Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 469

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 469 To The Auction

Resisting his urge to pet the black-horned horses and allowing the attendant to 'focus' on riding the carriage, Nik and Nie Yu entered the carriage with a fluff of silver in Nik's arms. Meanwhile, Nie Hai, Nie Li, and two other elders boarded the remaining one. With the carriages pulling out of the family estate and moving towards the Divine Family's prestigious establishment for the auction, Nie Yu looked at Moon a little weirdly. "Do we really need to bring along a spirit beast? It feels extremely Eep!" Nie Yu instantly jumped away as Nik pushed Moon towards her. "Keep that thing away from me!" She squeaked in anger, raising her fist. Unlike yesterday, Nie Yu had properly dolled herself for today's events. Her hair gave off a pleasant scent as it hung till her waist with her temple adorned with a glimmering gold band and a part of her hair pulled in a seal-shaped hairdo. Wearing a light pink dress that didn't conform to the usual ceremonies with a deeper v-cut neck extending up with skin-colored silk tights and her legs more than free due to the skirt like ending that widened as the dress went down, Nie Yu's slightly angular eyes turned fierce.

"Moon isn't a thing. She is the cutest girl in the town," Nik replied with a smile. He felt a slight sting at one of his supposed partners not being a fan of pets but he would end up being a hypocrite if he actually 'suggested' her core ideals to revert that thought and grow warmer to pets. Instead, placing the sleeping Moon on the opposite seat as Nie Yu grew relaxed at a visible pace, Nik patted his thighs. Just like Nie Yu, he looked far more formal and slightly overdressed. Once again, a single shopping session back in the day with Lanruo saved Nik's skin as he wore a white robe with golden flower petals imprinted on its surface and a green cloth belt tied around his waist leading to black pants and formal black slippers. Nik even decided to break his beard and shaved his face clean as the pure white color contrasted against his slightly tanned skin.

"Since you don't enjoy pets, how about feeling like one? This is something even Yun and Ming haven't felt yet."

Nie Yu pouted. Instead of jumping on Nik's lap, she adjusted her dress before sitting close to Nik. Her back leaned against his right arm as she tilted her head diagonally to gaze at Nik alluringly, "Master~" she cooed melodiously, pulling a satisfied nod from Nik, "I have always been taught my arrow, the beast's eye so... nope~ If you want to treat me, do it like you would do your best disciple~" Yu continued. The travel itself is a total of 2 hours of distance with the carriage so Nik was more than receptive to the idea. Letting Yu rub her back against his arm, allowing her soft hair to tickle him, Nik appeared to be in deep thought as his free hand traced his chin, "Hmm... what to do... after all, Yu isn't my best disciple..." Nik looked around, letting his gaze roam the interior of the carriage as the window was covered by lavish curtains. Adjusting himself to the leathery seat as the carriage itself continued to tumble slightly due to uneven road, Nik sighed deeply, "Well... if it is simply treating Yu like one, then it is possible but..."

Taking her cue, the debauched disciple spoke with a righteous expression. Her head leaned against Nik's shoulder as a playful smile touched her lips, "Master, what do I need to do? I promise, this Nie Yu is willing to do anything to get treated in the best manner possible... so well that even my mother and aunt turn green with envy~"

As her lips leaned closer to Nik, he smiled while extending his hand from his chin to Yu's chin and pressed his thumb against her soft lips. Feeling her soft, but warm blows against his skin, Nik continued to trace her lips until he reached the leftward end and pecked her left cheek. Instead of retracting his head, Nik kissed her cheek once again and then tilted his head to kiss her ear. "Mmh~ Master, you tease~!" Yu whispered, her hand slithering over to Nik's thigh and stroking it softly. Her hands traced up till his knees before pulling back and continuing the motion.

"Hmm? My best disciple always gets teased while her mother gets the nastiest treatment~" Nik whispered, issuing a chuckle from Yu as her hand closed up to Nik's crotch but once again pulled down to his knees, "Master~ How many pairs of mothers and daughters have you even snatched away! You know, curses of many men can turn your luck extremely bad!" Jesting with a serious tone, Yu finally turned her head and kissed right next to Nik's lips. Instead of continuing the chat of other men's thoughts, Nik's hand found itself around the base of Yu's neck. He rubbed his palm against her clothed collarbone as her cleavage still remained exposed due to the skin-colored silk that was slightly see-through in nature. "Hmm? I'll have as many pairs as I want. I'll have my way with my disciple's mother before turning to her and showering her with nothing but gentleness. After all, young ones cannot bear me completely, but the flowers you all birth from are a different matter~"

