Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 479

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 479 Papa Nik Rages

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A vein popped over Nik's forehead. He never felt this annoyed in his entire life... well, the time when he hypnotized himself to learn his true origins did annoy him, the fact that the girls immediately wanted to party in the house and host a banquet under the same roof as Tanya drove it home.

"If..." Nik spoke with the angriest and coldest smile that made the gathered girls in the mood to party stiff and slightly frightened while their nightly training acted once again, "Tanya wakes up because of the noise... I'll get real angry real quick... mind you..." he whispered. Sweeping his gaze to the calmed down the group, Nik smiled in satisfaction. "Banquet is not an option since Ming still feels quite exhausted and Xiao Yun, Gojira, and Samya would be helping me... learn the methods to take care of Tanya... but, we should definitely eat something different."

Smiling, Nik took an apron out from his inventory. "I am cooking~ Pen Hua, Klas, help me alongside. Oh, and don't worry about the remaining ones... I'll be taking their meals myself."

Thinking for a moment, Nik flashed an apologetic smile, "I am sorry about my outburst... but yeah, I don't want any kind of disturbance trouble Tanya... well, I'd do the same thing for you guys, too, so it doesn't matter much."

"Anyway, I think, letting everybody in here," pointing at his forehead, Nik continued, "know that Tanya is an amazing gal is of utmost importance. So, I'll definitely organize a banquet in the consciousness realm. This means, the arena, and other sporting events would be postponed..."

With Korra's timely groan, Nik continued, "But... I'll make sure that we do have our fun~!"

"Now we are talking!"

Gin Jiu raised the 1500-year-old bottle of wine she saved for the occasion, making Nil glare at her as she instantly chuckled and whispered, "Papa Nik is so cute~ unlike Daddy Nik! Anyway, why don't you just place a sound barrier enchantment in your room?"

Instantly shaking his head, Nik whispered, "Aside from Samya's spiritual washing, I don't want Tanya to experience any form of spiritual disturbance. She has just arrived in this world and needs to let her body accept the natural environment. Well, that's what Gojira, Xiao Yun, Xiao Ming, Samya, and the other books based on parenting stated... you all should probably read it before even getting close to Tanya..."

At Nik's overprotectiveness, the girls only rolled their eyes and slowly returned the renewed dining room with a larger space. Pen Hua and Klas nodded towards each other and moved towards the kitchen. Meanwhile, Nik continued muttering, "Maybe... I should make this a thing... anyone who wants to get close to Tanya needs to pass the viva for parenting..."

[Congratulations are in order?]

Ray's message popped in front of Nik as he smiled once again.

[Well... I am no longer a 'kid' but kid making machine. You should stop by tomorrow... her name is Tanya.]

Since the chat was connected to Brian, his message soon came.

[Well... who knew you would be the first one to settle. Congratulations, I really wish to be their... as Tanya's godfather...]

[Hey!] Ray growled, [I am the godfather.]

[Oh, sure! But you see... I called it first, so I am the Godfather.]

Clicking his lips, Ray closed the chat in indignation while Nik took a leave after bidding his farewell to Brian. Brian's words pulled a deep conflict within Nik. Now that he is a father, he didn't know what to do when his time to live in this world is concluded. Since he hadn't ranked up, Nik still didn't have the option to change his homeworld once again and the thought of placing his own daughter in a comatose hurt him so deeply that even he was surprised over the realization... he really turned out to be a literal papa material and not just daddy material. Heaving a deep sigh while finally resolving to resort to extreme 'stimulations' to start the experiment of introducing 'Time' to the dream core just to give the life his beloved women and daughter deserved, he walked towards the kitchen, ready to shred some unfortunate spirit beast with extreme prejudice.


Over the course of nine months, Nik had achieved the establishment of consciousness realm, introduction, and settling of his harem, he even managed to hunt down all the required beasts with Gojira's help and allowed his spirits to take their true forms, well, one if the spirit had long surpassed the remaining trio in the matter of gaining substance to her existence. Nik had also achieved his second main mission with all the disciples and girls around him far surpassing the rank 3 spirit master in cultivation with Ryu'er having the highest, ironically enough, since she needed to find the materials required to unlock her bloodline seals and a spirit ring would form naturally.

Right now, he had an astonishing sum of 98 Skill Points, 66 Stat Points, 55531 SO, and 37.98 World Root.

[Main Quest 3

Save the Base

Description: Reinforcing the city with experts was merely the first step. The true threat lies in the enemy that wants to remove every existence of humans from this plane. Protect Glory City from the beast tide formed by the Ice Beast God's rage.

ETA: 387 Days.

Completion Requirements: 77% infrastructure, 80% population.

Rewards: 76,000 SO, Spirit Bone (Dark Gold)

Penalty: 20% Status Points reduction.]

Since the penalty of death had been removed, Nik knew that it was the cue of his volition in departing this world. But he didn't want to... not just yet. Until he was sure that this word did not have anything that could help him achieve his desired goals, he wasn't inclined to leave. Anyway, with the authority he gained after making the entire troop of family heads wet their pants once they faced his literal elemental beam during the challenge to mark the beginning of the Glory Center, and the resources from the dismantled Dark Guild, Nik could possibly save the city. He had a chance to leave the city right before the last week, once only a seven-day period remains, he would be forced to accept the mission either way.

Right now, Nik tilted his body and gazed at the sleeping Ming alongside Tanya in her crib. Once he and his harem got out of their honeymoon phase, they calmed quite a bit. Orgies still resounded within the walls of the manor, but everyone had their own rooms and privacy. So did Nik. But, he would be damned if he didn't accompany Ming and their daughter on the first night... tomorrow, he would let his frustrations out rather happily.

