Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 478

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 478 Correction Wannabe Responsible

"Meaoow~!" Moon jumped. Aside from her fur recently trimmed so as to not look like a literal ball of silver fur, Moon hadn't changed physically. Well, she did become a thousand-year-old spirit beast. As the evening sun set, Moon felt reinvigorated. After becoming a thousand-year-old spirit beast, Moon sported a lair of two fluffy silver tails with white stripes that waved around energetically.

"Ah! You woke up!" Moon turned her head towards the source of the voice. Her brilliant blue pupils matched the eerie pair of red pupils surrounded by blue irises. Although the little girl hadn't changed much, something that Moon felt particularly prideful of, Moon still felt intimidated by the wild aura surrounding this girl and a mature woman that looked just like her. "Hehe, Nik is going to have a baby, you know... he won't be able to spoil you from now on~" Not understanding the words but feeling clear about the feelings hidden in the voice, Moon purred derisively. If you want to be jealous of my silver fur, then go somewhere else.

Jumping out of the girl's bed royally, Moon ran out of the room, pulling a rather despondent sigh from Ryu'er as she looked down and touched her b.r.e.a.s.ts... "Everyone changed... even Ning'er and Nie Yu... why the heck do I only gain my mom's face..." She groaned, displeased by her dead father who was used to nurture her growth and making her the talent deserving enough to be a rank 7 spirit master at a tender age of... seventeen.

Meanwhile, just like usual, Moon had the time of her life. Even though others were intimidating, or rather dismissive of her, none of them ever let her go empty stomach. Even that flat girl. She would always treat her to some sweet fishes in the night and let her sleep on her bed whenever Moon wanted. She was a good girl, Moon thought, signifying the direct relationship of heightened spiritual energy to her mental capacity. Her cat-sized body moved about the halls with practiced ease. Moon knew where she wanted to go. Her padded paws finally jumped through the open window before landing on the backyard elegantly. As if to announce her presence, she used the skill that made everybody appreciate Moon and treat her well. Yes, I am a good girl... that's why father doesn't leave me.

[Sweet Call.]

"Meaaoow~" chortling and gaining the attention of the armed women training in the backyard, Moon waited. Sitting on her butt with forelimbs straightened and her chest puffed out, Moon waited. As expected, the dark-skinned woman that practiced with her Golden Claws walked up to her and grinned before taking out a pack of roasted pearl tentacles. With a glimmer, Moon ignored the woman who rested beside her and ate happily, enjoying the crunchiness of the pearls as the flesh of the octopus melted into spices itself.

Nie Yu and the other disciples stopped alongside Elsa, who had taken over their training to teach them some extreme womanly aspects of the battle. Moon's appearance signified their break but instead of continuing the training at Moon's departure, Elsa clapped and grinned, "Today, we all need to look our best. Alright, don't let me etiquettes training go to waste~"

"Tsk, what etiquettes can a bowel lover have? Huh?" Korra snorted with her head supported by her ground-elbowed palm as she laid on the grass lazily. Her other hand still remained coated with the duskgold dreadclaw's spirit bone as Elsa turned her head and smiled sweetly. While the four girls felt stifled by Elsa's pressure, Korra poked her nostril with her pinky before blowing and sweeping her gaze over Elsa, "Surely... you didn't forget my title in Nik's arena, right? Little Assassin?"

"I am older and more experienced... no wonder Nik loves to spend more time with me over you~" Elsa grinned, the three maidens could no longer even blush. The entire manor could be categorized as Nik's... well, Harem. Aside from Ning'er, Ziyun, and Xiao Xue, everyone seemed to know the direction to Nik's c.o.c.k and the map of the uncharted territory. Well, it was a common occurrence by now. Despite his philanderer's reputation, Nik's strength was now lodged deep in the throats of every higherup within the city.

"Hah? Are we still continuing that? Lady, grow up~" Korra smiled with a curve of satisfaction, "Teach has done everything. Heck, that world is a miracle of its own! Instead of clinging onto the man and ruin his plans, I'd rather wait it out, grow stronger so that I can dominate him instead of letting him help me dominate him!" Korra stood up and stretched languidly as Moon strutted away after having her fill.

"Anyway," Korra touched her chin, "Looking good is something we all need to do besides putting our weapons down...

Welcoming a newborn with such an attitude doesn't sound healthy. So, for today, I won't poke you."

"And I'll try not to stab you... again~!"

Elsa smiled.

"Ah! And I'll try not to shoot anybody in their heads!" Nie Yu said with an embarrassed expression again, making everyone's expression bleak.

"You really need to learn how to use that bow!"

"Yeah, you do!"

"Don't ever place an apple on my head ever again... if it wasn't for Master..." Xiao Xue shivered as Ning'er and Ziyun placed their hands on her shoulders with a tired sigh, making Nie Yu's lips twitch.

"Say, how do you feel... you are having a sibling after all..." Ning'er inquired softly, pulling everybody's attention onto Nie Yu. A little overwhelmed... Nie Yu took a deep breath. Xiao Ming's pregnancy took everyone by surprise. Although Nik had been going through a lucky streak, his fortune really shone when Ming announced her status. Nie Yu still recalled Nik's reaction...


The makeshift nursery in the manor was like hell. The girls Samya, Asami, Xiao Xiaji, Xiao Yun, Pen Hua, Klas, and Gin Jiu kept moving in and out of the room as Xiao Ming's scream echoed once again. Outside the room, Lanruo, Xue Yin, and Shen Xiu sat with an anxious expression. At the moment, they couldn't care for their status as Nik's fiancees and only wished for both, the mother and the daughter to be healthy and happy after the situation settled. The advantage of Nik's control of harem finally showed as he successfully weeded out the toxicity that usually surrounded a harem with hypnotic guidance and regular... well, daily sessions.

