Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 482

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 482 Begin

Everyone had their routine after their usual morning training. Shen Xiu departed to the main building of the Glory Center to settle the main issues. Lanruo, Korra, Ning'er, Ziyun, Xiao Xue, and Ryu'er are still being schooled despite their resistance with the argument that they were strong enough, which, Nik instantly destroyed by asking them a few exotic questions and stumping them into taking their classes seriously. What a joke. If being good at something was the only requirement, the brothel Nik worked for in the past didn't stop his education just because Nik could f.u.c.k needy women willing to pay for his sweet body. No. He was trained in plenty of matters even if he didn't end up using them in his life. So, to Nik, power wasn't everything... well, he wouldn't state it outrightly, but he had now added the objective to get strength high enough to topple the system itself. That bitch crossed the line, and on the day of Tanya's arrival at that!

While the students studied, aside from their passions, Pen Hua, Xiao Xiaji, Asami, and Gin Jiu taught. Samya had replaced San Mo as the principal silently, handling the major matters but keeping the man for appearance's sake. Yang Xin and Xue Yin continued their profession under Shen Xiu's department of Alchemy and Inscription, greatly boosting the pricing flexibility of the more important items since these were manufactured internally. Gojira slept, seemingly more interested in the concept of sleep than the world's beauty. Well, in her words, every day, she stored energy for the night, creating a virtuous cycle and Nik really couldn't deny the facts. Aside from Gojira, Ryu'er, and Samya, not many of them could continue after five rounds. Well, aside from his C.R... girls inside his consciousness realm couldn't get tired and they just... f.u.c.k.i.e.d. So, Nik had effectively created a realm of orgy.

While Nik could not persuade Nie Yu into joining the institute once she knew it wasn't just giggles and archery, she did join Elsa, Xiao Yun, and Xiao Ming to help them and learn the profession of a seamstress. It didn't look like much, but Nik had already started finding a sense of modern charm within this traditional world itself.

{A/N: Lol, I just realized that the harem has already reached a mind-boggling level of 18 girls... and heck, there are more girls to add... oof, maybe, I should add a few girls a literal 'slaves' to simply relieve tension and not delve into their character? Like the angel from the different pocket space that Nie Li and his friends travel to? Sikong something.}

Aside from Klas and Xiao Ming, everyone was busy with their lives. Well, Nik had already taken a three-month leave from the institute to be there for Xiao Ming despite the overflowing support already present. A few days remained until his vacation finally ended... ah, after that, Nik was thinking of spamming his medical leaves to stay with Tanya. Within their regular bath, steam filled the upper section of the room as Nik, Xiao Ming, and Klas rested alongside. Tanya had finally gone to her sleep and after going through one session of diaper changing due to Nik not wanting to use his [Purification] unnecessarily and letting Tanya's body go through her natural physical processes.

"Still thinking of taking all the responsibilities after that sudden pee-strike while changing the diaper?" Ming asked with a humorous chuckle as Klas grinned, "Master... Lady Tanya definitely inherited your shamelessness!" Not minding their comments while dipping his head for a few breathes to hide the hotness of his cheeks, Nik remerged with a composed smile, "Of course... that was simply one of the trials, and what father would I be if I don't have some embarrassing stories ready for Tanya's eighteenth birthday? This is merely one of them."

Nik could easily imagine the scene where a young, faceless Tanya brought her beautiful girlfriends for her eighteenth birthday party, and there, Nik would be waiting to whip out an unending supply of dad jokes and her embarrassing stories. After Tanya, however runs to her room in shame, Nik would whip out his tool for her beautiful friends who kept sending him the signals. Dem friends would definitely want a piece of this 'daddy,' right?"

"Anyway... Master looks like a kid when he doesn't have beard~!" Observing Nik's cleanly shaven beard, Klas stated with a giggle. To outsiders, the emerald-haired beauty has already gained the fierce title of Cold Maid but within Nik's circles, she is called the Cool Body Pillow. "Well, he is a kid~ My man-kid finally became a father, huh?" Ming stated with a soft smile before leaning against his body and planting a soft kiss to his slick jaws.

"You know... I liked my beard..." Nik stated as he grew comfortable and spread his arm over the ledge, bringing Ming and Klas into an embrace as he sighed deeply. "But... you two have been rather active at poking fun at me... isn't it my turn to poke already?" With the back of his head resting on the smoothened rock behind him, Nik inquired with a whisper while he gave the two's shapely b.r.e.a.s.ts a soft squeeze.

