Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 477

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 477 Screw Responsibilities

In the late night, Nik decided to jog out of the manor. It had been a long time since he had taken a little bit of time for himself... well, it was a selfish thing to even think about. After all, it was his own desire to hook with all of them, so, staying with them is one of the greater aspects of his desire, soon followed by creating a 'living' space that he could call his own and enough strength to live without fear of getting KO'ed in one hit i.e. enough strength to at least retreat when he wishes. Feeling the cold chill clearing his mind, the apostle jogged over to the very first whorehouse he had looted.

"Ah... that's right... I shouldn't have lied to the dead man. I killed him because of my disgust, not due to world root..." Nik muttered. Since this was a 'secret' establishment with goods hidden inside and not displayed to attract any and every customer, Nik got a sweet private time to clear his thoughts. "Mann~ accepting emotional scars is tough..." Nik clicked his tongue. Thinking internally, Nik felt a little satisfied with his aversion to the experience of parenting completely extracted out but still, even though he was fine with his past, Nik found himself quite disgusted by redlight areas in the deepest corners of his heart. Acceptance didn't mean understanding and Nik truly felt regretful that he doesn't truly know about his mother now. After all... objectively speaking, from the few snaps of his true memory, he was shaking up with his biological mother... didn't that mean cucking his possibly current father... Nirdai?

Just that achievement alone would bring joy to Nik if he didn't unlock his memory later on and found that he was adopted. He came out of thin air, fell into the laps of his p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e mother, f.u.c.k.i.e.d her alongside many, grew tired when she, in reality, didn't die but married yet another cuck fetish dude, making Nik grow tired of her leave to find the fabled Incubus Society, soon dying by slipping down the cliff due to a misplaced banana peel. Honestly, Nik wished that the last part was fake... but it wasn't. He died in the dumbest manner. And, he didn't actually bang his mom, adding mystery if he was birthed out of some miraculous test-tube or if the world still holds the hole through which he jumped out alive and kicking.

Smiling to himself and his 'punkish' thoughts, Nik calmed himself down and walked around the city for an hour before returning. If his changes to the inscription patterns weren't incorrect, then, Samya should be able to walk out of the sphere within two days. Of course, the emergence of an actual goddess didn't ease the already bagged group and finally caused a few changes to their behavior. Mostly welcoming changes.

Nik then surveyed the most recent addition to the list of skills.

[Kill Disguise: Lvl 1

Use: Allows the user to disguise the last person murdered by one's own hands. The higher the level, the greater the effect of disguise.]

This was the skill he gained from Elsa, the one that allowed her to take Ye Han's form to such extreme that she admitted that her body even had the 'tool' during the period of disguise. Suppressing the biological curiosity to rush the levels up just to feel how it is like to be a girl, fearing yet another kink under his belt, Nik then looked towards the new side mission after accepting the position of the Demon Lord.

[Side Quest 2

Passed Responsibilities

Description: The first demon lord wished his daughter's obedience and with that passed onto the next Demon Lord, it is imperative that the inheritance of responsibility continues. The previous demon lord wished to completely raze Glory City to the ground.

Requirements: Destruction of Glory City and all of its citizens.

Reward: 20 Stat Points, 15 Skill Points.]

The first time Nik read the quest, he almost fell from his chair with a burst of loud laughter. What responsibility? He still hadn't grown mull headed to reap lives of living beings indiscriminately and god forbids he does that in the future, too. Sure, he killed a few whoremasters, but that was truly out of personal disgust. He had the agenda to relieve his disgust. But indiscriminate massacre is only committed by beings who have grown tired of s.e.x, or are still a v.i.r.g.i.n with their woman being plowed by someone else, Nik didn't fulfill any of those categories and hence, felt no need to inherit such a stupid thing.

