Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 474

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 474 Debauched End

[L.u.s.t Domain +1]

[Purification +1]


Soft lilac-colored hair matted with sweat and stuck against Yang Xin's forehead as once again, she found herself accompanying Shen Xiu with the rather similar scene of c.u.m-soaked Elsa and Nie Yu resting across their seat. Ah, they 'were' c.u.m-soaked... Nik's skill was rather broken in nature as they cleaned everything perfectly, giving the girls an appearance as if they had dried out of their baths. Yes, she knew. Or rather, in the bout of unconsciousness, Yang Xin experienced a major half of Nik's life once she accepted the 'invite.' And honestly, it was the strangest thing to see such an easygoing guy to have actually gone through... well, a rather easygoing life when compared to the ones in the world with plaguing misfortunes.

Yang Xin's pale yellow hues traced Nik's facial features, her body felt warm as she lay n.a.k.e.d in Nik's arms. The carriage used by the boss of the Glory Center was surprisingly spacious, allowing Nik's figure to cuddle about as he smiled and kissed her on the lips the moment she turned to look at him again. Ah, that wild feeling seemed to linger on even then, something quite strange. Ordinarily, men are known to get a little wild and experience a temporary change in demeanor but with Nik, it felt as if he had cast something away. Still gazing at his debauched violet hues as the loveable beast spooned her while squeezing her plump and voluminous b.r.e.a.s.t with one hand and the other supporting her head, Yang Xin couldn't help but feel sweet.

Not finding what Nik had cast away was a little unnerving but the mystery that added itself to Nik's character was intriguing in itself.

Feeling the soft tingle, Yang Xin couldn't help but slur, "Ohhh, just like this~ T-that spohhhttt!" groaning as Nik gently continued to thrust, his veiny shaft continuously scratching at the weakest of spots closest to her second entrance. Her snatch gripped against Nik's hefty shaft as her hands found comfort by holding Nik's hand that played with her soft bosom. "Hmm, like this?" Nik whispered, his hip arching back into a wonderful thrust that finally pushed his c.o.c.k ball's deep into Yang Xin from behind. For a moment, Yang Xin couldn't breathe, the feeling of her second wall almost pushed open was too much for her. Feeling Nik's tool bulge for the umpteenth time in the day, after her continuous orgasms, Yang Xin tilted her head and licked her lips with her eyes pleading towards him, making Nik smile as he leaned forward and covered her lips with tender intentions. He really did tire everyone out. Even Shen Xiu had gone through a rather short session before the acc.u.mulated frustrations caused her to c.u.m in a rather erratic manner, forcing her to rest for a while with a light play ministered by her own hands.

With a soft groan, Nik's orgasm flooded Yang Xin's sweet pot, making her m.o.a.n. The searing c.u.m painted her walls white as she could distinctively feel her w.o.m.b stretching as if wishing to welcome more of the bitch trainer spunk. After all, Yang Xin did turn into Nik's c.u.m bitch and felt quite satisfied being treated as nothing but one. How her thoughts tilted to such ends didn't matter a single shred to her as her disheveled lilac hair stuck against Nik's damp chest. Probably, she might recover her normal train of thought once again, well, even if she didn't, as her free hand traced the obvious shape of monstrous c.o.c.k bulging with each poke pushing out a rather thick trail of spunk, Yang Xin's thought skewed to acceptance and then into gradual relief. After all, once she had taken a bite of the addictive s.e.x fiend Nik actually was, it is quite impossible to become a functional woman without a Nik into her every day. As Nik's shaft slowly slid out of her cunt with a plop, Yang Xin realized just how much she had been stretched out in a span of few hours and realized that even if she did manage to become an 'ordinary' woman, the simplest stretch of her labia would once again bring the sweet memory of Nik and his taste, forcing her on relapsing. So, instead of finding a partner just to cheat on with Nik, Yang Xin felt that it is a smart decision to just... well, enjoy Nik, both physically and emotionally.


While Nik enjoyed the time of his life with Nie Li's cousin and others, the moment the two carriages, one only occupied by Nie Li as Nik did not even show to the appointed meeting point and the other carriage filled with the elders of the Heavenly Marks Family filled with heated discussion. Out of the four, three were obviously biased towards Nik since many men engaged in a s.e.x.u.a.l relationship with women quite close to them in the form of other bonds. In fact, there was once a spiritual master who actually eloped with his mother, causing the father to rage and abuse his power further to find the two. Alas, they never met each other again and the tale continued to encourage young men and women to actively pursue 'forbidden' relationsh.i.p.s.

The last elder, however, couldn't agree. While his traditions never mattered and he knew it since cooperation with Nik could very well change the overall situation of the family. But once thought over, even though Nik's actions looked quite natural, there were many hidden details that others couldn't help but notice only after forming some controversial thoughts about Nik that didn't seem to play well with the elders. For example, the 'integrity' of their wives and concubines. However, Nie Hai still remained completely oblivious to the fact that his treasury had been looted off of its most treasured items, including the stuff placed by the founder of the family himself.

