Gojira's reply attracted everyone's attention as if wanting to learn more about the situation.


Elsa's gasp was cut short as she instinctually pulled her blades out to gut her new master only to get her wrist caught in a timely manner and her lips sealed as a wonderful sensation alongside an equally sensual scent touched her senses and made her pretty eyes widen in disbelief. "I told you didn't I, throw them away while you can," Nik whispered as he broke the short kiss and peered into her eyes. Seeing the struggle in her gaze, Nik thought for a moment before sealing her lips once again. He didn't need to have pity on a woman with a slightly darker past. ****? Sure, Nik had been r.a.p.ed, too. Lost parents, bingo, he could make a club. So, unwilling to go easy on the woman who had invited him only to attack him out of nowhere, Nik pushed her senses to their extremities, plucking away her ability to even resort to her spiritual skills before it was too late.

Letting his skills continue to override her perceptions and using [Mirage Manipulation] during the kiss to make Elsa far more l.u.s.tful than bloody dangerous, Nik continued his act until he felt Elsa slowly limp over him. Her hot, damp body threatened to melt against him as her widened gaze had long narrowed into l.u.s.t-glazed haziness that continued to compare and insult the Demon Lord's previous technique compared to the current one. Just this kiss seemed more than enough to prove the new demon lord's competence. After all, she was the one who actually managed the Dark Guild and if there is a man who can satisfy her on a level of orgasm with a mere kiss, then surely, he should become her owner and lord.

"Lord~ Oh, Lord! Please, let me touch you~!" Elsa whispered, her mouth still reminiscing the taste of her new Lord's saliva as her desire to hold this perfect creation in her arms grew. Her itch of slowly riding her new lord while continuously slashing his stomach to shred reached to heights that she had never bothered to imagine and yet, when facing Nik's gaze, she seemed to feel all her thoughts completely exposed to him. Surely, he would enjoy that, too, right? The color of his bowels exposed to the world.

Easily observing a huge amount of 'crazy' emanating from Elsa's gaze, Nik's lips twitched as his grip over her wrists tightened. Whatever she had in mind wouldn't be fun is what Nik believed and being close to the bed, he sat down on the edge of the mattress once again and pulled Elsa onto his lap face front with her thighs stretched out over his crotch and her plump, modest rear placed near his knees. Manifesting functional cuffs this time, under Elsa's astonished gaze, Nik bound her arms and even though Nik knew it for a fact that such item may not work against Elsa at all but willing to take his chances to use his arms, Nik let go of Elsa's arms before planting his palms firmly on her butt covered by the silk pajama and his lips overlapping Elsa's once again. Feeling her kinks and fetishes getting suppressed while her wish to buck her h.i.p.s reaching to an immeasurable peak, Elsa actually rotated her arms a full 360, giving Nik a minor shock as her cuffed arms hooped around Nik's neck and brought him closer as she pressed herself against him even further, feeling her hot b.r.e.a.s.ts mush and deform against his rock-like body and her owner's surprisingly large tool, the sheer volume of which she had never experienced before.

After all, the previous demon lord didn't use his true spirit guard every time they went down on business. As her thoughts diverted, she felt Nik's arms slithering into through the hem of her top, his hot arms gently comforting her back as she gasped into his mouth while her arms around Nik's shoulders tightened involuntarily but soon, she found Nik's arm moving towards her front, steadily moving up her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.ts as her body grew hotter and wetter. Just Nik's appearance was enough for her to continuously rub her fingers against her moist entrances time and again.

Finally, as the burst of her girl squirt finally registered into her mind the moment Nik cupped her b.r.e.a.s.ts beneath her loose attire, Elsa couldn't help but feel slightly terrified.

Could she even try and manipulate the man in front of him how she manipulated the bastard who gave birth to her and the delusional lord who wished to conquer every and anything?


Elsa Granhiert