Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 481

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 481 The Best Of Godfathers

"Should you really be moving around?" Nik inquired as Ming sat on the camping chair with a yawn. It was barely dawn and everyone in the manor was barely dressed well much less have their hair shampooed. Meanwhile, Klas prepared the medicinal baths once again. With Nik gently cradling Tanya in his arm, his eyes fixated on the angel while his senses covering the surroundings, he called for almost everyone except for his three disciples. Though they trio felt quite comfortable towards Nik despite his 'quirks' and sudden disappearance for a wild 'ride' every now and then, they still felt a little bashful whenever they bathed in front of Nik. With Ray nowhere near, Nik started taking his chances, and finally, he now attended the daily medicinal baths as a spectator.

"Relax... I mean... it's great and all that you are actually acting as a father... but I have been a mother before. I don't think I need to just laze around... I need to get fit once again!" Ming stated with a fierce expression. Nik's surge of Life Energy helped her a great deal and now Ming was more than prepared to lose her 'mummy' tummy that straight up turned her chubby figure into a slightly fatter version. Mama needed to work out now!

"Hmm, I guess so... So... about the thing we talked earlier..." Nik whispered, eyeing Ming's bosom with a charming smile while Ming returned with a similar broad grin! "Didn't you drink your fair share already? Leave some for Tanya!"

"Ah, don't worry about Tanya... the first thing she should learn it to share~ I can help her with that!"

Leaning her chin up with obvious intentions, Ming waited for Nik to peck her as Nie Yu and Xiao Yun came out at this moment and just shrugged at the sight. "You are so hopeless~" Ming whispered coyly with a healthy blush on her face as she felt her getting slightly damp from up 'there' once again. "Well, those pairs are what hope entails~ I'll love squeezing it dry today~! Missy, your acts won't work again like seven days ago! We f.u.c.k till dawn tonight!"

Nik cackled while more and more girls came up to the happy parents. With Nik making sure that the girls don't go through the trouble of gifting but just being there for Tanya whenever she would need anybody's help later in her life, the girls were more than happy to just shower the holy scene of their rugged man showing a strangely motherly charm as he held his daughter with a warm expression... an expression that only his kids could ever receive. Meanwhile, Ming sat like a lazy husband, too tired to even groan and stand up.

Looking sideways, Korra coughed, "Asami... look out for the nostrils."

Meanwhile, entranced by the scene and her nostrils bursting with blood, Asami smiled happily, "Let it bleed... ah, where is Klas! Hurry, take a picture!"

"Yes, yes~!"

Klas grinned, a smartphone already in her hand as she snapped Nik's and Ming's images with Tanya.

"Mom... are you alright?" Even Gojira remained a rank 6 spirit master as Ryu'er literally overtook everybody. The slightly gloomy Gojira sighed and shook her head. Her gaze softened when she looked towards Tanya but she still felt disheartened. Well, her expression had never really changed from the moment she returned from her usual trips into the Star Dou Forest. "It's alright... I am feeling tired. Too sleepy maybe~"

This wasn't a lack of sleep. Still, this was not the time or place to confront her mother's problem and even if she did, Gojira had the authority to whoop her ass, and Ryu'er would be able to do nothing. After all, who hits their own mom? Well... Ryu'er looked towards Nik... 'Master might... hit his own mother differently...' Still, her gaze then turned to Tanya and with twinkling eyes, Ryu'er skipped towards the pair alongside her mother and bowed slightly before looking at Nik expectantly.

"Master... can I try to hold Tanya?"

Ming seemed fine but Nik shook his head, "No way, I wanna keep her with me!"


Ryu'er exclaimed as even Gojira raised her eyebrow in amus.e.m.e.nt. The group of girls that troubled Ming by constantly asking her questions and learn more stopped as they looked towards Nik in surprise. By far, Ryu'er could be categorized as the most favored person to Nik. Even though Nik had shown his determination to go to great lengths and demonstrate his feelings for everyone so that none felt extremely left out, there was just a synergy between Nik and Ryu'er... just like that cutie Pavak and Virya within the consciousness realm. Sure, Nik did go to great lengths once again to affirm that he might be a legal lolicon, even amongst the trio lolis, Ryu'er had gained a charm so wild that she even overshadowed her mother in presence.

And for her request to be denied...