Finally, as his mood recovered after gazing at the funny mission board, he returned to the manor to see everyone sleeping on the floor-sized mattress. He really did go all out in this world. With the restrictions of being able to take away his partners removed, Nik was happy to realize that he still remained as s.l.u.tty as ever. He loved the feeling that coursed through his body whenever he saw their blissful expression. Licking his lips, Nik lay somewhere in between. Truly, it didn't even matter to him. With the group comprised of diggers and huggers, Nik had long realized to cut off his senses if he really wished to sleep peacefully. After all, during the next six hours, his body will be passed around as each and every girl gets their fair share of 'sleep with Nik.'


"This is... seriously amazing...' Nik blinked once again. His gaze observed the beautiful pink clouds and blue land over which the beautiful palace was constructed out of shimmering materials Nik couldn't even name. The castle found itself situated over the very edge of a cliff that shouldn't even be able to support the foundation of the castle and yet it did.

"This is my dream core! What else did you expect?!"

Sky inquired with a smug tone as her bat figure flapped around. Instead of entering the palace that held his harem in their individual rooms while they rested with peaceful expressions, Nik's desire to gain his own 'time' soared even higher. If he could just get enough insights into the concept of time, then, the major obstacle that stood in between his daily interaction with Mitsuko and others would be cleared, too. Unlike before, Nik didn't feel homesick, or fearful that he might end up discarding his first loved ones, instead, he just missed the daily banters. Since this world was slightly traditional, the girls, more often than not, weren't outspoken. Sure, Nik still noticed the progress in their behavior.

Inclined to enjoy the view of this timeless world, Nik jumped up and flew around. After a few minutes, with Sky perched over his head, Nik flew over the clouds and when he surpassed their heights, he dropped over the fluffy clouds, hugging them and burying his face with a pleased expression as they supported Nik's weight.

"These clouds are actually a collective living organism known as Upturn Dream Clouds... it was extremely hard to nurture this extinct species to such a high population." Sky sighed with emotions as Nik grinned, "Well, your hard work paid off! Ah, you can't enjoy these as well as I do... what was that? hmm? F? Yeah, I am pressing F for you~"

As Sky scowled, Nik placed two spirit bones over the pink, continental marshmallow.

Pulling a fistful of the cloud and munching on it, something that Sky desired to do herself, Nik pointed at the spinal cord extending out to four pair of crimson bone arms, "What do you think we should do with the Eight-Armed Devil spirit bone and," Nik then pointed towards the golden crown with sapphire tone and jewels decorating it. The main jewel in the front had an eye pattern etched on its surface, "this million-year-old Skydream Silkworm's spirit bone..."

Nik felt strange speaking the name of the treasures out loud.

Sky looked at them impassively. Having nine compatible spirit rings completely melded into one's spiritual body is the first step of gaining true existence. The next step was to find a soul for themselves to complete their existence and then finally, to stimulate a physical body by producing a set of spiritual bones for themselves.

"You can't absorb them as is... but there's no refuting that the skull spirit bone is quite helpful to you... well, your mental capacity would increase to a monstrous level..."

Nik nodded in agreement.

"Well, we have a long time, and its not the main priority now. Just focus on your advantages I guess... and I don't mean s.e.x..."

"You know... Sky, don't mind me saying this, but, if somehow, we do hook up and let me wildly imagine if we do get a kid of our own... just leave the parental chats to me and focus on being a cool mom, okay?"

Nik stated as Sky extended her left wing and smacked it over the top of Nik's head.

"Kaal was an impotent bitch... I want a pack of eight cuties! And yeah, of course, you'll be the 'mother' stuck with kids and I'll be the 'dad' giving them s.e.x eds..."

Sky stated as a matter-of-fact basis.

"I really worry my future... no way... with so many years I intend to live, 8 are too low... my future mini-van mother, I am going to milk out three football teams out of you..."

"And just like that... Manchester never saw what hit em," Sky chuckled, completely unabashed by their words and the astonishing meaning hidden behind.


A/N: I think, I've had enough of milking the current arc. Nie Li is defeated, Nik threw his demon lord's responsibility, the remaining girls needs growing up or appropriate time to make an appearance while one of them has an extremely high condition. So, I think, A time skip is finally in order where Nik has finally stabilized himself before introducing a second wave of girls... and a 'little' something else...