As the carriage finally reached the gates to the family, a few guards instantly mobilized around the carriages and looked extremely solemn, eliciting Nie Hai to walk out himself and that's when the news hit him and reaffirmed the decision to truly have a serious chat with one of his 'younger' lovers.

"Patriarch, a few hours ago, one of the Master Inscriptionist sent a team of Female Spirit masters from the Spirit Association to bring away two women from the family. One of them is mother to Master Nik's disciple Xiao Ming and the other one is her elder twin..."

Nie Hai's frown deepened as the guard seemed to be a little hesitant, "Out with it!" The family head snarled!

At this time, Nie Li, completely expressionless, walked out of the carriage, making the elders behind the Patriarch flinch while the guard hastily spoke a little louder.

"The two women's husbands, Nie Ming, and Nie Kai... t-they... they were found next to mistress Li An's body near the patch of tilled land... the three... weren't wearing any clothes."

Nie Hai almost felt his head explode as a dangerous aura erupted from behind them, shocking everyone to their core.

"So that's it... father and uncle cheated... making mother and aunt cheat in return. Honestly... what a waste of their lives... and all of yours, too."

Nie Li whispered, his spiritual energy looked as if it broke through a dam. Under the astonished eyes of the elders, a yellow spirit ring behind Nie Li broke through its restrictions, soon turning purple. But after that, the transformation continued as the ring turned black, finally making Nie Li cough out a few spits of corroded black blood. His skin turned purple and his arms turned into shocking claws. The moment ring bordered to a crimson red, a devil's phantom erupted behind Nie Li and covered him.

"Ruin Art... Demonification..."

Losing a better half of his sanity and emotions, Nie Li just wished to lay ruin to the accursed family and live in peace. What was he fighting for either way? Revenge on Sage Emperor? Revenge for what? Killing him and allowing him to return to his family and to find out just how screwed up their world actually was? Unfaithfulness? He didn't like it. And since Nie Li didn't like it, his slowly eroding consciousness made him want to remove the objects of his dislikes.

However, before he could move, the slowly sinking face of Nie Li that had already partially morphed into a nightshade demon's head, looked back. His voice warped and jarring to hear as if a human and beast is growling together.

"Who are you?"

The demonified figure stated with its face twisting in hatred.

"Umm, your savior? Well, your butthole is mine!"

A cheerful voice rang followed by the appearance of a white-haired youth with an extremely beautiful face accompanied by a wild, red-skinned beauty with two horns on her forehead and body so voluptuous that the mere sight of her caused the elders and other viewers to get a hard-on.

"Filthy..." the demon whispered.


"Please! Li'er! I am your father! I swear I didn't do this! I don't even know how I got here"

A purple sludge-like tentacle whipped around Nie Ming's face, effectively sealing the mouth by the slime-like substance as the eldritch horror concocted out of purple tentacles with an inhumanely large head of his son in between the structure greeted his vision. Nie Li's eyes no longer had any life within them as Nie Ming gazed towards the destroyed family space. Bodies littered the land and blood drenched the soil.

"My father..." I howling whisper emerged through the eldritch figure, "died centuries ago... he never cheated..."


At this time, Nie Li finally snapped the head of his father, and feeling the sudden moment of peace, the reincarnator failed to notice the surrounding land vanishing into a haze of dreamy pink and so did the bodies. The moment Nie Li did realize, however, turned out to be too late as he felt his body reverting to normal. He screeched, unwilling, and indignant as the two familiar figures appeared in front of him once again.

"You know..." the short youth smiled, "the moment you let your guard down, you had already lost yourself in my illusion. Well, consider all the previous drama as a... welcoming gift to the harem~"

Ray chortled before snapping his fingers, "Yar... break him in this world, and then, we'll deal with him in the real world, too~"

As Yar grinned, forming something amazing in front of her crotch, Ray sighed in distress, "Well, with Nie Li being the payment himself and his earlier demonstration... taking care of the aftermath seems apt, too. But... Nik just asked me to force myself on an unwilling party..."

A smile reached Ray's lips, "For that, he does owe me a favor~"


As Nik helped the trio from the Heavenly Marks Family settle alongside Yang Xin and Elsa, effectively removing 'Ye Han' from the Snow Wind Family once she knew that the legendary spirit bone was already in her Lord's hands, Shen Xiu's informants finally picked up the high trend of Nik's name getting ruined. Of course, paying no heed to such a thing, he inquired about the Heavenly Marks Family and was satisfied to understand that aside from Nie Li, only Nie Ming and Nie Kai seem to have disappeared. If Nik did understand Ray's logic and intentions, then it would probably be that if he got the wives, then surely, husbands are up for the grabs, too.


A/N: Alright, let me make myself extremely clear. After introspection, I have realized that I don't really hate Nie Li. Most of the problem with the CN novel is that the author sometimes forces things on the mc which isn't well appreciated, and that is all. Of course, I may not be able to avoid this in the future myself and may turn Nik into a hated character. Anyway, the point is, I still wrote the scene that I wrote, shattering Nie Li but also removing his obsessions, which is, by the way, an insane boost, because I wrote it slightly objectively and not with personal bias.