Nik whispered, pulling a rise out of Yu while going down to cup her right b.r.e.a.s.t, "The mothers are proper beings to satiate my l.u.s.t. Like your mother," Nik whispered while pecking Yu's lips softly, "Ming's b.r.e.a.s.ts are large and firm, made to hold my little bro and shower it with fleshy warmth," Yu's heart thrummed while hearing her own mother getting praised illicitly. Once again, Nik's hands went lower and now stroked her smooth abdomen. "Her slightly chubby stomach is a delight to hug. I just enjoy how my hands practically want more of Yun and Ming every single time," he kissed deeper, finally parting her lips to exchange each other's juices. Only when Yu gasped in breathlessness did Nik retracted slightly and matched his gaze with her while firmly grabbing ger crotch. Her soft dress couldn't stop her master's hand from firmly covering her sweet entrance as he whispered hotly, "And your mother's snatch. Well, I don't need to praise that in front of you... in essence, the mothers I meet are made to be used. They enjoy it. But... my disciples... you, are so delicate~ I can never bear to hurt you!" Nik whispered as Yu finally turned her body sideways and pressed her head against his chest. Her palm stroked the hot erection under the extensions of the white robe as Yu begged in a soft voice, "Then, master, treat me like my mother. No... treat me like your 'worst' disciple~ and only then, once you feel satiated, only then are you allowed to... p-... p-p-pet me..."

Yu's whisper brought a pleasant surprise to Nik as his c.o.c.k bulged further, allowing Nik to understand that it is a high time that he contracts a shrink for himself.


"Nie Li, you really have brought a great fortune to the family. For that, you have my utmost appreciation."

Nie Hai stated sincerely, prompting Nie Li to hurriedly take the humbler side. He was all too aware of the reason for his presence within a carriage full of elders. As most of the credit of the Nik tying up with the family falls into Nie Li's lap, he needed to be treated as a well-treated link between the family and the master. And now, the elders who had already mistreated his family enough, needed to cultivate a familial feeling within Nie Li for the Heaven's Mark Family once again.

'I really wish to accompany teacher Nik... a discussion with him regarding martial arts would have been better... way better...'

Nie Li groaned internally. Although he was far older than any elder present, his physique had never wrinkled even once after becoming a god and had always remained ill-tempered in his past life. Now that he was forced into diplomatic agendas out of nowhere, he could only feel annoyed.


"Sure~" Nik whispered, his hands coiling around her waist as he leaned his body down, pressing Yu over the seat of the carriage as the bumpy ride continued. Moon seemed to be fully intent on enjoying her sleep as she didn't move a single whisker of her volition and if it wasn't for Nik's constant attention over her, he might have even thought that Moon gave up on life at her younger ages. "My 'worst' disciple does sound an apt term for you," Nik leaned down to press his lips against Yu once again, meanwhile, with one hand cushioning the back of her head and the second hand slowly pushing up the gown style dress up, revealing Yu's muscular and slightly curvaceous thighs leading up to a panty, a v.a.g.i.n.a.l-cut panty gifted by Nik for the occasion. The embroidered, transparent, pink-laced panty with an obvious partition around her soft pink lips, a distinct difference from her mother's darkened p.u.s.s.y lips, worked like the best way to set the mood. Slightly enchanted, Yu worked her courage to reciprocate his master's actions of unbuckling her pants yesterday and gingerly worked around to unknotting the green belt around Nik's waist that held the pants tight.

With her dress pushed up, a soft cushion of pink dress formed between Nik and Yu, but that didn't stop Nik from letting his free hand rub against her open crotch. With his fingers gently parting the soft pink lips in between her paler thighs, Nik's kiss grew intense. His fingers worked their way around her cute slit that the traditions of this word would have categorized as 'un-maiden'-like due to her h.y.m.e.n already being broken, but that made Nik realize that with his Life Energy, he might as well help repair the stupid cause of societal barrier. Instantly reverting from his tangent brought by multiple skills in his arsenal, Nik spread Yu's snatch, revealing the tiny hole that twitched constantly, begging to get stretched just the way the owner of the crotch pressed and pushed her body against Nik, revealing her desire to be treated in a similar manner. After all, the scene of Nik's vigorous body pounding against her aunt with her juices puddling the floor had left an undeniable mark on Yu. Such virility is what Ming proclaimed to be the best thing for a woman her age.

Finally, giving a mental apology to her father, the man who, at least, tried to support her until she was seven before implementing the clan laws, Yu unfastened the belt and pulled Nik's pants down, making a hefty tool smack against the dress-cushioned area.

Knowing was one thing but seeing another and gazing at the skin-colored monster that far surpassed the purple monster wreaking havoc in her body yesterday, Yu gulped down a bout of her master's sweet saliva. Feeling the slightest bit of energy from her master, Yu scanned the veiny shaft. With the slightest hint of foreskin around the last edge of the bulbous tip, making Yu remark it as 'cute' for a moment, she gently held the member in her hand and just like Nik, who kept pressing his fingers against her wet slick, Yu followed her mother's training and even though she felt intimidated by the high temperature of the tool and the occasional throbs that would make Yu have second guesses, the moment she stroked the thick c.o.c.k, pulling the skin back quite easily, she was surprised to find that the slightest trace of wetness appeared on the tip of her master's tool. It was clear and looked like the tiniest drop she had ever seen.

