Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 468

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 468 Selection

Nie Yu could barely stand straight... in fact, her ability to stand straight signified the results of her perseverance as the 'purple' monster that her mother strapped into her body continued to stir her insides. A trial to please Yu's future man, or so Ming phrased before pulling her into the house from the backdoor while her aunt continued riding Master Nik with her m.o.a.ns still ringing within her ears. Within her personal room, Ming stripped Yu before nodding towards the attention Yu had given to her crotch as it looked 'sweet' before taking out a purple, man's shaped tool that was purple in color with leathery straps around it before forcing the thick tool into her body and strapped against her waist, making it impossible for Yu to remove it as she was instantly clothed by her experienced mother and sent off to the gathering the Patriarch had announced hours before the selection.

Before she could curse, the tantalizing movement of the tip within her snatch finally made Yu's eyes widened as she felt her clit swell only to rub against the short branch with its tip positioned against her clit. If it wasn't for the belt of her quiver and the thickness of her hunting outfit, the slight 'bulge' would have been a massive one instead. Cursing her 'dirty' mother, Yu felt the movement within her snatch grow in pace as her eyes, just like others within the main hall, was attracted by the appearance of a man so handsome and buff that put the surrounding youths to shame, at least, the ones present. Of course, the buff appearance only attracted a better half of the unmarried females standing within the group. The others followed the religion of lean physiques. Of course, Nie Yu, despite her outfit and slightly ragged appearance as Nik could still observe her lips breathing out shuddering gasps, stood out from most of the girls present. Despite her beauty, the haughty twinkle in her eyes cultivated by Ming so as to not settle like the twins did in the past glowed brightly.

Finally registering her friend's strange situation, Nie Mai looked towards her in concern only to find Nie Yu forcing out a smile before her body shuddered. The thing Nie Yu felt the most fortunate about was the fact that her outfit was water-resistant from both sides so the dampness of her thighs didn't cling on her pants. Meanwhile, feeling the short branch playing against her clit, vibrating ever so slightly. "Hmph" a stifled snort with a rather chipper tone rang through Nie Yu's nostrils, alas, the voice died down with Nik's loud voice reaching the ends of the hall, "Just stand still. No competition is needed for this selection since I can 'smell' a talent."

Nik smiled. Before his words could create a misunderstanding, he slipped in a lie, greatly placating the surroundings, "I have the ability to 'smell' one's spiritual potential. This ability is one of the reasons for my strength, so, I will enter the group and sniff out the talent worthy of my teachings. However, those of you who don't get selected, don't be discouraged. I will teach each one of you the foundational technique that all my disciples have found great mastery in."

To Nik, his main agenda was to sweep away the treasured, buxom twins from this place. Nie Li's planned madness, the Dream Core, and the Nie Yu were branches of his previous objective and pleasant surprises. Since Xiao Ming seemed more than pleased with the idea of hooking her daughter with a man who intended to present her more siblings, Nik didn't object the idea and now meant to have back-to-back mother-daughter action. On the other hand, the remaining girls present, though beautiful, couldn't provide Nik with the 'high' he was getting by taking other men's wives and daughters. After all, Nik understood by now that with strength, he could practically enter any house and take a single flower for himself and the world will praise him for it. But had he gotten so s.l.u.tty to f.u.c.k every walking hole... no, probably... at least, not yet.

So, to compensate for the women's losses for not being able to enjoy him, signifying his peak of narcissism, Nik decided to teach them the slightest bit of his technique suited towards females, at least, allowing them to have a better standing when compared to men in this family.

Walking into the group with the elders seated on their seats and observing the scene, Nik kept an appropriate distance while softly sniffing. The act of a young man sniffing the scent of their female clan members slightly disturbed the group of elders and a few concerned family members who came to watch the scene. Of course, now that Nik was acting as a proper master and not a woman stealing hooligan, he kept a composed expression while making his way through the girls. Although he didn't actually have a nose for spiritual talent, Nik had plenty methods to understand that none of the girls caught his eye... well, a few did, but being a man with a clear goal, the moment he walked around Nie Yu, he sniffed a little louder, making the girls around him blush while Nie Yu more so as she felt the toy within her twitching more furiously than ever. Just the determination to not break into a sloppy mess in front of everyone took her all while Nik inhaled her flowery scent.

