Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 466

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 466 Marriage Destroyer 2

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'This hurts~ Oh! Nooo~!' Ming didn't know what to think. Her body blazed in a nefarious ball of flame but her body ached. Just how long was Nik going to do her. His strong, thick arms wrapped her body tightly, keeping her from falling but then again, the sheer difference in height between the two made sure that while Nik stood planted on his feet firmly, pistoning his tool deep into her without any breaks, her poor body would dangle with her stretched toes as support. She could already feel her cushy rear reddened, not by any 'e.r.o.t.i.c' spanks that her husband was fond of but the sheer intensity of her new man's thrusts that pushed his tool deep, spreading the uncharted territory within her dungeon and striking fiercely against her w.o.m.b. How many times did she almost slip on her own puddle of squirt? How many times did she even squirt? Her mind was filled with thoughts of melting into around Nik's c.o.c.k. His hot, thick, relentless and restless bulge that seemed to inflate her body from inside.

"Mmmgh~ Ming-er, you look so cute~" Yun's voice brought Ming to another realization in the strange state of clarity. She is going to climax again, only this situation brought such clarity. Who knew besides the mask of a demure lady hid a nasty seductress that even she couldn't pull out and yet, a single orgasm from Nik seemed to have torn apart Yun's hesitation entirely. The feel of Yun's fingers expertly squeezing her bosom while flinging them up and down due to their weight and size, Ming couldn't help but m.o.a.n into her elder sister's mouth while squirting once again. Her body trembled like never before. Her ass cheeks screamed joyfully and her p.u.s.s.y contracted hotly around her man. Yeah, Nik should have been her man from the start! Whoever tells their wife that an average man lasts 3 minutes and a super one lasts 6 minutes? Ming should have focused on her mother's teaching more before placing all her attention on maintaining herself. As her orgasm added to the already spread puddle, she finally felt Nik's c.o.c.k throb into her snatch followed by a hot release that instantly sent her mind into shambles.

"Aanghhh~!" She finally groaned as the thick spunk impacted against her w.o.m.b, filling her babymaker tight with his wonderful, fulfilling load that didn't surmise of a few weak squirts and finally, as he took out the deepest of the plug from her hole, she finally felt her consciousness slipping. And here she thought of holding the initiative to tease her sister and Nik in the future... how laughable. However, instead of being thrown into her own puddle, Nik pulled her from her sister's vile clutches and rotated her figure to bring his lips over to hers. Such a satisfying conclusion, Ming reckoned. To be guided, destroyed, and then mended by tender care... she truly forgot her husband's name. Not that it was relevant to her anyway. If not for her little ball of sunshine, she would have long found an apt man and eloped into another affair.

"You were wonderful," Nik's whisper grazed her smoothly, placating her embarrassment as she finally felt weak alongside a surge of strength from her... w.o.m.b? If she didn't feel it wrongly, she was definitely earning a fair share of a physical boost from her w.o.m.b while she could feel Nik's hot load 'disappearing' at a greater pace. Is this normal? She didn't know. The realms of her normalcy had been heavily skewed by her husband so without an ounce of shame, with her arms hugging Nik's waist, she whispered in inquiry, "I feel good, too... but, is this normal? This strength, I mean..."

Issuing a lighthearted chuckle and leading Ming to the nearby chair, helping her down, Nik shook his head, "Fortunately, this attribute is unique to me. This way... we can keep on going for long... way long~" He cooed softly before taking out a hand towel and placing it over Ming's thighs as his c.u.m still dribbled on the surface of the chair, "Still, take some rest... after that, return the favor to Yun," Nik turned with a wink and then removed his tunic slowly, revealing his entire, well-sculpted body that still provided aesthetic pleasure to the eyes, and a 'mature' charm that shouldn't be even emanating from youngsters like Nik. Scanning Xiao Yun, as she took a defensive posture once again. Her hands clasped and placed over her wet p.u.s.s.y while her thighs closed in and her head lowered, Nik observed the lade for a moment before pulling a chair beside Ming and occupying the seat for himself before patting his thighs and inviting Yun with a smile, "Why don't you come here? I am slightly tired~" Nik's smirk seemed to deny the statement but taking a deep breath, Xiao Yun walked over. The base of her feet leaving an illicit print on the floor due to getting soaked by Ming's juices all over the floor.

"Hmm, now turn around~" Nik smiled and stopped Xiao Yun from occupying his lap with her front facing him. His request stiffened the shoulder-lengthed brunette. She didn't want to face the other side, after all, that direction would make her husband appear directly into her vision. Although she had crossed the lines she shouldn't and had perfectly ruined her relationship with her husband, but hopefully, not her son, Xiao Yun still held a naive hope of continuing the status quo where Nik would ride her all night and she would finally be able to become a proper wife in the morning... just not to Nik himself. Taught to satisfy and please the partner she chose, Xiao Yun felt terrible at the thought of not serving Nik the way she should. As if understanding her dilemma, Nik placed his hands on Xiao Yun's h.i.p.s as she finally turned extremely reluctantly. Ming already seemed oblivious to her husband's appearance right in front of her as she was busy wiping her body into a more presentable state for another round. Meanwhile, admiring Xiao Yun's fluffy butt, Nik gently pulled her down. The action itself was slow and completely dependent on Xiao Yun's volition. As Xiao Yun felt the thick tip poke against her wet entrance, she couldn't help but shake her h.i.p.s in a slow, waving manner.

