Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 473

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 473 Demon Lord

If Nik's luck may have interfered with his nefarious shenanigans, then it couldn't interject the acts of m.o.a.ns leaking through his room every time he activated the mic and placed a bid on every single weapon. Nie Li's face was bleak, and dangerous. Quite dangerous. A person with 300 years of experience, bloodl.u.s.t, indignations, and other emotions can have a terrifying... presence.


"230,000!" Nik chortled in tandem to Nie Yu's soft groan. Nie Hai and the other elders, though embarrassed, were far away from Nie Li himself as they couldn't help but wish to open their mouth and admonish Nie Li to even have such a 'gaze' in his elders' presence but it was this terrifying chill that made then shut their holes. By now, neither Elsa, Shen Xiu, or Yang Xin could understand what Nik wanted by letting their voices leak through the mic. Well, it wasn't that they weren't enjoying the bout of debauchery. In fact, aside from Yu who was still a bit green, the trio felt Nik's 'l.u.s.t' growing by each breath. His gaze... yeah, that was it.

His gaze wasn't tame any longer.


"Honestly, I forgot this feeling~"

Nik whispered into Nie Yu's ears with his c.o.c.k wrapped by her hole and the bit of his 'true'-sized shaft that simply couldn't fit into Nie Yu licked by Elsa gingerly. Her tongue worked a haply overtime as she cleaned the still-leaking off-white spunk that may have thrown the Garden God a notch below in its taste. Her finger firmly held both of Nik's thighs as Shen Xiu and Yang Xin rubbed their snatched against the back of his palm out of their own volition. In fact, Yang Xin provided an 'exotic' feel with her lilac-colored pubes and an overflowing musky scent that tickled Nik's senses. However, as Yu continued to bounce over Nik, her dress already torn from various areas with no possible way to salvage it, she groaned in aching need, "Master!" she squeaked with a thin stream of crystal clear liquid impacting right against Elsa's face, making the dark-haired beauty yelp in surprise and reel back as she brought her hands in front of her face to defend.

"Aaahnnn~" Yu m.o.a.ned in ecstasy. Her body trembled as she bit on her lips to keep her sanity from being flooded by overly s.e.x.u.a.l stimulation that kept wreaking havoc in her body. She felt so full, her bulging crotch was the testimony as to how much Nik suddenly stopped caring when he thought of the eventual reduction of his reputation. Did he care? In fact, at some point, he did become vain to uphold his reputation as a 'good' teacher, unconsciously forgetting that he didn't need to be 'good' to teach someone well. And when another eventuality occurring within his mind the fallout with the 300-year-old reincarnator Nik couldn't help but modify the Inscriptions and gain an active look of the entire hall. Locating Nie Li's gaze seemingly penetrating into him, Nik couldn't help but lick his eyes. Since when did he become a pretentious villain that needed to hide his actions. He had enough strength, now, ye would do anything he wants while teaching his students simultaneously.

Meanwhile, exhausted even by the passive absorption of Nik's s.e.m.e.n into her body, a qualitative effect of Nik's own evolutionary-tier, Nie Yu huffed weakly, turning her head to plant a soft kiss on her master's jaw with a tired sigh leaking through her nostrils. "I really haven't been easy on you... you aren't the naughtiest, but one of the most obedient disciples," Nik whispered as Nie Yu chuckled and closed her eyes. Too tired to say anything but... "At least... remove that kitty from your head... dummy master..."

"Ah! Shit! Moon!"

Nik instantly helped Yu lay down on the adjacent sofa with a copious amount of spunk leaking through her stretched out hall while damp-faced, Elsa still reached out to Nik's c.o.c.k and eagerly slurped his tip clean, showing a rather joyful expression with his tongue swirling the joy shake inside her mouth and experiencing every bit of taste of her Lord's spunk.

On the other hand, after using Gravity manipulation to assist Nie Yu in laying down, Nik did the same for Moon and placed her on the sofa opposite to Nie Yu. 'Damn... she is still sleeping? Just what did I take a shine on?' Nik smiled with his hands taking control of Elsa's head, gently but firmly pushing his tool inside her despite the woman's pleading gags. "Nik... should you really do this?" Shen Xiu asked in a voice that was 1/10 concerned but 9/10 excited. Her body embraced Nik's shredded arm and kissed his shoulders as she kept her body in a scrunched up shape. Similar to Shen Xiu, Yang Xin felt as if she was possessed to be committing deeds that even put harlots to shame with a man whom she hadn't even gone out after that 'one' time.

Once Nik's shaft was completely lodged into Elsa's throat, making her cheeks puff and throat bulge astoundingly as her eyes slowly reddened, she suddenly felt 'painfully' relieved when her Lord's shaft was unsheathed from the scabbard her body is trained into. In a slow, vacuumed pump, Elsa glided down once again, giving the tool the last bit of stimulation to shoot another relieving load straight into her stomach through her throat, filling the upper hole with sticky white juices that Elsa continued gulping down. The thought of draining master first-hand and not experienced the sloppy seconds filled Elsa with profound joy. Once relieved and slightly softened, Elsa slowly slid back, revealing the entire c.o.c.k purified by her spit as it glistened a pervy light. With gasps followed by coughs of ropes of spit bridging her mouth and the tip of her Lord's c.o.c.k, Elsa held the member from the base and stroked it firmly, convinced that with enough pleads, the Lord might desire her body once again and it did.

One pump, two pumps...

Ah, three pumps are the charm!