"Please leave this room aside from her. We need to have a long chat. Don't feel sad, just like I said, by the end of the day, I'll demonstrate my technique. Now please, give me some time with my new disciple."


'Oh, shit! Hurry! Run along all of you! Hurry~' Nie Yu's breathing grew ragged. A few judged it to be the excitement of becoming the disciple of the strongest master while plenty of experienced women on the scene gave the lady a benefit of doubt since she looked more than 'excited'. As her friends walked past her, Nie Yu's gaze finally scanned Nik's physique towering over hers. His gaze gentle but the thought of his rugged back slamming against her once again pulled a wild reaction from her body as she licked her dry lips with her m.o.a.ns gradually leaking under her breaths.

Her own parents didn't grace the main hall since their schedules were packed tight... especially her aunt's. Once, the last of them left the room, Nie Yu felt her strength drain into a deep squirt that rolled down her pants just like she sunk down on her knees into a broken mess with her indignant and confused glare matching against Nik's. To not give any man the easy satisfaction of hearing her sweet m.o.a.n, Nie Yu bit her lips tightly, to the point where any more force would definitely draw her blood.

Seeing this, Nik couldn't help but smile in surprise. Sitting down cross-legged to level his gaze, Nik rubbed the back of his head and stated politely, "The 'toy' you are playing with gets more active the more you resist... um, that's how the inscription on that thing works. So take a deep breath and let your... anger subside."

With a deep frown, Nie Yu just did that. Of course, it took more than a single deep exhalation but once she felt the toy slow down, her features smoothened. But she still felt quite uncomfortable with her inner thighs all sticky.

"You... I saw you with my aunt! What do you think you were doing?!"

Finally able to piece back a little bit of her composure, Nie Yu shouted. Her mother was a proper harlot in the way she acted and 'trained' Nie Yu while keeping it a secret from her father. A mother's legacy is how Xiao Ming titled the training. However, Nie Yu admired her aunt. Though similar in looks and features, she presented what her mother would have looked like if she acted like one. It wasn't incorrect to say that Nie Yu had been raised by two mothers instead of one. So, the thought of the mother she respected and loved so dearly squealing against a stranger with her legs wrapped tightly against his waist while the other mother shafting her with a toy deeply disturbed her and this change could only originate from the man who wasn't here until yesterday.

The master sitting in front of her and grinning.

"What did I do?" Nik smiled, "I just showed Yun and Ming a whole new world. Ask them if you wish for shreds of evidence~" snickering, Nik tilted his head and avoided the jab of the blunt arrow. However, the moment she stabbed towards Nik with an eerily practiced motion, she felt the monster inside her moving at a pace so furious and sudden that finally pulled a loud yelp from her lips that made her blush furiously as all her previous hard work had been for naught and she couldn't help but arch her back for the next, sudden orgasm that squirted against her pants.

"Calm down, will you... I didn't force myself onto them... well, they were already backed up quite a bit."

Nik stretched his body forward while placing one arm towards her side and the other over her abdomen to push her down. Once she finally settled into a slightly c.u.m-shocked state, Nik unbuckled her pants and the moment he pulled the fabric down, his senses were attacked by a bomb of deep scent that wafted out of the crotch covered by the thick, purple tool. Unbuckling the leather straps while astonished by Ming's methods against her own daughter, Nik slowly pulled out the constantly twitching dildo, a creation of his mastership of inscription patterns. But before he could completely pull the tool out, Nie Yu squeaked hurriedly.

"Ah! Wait! Wait a minute~!" As Nie Yu felt the rotating tip stirring her insides right next to her entrance, her head couldn't help but snap back as she tugged on Nik's arm to stop him. Smiling in comfort, Nik nodded in understanding and instead, pushed the tool deep into her, making her m.o.a.n even louder. Slightly interested by the duration in which the already soaked and sensitive Nie Yu would orgasm again, Nik tugged on the tool to align the second branch rotating around in the air and placed it against right next to Mie Yu's swollen nubbin. As threads of her squirt had practically drenched the tool, Nik had to grip the dildo even firmly as he watched Nie Yu squirm.


