Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 464

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 464 To Be Continued

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{A/N: In canon, Xiao Yun did not have a twin sister but since I have based Xiao Yun on the hentai, twin sisters link below, I will change Nie Li's aunt name from Miao Ling to Xiao Ming.}


The kitchen is a wife's haven, or so their mother taught them. Demure, plump, and a pretty face, just how men like them and how their mother raised them to be the most favored seedlings in their part of the town before being wedded to the Heavenly Marks Family to a pair of brothers.

"Hey~" A hot breath woke Xiao Yun out her recollection as the thin pair of arms wrapped her from behind and pushed her large bosom up from the base, letting her fat a.r.e.o.l.as to rub against the coarse robe while the feeling of equally soft and large bosom spilling over her back made Xiao Yun shudder. "Nephew's teacher is so heroic~ Hmm, is that why you sought my doors the moment you returned from the banquet? Did he turn you on?" The voice continued, this time, pinching Xiao Yun's aroused n.i.p.p.l.es even when they couldn't be seen through the thick fabric, testifying the figure's familiarity over Xiao Yun's body.

"M-ming'er! Stop that!" Xiao Yun suppressed her m.o.a.n and gasped a complaint before struggling out of the soft hold. She turned around to face another brunette with eerily similar features, from face to the body, all except their behavior. "Oh, come on~ Don't tell me I am wrong!" Xiao Ming, Nie Li's aunt, and Xiao Yun's younger sister buried her face into her elder sister's b.r.e.a.s.ts while letting her arms roam over Yun's wide h.i.p.s that led to soft, meaty ass. "See? If that wasn't it, you wouldn't have called me. I get it, you want the courage for the last push, right? You wanted me to hold your hand and bring you new 'wonder', right?" Xiao Ming continued while inhaling Xiao Yun's soothing, natural scent.

"Don't spout nonsense!" Xiao Yun flicked Ming's forehead with a furious blush as the 'younger' buxom housewife stuck her tongue out, "Elder, we need to get a move on. That 'legendary' teacher better has the appropriate amount of stamina needed to utilize all the food he is inhaling!" Xiao Ming muttered sourly while helping Yun with steaming the pale lion dumplings. Meanwhile, she would occasionally spank Yun's butt rather harshly, always pulling a surprised yelp from her elder sister but also observed how easily Yun started twisting her butt towards her younger sister.

'And she calls me easy~' Xiao Ming smirked and indulged her cutest eldest sister to her heart's content. If the rumors surrounding the living legend is even the slightest bit true, then he would be seeing her elder sister's completely red butt!


"Hahaha, we can't let young ones see us like this!" Nie Li's uncle felt extremely flattered as Nik poured another round of alcohol into his cup as he gulped the content down with gusto. The same was for Nie Ming. Nie Li was asked to return to his bed and his elder cousin was still sleeping so she couldn't meet with Nik. Not to mention, she lived in a different house as her parents visited Nie Li's house. Meanwhile, Nik's side was still filled with dishes. With one hand, he filled the two husbands with alcohol, on another hand, he filled himself with their wives' delicious cooking, and later, he'll return the favor surely. For that, however, the consciousness of their husbands was unnecessary. After all, Nik felt himself letting loose after a long time once he saw the nature twins together and that gaze Xiao Ming sent towards him...

It certainly cleared many things for Nik.

For instance, tonight's schedule.

"Ah! Ming'er! Where's that plate of dumplings?!" Nie Ming's brother placed the cup down and shouted loudly, instantly pulling a melodious giggle as Xiao Ming walked with a large plate in her hands. The off-white dumplings let off scented steam, making Nik frown in confusion while the other two drunken men inhale happily. They just loved...

They fell asleep as Xiao Ming's smile broadened, but still placing the plate down, she tilted her head in a charming manner, "Ah! My husband and brother-in-law are weak to alcohol~ Sigh, just who is going to host Master now?" She stated as her gravity-defying bosom jiggled with a slight jump of her heels. Meanwhile, unperturbed by the sleeping gas leaking through Xiao Ming's pores, Nik turned towards the yawning Moon and laced her with his pheromones, overriding the effect of the drugs in the air. Now active, Moon started playing around once again as Nik turned towards Xiao Ming and smiled, "Sorry for that, Moon is only active in the nighttime so we should let her enjoy this moment of activeness to her heart's content. As for my host... who needs anything like that? Let me return the courtesy and host the two beings who continued to bring delicious meals."