Everyone's gaze concentrated over to Nik as he explained with an eager smile, "Ah, I meant a day... no, a week... no, I'll let you and others hold Tanya after a month! Hmm! Till then, she gonna stay with Papa~!"

Nik's grin made everyone's lips twitch as they never knew how eager of a father this irresponsible c.u.m dumpster maker would become.

Maybe Papa Nik is what all of them should fear instead of the Sadist Nik and the Trainer Nik.

"Nik... honey... isn't that too much?" Samya inquired with a weird smile as Nik tilted his head and smiled, "Of course, not! Oh, that's right, I'll be taking a break from my alchemy, blacksmithing, inscription, and seamstress classes," his words instantly made Asmodeus, Yang Xin, Shigure (In C.R- Consciousness Realm), and Elsa groan while

Tanya finally let out a soft snort and stretched her body into awakening as her lips smacked each other drily while she started sobbing softly.

"Uugh!" she twisted her body around, her slightly dim brown eyes landing on Nik. As the exhilarated father expected a wide smile, the little anger broke into tears, wishing for her most familiar companion, Ming, to hold her. "Pfft!"

Gojira chuckled while Nik didn't mind and grinned, "There, there, Papa won't look like a beast from now on~ Yes, sure! I'll shave clean and even trim my hair to look more natural, ah, no worries, I'll even bring lots of toys... wait, no, that's more dangerous... we'll play the PS games together soon!" As Tanya grew irritated without her mother in sight, Nik walked over to Ming and gently passed the treasure to her while inquiring, "Why don't we take our baths together later? I still have a few days of holidays from the institution left."

"Sure thing, let's just enjoy the sight~"

Ming smiled as Nik took out another camping chair and lay down. By this time, Ziyun, Ning'er, and Xiao Xue came by, their appearances slightly curvaceous but similar overall. They bowed towards Nik before standing behind the wooden tubs and sighing in distress as they slowly stripped themselves to their bare minimum.

"Master... look away! You always wait for me to complain!" Xiao Xue dragged her words as Ning'er and Ziyun nodded. Meanwhile, Nik chuckled, "Oh, I thought that you'd want to give a gift since I became a father..." With his violet hues flashing in a non-master manner that made the familiar rush and heat spread across the trio's bodies, Shen Xiu's chuckle resounded, "Don't worry, Nik said that we don't need to gift anything~!"

"Ah! Master! Look.Away!" Xiao Xue finally spat with a furious blush as she felt Nik's gaze linger onto her fresh, grown-up bosom. "Yes, yes!" Nik saluted from his chair and turned his head to look at Ming's bosom, making her smile rather flirtatiously as she let Tanya have her first treat of the day. "That's right, Yu'er," Ming called out Nie Yu as the deadly archer entered her bath, "Hmm? Yeah, Mom?" Looking towards the curious Nie Yu carefully and finding not a shred of envy towards Tanya... well, Ming didn't reply to her and then looked sideways. Nik had long started to focus on their kid instead of her milking bosom...

She got her answer, eloping into Nik's harem rather boldly might be the best decision of her life. Then, Ming recalled Nik's decision of milking her dry and felt her heart throb happily. Well, she is definitely blessed with the best man she can ever ask for, the nastiest one~!


"I don't care! I am feeling depressed... Nik already has a kid for f.u.c.k's sake but I don't have any! That damned restriction in evolution now doesn't allow my harem to give births, too... Dang it!"

Ray spouted sourly. He felt thrilled by the idea of spoiling Nik's little girl and dolling her up in goth dresses, cute princess dresses, and the likes. He had a wardrobe full of them. But the thought of not being as accomplished as Nik even though he was older than Nik stung Ray slightly. He ate another piece of chocolate before taking a bite of his ice cream and then drank his milkshake to feel better. But it didn't work for too long. Envy is one sour mistress and Ray didn't want to accompany one... but well, he still did.

"Well, to f.u.c.k men into impregnation is a High-tier evolutionary innate skill of a prime succubus..." Yar stated, feeling the same as Ray, "Hey, let's not think too much, *munch*," Yar devoured another piece of entire candy, "What do you think we should prepare for Tanya? A gold-level item or a dark-gold?"

"Of course, a dark-gold... I need to let Brian know that finder's keeper. I am the Godfather, not him, hmph!"

