Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 484

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 484 Dinner

"Hii~ How's my niece doing?~" Ray grinned happily, his body garbed in a green skirt and white top while his hands held a package wrapped in a beautiful hide. Although Tanya wasn't brought near the dining table yet, all the girls still visited Tanya just fo check on her before changing into more comfortable clothes. Some tied their hair up, Ryu'er pushed her hair back with a headband while placing Moon on her head, Yang Xin and others loved their leggings while Asami kept true to oversized t-shirts and stretchable hotpants that simply didn't extend through the hems of her jersey.

Gazing at the wonderful creation, Ray couldn't help but look back towards Nik and smile, "She's beautiful. The name, too. Good job! Here, I brought a present for her... but don't give the better one to her just yet~!"

Nik carefully held the package with a confused expression, "Really? Thanks." Smiling, Nik unraveled the package, his gaze instantly falling on two particular items A purple-tier ankle bracelet and a beautiful ribbon. For a moment, Nik imagined Tanya with her hair tied with the ribbon... that would definitely look cute on her.

"These are great, thanks!" Storing the item into his inventory and carefully tying the ribbon across the edge of the crib and preventing Tanya from waking up before leading Ray out as they walked back towards the dining table.

"Anyways..." Ray began with a wry smile, "I think I might have cuckolded your disciple, Xiao Xue... ehm... and, she might receive the news tomorrow... so..." Ray dragged his words while placing his arm behind his head. Meanwhile, Nik's eyelids jumped. He would be stupid if he didn't feel it as his duty to comfort his own disciple once she finds out the betrayal of her fiancee. "Wait, I recall you saying how deeply Lu Piao annoys you."

"Ehm," not willing to admit his decision being led by his own envy, Ray coughed and grinned, "I just thought he might be a good addition... well, not that I am considering them true objects, but you get the point, right?"

"Yeah, kinda... Oh... how're your spiritual tests going?" Just like Nik, Ray found himself deeply annoyed by his spirits the moment those hunks gained their true spiritual form. With a scowl, Ray spat, "Bah! Kitty and Hissy are too damned stupid and manipulative! They always change their tests... heck, it was only three days ago before the cycle was formed and now I at least know what tests I will be facing... you weren't wrong, spirits are a pain!"

Ray's and Nik's spirits snorted simultaneously. "Well, glad to chat with the other member of the club... I have already purchased thousands of spirit crystals for bringing Brian..."

"What about the rest?"

"Not telling..." Nik grinned while Ray clicked his tongue.

"Ah!" Ray suddenly tiptoed forward and stopped in front of Nik with a cute smile as he leaned his body forward and playfully held his hands behind his back.

'It's a trap!' Shouted Nik internally while Ray enticed, "I've been wondering... how long will until you can come with me to the trip into the realm within the city? It would be fun, you know. Hanging out and chilling in a completely different picket dimension."

"Oh, you mean that... hmm... can I get a month? I'd love to stay with Tanya... if I leave now, won't she simply forget the existence of her father with so many women around..."

Nik smiled wryly and explained while Ray nodded with an agreeing hum. "Welp, one month it is! I wonder if it has something strange like land formed from sea or snacks falling from the air."

"I'd love a world where anything is edible... even non-organic minerals..." Nik muttered.

"How about a f.u.c.k for all land?" Ray inquired with a grin as Nik thought silently.

"Well... it sounds like a terrible but... no, sounds like the best hentai ever..."

"Ah, yeah."

Both, the L.u.s.t Apostle and the Succubus made their way towards the dining table while the illicit familiar and spirits remained speechless for the better half of the night.

After all, anywhere these two go, the surroundings basically turn into the same category of hentai they just complimented.


Nik and Ray sat across each other once again. While the two ate rather silently, the remaining members couldn't be rowdier.

"Ah, Li'er! You already forgot your mother after going over to Ray... it breaks my heart..." Xiao Yun sobbed in a mocking manner while placing serving of rice as Nie Li grimaced. He already felt bloated but the look on his mother's face made him sigh and eat with gritting determination. He had already been 'healed' and although some things turned out harder to accept, the duration of months seemed to have calmed Nie Li down as he stopped blaming his family for their actions. Sitting beside him, Nie Yu chuckled and passed her bowl of rice to him with a grin, "Yeah, little cousin, eat up!"