Standing and picking Nie Ming and his brother from the back of their necks and placing them down towards the exit, Nik gestured towards the unoccupied chairs, "Please, why don't you both join me for the remaining half of my stay? Oh, and try to control the 'sleepiness' in the air... I always aim for staying up a long time~" Dragging his words in a suggestive manner, Nik sat once again. His candid words made Xiao Ming's eyelids jump in surprise but with a smile that can only be categorized as 'naughty,' she left for the kitchen, eliciting a slightly sharp yelp from a similar voice.


"Ugh!" Nie Li groaned. Since he wished to focus on his cultivation, he canceled his connection with the outside world; a simpler method of attaining full focus. His thoughts only lingered towards his parents for a little while. Though curious, Nie Li didn't wish to interrupt. Finally, Nie Li had realized that a few things, for instance, his three-hundred-years worth of experience, cannot make up for his current age and if he did try to act like a smartass, his own parents would start feeling distanced from him and this was one thing Nie Li did not want.

His parents, Nie Ming, and Xiao Yun were considered as a sort of local romance protagonists. After all, his father went high and low just to persuade Xiao Yun to marry her when she was already asked to marry the young master of another, slightly richer, low-level aristocrat. Finally moved by Nie Ming's sincerity, Xiao Yun married Nie Ming despite the criticism of her family, and her younger twin, Nie Li's aunt, also followed and married Nie Ming's brother. Finally, once the Patriarch decided to intervene, only then did the couple successfully became the dream of all young romanticists.

'I just hope that father doesn't faint once again... he is extremely weak to alcohol... something I wish I didn't inherit...'

Nie Li sighed internally before focusing on his cultivation once again. He was already on the verge of reaching the bottleneck of rank 1 spirit master and ready to find another spirit ring for him. In fact, he already had many exotic beasts in mind but to reach those locations, he would need to make extra preparations since he would be traveling alone.


"That man!" Xiao Ming pointed at Nie Ming, her cheeks flush and her tone slurring, "Lied to me and my sis~ Oh, what did he use to say? Ah I'll bring you all the riches in the world! I'll make you feel the most cherished woman! and look at us now, barely maintained housewives with no man to satisfy us at night. Forced to work in farms while tolerating the constant verbal abuse and treated like maids... heck! Even maids get pay and a lecherous master to satisfy their aching snatches! But for us! Pssst~ It was a good thing that I followed sis, or she would have died a lonely woman with the enjoyment of only a single honeymoon under her belt~"

"M-ming'er! Stop it already! You're embarrassing all of us! And speak slowly, Li'er is right next door!" Xiao Yun spoke hurriedly, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment as she hurriedly caught Ming's wrist from downing another cup of wine as Nik silently bore witness to the twin's tail.

"Huh? Embarrassing?" Ming finally looked gloomy, her brown eyes scanned her elder sister as she licked her lips and instantly leaned down to snatch Yun's lips, making the demure lady's eyes widen. "Is this embarrassing enough?" Ming whispered as she looked at Nik, still gazing at them while enjoying the food, "Or is this?" smiling enchantingly as she locked her gaze with Yun, Ming groped her sister's equally voluptuous and fleshy bosom, making her yelp. Still, under the effect of alcohol, Xiao Yun didn't resist Ming's touch and fully enjoyed the moment for a few breaths until realizing what they had committed. Instantly breaking free from Ming's grasp, Yun looked towards Nik in a fl.u.s.ter but his gaze only sent her mind tumbling even further.

Meanwhile, unaffected by her sister's train of thought, Ming smiled across the table, her feet flipped through her slippers and found themselves encroaching Nik's crotch as her cheeks still remained suffused with a healthy blush, "Teacher~" she cooed, "Sis said something amazing about you... she says that you have a knack... of satisfying lonely housewives, especially the ones parenting your students~" Her feet finally pressed against Nik's crotch and instead of pulling a slight jump from the man, Ming was surprised to see Nik lowering his hand and adjusting the position of her feet before sighing hotly, "When pressing against a man with a bigger size, try not to push up, but stroke downwards," is all Nik had to add while Yun's eyes went wide and she instantly looked down the table to find Ming's feet pressed against a fleshy pole bulging through the pants.