This was the only way for guiding Nik's tip against her entrance without letting go of Nik's hands over her h.i.p.s and using her hand to align the tool. Finally, she paused before continuing her descent once again. This time, the pace turned even slower as Xiao Yun narrowed her eyes and puckered her lips as the feeling of her private area getting stretched stupidly wide did present itself to be a painful scenario but the moment she felt the pain, in another breath, she felt a pleasure far higher than her previous climax that instantly wreaked havoc within her body and pulling an enchanting orgasm that squirted itself in a wide arc, pulling Ming's attention as she found the act of her sister's c.u.m reaching extremely near her husband quite amusing. Meanwhile, with a hot gasp leaking from her mouth, Xiao Yun felt her reserved demeanor getting suppressed once again. She wanted something to cover her mouth. Anyone! Anything! Not only that, as she found what Ming'er felt to make her squeal so naughtily, Yun now wanted the same attention she gave her sister to be reciprocated. Her tongue pulled into another warm hole, her bosom squeezed tightly and jiggled until she came from them and her hands clutched against their will while getting pounded to oblivion.

"Ooh~ Ming'er, Haah~ Please, quick! Kiss meeeehh!" Xiao Yun slurred as Nik finally pulled her balls deep, the entrance of her crotch firmly placed against the base of his crotch while her head snapped up. Xiao Yun's hands finally left Nik's hand as her left index found itself lightly bitten by her mouth and her right arm furiously rubbing itself against her illicit clit barely visible through her pubes. Abiding by her sister's call, Ming promptly stood and cupped her sister's cheek before Nik furrowed his brows. With Ming stepping forward, Xiao Yun's vision had effectively been blocked. 'Well... let's not ruin the fun over a couple of unconscious punks,' Nik sighed before weaving tentacles of pheromones infused with Hamon as they latched over to Xiao Yun's waist and thighs, utilizing the [Mirage Manipulation] to trace her figure while Ming removed Xiao Yun's finger from her mouth and gingerly pecked her lips. From a series of short and playful kisses, Ming and Yun engaged in a passionate one that could only be pulled off by twins like them with Ming's b.r.e.a.s.ts pushing over above Yun's due to the difference in position. Meanwhile, feeling her insides expanding, Nik finally displayed his above than average strength and pushed Xiao Yun's body up, letting her walls drag against his meaty member. The move itself pulled a throaty groan from Xiao Yun. Her gaze suddenly fell over Nie Ming through Ming'er's shoulders and with one last note of apology to fully walk over to Nik's side, Xiao Yun enjoyed the remaining night of debauchery.

Meanwhile, finally annoyed by the constant shout and wet surface, Moon strutted outside the house while intending to get back at her owner once he got free from other purring p.u.s.s.y cats.


"Oh, you are up~" Chippier than usual, Xiao Yun wrapped her arms around Nie Li and showered his morning with a bunch of kisses to his face as she chortled, "Breakfast's ready, you should wash up and eat it before it gets cold. Oh, and don't you forget to kiss me back, mister!" Xiao Yun spoke in a demanding tone while pointing towards her left cheek. Slightly stunned by his mother's bubblier attitude, Nie Li still followed her directions and planted a peck on her left cheek before she stood up and skipped away while humming a soft tune.

"Mom? Where's the teacher?" Nie Li inquired as he walked outside the house and used the water already filled into the bucket to wash his face. Feeling slightly fresh, Nie Li looked around. His father usually checks on the farm by this time alongside his uncle. Meanwhile, his cousin should have also woken up and run off to the aiming ranch. Hearing Nie Li's inquiry, Xiao 'Ming' suppressed a short smirk as she continued in the same motherly charm, "Ah, Master Nik decided to follow to your uncle's house yesterday. Your dad and uncle drank too much and Master was kind enough to lend a hand to your Aunt Ming'er to bring him back to their house."

Sighing deeply, Nie Li couldn't help but shake his head. He gave one last look towards his aunt's house before entering his home and sitting down for his breakfast.

Meanwhile, in a similar house formed from hardened wood, a brunette bounced over a youth with an astonishing body. Both of their sweat laced bodies struck against each other in heated passion. Giving Xiao Yun's b.r.e.a.s.t a tight squeeze, Nik couldn't help but sigh hotly as he let out another load deep into Xiao Yun, whose crotch region had already been inflated quite a bit but showing her authority as the elder sister, she still m.o.a.ned in meed with a l.u.s.tful twinkle in her eyes. With Nik leaning against Ming's bedroom's door and Xiao Yun finally moving vertically with her face towards Nik; the woman smiled happily and kissed the man of her dreams with her hands loosely hanging by his shoulders, "Nik~ Can we go for another round? Please? Just one more!"

After so many rounds, even Nik's tool felt a little sensitive while their surroundings had already turned into a dirty puddle of fluids that Nik had finally started purifying. But seeing the desperate need in the buxom housewife's eyes, Nik smiled comfortingly and nodded, "Sure thing, Yun. Ride away. I am just getting started~"