Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 476

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 476 Class God'slayer'

"Aghh... it's a pain..." Nik groaned, but a smile remained etched on his face, making Gin Jiu chuckle with a toothy grin as she placed another cup of wine in front of her. This was a special item from the Gin Family Full Cups. A rank 1 spirit item that would condense a cup of wine in 27 hours after being placed somewhere safe. And with the number of cups the two had downed, well, was quite pricy, to say the least. "Let's see, you robbed a lower-level aristocrat's treasury, took away a pair of married women, ah, apologies, the letter of divorce may have reached them by now. Then, you let your true nature know throughout by having an open-mic s.e.x session... yeah, explaining all these to your students while keeping censorship in mind can be... taxing..."

With her alcohol capacity a little below Nik's, Gin Jiu had a lot of cups remaining before reaching her limit. "Man, those three are so whipped," she continued, obviously pointing at the remaining teachers not present here Xiao Xiaji, Pen Hua, and Asami who were getting briefed by Ye Sheng for the upcoming semester. By now, aside from a foolish few, all the students had absorbed a spirit ring and had become a full-fledged spirit master. This complicated things as instead of theoretical knowledge, the kids seemed far more interested in the 'wonders' of the cultivation and this brought a deep session for teachers on how to teach their students about being morally positive cultivators.

What use would an alcoholic and a s.e.x predator have in such a debriefing?


"It's been nice, but I gotta bring someone... I have been getting mental complaints all this time."

Nik spoke with a sigh. Although he showed a slightly annoyed expression, his heart bubbled with excitement as Samya dutifully transmitted her m.o.a.ns in an effort to lure him in with yer tantalizing, soul-shaking groans, becoming one of the reasons of his frustration for the past week from the moment she became his partner. Of course, Nik now intended to clear her problems, both s.e.x.u.a.l and physical. That way, he could genuinely bring a goddess home. The thought pulled another smirk on Nik's face.

'Ah, mother would be so proud~!'

Meanwhile, Asmodeus' voice resounded, "Aaannndddd that's when he realized he doesn't have parents!"

"Poor boy~ At least, the egg is going to hatch, he can probably enjoy the act of parenting..." Lilith chortled.

"We should lay an 'F' for Nik. He has gone through enough..." Sky chuckled, pulling a number of queries from Asmodeus and Lilith as Sky started to explain the origin of 'F' and why it was useful in the scenario, making Nik speechless. He really got trolls of the spirit kind and now, he genuinely hoped that his fourth spirit was more somber, completely forgetting the fact that his spirits are based on him despite some difference in core ideals.

He is the real troll in the group.


Making his way to the Library, Nik thought of ways to finalize the city. Synchronizing the senses of everyone was easy and with a few final touches, he had accomplished the first goal. Now, Nik wanted to begin with time manipulation. The most obvious use of time manipulation was his adventures itself. No matter how much time passes in his adventure, not more than seven days go by in his real word. Nik had his theories but theories wouldn't work. To have a deep understanding of the concept of time, he needed to have some form of skill from which he could extrapolate Time Manipulation and begin his goal of making his consciousness realm a pseudo realm where aside from physical existence, everything else is real, even the flow of time.

"Say, Sky... why don't I try to 'break' the pages of the notebook in my mind, would that work out?"

Understanding Nik's question, the one he didn't ask but wished to inquire.

"If you are asking would the sudden implosion of legendary, time infused pages kill you... I don't know what will happen to your body once shredded by time itself... but that sounds nothing good."

"I know right..." Nik pursed his lips, slowly stepping on the stairs and making his way towards the roof of the library. "It is hard... there doesn't seem a way to add time to my consciousness realm. If that is true, everyone's consciousness will have their own 'time.' That means, once the girls from homeworld disconnect, their next connection would possibly be months later... and if they don't disconnect in time, they risk having their own consciousness eroded by the sheer sensation of reality within the consciousness realm... or something like that..."

Nik's mind overworked itself. With [Multi-task] solely focusing on the problem, Nik could only stipulate two solutions.

Find a girl with time-related skill, have her, take her skill, and then use it for his growth. Or, try to fuse the Dream Core and Pages of the Temporal Notebook...

Both of them were infeasible.

Till now, Nik never took a woman for her wealth, talents, skills, stats, etcetera. Being a humble and mundane guy, he now started to take everyone that met his gaze in a strange flare. That is all. If he does look for a woman due to her skill, then instead of enjoying s.e.x and the debauched pleasures it brings through various play, Nik would end up being a slave to pleasure. In other words, a pathetic being breathing for s.e.x. That's not who he wished to become. A pathetic s.e.x fiend who enjoyed the smiles of his lovers is what he wished to achieve.

Meanwhile, the second solution would not succeed probably since the Dream Core and the pages couldn't be appraised by the system directly, allowing Nik to understand that they might be unique items of the highest caliber. Heck, even the Dream Core couldn't appraise the pages of the Temporal Notebook, testifying to sheer monstrosity Kaal was in his previous life. So, using his only Diamond Level item seemed little like... underestimating the situation.

"I could just ask for Brian's help?"

"If he 'does' meet your requirements. Do you think Grandmaster for a rare concept such as 'Time' grows on trees?" Sky snorted.

"Man... this sucks..." Nik stood in front of the door to the roof, recollecting his thoughts. There is no need to ruin his mood just because of one setback. His adventures had been so smooth that it could be categorized as fairy tales in the annals of the paradise, so, he just needed to calmly think and figure out a way. Other than that, with him transferring his harem into the Dream Core, allowing the comatose members to have the same 'time' as him where ever he goes to, Nik had so many things to already feel thankful for. Taking a deep breath, Nik let his frustration sink deeper into his mind.