"Aaagh~" Yang Xin yawned in an unladylike manner. Her arms stretched up high in the air, tugging on her robe to push her large bust in tandem before she collapsed on the desk once again. Behind her was a small alchemical pot, or a cauldron if defined by a more traditional term. With the cauldron still giving off slight steam, Yang Xin pulled out a mirror and gazed her face through the reflective surface. Unable to find any blemish on her face, including the accursed eye bags, the lilac-haired woman smiled in satisfaction.

"This alchemical concoction... if spread wide could cause our revenue to soar. I'll let the president know that we need to buy all the Purple Haze Grass present in the market~" Yang Xin muttered in a chipper tone before recalling the contents of the letter sent by the youth named Nie Li.

"Well, once he enters the Alchemist Association through recruitment drive, we can try and make contact with his master. Well, if he doesn't have the talents required to attract an alchemical expert, we will have to move with the assumption that the kid gained a fortune in terms of other recipes that he may be hiding... hehe," Yang Xin giggled, "Good thing we could get on good terms with the strongest within the city~"

She definitely wasn't annoyed by Nik's constant ignorance of her existence. Well, they did have a good time the other day, but after that, they still needed to have a good chat at the very least. And with the rumors spreading within the main half of the city... she needed to do something before such rumors affected the Alchemist Association, too.

"Well, we can clear things up in the auction tomorrow."


"You all are a bully! Every single one of you!"

Nie Yu complained as she sat on the chair. Her unruliness knew no bounds as aside from Nik behind her butt, acting as the cushion of her chair, the twin milfs knelt on the ground. The two were aware of Nie Yu's antics. Well, a part of it was Xiao Yun's act of constantly spoiling her niece and diverting from their mother's teaching. Had Xiao Ming gotten her hand on Nie Yu completely, she would have turned into another Xiao Yun. Now, Nie Yu was an unleashed monster that was already appreciative of Nik's touch, much to Xiao Ming's distress.

"Well, hmm, as long as my man didn't force himself on you two... but now that I understand what happened, it would have been a good thing if he did turn you into s.e.x-crazed"

"Now, now," Nik chuckled. He didn't have the best of the family since his origins were absolutely f.u.c.k.i.e.d due to his blood parent's doings, but Nik did know that a mother like Xiao Ming, in some cases, is a godsend fortune that needs to be treasured. She is the kind of mother who would teach her son all about s.e.x ed and then place a pack of condoms in his hands before ordering a hooker. Of course, if she were to be a single mother, she might have taken the role of a hooker, too.


Nie Yu wished to vent her entire self as Nik leaned to kiss the nape of her neck and whispered softly, "Why don't you save some for tomorrow? As my disciple, we'll be traveling in a different carriage completely. How about I help you vent there?"

"What about now?" Nie Yu frowned as Nik smiled and hugged her from behind and stood up before letting her down with a peck on top of her head.

"Now, as they say, the man of the household needs to fulfill certain responsibilities. These two are my responsibilities now~" Nik helped Ming and Yun up as they both instantly embraced him from each side.

"B-but... dad and uncle will come soon!"

"Oh, they won't ask anything about the two. And why should we care about them anymore?" Nik inquired with a shrug. Still, Nie Yu had received much love from her father but the moment Ming smiled and gingerly pecked Nik's jaws, Nie Yu snorted and bolted out of the room.

"Well, she does get teased quite easily... but yeah, I have to take your family into consideration before taking the three of you away... good thing, I have quite a few ways."

Nik smiled devilishly. Although he had planned to take Ming and Yun as his women instead of any other excuse, he was still scheduled to stay in this world and instead of hanging onto a stupid thread of pride, Nik fully intended to push the blame for the trio's leaving to their husbands' heads instead. It would also serve to deeply scar Nie Li's mind and pull the last bit of important information from him. His plans about Nie Li were obviously hidden from Xiao Yun since he had practically arranged the best healer to mend any psychological scars Ray, the Succubus.