"Ugh... you still are the worst!" Nie Li complained as Xiao Yun settled beside Nie Yu. On the other side, Shen Xiu warmly hosted her nephew, Shen Yue as others continued to chat with each other, forming a rather loud dinner. Of course, seeing this, Nik smiled. Ray seemed to be sharing Nik's emotions and ate with a satisfied expression. Of course, Ray hadn't turned insensible enough to bring Nie Ming and Nie Kai alongside him but Ray hadn't also turned sincere enough to not enjoy a father-son oyakodon just like Nik enjoyed the forbidden act of taking mother and daughter simultaneously.

Ray might just be advocating true gender equality...

Not dwelling on the thought of finding a way to incorporate time into the Dream Core, Nik enjoyed dinner while laughing and joining in on the conversation with his own two-bits of debauchery. Since everyone on this table knew about the system and the Paradise, Nik found himself a little comfortable, like usual, and with the addition of Ray, which wasn't too rare but also quite uncommon, the dining table soon diverted towards their various achievements. Ryu'er, once again becoming the center of attraction as she blushed and pulled Moon over to her face, causing the elegant beast to mewl in indignation and jumping out of Ryu'er's hold before landing onto Nik's lap.

"Well... there are many bloodline spirit rings users in the higher realm. But... the quality of bloodline Ryu'er possess is already too extreme," Samya sighed in admiration as Ryu'er, who had gotten a little better at socialization, still felt her cheeks burn while Nie Li added, "Yes, the Draconic Ruins thrive due to the enhanced bloodline... but, I have heard that the Draconic Ruins is actually a higher plane that is connected to two other lower planes with the equal quality as ours..."

Nik and Ray knew this as Samya's words attracted others and steered the direction of the conversation once again, much to Ryu'er's relief.

"Well, this plane pulls the spirit rings from spirit beast, the second plane actually involves a pair of jewels where the cultivator can absorb items through one set, and spirit skills through other, and finally, the last one is the most... well, orthodox. In that plane, the spirit beasts actually produce unique beast crystals that can be absorbed by the cultivator and allow them to gain the partial or full transformation of the said spirit beast."

"That's pretty much the same effect with the difference in execution, huh..." Nik commented since the human beings turned out to be the more preferred species while their strength relied on literal execution of other beings present.

"Yeah, but, in Draconic Ruins, all path converges into one," Samya shrugged, placing a piece of green-sweet pie before humming happily.

"Oh, well, extra facts!" Ray smiled and dangled his fork, "But, can anybody tell me if a cultivator gets pregnant while in her transformed state... would the child be a human... or partly beast, the same goes for the male cultivator whose effort takes place..."

Ray's words even stumped the all-knowing Nie Li as Nik silently gazed at all his partners that could transform.

"I think..." he spoke deeply, "It's time for the greatest experiment in my life..."

The lips of everyone within the room twitched.

Once the hearty meal concluded and Ray returned to the City Lord's Mansion, Nik finally returned to the orgy room with bubbly excitement when the responsibility of being a father finally hit him like a train.

Before he could open the room, he requested his more than hungry partners to wait for a couple of minutes before he mechanically turned around and made his way to Xiao Ming's room. Tanya was hungry again and he wasn't going to place all the burden on Xiao Ming until Tanya at least learns to latch properly out of her own efforts.

After all, sucking n.i.p.p.l.es is the job a baby should be bast at!

He, now fully intended to teach Tanya the art of n.i.p.p.l.e sucking...

"Nah... I probably shouldn't. Something tells me that Tanya would raise hell if I try to snatch her treat in front of her eyes..."

Nik chuckled happily as he went to Xiao Ming's room and helped her out. Since Tanya once again didn't latch properly and was growing more irritated, Nik took out the stored b.r.e.a.s.t milk from Xiao Ming's spatial ring that she had pumped with Samya's care and allowed Nik to feed Tanya. Meanwhile, with a yawn, Xiao Ming slept peacefully, something, she wouldn't be able to do during Nie Yu's time. Well, this also served to show how much faith Xiao Ming actually put in a rookie father like Nik.

Yeah, Nik was bombed by pee... again.


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