Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 472

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 472 Illicit Commands

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"98,000 one! 98,000 two! 98,000 three!" The Host yelled loudly, but the crowd couldn't even bother cheering anymore. The trend of the items getting swallowed by a single person placed everyone in a bad mood.

Purchasing the auxiliary inscription seal, Nik hummed in a soft tone. Right now, accompanied with his soothing and l.u.s.t arousing scent, Nik slouched back while actively hugging Yu from behind as she exercised her right as the naughtiest disciple to let her master's tool slowly push against her butt as she wiggled her waist in a tantalizing motion before cushioning the thick, but still flaccid c.o.c.k against the crack of her butt.

"Say, Yu'er, did we just win another bid?" Nik inquired with a confused tone as he blew hotly against Nie Yu. In reaction to his hot whisper, it was the remaining trio that showed stronger reactions than Nie Yu herself. Humming curiously, Nie Yu spoke the truth, "We did, Master... it's just that... this is already your seventh item but..." Nie Yu's shameless gaze swept over the n.a.k.e.d forms of Shen Xiu, Elsa, and Yang Xin, who reckoned that they wouldn't even be putting their arms around their b.r.e.a.s.ts and clenching their thighs if it wasn't for Nie Yu's incomparably shameless gaze. As for Nik, he brought a wave of expectations as to what this next command might bring them as the women found themselves, despite their extremely questionable appearance, enjoying. Of course, aside from Shen Xiu who admitted this fact personally through a mental thought, the other two remained silent about their thoughts. It was at this time, Nik's smile turned amusing.

"Elsa, do you remember our earlier meeting? Did you... learn something new?" Nik inquired while the violet-eyed woman smiled.

"Of course, I did... N-n-nik..." she stammered. 'Trained' to address her 'Lord', no... owner, quite formally, the feeling that washed over Elsa after speaking out Nik's name without being punished cruelly was quite refreshing indeed.

"Then, my command for you is to try and demonstrate it over my naughtiest and charming disciple," Nik grinned, his words instantly made Nie Yu's mind buzz as she looked back in astonishment and gasped, "Master!" Although she didn't know what Nik might have taught Elsa, seeing the lady target her thighs, Yu reckoned that is was anything but 'undesirable.' "Hmm? Yes?" Nik matched Yu's astonished gaze as his touch suddenly brought a nerve-wracking bout of pleasure that made the young teen shudder.

"Hurry, Elsa. The next item would soon begin."

Nik stated clearly, making the dark-haired, pale-skinned woman stand up, finally revealing her slick snatch that pulled the attention from the other members in the room. His eyes gradually converged over the indignant Yu, flashing a profound smile as his hand gently traced up her supple body, finally stopping below her less than voluminous, but still substantial bosom, "Of course, you have to uphold your title as the naughtiest~" Nik whispered, pressing his lips against her slightly exposed shoulder as his words made Yu shudder. "And that is where your talent would hone itself," his tender kisses reached towards her neck. Seeing such an illicit scene right in front of her, Yang Xin felt tempted to look away... but the moment Elsa dropped on her knees right in front of Nik with religious expression, Yang Xin's debauched curiosity finally won the constant tug of war between her morality and womanly delights.

Looking towards Shen Xiu, Nik's smile broadened as he let one of his arm free and beckoned Shen Xiu to get closer before resting his palm down and sticking out his index finger, once again, making his wordless command clear. Filled with an equal amount of shame and excitement while recalling how Nik had promised to 'train' her once again the night they finally moved their relationship to the next level, still with an elegant hairdo, Shen Xiu gingerly scooched her butt over to Nik's hand and turned her back towards him before dropping on his hands. With the scars on her back long-vanished after constant rejuvenation of Life energy, Nik felt content as Shen Xiu made it easy for him by positioning her peachy butt in a manner that her tight snatch instantly overlapped his index.

This time, Yang Xin finally trembled into awakening and looked away. On the other hand, Elsa pushed the hem of Yu's dress over her h.i.p.s while spreading her knees. Now that the arrogant lass was 'given' to her as training, Elsa decided to make the best use of her, making Yu shiver with a mere lock of gaze. Pushing the length of her thin index against the slick slit with a bright pink border and an even paler clit as if being the epitome of beauty, Elsa started using her womanly experience to figure out the gears that got Yu going.

With one hand occupied, Nik looked towards Yang Xin, who looked still looked towards the procedures as the attendant brought another item out.

"Yang Xin~" Nik cooed, his voice making the lilac-haired woman shiver with her hands covering her b.r.e.a.s.ts turning stiff. "I own you, darling~" Nik purred with a cackle, leaving the softly mewling Yu over his lap to Elsa's disturbingly 'experimental' movements and using his other hand to beckon Yang Xin towards him since she sat on the adjacent seat, "Now, as a little slave under my command, come forward. Hmm, sit right beside me~!" Nik smiled with what Yang Xin categorized as an annoying twinkle in his eyes.