Exhaling audibly with a twinkle in his eyes, Nik pushed the door to the roof. The m.o.a.ns resounding within his mind seemed to overlap with the ones echoing in the air, making Nik smile widely. Stepping out, he floated into the air, his master level insight in flying showing its wonders as he looked extremely natural and at ease while flying towards Samya. Dressed in nothing but her birthday suit, Samya didn't even give Nik the time to sweet talk her as she pounced over him the moment he entered her healing sphere, her damp body pressed against him as she ferociously took charge and covered his lips while her hands tore his clothes apart.

Being backed up for a week she didn't mind getting categorized as the goddess of justice... who took justice in her own hands and it felt heavier than the handle of her own sword-staff. With her body heating up, Samya gave the justice in her hands a few firm strokes, not minding how forceful she seemed currently. No, she had lost the capacity to empathize with others and until she got what she deserved, her mind may still remain a mess of vile and l.u.s.tful thoughts continuing to contaminate her body and sense of living.

"Mmmgh~" As if finally satisfied by something hot in her hands, Samya m.o.a.ned. Since the sphere wasn't too big, Nik's back was curved concavely with his c.o.c.k in Samya's wet and warm palms. His violet hues observed the surrounding area before enjoying getting handled so roughly. He had already been contaminated with stupid pride before, restricting him to the confines of a morally obligated teacher but now, feeling the sheer passion emanate out of Samya's body, Nik couldn't help but feel relaxed as he lay on the inner surface of the sphere with a relieved sigh while occasionally directing Samya's tongue to the spots that felt better while his arms hung around her thin waist loosely as her handjob grew furious in pace, making Nik grunt into her mouth every now and then.

Samya's soft, strangely scented b.r.e.a.s.ts squished against Nik's chest as her back remained slightly bent to adjust to the movement of her palms. With her eyes closed, mouth sealed, and hands filled, Samya couldn't help but feel content. Even though her body kept on urging for more, she wanted to feel Nik through her own hands. The contour of his tool of justice, the glorified veins popped over its surface, the gentle curve that guaranteed the best time ever, the enchanting scent that seemed to be able to drug a goddess and the hotness that her own sword couldn't compare to.

Joyous by Nik's return and her curiosity fulfilled, Samya raised her left knee languidly, letting the underside of her thighs and ass rub against the right side of Nik's body as she surprised the apostle with her choice of position. With her calf locking onto his right shoulder, Samya's hand left his c.o.c.k, making it spring free and smack against her crotch, giving Samya a good reason to shudder while her soaked hands gently traced Nik's chin while continuing the breathless kiss with a very few breaks to gather their breaths, something, that changed the moment Samya wiggled her waist and pushed her crotch against the tip of Nik's c.o.c.k. Needless to say, even without being a goddess, with her legs split in the show of passion, giving Nik direct access to her godly cunt, Nik had to help Samya and align his tool so that she doesn't simply hump over his shaft and on it, too.

Feeling the thick c.o.c.k of the man that teased her into a lasting orgasm a week ago, Samya finally gasped, being the first one to stop the act of pleasing her own mouth which disturbed her greatly. But her thoughts eroded under the constant squeals of l.u.s.t ringing within her body as Nik's p.e.n.i.s slowly dug its way deeper, spreading the tightest part of her hot dungeon into a wide entrance that led straight to her w.o.m.b waiting to be bred and produce a group of little 'Nik' pups. The sudden thought of having her belly inflated with Nik's effort seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back as Samya's head rolled back while her cunt convulsed violently, even making Nik wince since Samya probably had the physical strength to even dominate Gojira in a battle.

"Oh!" Grunting, Nik placed his hands on her h.i.p.s once again, her leg lock over his shoulder tightened as Nik made the decision to position her other leg similarly and now, with nothing supporting her aside from Nik's hands, Samya's body dangled on his c.o.c.k, still contracting with her body shuddering every now and then. Reckoning that his c.o.c.k might even be lopped off before Samya's build-up could be complete, Nik pinched her butt while forcing an orgasm out.

[Forced Orgasm.]

Samya's expression morphed into one of pure dumbness. Her mind instantly flooded with nothing but thoughts of s.e.x, finally corroding away the remaining dregs of her twisted sanity as she fell into pure craziness of l.u.s.t and debauchery with her cunt finally giving Nik a nice, long squeeze as a shower burst out of her urethra. "Unnnnnnnhhhhhhh!" Samya squealed. Her eyes opened wide, brows tilted with her outer edges drooping, giving her a pitiful feeling as her golden locks visibly glowed as if the orgasm wished to pull something new out of the c.u.m-crazed goddess as Nik continued to pull his hip the moment he fell Samya loosen up. She still orgasmed, her butt and b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggling by the sheer intensity of her shudders as Nik licked his lips, taking back the initiative, drove his c.o.c.k deep, smacking the unruly w.o.m.b who trie to rob him off of his treasures partner.

"St-stahp! Shi shit nnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhhh!" Samya groaned with Nik's c.o.c.k reverting to its full size within her, deforming her crotch slightly as Nik smacked his crotch against her once again while taking in one of the jiggling tits into his mouth. His palms still gripped her ass possessively as Samya's legs locked against Nik's shoulders while Nik pulled out lightly and drove into base once again, this time, pulling Samya's h.i.p.s alongside to create a raunchy sound of Samya's squelching p.u.s.s.y.

Once Nik felt him reaching his limits surprisingly quickly, testifying to the difference in physical quality of a goddess and a mortal, Nik grinned while hoping for the wild ride in forever coming onto his c.o.c.k rather easily.

Yeah, he really is thankful for all the things he had gained after his supposed death that led him to this strange cycle of adventures.