"Hoh~ That's quite a physical talent, teacher~" Ming cooed, completely ignoring Xiao Yun's glare. Finally finishing her share of wine, Ming took her feet back and pushed her chair through her back before kneeling down and entering underneath the table. "Ming! Get back up!" Yun instantly shouted, finally unable to control her voice since her sister was really going to cross the line that any married woman shouldn't. "Too late, Elder sis, you shouldn't have praised Teacher so much that night while trembling into orgasms through his names~"

'Too much information!' Xiao Yun shouted internally. Meanwhile, Nik felt that he had stepped into an 'easy mode' of the hentai world. The girls were ready to be charged and only need the appropriate plug. Finally pushing the minuscule amount of dishes remaining, to show the respect a woman about to give him a blowjob deserves, Nik looked down, matching Xiao Ming's gaze as he brought his hands to her face and cupped her cheeks. "I don't need to mention it but... once you do it, I'll definitely take you away, you do understand this, right?" Nik inquired while his fingers softly scratched the back of her ears. This was the sweet spot of every living being with ears. "Mmgh, sure you will. Call me narrow-minded, but teacher is my best bet to finally live a life where I can at least pursue a hobby~"

Softly pulling Ming up as she had already settled her figure in between his legs, where, Nik had to spread his knees a little further apart due to the size of her bosom, Nik leaned down simultaneously to lock his lips with her. By now, Xiao Yun already felt her mind buzz as the man had already taken the woman with the same features as her. What did this mean? Didn't this mean that Nik also had an interest in Xiao Yun herself?

"That's not narrow-minded at all. A woman looks the most beautiful when she knows what she wants..." He smiled as Xiao Ming's hands reached for the buckles and undid his pants. The simple pull of his underpants revealed a large member that instantly flung onto Xiao Ming's large bosom, making her giggle softly. "Hmm~ Do you mind if I call teacher through his name... it would feel good for me, too~"

"Yes, I am Nik," he smiled as Ming instantly pulled her robes down. Since she wasn't wearing top-like clothes where she needed to pull her clothes up from her shoulders and instead wore a robe with two panels wrapped around her body, one single pull downwards made her fluffy b.r.e.a.s.ts push against Nik. "N-nik... how do they look? I won't let you make fun of the image just because my body changed slightly after giving birth to my little treasure~" Ming stated as she eagerly pushed Nik's tool deep into her endless valley. Even with his size, once wrapped by Ming's b.r.e.a.s.ts, only his tip was barely visible as the sensation pulled yet another sigh of relief from Nik. This was one thing he hadn't been able to get after arriving in this world. A good ol' boob job!

With a healthy tone to her skin and slightly darkened n.i.p.p.l.es, Xiao Ming finally leaned her face down and tried to do the stuff her late mother taught the twins. Well, every man should be able to enjoy the feeling of her large b.r.e.a.s.ts wrapped around them, but she could only do this for someone whose length could surpass the height of her bosom in a clasp. Licking her lips before parting the plump cherry lips to let her tongue hang loose, Xiao Ming contacted the tip of Nik's c.o.c.k as with thick, wine-layered saliva dripping over the thick tool whose heat, surprisingly, surpassed the warmth of her own bosom, in a way, comforting Xiao Ming instead. Since the wine brewed was moderate and on the sweeter side, Xiao Ming didn't worry in case the fluids would cause pain to the man and stiffened her shoulders before wrapping her arms around her bosom, forming a tight lock around Nik's meaty shaft as her gaze still remained locked on the glistened, pink tip.

Moon stuttered over curiously before walking away after finding nothing to eat. The silver fluff then jumped in front of Xiao Yun, effectively waking the elder one out of her daze as Yun's cheeks heated and her body finally started reacting as she could see the back of her sister's head lowered while Nik paid no attention to her and only focused on her younger sister. Unable to bear the thought of letting this continue and also recalling her conversation with Gojira, Xiao Yun finally pushed the plates on the table aside and propped herself up the sturdy table. Giving her husband one last look, Xiao Yun took one hot sigh to push herself forward while supported by her four limbs as Nik finally looked up to her and smiled so kindly that it melted all of Xiao Yun's hesitation apart.


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