"I am no slave!" She growled, slightly astonished by the brash choice of words as Nik's smile grew wider, gesturing towards each of them with a slight jolt of his jaws, "According to the rules, you all are... as an honest master, I very much like to enforce certain rules~ If these rules are not abided... well, I'll have to punish the naughty... slaves myself..." Nik grinned as Yu suddenly gasped in between their conversation when Elsa stuck her tongue into Yu's beautiful snatch, making Yang Xin's flush turn a notch deeper.

Meanwhile, as if finally content that she wasn't the first to break the silence through her m.o.a.ns, Shen Xiu followed Yu's purr and groaned with aching need as Nik slipped in yet another finger. Seeing such a 'wet' scene, everything except Yang Xin's heart throbbed in desire while the slight amount of humiliation for being called a slave still continued to chip at her self-respect.

"178,000..." Nik issued a lighthearted chuckle before speaking into the mic, winning yet again another item, making Yang Xin gulp.

"I don't want to play this anymore!" She stated hastily, now, fully intent on leaving the hole she accidentally dug for herself by underestimating the 'peaceful' Nik.

Smiling, Nik's scent finally showed its full potential while his voice seemed to have turned ethereal.

"You know... for a Master Alchemist to be such a sore loser... well, you can go if you want," Nik sighed, his free hand returning to Yu's thighs as he continued, "Anyway, I did doubt that aside from your beauty, you would have anything worthwhile to your note."

His words turned Xin stiff once again. This time, by an outrageous wave of humiliation and anger churning through her veins, she mechanically turned her head towards Nik and smiled sweetly.

"Would you believe that I don't care about the opinion of the City's Strongest?"

Shaking his head, Nik's hand slithered atop Elsa's head, gripping her braid and pulling it around his wrist before pushing her against Yu's slippery hole. Amidst Yu's m.o.a.ns and Shen Xiu's gasps, Nik chortled, "And would you believe that my opinion changes as if a fickle woman's thoughts. You are welcome to change my opinions any time you want... although, this is as good of an opportunity as ever."

Snorting, Yang Xin decided to stop playing games and get dressed. For a moment, Yang Xin did want Nik to admit his wrongdoings and pursue her to join the 'fun.' After all... she was a grown woman for god's sake... too grown to even have a pair of chubby kids to pinch and flaunt against her other lady friends!

However, Nik didn't seem to indulge a 'sore loser' and finally, as Yu turned her head, Nik kissed her with passionate expression. Others can buy all the weapons they want, he'll just find another wealthy family as a target and loot them, too! At this moment, Nik didn't seem to be bothered at how demeaning his thoughts were to his current profession as a teacher.

"Hey! Say something! You big, dumb ball of s.e.x!" Unable to bear the humiliation of being ignored, Yang Xin hissed, quite uncharacteristically at that, making Nik's gaze tilt towards her while continuing the exchange of fluids with his disciple.

Once again, without saying anything, Nik let go of Elsa's head, pulling a slightly dissatisfied m.o.a.n from her mouth before she vented into Yu's cunt, Nik beckoned the n.a.k.e.d and exposed Yang Xin with the flick of his wrist. This time, he didn't give her the chance to refute and seeing that she seemed hell-bent of dragging the conversation of pride and other vain concepts while she could just enjoy a passionate moment of l.u.s.t and illicit 'high', thin strips of water surged from Nik's fingers before pulling Yang Xin towards him by a single knot of watery ropes on her slightly chubbier waist.

Finally, as her bum landed on the spot next to Nik, his hand firmly held her jaws and with a swift transfer, Nik found his lips overlapped against Yang Xin's sweet ones as her eyes widened at Nik's daring action. Yu, on the other hand, clicked her tongue and couldn't help but follow her master's direction before placing both of her hand behind Elsa's head and bucked her h.i.p.s against Elsa's face, pulling a relieving sigh from the disciple.


From the moment she was pulled through the sudden emergence of water wh.i.p.s to the point her mouth was invaded with the strangely delicious tongue that seemed to stimulate all the pleasure points within Yang Xin's mouth that she didn't know existed until this point, the Master Alchemist felt herself short of breath and 'audibly' excited as her gasps continued alongside the honest reaction of her body with her mouth exchanging her fluids with Nik without a second thought.

'Just... what the heck is wrong with me,' the thought emerged within the Alchemist as her actions grew far more intimate. Her hands cupped Nik's cheeks while engaging in a lasting kiss while she felt her body heat up with his rough arm wrapped around her soft back and reaching her slightly pudgy tummy. The playful pinches shook her h.i.p.s and his continuous twirls within her mouth made her feel like melting, physically, and alongside all her previous indignations.

Extremely enticed, Yang Xin sought to push Yu down, more than willing to take up the thrown that Nik's lap entailed, alas, a firm embrace over her waist stopped her from moving, making Yang Xin reach a slightly excited realization that she really 'is' the slave with her thoughts and body bounded to the whims of the man enjoying four women at once without a shred of awkwardness within each other's movements as if they all were guided by a higher force with a firm grasp over their minds, leading them to an eventual goal.

Nik's pair of pants.