Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 453

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 453 Unwanted Attention

"Ohh~" Elsa let out a hot sigh. She never felt such... 'tended' before. The sickeningly sweet feeling worked wonders and stopped her from breaking the metallic cuffs over her wrists as she continued to lay on her stomach, her pajama shirt still stuck over her damp body, making it slightly uncomfortable but with Nik's face sticking close to her butt and his lips overlapping her lower, wet lips, her first oral s.e.x to be particular, seemed to sweep all her past manners of handling her 'bosses.' With the gaps in between her thighs extremely short, only allowing Nik's face to scooch in as his firm hands spread her butt cheeks apart and ate her wet p.u.s.s.y while keeping her legs from arching up by his bodyweight, Elsa gulped every now and then, letting the slightly languid feeling settle within her body as she felt becoming a putty of warm flesh only willing to be handled tenderly by this man only.

"L-Lord~ Is my taste fine?" Elsa inquired in hushed whispers as the bed she had already tainted with her scent now once again grew soaked with her body's juices. Her sensational honey continued to drip down Nik's chin as he replied Elsa's inquiry with a flick of his tongue into one of her deeper weak spots, eliciting another sweet but composed m.o.a.n. Already through a single use of [Purification], Elsa wasn't spared through her first anal probing as Nik's thumbs started to press her asshole. Finally, for the first time, Elsa felt her consciousness buzz, making her bite the edges of the pillow that used to act as her new lord in these recent days. Elsa already knew an illicit relationship when she sees one and Nik's relationship with so many girls was quite a sight to behold, this, of course, allowed Elsa to set the bar high but Nik seemed to be shooting past every single boundary of her expectations.

Feeling the familiar pressure build up once again, Elsa didn't try to suppress her desires since it wasn't likely to get beaten up for showing her true self to her new lord and with a suppressed grunt into her pillow, she squirted once again, her nectar pouring straight into Nik's mouth. This was one of the strange things about his skill [Purification.] While it cleared out the excretion and other infected portions within the body, working as a makeshift [Cure] but with a weaker effect, the skill itself never cleared the orgasms of the target. This led Nik to believe that the 'waste' targetted is decided by the user's mentality.

Lapping up her clear orgasm with a pleased expression since his mutated tastebuds enjoyed a woman's drink rather than a delectable wine, Nik finally sat up and rubbed his forearm against his chin and cleaned his lower face. Matching his gaze with Elsa, who looked back with a slightly heated expression, Nik smiled and placed his palms on her butt again.

"Hey, how many times it's already been? Do you want me to continue?" Nik inquired with his juice laced fingers digging into Elsa's continuously twitching flower. "Y-you won't harm me if I ask anything of you, right, Lord?" This was the case from the beginning the moment Elsa realized that Nik wasn't that intent on 'dominating' her with power and injuries but genuinely enjoyed the act of s.e.x itself, just like her. From then on, for the next hour, she had already squirted into Nik's mouth with her h.i.p.s bucking quite shamelessly but feeling addicted to it, she asked her Lord to treat her in the same manner he had been doing till now.

"T-then, please... do the same~" Elsa whispered in slight enthusiasm, making Nik nod. Though he was already hard as a rock, his exposed member testifying to the gesture, Nik couldn't help but feel that Elsa was experiencing this... her p.u.s.s.y getting licked for the first time. But the moment he leaned down and licked her entire crotch with the broad of his tongue, making Elsa feel stiff, Nik prodded Elsa's slightly darker butthole with his tongue, making Elsa yelp in astonishment. But she didn't make any gesture to refuse her Lord's touch as she felt her tight hole invaded by the thick, meaty tongue. The act itself made Elsa feel a slight tingle but she had already experienced her whole self getting 'cleansed' so she didn't feel that her Lord had highly questionable fetishes. Feeling her ass being spread and Nik's fingers starting to penetrate her lower hole and rub her swollen clit, Elsa hugged her pillow tighter than ever and felt her anus clenching against Lord's devious tongue.

"Mmgh~ Lord, what is this?" Elsa inquired but never expected any reply. She just wanted her Lord to continue pleasing his dirty little prize. She fully expected to receive her punishment when her Lord was done, after all, this has been her life. Manipulative she might be, but her life wasn't devoid of excruciating pains that would turn into her nightmare occasionally. Now that she was getting such tender affection, Elsa couldn't help but get addicted to it right from the beginning.


