Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 462

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 462 Skydream's Misfortune

"Haa~ This was the best... who knew using the mantra while enjoying the bath would have greater effects. Nice one, Xue'er~" Asami sighed hotly as she tilted her back in a manner so e.r.o.t.i.c and sensual that it even made the 'experienced' women around her gulp. Averting her gaze, Xiao Xue felt her cheeks burn as she instantly tried to play it down. She still didn't feel comfortable enough to have elder, more beautiful women, walk in nothing but loose robes during the night without even a single piece of underwear or the use of sarashi to cover their poking n.i.p.p.l.es. That, accompanied by their 'fresh' tinged skin made the entire camp akin a paradise for men who would do anything to enter. "T-teacher, I just tried the Foundation Mantra by accident. I didn't mean to"

"What teacher? We all have the same status in here," Asami smiled as her natural, rosy red lips curved with a hint of a smile, "I am the elder 'sister.' Just address me that."

"Y-yes!" Xiao Xue spoke hurriedly as Pen Hua and Nik continued to prepare a meal. This time, instead of using a single pot and preparing a single dish at a time, Nik didn't refuse Pen Hua's help and set her up a similar stove combined from fork ended branches and a bonfire. She started preparing the Crowned Alligator, meanwhile, Nik took out a green-mane lion's cub before preparing the meal. Though he wasn't fond of cooking, as Nik looked at the girls chatting around happily with the flickering glow of the campfire reflecting on their faces, he couldn't help but feel infected by their smile.

In reality, after hunting for this green-mane lion, the entire hunt went southward when they failed to one-hit a thousand-year-old fog serpent. The cruel chase the trio had to bear was the reason why the three, alongside Sunny and Moon, went to the lake and quickly got rid of their muddied and pathetic appearance. Looking at the slightly gloomy Ray dangling his legs aimlessly while sitting beside a ruddy Ziyun, Nik couldn't help but snicker and poke fun at the pouty succubus.

[Don't feel that bad... the fog serpent, like its name, was in a foggy state when it bit your ass~ Well, still want to hunt a thousand-year-old spirit beast when none of us are at our best?]

[Ugh, shut up, will you?] Ray rolled his eyes and sat straight while giving modest inputs within the conversation on how to maintain one's skin. Not that the girls of this world needed such techniques since almost all of them were endowed with a beautiful appearance and tender skin. [And... I'll have my revenue tomorrow!]

[Nope, tomorrow, I am helping the girls get their spirit ring. Korra and Gojira will be assisting in the matter but even that would take us an entire day since this trip is more educational than anything.]

Sighing to himself, Ray didn't reply while Nik focused on cooking itself. With only Ning'er glancing towards him occasionally, Nik felt this as a perfect opportunity to give a little 'Nik' to Pen Hua. After all, they barely get time to spend together and even if Nik continues to go on dates and other 'training' events with his girls, a little spontaneity wouldn't hurt anyone, right? Looking to his side, Nik scanned the blue-haired beauty. Her waist-length hair was pulled up by a traditional clutcher as a thick bang of her hair traced her left side, giving Pen Hua a 'professional' charm. Alongside her greenish robe that only stuck to her curves while remaining loose pretty much everywhere, Nik smile and converged a thick pheromonal tentacle infused with Hamon to give it a 'substance' while stretching it out to interact with Pen Hua's body. In particular, Nik's slimy, invisible tentacle slid into the neck of her robe before coiling around the base of her right b.r.e.a.s.t, making Pen Hua's eyelids jump in surprise as she turned her head to match Nik's grin with an astonished expression and an unnatural flush on her cheeks.

"H-hey, Nik... everyone is right there~" Pen Hua stated, her words not denying his play but accepting the excitement brought by the situation as her lips curved into a bright smile, "So... just a little squeeze won't be enough... you practically took most of them out in public... do me, too~ Like them..." Pen Hua cooed extremely softly, her voice barely reaching Nik's as if she had been muttering under her breath while Nik nodded with a bright expression. While he wanted to use his own fingers, the situation would soon devolve into another orgy and that is one of the greatest hazards to be committed in a forest filled with fatal beasts that could tear a human to shreds. So, whipping out another condensation of his pheromones, Nik moved it towards the hem of Pen Hua's robe as it slithered in, slowly tracing over Pen Hua's left thigh while making her fidget slightly. Her hands, however, kept cooking in an orderly fashion.

The fact that Pen Hua wasn't wearing anything under provided a great deal of ease to Nik as opposed to her wishes of getting played with, Nik expertly controlled both the Tentacles and actually moved them around her body. By the time Pen Hua realized Nik's goal, it was too late as her b.r.e.a.s.ts seemed slightly pushed up due to thick, invisible 'ropes' tied around her b.r.e.a.s.ts and body before illicitly covering her fleshy entrance in a manner that the thick rope dug into her vulva and a thicker knot of 'ropes' pushed against her butthole. Stopping a hot sigh from leaking, she turned towards Nik with an indignant glare.