Unlike something extreme, Tanya took the most basic features of her parents. She had dark hair bordering black and a pair of brown eyes. A nose that was cute and rounded while soft lips and little baby hands alongside cute baby feet and that super innocent, ehm, Nik stopped delving in the tangent. He was still feeling the rush of being a father and couldn't help but want to keep on praising Tanya. She deserved it. Even if she just rolled her tiny body and snorted softly, Tanya deserved the world under her feet... is what Nik would have said, the same time as Ignit. But now, he wasn't only inclined to say but even do so. He wasn't that much of a pet maniac that could reduce the affection for his child. Sure, his love for Moon remained the same, but Tanya...

Nik felt extremely happy and weird to love an existence that he had not even known for more than nine months...

"I am feeling way too lucky to not open all the medallions and that skill scroll!"

Nik sat up, feeling excited.

Thinking for a moment, Nik left the room silently. Since the opening of a medallion causes a bright light to explode, he didn't want to disturb the sleeping duo and decided to continue somewhere else.

Walking to his own room, Nik settled over his bed and looked at the slightly edgy posters... "I should bring them down..." Nik felt regret over taking down the enticing bikini one, but hey, room decorations could only bring him so much happiness and Nik did wish for his daughter to see his room and the thought of Tanya looking at bikini babes felt extremely unholy to Nik.

"Alright~ Let's open em up!"

Nik looked at the white medallion. As his strength grows subjectively, the weaker the opponent overall, despite their power level, the medallion Nik would receive is based on the proficiency of the opponent instead. So, he had already spammed quite a bit of white medallions.

Opening all his white medallions successively and gaining a total of 6783 SO alongside a few nondescript energy stones or alchemy materials didn't truly dampen Nik's excitement.

After a few minutes of gathering items that would be sold in the paradise, Nik finally looked at the top bosses.

Purple Skill scroll, a dark purple medallion, two golden medallions, a dark hold medallion, a diamond medallion, and finally, three Red Medals gained from slaughtering Klas's team back then.

Praying for a shotgun, Nik activated the dark-purple medallion as it let out a dim purple sheen before presenting a green bladed arrow hovering about.

[Robin's Arrow: Dark Purple

Use: A single-use arrow that would make the stricken target lose all their wealth in the span of three days. The arrow must be struck using a bow of equal or greater rarity.]

Stuffing the arrow into his inventory, Nik prayed for shotgun once again as he activated one of the golden medallions.

[76231 SO gained.]

"Son of a!"

Cursing, Nik threatened the world to hand him his destined shotgun while activating the remaining golden medallion and with a burst of gold, an enchanting sword hovered

"F.u.c.k.i.n.g No!!!" Not even willing to check on the item since it must clearly have great origin and effects that would definitely reduce his anger, Nik pulled out the dark-golden medallion and finally affirmed his will to at least f.u.c.k a single world will somehow while activating the medallion and his expression finally changed for better. Even though Nik didn't gain a shotgun, he still felt relieved while looking at the sturdy pair of guns, one black, the other silver, as they hovered with their nozzles crossing each other, giving an X-shape effect.

[Origin Gun- TypeA: Dark-Golden

Use: A handgun that shoots bullets filled with the host's origin. The Magnus type sub-automatic handgun reloads a bullet every seven minutes and has a total of 49 bullets capacity. This gun cannot be equipped with any form of scope.

Effects: Grand Pierce 47

Armor Crush 65]

Whistling, Nik looked at the description of the other pair.

[Origin Gun- TypeB: Dark-Golden

Use: The best sniper is the one that cannot be seen. Type B Magnus origin series handguns are manufactured with great semi-realistic scopes and highly reinforced shooting range with the additional benefits of an inbuilt silencer. The origin bullet capacity reaches up to seven shots and a bullet is reloaded daily.

Effects: Homing Bullet: 64

Deep Recoil: 43]

Instantly taking the black version, the typeB one, Nik aimed it at the wall and found the etched mark on the handle glow against his palm before blue threads grew out of the gun as a long scope formed over the gun with a deep focus. Slightly stunned by having a literal, one-handed sniper, Nik decided against shooting...

Pointing it towards the open window, Nik pulled the trigger as a purple light streaked out of the nozzle and shot into the sky. Meanwhile, Nik fell back with his right arm almost torn asunder due to the amazing recoil.

He needed to work on dem biceps again.

Finally, Nik healed his body by mending it with Body Manipulation and Life Energy, which had grown in capacity without having another ten-level breakthrough, stuck against level 19, and placed his attention on the Diamond Medallion.

Placing the satisfying pair of handguns into his inventory, still curious by the effects of his 'origin,' Nik didn't hesitate and activated the medallion he gained from the death of the previous Demon Lord.

As an ethereal glow erupted from the floating medallion, Nik braced for the worst possible situations. The worst being a large amount of SO but out of his expectations, instead of an item or a small screen, a tab opened in front of Nik's gaze.

[Please chose one of the following:

167,800 SO

World Ring

Prime Chimera Art]

Since the first option was pretty much self-explanatory, Nik decided to look at the

[World Ring selected.]

"Say what now?"

Nik frowned and he instantly opened his personal logs before pulling the description of the world ring.

[World Ring: Unique

Use: A mysterious ring filled with the core will of a specific plane. Extremely useful to certain beings.]

[The will of Transmigration Paradise wishes to connect with the host's system interface. Allow?]

Before Nik could even do anything, a window popped up that turned his heart cold.