Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 460

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 460 Camping: Luck

Sleep came easy with full stomachs since tonight turned out to be one of the rarer nights of no passion but plain old sleep of satisfaction as the girls went down with their hands running over their slightly inflated abdomens. Moon joined the fray but sensing the danger from the tent belonging to the Godzilla mother-daughter duo, the fluff shifted into Lanruo's room as her 'scent' seemed to be the most pleasant. Taking charge of the night duties since Nik himself didn't have the need to sleep, he made sure that no little birdy flaps out for another round of feeding since they needed their rest. The remaining portion of the night, Nik treated himself to Nie Li's dream. By now, even Nik felt that the total saving of more than three-hundred-year was barely worth dozens of dreams as he could feel the quality of information and techniques received from Nie Li decreasing at a steady pace. Of course, it was already a pleasant surprise to find his insights into martial concepts reaching the realms of a master. By now, his overall integration with master techniques had effectively surpassed Elizabeth, Saeko, and Shigure.

Passing the remaining half of the dawn to cultivate his purple demon eyes, Nik failed to pull another level up but he reckoned that a minor increase in his technique might just kiss him tomorrow morning. Just as he was starting to get bored, Xiao Xue walked out of the tent she shared with the other three girls. Her body still in a traditional robe instead of her training outfit. Honestly, Nik had trouble understanding how such a baggy robe could be comfortable than a training outfit but refraining from commenting on the situation, he jumped down from the branch of the tree near the camping region. Of course, he didn't have any need to perch on a branch but just the thought of 'feeling' the action of scouting the region compelled Nik to sit over a branch and stretch his legs out.

"Master, you should rest, too," Xiao Xue bowed and greeted lightly. All her awkwardness seemed to have swept away after a blissful sleep, making way for the next round of embarrassment that she would be afflicted with today. Shaking his head, Nik scanned her before inquiring, "Do you feel any discomfort? The change in pace might be hard to adapt," Nik inquired while beckoning Xiao Xue over to him. Hesitant for a moment, Xiao Xue still complied and walked closer to Nik. However, the expected action pertaining to her master's reputation never came as a continuous ring of soft gold light emerged from Master's body and covered her. At first, she didn't understand what was going on but the moment she felt her mouth turning fresh, her eyes devoid of any morning goo that would need removal from the corner of her eyelids and the fact that her morning 'urges' had already been placated, Xiao Xue couldn't help but yelp.

"M-master, this..."

"Camping and experiencing the act is fine, but going too far to enjoy refreshing in the woods might get dangerous. Once other wakes up, I'll help them out, too," smiling, Nik gestured Xiao Xue to sit on one of the smoothened rocks that Nik slashed with his bare palm for a total of three times. Once the master-disciple pair took their seats, Nik thought for a while before taking out a piece of paper and started writing down a scripture silently. Once finished, he passed the scripture to Xiao Xue.

Reading through the contents, Xiao Xue's expression grew astonished once again as her clutch around the paper tightened and her hands trembled. "This will be today's training. Don't feel to overwhelmed, Xiao Xue. You are my disciple now. Anyway, this mantra isn't even the strongest one but this is the most suitable one for human beings. Its name is Foundation Mantra," Nik lied. In fact, this was the best mantra within Nie Li's memories that not only boosted the absorption of the spiritual energy marginally but also had a detoxifying effect on the body. In essence, when the spiritual energy is absorbed using this mantra, certain points within the body would be cleared that itself would increase the pace of absorption passively. The best part of this technique was that it did not change its effect based on the affinity of the user and also served to heighten the senses of the user by a considerable margin. Since Nik didn't enjoy the thought of giving his disciples a technique named Heavenly God Technique he changed its name to Foundation Mantra.

"Master... thank you," Xiao Xue took deep breaths. She came here to learn from Nik and the fact that her master was willing to give out such a broken mantra, far more powerful than her own family's mantra, really made Xiao Xue curse herself for not beating down any and every idiot spreading the rumor about master. Making it her next goal to bruise the culprits black and blue the moment she reached the city, Xiao Xue bowed slightly only to feel Nik's hand over her head.