"N-not this~!" She stammered, "I want you~" Pen Hua m.o.a.ned, the slightest rise in the pitch of her voice finally attracted Xue Yin, who sat nearest to the group as her body stiffened instantly. The feel of her body getting restricted by tantalizing ropes, though satisfactory, couldn't make Pen Hua feel as good as Nik himself. The thickness lacked the 'toughness' of Nik's fingers while they couldn't even compare to sheer monstrosity hidden beneath the flaccid member. However, not minding Pen Hua's frustration, Nik hummed a pleasing tone while 'branches' formed from the inner portion of the ropes covering Pen Hua's lower holes, instantly impaling her as she gasped. Pen Hua's voice made Xue Yin flush even more furiously as the Inscriptionist looked towards the calm and composed Nik.

'Yeah... that is his dirty face!' Xue Yin instantly stated while looking towards the shivering Pen Hua, whose expression finally crumbled but she still cooked dutifully while feeling her insides churn by two thick 'finger-sized' pheromonal tentacles as if it worked as a plug for both of her wholes. By now, even Ning'er's gaze stopped lingering over Nik as he observed the blushing maiden from the corner of his eyes.

"Ohh~ Wait...!" Pen Hua sighed as she barely placed the chopped meat into the pot without letting them fall down as her gaze soon turned hazy.

Clenching her thighs and rubbing the thick 'ropes' against her crotch, the pent-up Pen Hua finally climaxed as everything was absorbed by the invisible tentacle that soon turned translucent by the stream of orgasm that kept on leaking without stop from Pen Hua, testifying her abilities as a water element spiritual master. The scent of her climax, effectively pulled Gojira's and Ryu'er's attention, too. Meanwhile, knowing of the 'undercurrents' around him, Ray sighed deeply and pulled his consciousness into Yar's enjoying the sight of the glorious million-year-old spirit beast continuously pounded to submission by a master body manipulator of a familiar with cantaloupe-sized b.r.e.a.s.ts and horse-sized tool.


In the next two days, Nik helped his disciples get their chosen spirit rings. Ziyun, Ning'er, and Xiao Xue finally became rank 1 spirit masters as the absorption of the highly potent spirit ring instantly placed them into the mid-level of the rank. Meanwhile, Ryu'er needed to unlock her spirit ring, unlike others. Her martial spirit a hybrid of Evil Dragon and Godzilla, named Evil Draco based on her previous appearance as a humanoid dragon-girl with deep characteristics of a Godzilla, already had a set of spirit rings waiting to be unlocked. This circ.u.mstance emerged from her thick mystical-level bloodline that merged from the bloodline of the Evil Dragon and her mother.

{A/N: Common Uncommon Rare Extreme High Mystical Legendary Unique.}

To unseal her spirit ring, she needed to make apt preparations and also needed to concoct a potion for the same. Nik still felt slightly stupid for not using his codex to test her bloodline previously. He knew she had a mystical-tier bloodline based on Gojira's estimation. But whenever he thought of how his Codex was merely High-tier and incapable of identifying bloodline of higher-tier, Nik felt at ease. Bloodline was only a part of someone's overall strength. Since this world was highly restrictive against anything other than spirit cultivation, bloodline didn't matter much aside from the slight ease in absorbing spiritual rings from the compatible species under which the bloodline originates from.

With three of his disciples finally reaching the rank 1 of their spiritual cultivation, Nik then focused on helping Lanruo reach the same rank. She had chosen a Floral Rabbit for her spirit ring to boost her illusion. Next, Korra helped Shen Xiu reach rank 3 by assisting the scarlet flame fox to hunt down a thousand-year-old Blue Flame Fox. With that, his objective of camping had been completed. After all, he had collected the required herbs. He still hadn't entered the poisonous mist area that Yang Xin actually wanted since he didn't have the time, making Nik plan a second, solitary trip to the wilds.

With Pen Hua, Gin Jiu, and Xiao Xiaji still far away from the bottleneck of reaching rank 3 while Xue Yin a little closer to rank 4 due to heightened pace in cultivation, Nik and the group finally returned to the city with him instantly taking his leave to finally attend to a priority he had long procrastinated Heavenly Marks Family.


{A/N: the locations are au, so don't delve too deep into them.}

The Heavenly Marks Family was situated within the northern region of the Glory City that was under the Sacred Family's Jurisdiction followed by three middle-level aristocratic families. Now that the Sacred Family is extinguished, the Snow Wind Family and the Divine Family took partial control of the region until all the assets of under the Sacred Family's name is sold off within the auction raised by the Divine Family. The journey to the Northern Region barely took a few hours since Nik trusted his own speed on this matter. In the last two days, fortunately, Nik had sucked every bit of important information from Nie Li, well, information pertaining to his skills and fortunes and the location of a few sacred beasts that would... well, turn out to be the cutest of all pets~ With Moon's whiskers flapping about due to the high speed, the lazy mistress enjoyed Nik's warmth while protectively tucked into his tunic. This level of company was something even Klas envied. After all, even she was asked to stay back at the manor while helping Shen Xiu set up the herbal baths. Nik, after all, didn't stint on teaching them the methods to grow stronger. If they can take the responsibility from him for their own growth and achieve the same results, Nik would wish for nothing else... besides more girls and pets. Some good food, too... a modern bachelor's pad sounds nice... oh, and pets.