"Poke all you want, maybe I'll get lucky again~" Ming tilted her body, her left b.r.e.a.s.t pressing into Nik's right chest as her right bosom overlapped with the soft cherry pink topping surrounded by a rather large and soft perimeter of a.r.e.o.l.a enticed Nik greatly. At this moment, however, Nik leaned down to peck over at Xiao Ming's forehead.

"Don't be stupid, I was kidding... even with continuous life energy supply and purification, your body's adaptiveness can only hasten to a certain extent. The v.a.g.i.n.a.l discharges alongside the contraction of your uterus would still require"

"Aaah! I get it! I get it! Just stop!" Xiao Ming hurriedly stated. She knew everything Nik said all too well. Heck, last time, with Nie Yu, her hormonal changes were off the charts, making Ming lash onto Nie Kai and even her sister and brother-in-law. However, even with the similar hormonal changes, Nik made sure to keep a relative 'casualness' within Ming, keeping her moods from swinging. He learned this trick just a few months ago and now even expected to use it on Mitsuko! Of course, Ming felt more embarrassed by her status spoken out loud and this is what Nik aimed for. She truly needed week-long abstinence.

"That's good," Nik whispered. Instead of proactively sucking on Ming as his dumbass would have committed previously, Nik now understood that Tanya needed to have her fill every two-three hours, and Nik also needed to be present since Tanya still couldn't latch onto Ming right off the bat. Heck, out of all the nursing yesterday, Ming had to pump it out and then slowly feed it to Tanya three times.

"But Klas... I should be giving you two some privacy then!" Ming whispered with a sigh. The single round she took around the house and the medicinal baths were enough for warm-up. Heck, Xiao Ming hadn't even gotten used to even 50% increment in gravity before her pregnancy was announced and now, even the weakest of the group could bear three times the gravity. She really missed a lot due to the strains Nik's training placed on one's body but the man didn't try to even form a training method for pregnant women... well... no, he did. But he sure as heck didn't share it with Xiao Ming. He just created that technique to satiate his own curiosity.


The rest of the day... well, turned out far more hectic than Nik would have expected. As Xiao Ming stated, parenting was hard and after Nik's heartfelt and sincere request to be the only one alongside Xiao Ming to nurse Tanya aside the necessary help that Nik himself couldn't provide, the rest of day Nik actually spent wiping Tanya's butt. He had actually read this, b.r.e.a.s.t milk had certain laxative effects that helped ease a newborn's bowels. Time and again, however, Samya and even Gojira sought to assist Nik and finally, he did relent. While he is guaranteed to be free almost the entire day with nothing much to do, quite ironic to the beginning where he had helped everyone initiate what turned out to be their current lifestyle, Nik still had a certain priority he must attend daily.

As Nik reluctantly left the only woman who would now grace his dreams with her soothing giggles and cries, and of course, the cute burps while the twist of her body would cause his awakening, Nik finally returned to his room. A small one unlike the orgy room in the bas.e.m.e.nt they had renovated, with a small, one-person bed that supported Nik and his harem countless time to sweaty orgies that would make things wild time and again, and the walls decorated with some illicit bachelor posters, since, technically, Nik is still living that sweet bachelor's life.

Laying down on his bed with the shuffling sound of the sheets echoing in the allover humble room, Nik closed his eyes and directed his attention to the mist free spiritual world that was actively protected by the spiritual formation laid down by Sky using four bound spirits as the core. Meanwhile, the Ravager's mist actually roiled around his body casually, cruising down his veins or shifting around his lungs idly. It was as if until Nik manages to find something for them, they wouldn't move until 'bored' to movement once again. And try did Nik as he failed at every attempt to remove the restriction on [Battle Arts] and yesterday, the system itself.

Once Nik intended to enter his spiritual world, his vision swam before his n.a.k.e.d, dragon-branded body opened its eyes to the frozen hell with ceiling and floor covered with glistening blue ice as a frosty mist surrounded the upper and lower portion of the seemingly endless expanse of frost. Feeling his legs actually crept up by the chill, Nik heaved a deep sigh that turned into a frosty puff of vapor.

At this point, a pure, white-colored bird with a curving, crystalline beak, and the total size of a parrot materialized over one of the icicles erupting from the floor and reaching out for the ceiling. Its yellowish talons didn't seem affected by the frozen hell as a playful giggle resounded, "Master, you are back on time... sigh, should I repeat the conditions of the test once again?"

"I am not receiving the hell mode?" Nik inquired with, pleasantly surprised, as the white parrot shook its head, "No way~!"

"Then, no need. I just need to keep my body from getting frozen for one hour. That is the condition I need to fulfill to see your true form and learn your first name."


"Then let's begin... Imma knock you away, Pure~!"

Nik smiled confidentially, as usual. One of the things Pure actually liked about Nik despite knowing the eventual outcome.