'Did he really lay hand on Yun'er?' Nie Li's thoughts spiraled down to a single point. How twisted he became for Ziyun, Nie Li only realized now. With his cousin's m.o.a.ns, it was enough for Nie Li to realize the fate that his mother and aunt fell into. How did he know that? Well, there was a little hope within Nie Li that the extremely minuscule life-force he sensed from his mom's (ming) abdomen would be the fruit of his father's labor, despite him claiming his ill-fated unconsciousness. However, Nie Yu's voice stated otherwise. Most likely... the rumors were true, after all. But finally, as if realizing the same fate falling upon Ziyun, Nie Li came to a hard realization that he... didn't care anymore. His pretense of wanting to care for the city, for the people, his 'revived' loved ones... aside from Ziyun, who met her end due to protecting Nie Li himself, the boy couldn't be concerned by anything anymore.

The spiral of emotions made Nie Li laugh at himself. 300 years... why did he even try to form bonds with people who were dead to him for 300 years?! Was he that desperate? The thought of dying to Sage Emperor's hands without anyone to leave behind in tears took that much toll on him? His breathing turned ragged and despite the scene of Ziyun in someone else's arm tore him to shreds, Nie Li hadn't fallen enough to be unable to pick up the remaining few and morph something into different.

Ah, untamed is the word of the hour.


"How does Teacher Demon Lord sounds?" Nik inquired with a smile. Yang Xin and Shen Xiu engaging in an illicit kiss while embracing him from the side while Elsa seemed warmed up just right to hold her own against the shaft. With her pale ass jiggling over Nik's c.o.c.k, her dark pink lips stretched to their limits and her w.o.m.b passed through, the tip of her Lord's c.o.c.k finally reaching the depths that the previous lord couldn't even hope to, Elsa instantly agreed. "Lord, that sounds~ Ohhh!!! Ahh~ n-nice~ That sounds wonderful!"

Elsa smiled while looking back, her face disheveled but it still couldn't hide the bright smile that constantly broke into a mindless daze with her head snapping up as her body shuddered and her walls tightened around Nik's c.o.c.k. Alas, no one stood in front of the duo to lick the shaft clean and suck the nectar completely as Elsa's squirts formed a puddle right in front of her. With her arms restricted by her Lord's thick palms, Elsa could only bounce, reveling in the joy that seemed to surpass her desires to shred someone's bowels out and enjoy their despairing cries.

Hiding the notifications that popped after his acceptance to the position of the Demon Lord, Nik thrust his h.i.p.s, making his tool stir Elsa's insides as he couldn't help but look at Yang Xin next. He was determined to go all the way before the auction ended. Of course, amidst the squelching delights, Nik continued to place his bids, showcasing just how much the whorehouses had hoarded from their masters and the collective action of all the whoremasters might even cause am unprecedented change within the city. They were all stripped clean. From their wealth to their lives.

As Elsa squirted he last and slid out of Nik's tool before falling into her own puddle, making Nik use his [Purification] and make some sense out of the mess, Nik picked the pale beauty in his arms and pecked her forehead. He might become a wild demon lord, but that shouldn't be stopping him from enjoying taking care of the ladies after the session. Of course

Turning back, Nik strode towards Yang Xin, saving Shen Xiu for the last since she is the one most likely to last the longest.

"W-wait! Ehm... umm... ah..." With no words forming over her lips to stall for her eventual fall, Yang Xin enjoyed the feel of Nik taking a firm charge despite her awkwardness and press her down with his other hand rubbing her insides instantly set ablaze by mysterious energy while a bout of nefarious blaze made Yang Xin initiate a round of kiss this time around. Meanwhile, Shen Xiu slowly grew out of her dazed state before smiling and taking the opportunity to pat Nik's head, something she felt apt at the moment. As Nik gently swept Yang Xin's mind with the kiss and the gentle thrums of his throbbing c.o.c.k against her abdomen, Yang Xin gasped out of breathlessness as she felt the tip align against her... well,

It has been a long time since she had even fingered herself, so saying that such a mature beauty had a tight hole was quite an understatement.

Feeling the tip press against her fleshy entrance, slowly lowering till it poked her tight hole, Yang Xin couldn't help but squirm as Nik's c.o.c.k slipped out, making him chuckle. Once again, Nik pressed his tool against Yang Xin's hole, this time, he kept his grip over the shaft until he made sure that he entered the clamping walls accompanied by a sharp inhalation from Yang Xin. Although she didn't feel any pain, which surprised her, the flooding pleasure still floored her mind as her hole slowly loosened up to accompany more of Nik.

Meanwhile, as Nik slowly sat up, his arms around Yang Xin's waist as he pulled her up slightly to make ease of the future pistons, Shen Xiu took the opportunity to hurriedly seal Yang Xin's lips by facing Nik and sitting up on Yang Xin's face, letting her wet holes mar the Master Alchemist while sighing in appreciation as Yang Xin still stuck her tongue out to proceed the intended action.

Picking the stone while finally disregarding Nie Li completely once he got Xue Yin's message, Nik stated the bid of 800,000 to overprice the first spirit bone.

"Looks like I won't have time for you here..."

Nik whispered with a sad tone, making Shen Xiu chuckle as she leaned forward to kiss, exchanging her and Yang Xin's p.u.s.s.y juice still lacing her mouth with Nik as she shook her head, "Well, we will have a lot of time at home and I also realized that we should be spending more time together..."

Sighing, Nik nodded before smiling, "Then let's 'use' Yang Xin a lot more... hmm, the carriage ride is probably three hours of distance... that sounds perfect~"

"Because it is perfect, my Teacher Demon Lord~" Shen Xiu cooed in tandem, their whispers and plans making Yang Xin shudder in excitement as her cunt welcomed Nik with further loosening.