With her strokes quickening at pace unconsciously and her palms coming into contact with the sticky drop that smeared across the tip, Yu's breathing shuddered as Nik's finger, quite possibly, his middle finger slid into her sweet pot, slightly stretching her hole as Yu m.o.a.ned softly, in fact, quite a bit reserved when compared to her earlier bravado and yesterday's squeals. "Master~" She m.o.a.ned softly. The thought of engaging in a pure master-disciple relationship already gave Yu a forbidden 'high' but the possibility of sharing the bed with her mother and aunt, Yu couldn't helo but coo, her stretching legs pushed up to fill her aching cunt with the thick finger as the soft squelching sound echoed within the soft thuds of the carriage. Around Nik's h.i.p.s, as Yu used both of her hands to give her master's thick arrow measured strokes, she raised her knees, finding her master's waist really thin when compared to his broad and firm back. Finally, with one last twirl of Nik's thumb against her c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s, Yu let out a groan that could easily escape the bounds of the carriage and reach outside while a clear squirt arched out of her tiny hole right above the twitching one. Without any fear of getting their clothes soiled, thanks to [Purification], Nik let his white robe get soaked in Yu's juices before placing his wet hand to the side of her face and supporting himself above Yu. Pressing the glistened tip against Yu's wet thighs, Nik smiled gently rubbed his tool against her spread vulva while she gripped onto his back, her hands slowly tracing towards her master's own sweet buttocks.

"How dirty~" Nik chuckled as he pushed his h.i.p.s forward, lubricating the underside of his shaft against her soaked hole. His words made Yu's breath shudder as without her master's mouth to accompany her, Yu could only look at his face with a grudging passion. "Master! Stop with this..." she whispered as she raised her head and clamped his sides through her knees. His lips instantly sucked against his exposed collarbone as he breathed hotly, "I can take things just like my mom and aunt~ Don't you keep on teasing me... just push it in~ And seal my mouth... my sweet voice belongs to you, master~ Yeah, that's right," Yu whispered in affirmed conviction, "Turn me into your dirtiest and naughtiest disciple. Let me do the things that even others feel hesitant towards~ Hmm, just Ah~" Yu gasped as the tip finally entered her cave, "Ohh, master! Just fill me and batter my insides~!" Yu finally clutched her master's surprisingly elastic butt and pushed him into her as her mind buzzed while the thick tool completely spread her apart.

"Oohhhh~" her walls clenched against Nik's shaft once again while her sensitivity took better of her and engaged into a new bout of waterworks.

"Master! Master!" She chanted, testifying to her training with Ming as she became a literal ball of s.e.x. Sucking at Nik's neck tightly and leaving a mark that Nik didn't intend to remove, Yu continued to push herself against Nik until she felt like reaching her limits before rotating and twisting her raised h.i.p.s as the bumps of the carriage worked as natural pistons, making Yu's breathing laborious.


"Alongside multiple luxurious carriages pulled by rare thousand-year beasts, signifying the sheer wealth and resources of the aristocrats, a pair of carriages pulled by hundred-year beasts stopped in front of a metal-formed building tinted in gold that glimmered under the afternoon sun.

Finally, alongside a flushed Yu, Nik stepped out, his dark hair replaced by fluffy silver as the only evidence of their earlier action seemed to be the slight creases on their dresses. After all, one use of [Purification] turned their clothes as if they had been washed and dried out recently, making them look extremely fresh.

"Master~ we are here!" Yu cooed, a clear difference in her behavior towards Nik. With three more partners added and their skills stored into the skill pool, Nik held Yu's stretched out hand that pulled strange reactions from the four men stepping out of the other carriage. Nie Li couldn't help but feel a little fear as if Nik's action did suggest his 'too' much of a sweet relationship with his disciples. Meanwhile, waving towards the group, Nik smiled, "I will be leaving for my personal room arranged by the auction house."

Saying so, Nik walked into the building while asking the password of his room to be shared with the master of the Glory Center, the envoy of the Alchemist Association, and the young master of the Snow Wind Family attending the auction Ye Han.

Of course, he only directed the attendant instead of speaking out the method of unlocking the Inscription on the door to his room since Nik wished to personally welcome each one of them.

Nodding, the attendant led the master-disciple pair into their room, displaying the direct view to the stage as if they were sitting right in front of it with multiple patterns to raise the price in the auction. After denying his own goods from entering the auction, Nik saw the attendant leave before Yu smiled playfully and jumped over to Nik's lap. Out of the three, long sofas that filled the premium room with a table in the middle alongside a catalog, Yu only found comfort in Nik's lap as she nuzzled against Nik's chest, "Master~ can we do it again? Hmm? Won't you punish your naughtiest disciple?" The self-proclaimed naughtiest disciple m.o.a.ned as Nik shook his head, "After the auction, once I bring every one of you back to the manor, there will be plenty of punishment waiting," he whispered.

Although, with the group converging to his room, the situation could change quite easily.