Stroking her slightly unkempt hair, Nik replied with an easygoing smile, "It's fine, it's fine. Just focus on the mantra. Oh, of course, don't share it with others. I can take your word on that, right?" Nik inquired as Xiao Xue hurriedly nodded. Raising her head with her master's warm hand still on her hand, Xiao Xue spoke with a firm expression, "Of course, master"

"Ah!" Korra walked out with a yawn before stopping in her tracks. The sound attracted the master-disciple duo as they turned their head to look at the sly smile on the thick bear as she cooed, "Sorry, sorry. Didn't want to interrupt ya, teach. Well... I'll be going back~" Retreating into her tent with a smile, Korra left Xiao Xue red-faced as she hurriedly stood up, finally realizing how intimate her master's kind actions might look in front of others. Having your head patted... how i-illicit! Bowing towards Nik, she left for her tent silently, not daring to look back as she could feel her master's gaze still roaming over her, which further intensified her shame.


Once Nik had shared the mantra with everyone... well, except Ray, who could only pout unless he had something of equal value that should not have a hole, Nik used his [Purification] on the girls and effectively freshened them as they showed relieved and relaxed expression. This time, the task was to actually find the herbs pertaining to the region. Asami and the three teachers made sure of the fact as they dispersed in anticipation for the bath that would make them 'soft' once again. With the girls leaving Klas, Ray, Nik, Moon, and Sunny alone, they sat down for another round of UNO. This time, even Klas joined after Nik's relentless persuasion.

Just like Gojira stated, Moon grew extremely languid. She sat over Nik once and would only yawn continuously without moving a single inch while enjoying Nik's affectionate strokes over her head. Sunny, on the other hand, jumped around the trio. His fluffy golden tail waved around in a soothing manner that calmed the trio in a state of relaxation as the golden furball would continuously strut over to Nik's lap and eye Moon before gently pawing the side of her face before tilting his head curiously.

"Meow~" Sunny called out softly before licking his own paws as Moon issued a lazy purr, making Sunny nod in understanding before it jumped on Ray's lap and mewled with a tone of demand as if compelling Ray to stroke his head just like his silver counterpart got the treatment.

"Umm... reverse... sorry master," Klas spoke with an embarrassed smile as Nik picked up four cards accompanied with Ray's cackles as the succubus happily rubbed his hand against the golden head. Well, Nik's luck wasn't bad since the two cards out of the four were the legendary draw fours. With a conspiring smile, Nik threw in another draw four... yet again, with a complicated expression, Klas placed her reverse card once again.

'Yeah... maybe not that lucky...'


With their game concluded, the five of them moved out. Moon found her comfort in Nik's tunic while Klas found her eyes attracted to the position time and again. Today, even Nik had his own plans for his spirits. Since Ray had already demonstrated how Kitty and Hissy might have communicated with him for their requirements to unlock their true forms, Nik didn't feel the need to hide his own understanding on the matter and started planning to get spiring rings for his three spirits. Lilith had already bagged three spirit rings followed by Asmodeus who had absorbed two spirit rings compatible with her and finally Sky, who had a single spirit ring. So, Nik planned for the Holy Bees found quite a bit away from the camping region. After Sky absorbs a spirit ring, Nik would help Ray hunt down his own required spirit ring, only one of them, before moving onto Asmodeus, and the cycle would continue.

"Say," Ray opened up while pushing one of the low hanging branches away, "Why don't I trade you that mantra for a night with Yar? Hmm?"

"I don't need a mantra for that," Nik shrugged, "It would be an exchange of pleasure, after all."

"Heh! Like you can please me, stud~" Yar's voice emerged from Ray as Nik's expression remained impassive. Klas, beside him, furrowed her brows but she didn't say anything. When beings of pure l.u.s.t interact, a 'normie' like Klas would only embarrass herself. While Nik wished to coil his arm around Klas's waist and pull her in for comfort, he suppressed his intentions. After all, should they be ambushed by a slightly stronger spirit beast, the three would need their mobility to tackle the situation.

"Well..." Nik spoke, but his expression changed as he instantly slammed his foot to the ground, creating a barrier of gravity around the trio that would work as a physical repellent, "There's something dangerous! I'll distract the presence while you take Klas and run."