"That's great... but we don't have more than three Dark-Golden items..." Yar recalled with a sigh as Ray hummed in indignation. Heck, when he was feeling extremely generous, he just had to find that he didn't have the funds to become so. "Oh, how about this...?" Ray took out an item that made Yar smile in surprise. "Well... this may just work."

At this moment, Ye Zong knocked on Ray's door, "Master... that Lu Piao kid is here once again. Do you want me to throw him out once again?"

Ray furrowed his brows. Just like Nik, he had established himself as the hidden master of the Glory City by taking away the 'delicious' family heads and male talents for himself. Ye Zong, of course, fit the bill and found himself warming Ray and Yar quite a bit later after Nik spread the news of expecting a child. And while Nik enjoyed tending to slightly lazy women and enjoyed their company, Ray turned out to be the opposite. He did not enjoy lazy men and from Nie Li's words, Lu Piao seemed to be one of the laziest the three-hundred-year-old champion knew of... but today... Ray was feeling reckless.

From their first expedition into the forest, Lu Piao had been nothing but extremely active in pursuing Ray as a female. He still didn't know the truth and how his life would change after meeting Ray's expectations.

"Just... let him in. I am too bored... and he is too stupid, it looks like a match..." Ray sighed while taking another bite out of his icecream.


An emaciated old man with a withering beard and wrinkled face finally opened its narrow eyes and focused on the handsome, blue-haired youth with crimson eyes. Finally, the man's words echoed without even his dried lips moving, "Ah, Brian, I think we came to an understanding that you'll step down from the position of my core disciple after two weeks once you gained those four items... I really need my grand-daughter to start her cultivation."

"I understand it well," unperturbed by the rotten smell in the humble cave with a single seat for the old man himself, surely, hiding a room filled with e.r.o.t.i.c stash that made Brian's master famous in the secular world in the first place, the Temporal Fiend continued, "But, I am asking for a small favor, and you still are my master, even though we both don't like that. So, all I am asking is for a good little trinket in the hoard of treasure. Like... that Empress Gin's headband, Qilin's ribbon, Godchild socks, or even that Athena's goggles would work."

"Brat..." the old man stated darkly, "how dare you get a girlfriend... even I don't have one yet."

"Correction, yours are dead, you ghoul," Brian scoffed, "And, just take out one of the items, what are you being stingy about? Do you want your knightly grand-daughter to know the bribes you are placing to keep her lack of talent hidden? Hmm? Ah, maybe, your grand-daughter is my girlfriend that I am aiming for~!"

"You wish!" The old man smiled, "She isn't talentless... just leas fortunate. You should understand of all people that talent is merely a glorious word given to illogical existences. Right now, you are only illogical in the eyes of less fortunate... and I am quite the fortunate one. Now... I am willing to hand out a lower-level item than the ones you mentioned."

With his objective achieved, Brian chose the Diamond-tier item he had been eyeing from the beginning, "Then... the Three-eyed Titan Onesie!"

'Ray... to be a godfather, you are a little too green. I am calling dibs for every single firstborn from every one of Nik's harem... kakakaka!'

Meanwhile, the old man's expression turned strange but he still complied.

"Now go, let me cultivate in peace!"

"You mean masturbate!"

"It is a form of cultivation."

'He should really be Nik's master... maybe the apostle can learn a few things himself.'

"Now, go! Don't disturb me! I've had enough of this no nut november! I'll come out of seclusion once another trend begins!"

The old man chuckled lightheartedly, making Brain go through a minor existential crisis on how such a debauched man can create items that even the Paradise covets... maybe... he should really try finding a girl for himself...

The man chuckled and then recalled how he just ended up stabbing his latest hook-up who tried to assassinate him. 'Yeah... first become the strongest, and then find a s.e.xy wife~!'

Brian walked out with a cheerful expression. The titan onesie, despite its name and strengths is extremely... suitable for a young child. Of course, if giving the said child the strength of a rank 5 host was appropriate in the first place. Heck, even Brian would have worn this if it wasn't simply designed by a popular child fashionist.

"Master... don't worry, we'll get another fashion master design an onesie suitable for you."

Brian's familiar spoke up as his voice rumbled, his words instantly pulling a humorous chuckled from Brian.

"I'd love that. Maybe a Behemoth Lion onesie."

"A matching one... I'd like one, too." Brian's familiar corrected, "If it doesn't go against your wishes, Master."

"No worries. We just have to get strong enough to hunt the Behemoth and we are set!"