"Is this girl for real?" Nik groaned in a complaining tone as he looked at Elsa sprawled over her bed with the sheet beneath her crotch soaked with her orgasm and her asshole still twitching every now and then, letting Nik see her pink innards. Meanwhile, with a thick drool, Elsa slept like a child, her face aglow with a warm smile that seemed to reduce Nik's annoyance by a large margin.

"What should I do with this, then?" Nik still grumbled as he stroked his indignant member. If he still had those living onaholes provided by Mirage then it wouldn't have been a problem, but they were 'purified' by the blessing of the ravager. Now, Nik found himself unable to control his own member, just like the time when he was ejected out of the time realm within the pages from Kaal's notebook. With a deep sigh, Nik took out a bedsheet and dr.a.p.ed it over Elsa before using thin bandages to tie his member against his thighs. Leaving a small note of departure and how he wouldn't be present within the western region of the city for the next week, Nik walked out of the room and cleared out the scent to prevent any stupid rumor of him hooking up with 'Ye Han.' With that, the moment he returned to the banquet, he found that his girls had already taken an early leave, leaving the three disciples with their parents.

Making sure that all of them were up for the outing tomorrow morning, Nik took an early leave but not before meeting with Nie Li and his family personally, venting a slight amount of his frustration by pulling a rise out of Xiao Yun.


"What is this?"

Early in the morning, Yang Xin woke up on her desk, like usual, and saw Ning Xin silently placing a small note. "Oh, Director. I didn't want to wake you up. This note is received from the Glory Manor. It was marked for you so I didn't read it."

"Hmm, thanks," Yang Xin yawned and scratched her head before taking the note. As expected, it was from the rogue that left her dry and hanging clearly stating that it wasn't his intention to do so as if he could read her easily. Next, the note stated his departure from the city to collect the herbs from the region affected by the poisonous mist and how he would 'love' to meet her and discuss their previous engagement during the most awaited auction.

With an uncharacteristic pout touching her cheeks, Yang Xin groaned and plopped back on her desk... like usual, and slept away with a small smile on her face as the note found itself placed snuggly in between her cleavage.

Similar to Yang Xin, the moment Elsa woke up, she hurriedly put on her disguise and found the note on the desk that stated how her Lord would be out enjoying the forest and only return during the auction.

Such treatment, however, wasn't received by a certain Goddess who continued to change her 'offerings' and played with herself night and day, clearly forgetting how much of a respected being she was in the past and her title as one of the humanity's strongest goddess, possibly slightly lower than the Fire Demoness of Destruction.


"All right! I want to find the hundred-year-old L.u.s.t Manticore and a Romanji Python for both of my spirits!" Ray proclaimed as Nik gave him a flat stare before inquiring with a grumble, "Tell me again... why did you even follow our group?"

The girls were quite far ahead so that they couldn't hear both of them. Ye Ziyun, clearly felt surprised by the addition of her sister-in-law but seeing the slightly annoyed look on her master, she didn't openly state how much of a pleasant one this surprise turned out to be.

"Oh, don't be like that~ We barely get to hang out now. So, when Ziyun told me about this camp, I couldn't help but feel excited. See? I didn't bring any guy with me, this shows my sincerity!"

"Sincerity, my ass! Let me make this clear, I would be focused on teaching the girls more than anything. Pleasure and relaxation are only next to training. So, you will also enter my regime now. No complaints, right?"

"Nahhh~ But how s.e.xy! Hey, would I get a spanking if I don't do things right?"

Ray jested as Nik smiled softly, "A little birdy told me that your dream is to bed a dragon... how about I lead an actual one to you? Hmm? Surely, his d.i.c.k won't just come out of your mouth~"

Ray stiffened as Nik snickered.

"Of course, no spanking for you! Only my good girls get spanking!"

Nik huffed before gesturing Ray to pick the speed. They could have chatted through their team chat but Ray refuted the act. According to him, they should start doing things differently, and at least, get comfortable around each other. Of course, Nik wanted to point out that they were plenty comfortable around each other.