Nik hissed. He didn't know if Ray had the [Life Vision] or not but his eyes were almost blinded by the presence. The sheer life-force suppressed all of Nik's desire to check out the presence. Ray and Klas, similar to Nik, showed a pale expression. Alas, while Klas instantly stood beside Nik and Ray retreated a little behind while eyeing the violet barrier in front of Nik with a hint of surprise, the man-sized, snow-white worm with a black snot and pure golden eyes finally emerged from the slight deformity on the ground in front of them. Though beautiful and cute with ten pairs of legs and ten concentric golden rings over its inner region, Nik held his urge to run-up to the beast and pet it. After all, there is a time and place for everything. The appearance of this beast brought great pressure to the trio. Even the gravity barrier couldn't stop the sheer mental presence brought by this spirit beast as Sky's words rang alarm within Nik's head.

"Run! Hurry! That's a million-year-old spirit beast!"

'Run, where?' Nik felt his vision turn dizzy but before succ.u.mbing to an unprecedented confused state, he hurriedly took out his [Smite Token] while spreading his pheromones to resist the pressure. As if attracted to the scent, the worm finally shifted its body and straightened half of its back to 'stand' and look towards Nik with eyes that were markedly predatory.

"F.u.c.k it! I am attacking it and that's your cue to run! I have another method if this doesn't work so move!"

Nik hissed and waved his hand with the gravity infused elemental energy pouring out of his body and turning into a deep purple cone right in front of him. The surroundings close to the cone twisted in a mind-numbing manner that made Ray's eyes widen. Gravity Cone, a method of condensing the gravity with the area near the point shredding and colliding against the area near the surface of the cone. In essence, the stab of this cone would grind the area in an extremely grotesque fashion and its speed was far better than other condensed shapes.


A deep growl resounded within the trio's mind as Nik shot the cone towards the midsection of the worm when suddenly...


The body of the worm twisted with a sickening crunch and under the trio's astonished expression, the worm was torn into half. The shock was even dangerous for the three spirits that sucked in a cold breath.

[Host has killed the first million-year-old Skydream Ice Worm.

World Root Gained: 7.9%

Total World Root: 28.55]


Nik wheezed as he felt drained. He had never pushed himself in a single attack by this much. The condensation of gravity itself brought great pressure to his physique and if it wasn't for Nik's level 10 boost Condensation, he wouldn't have been able to condense anything other than a simple barrier and gravity rune over the girls.

Just like Nik, Ray and Klas were stumped, too. But when they saw the white-gold spirit ring emerging from the corpse of the ice worm as its green blood drenched the land, they snapped back to attention. Instantly, Nik handed moved his hands in wild gestures while placing down a large empty tub as he controlled the flowing blood and filled the tub to the brim, effectively draining the blood before placing it within his inventory. Next, Nik eyed the slightly golden glow on the head of the beast. Noting internally to check for a possible spirit ring, Nik placed the corpse within his inventory, too. He then looked at the two behind him and smiled only to see Ray frowning in annoyance.

"Umm... I just gained another spirit..." The succubus stated, "This guy," pointing towards the floating spirit ring, "says that he had been finding a host for himself for the longest time. But since you killed him, its spirit ring would now get practically wasted because both of us are not able to absorb it in our current condition. In his words... it's the ring of gods..."

"Oh," Nik didn't feel too stumped. This is what Sky stated a moment ago alongside the most satisfactory way to utilize the spirit ring. "Apologize to him from me... it's actually good that he lives. Can you confirm if he wanted to hurt us?"

Nik tilted his head as he continued to spread his pheromones to clear the scent of the beast. Who knows what this weak monstrosity brings alongside its scent. Meanwhile, Ray closed his eyes. For a minute, aside from the rustling trees, everything fell silent. Meanwhile, Nik continued to comfort the terrified Moon as the pressure brought by a million-year-old spirit beast might have been stupidly wreaking.

"No, it says. Oh, by the way, this spirit is named Skydream Ice Worm... and he has some strong opinions for you. He also says that if you hadn't killed him, then he would have chosen you as his host."

"Tch, I don't want any male presence in my head. I guess, we both profit from this but..."

Nik looked towards Klas. Although she had awakened her spirit after coming to this world, just like the duo, she still hadn't absorbed a single spirit ring. In fact, Nik had already shared his knowledge regarding the effect of absorbing compatible spirit rings and even if she had no access to her spiritual world or the fact that her spirit wasn't sentient, Nik had slight confidence in compiling the list.

"Master... you are safe. That is the best outcome for me."

Klas whispered as Nik nodded in understanding. Then, under the surprised gazes of the duo, Nik spoke plainly while beckoning Gojira to hurry to his location.

"Protect me... I'll be committing another pro gamer move..."