At this moment, Moon cat-walked over to the group of girls before settling near Xue Yin, eliciting her to pick up the loveable kitten while stroking her head and enjoying the emotionally calming mewl that made Moon so popular within the manor.

"Umm... did anyone think of any name..."

"Xiao Yan!" Xue Yin snapped a reply as Shen Xiu snorted, "Surely, we should give it a better name. Since Nik's customs allow names of the concepts, how about Heaven Faller?!"

Lanruo regretted asking the question. Shen Xiu's naming sense was whack.

"Umm... how about something short, like Ran?" Lanruo inquired with a twitch of her lips as Asami opened the door, her eyes wet but a deep smile touched her lips, making the girls' eyes shine.

"Come in... she is a cutie, just like her mother..."

Asami whispered as the low screams had unknowingly ended.

Gulping, the trio walked in with bubbling excitement but the moment they entered, they stopped in their tracks, finally understanding why everyone held tears in their eyes even when Nik was present in the room. Well, there he sat, embracing Xiao Ming with a softly sobbing little cutie pie. She was cute, wrinkled, but cute. What else could a newborn baby be after a few breaths of her birth?


As Samya finally pulled out the baby gently, before swiftly checking upon its health by granting a swift scan of light energy and clearing the baby's pores, basically making it a super baby in terms of baby, Nik activated his Purification.

[Purification: Lvl 17

Allows the host to purify anything deemed waste into ???.

Level 10 Boost: Selective Purification- The user can condense the rings of purification onto a single point.

Range: 154 meters, 2 ENG/seconds.

Next Lvl: 29 SP]

Instantly, all the blood and grim dissipated alongside the sweat from the women's bodies as Nik concentrated the effects over the room only. Meanwhile, he manipulated Life Energy to stabilize Xiao Ming's condition as her pale face grew ruddy and her exhausted expression turned lively. With Xiao Yun instantly hugging her, Ming cursed. "Ah! Get away! Lemme meet my cutie pie~!"

Her words instantly made the distressed Xiao Yun snort as she groaned, "Hey, act like you just gave birth! Just faint in exhaustion and let me see my niece first!" Xiao Yun demanded while looking at the literal goddess of justice with a glare that made her flinch. A soothing smile finally touched Nik's lips as he helped the little girl lay onto Xiao Ming's embrace. The new touch made the baby cry softly, but at this time, Xiao Ming looked towards Nik and smiled so kindly that it stunned Nik.


"Name her, you big doofus... she is our daughter... your first daughter. Name her. A name that she would treasure and respect you for once she grows strong and big..."


Nik's throat went dry. He had expected to be given the responsibility to give a name, but when he truly face the situation, Nik couldn't help but stifle a breathless gasp. Was he really ready, is what he wondered every day after Xiao Ming went to sleep alongside others.

"Yes, you!"

Everybody in the room spoke with eerily perfect sync that made Nik look towards his daughter resting beside Xiao Ming as the woman slowly sat up. It didn't conform to regular pregnancy, but Xiao Ming was satisfied since she didn't blackout and could remain awake while her daughter got a name, unlike previously.

"Uhh... huh..." As Nik continued to look at his daughter, truly wondering what he should do, he couldn't help but wipe his eyes, finally understanding that droplets of tears leaked through his eyes, pulling an amused expression from the group but still, all felt infected by the sudden bout of tears.

"I... shouldn't be crying, sorry... I don't know what's" Nik's breathing turned ragged while his vision swam. He now wanted to look more at his daughter but the dastardly tears kept him from doing so.

Hearing his uncharacteristically hurried explanation, Xiao Ming giggled. Although her visage looked disheveled, she was filled with energy as the woman didn't even bother wiping her tears and grinned brightly, "Tears are okay~ When she calls you dad for the first time, when she walks for the first time... when she holds your hand for the first time... you ought to feel happy, proud, and only then cry. Now... give our daughter a name already... snhgguu!" Sniffing loudly, Ming continued, "I really want to call her name!"

"I" suddenly choked with unfamiliar emotions, Nik gritted his teeth. "Let's call her Tanya... our daughter... Tanya."

Nik wiped his nose before breaking into open tears and hugging Xiao Ming tightly, making sure to keep his abdomen away as to not pressure Tanya.

"Dang it!" Asami turned on her heels and walked towards the entrance to call out the remaining girls. Meanwhile, beautiful glimmering emerald tears marred Klas's face as Samya grinned happily. She felt proud that her blindfold also acted as an active tear wiper. "Man... Nik better pump us more from now on... crying like a baby... *hic*!" Xiaji rubbed her eyes as Gin Jiu and Pen Hua shared the feeling.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Xiao Yun grinned while pinching Xiao Ming's cheek, "We won't ever 'treat' our children like future 'trainees' again, got it?"

"Yes, elder sis~" Ming m.o.a.ned in pain as she pecked Nik's lips with a wide smile, placating another 'baby' that woke out of nowhere, "There, there, hey, Klas, you have that tablet right? Quick, snap a few shots! It isn't a bloody mess, so we can have our first pic from the beginning!"


Klas took out a smartphone, particularly, Nik's smartphone before raising it high in front of her, switching the mode to the front camera and when everyone came to the frame, she snapped the first pic.

Of course, this made Asami rather annoyed later on.


Hidden Title: Who's the Baby?, Tanya- Our Tanya.