Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 486

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 486 Rookie Masseuse 1?

"Here you go..." Although Nik felt happy, much to his selfishness, since Xiao Xue looked incomparably determined to get back at Lu Piao, i.e., revenge s.e.x, or at least, hand stuff. But, right now, Nik found his mind strangely occupied with Tanya herself. The realization, though a happy one, finally allowed Nik to understand his own state of mind. He had started to push his emotional dependence on his own daughter which is far from healthy. Taking a deep breath, Nik sat across Xiao Xue, with the same glass of juice as Nik didn't allow Ryu'er to use the situation as an excuse and bunk the classes.

"Thank you... master..." Xiao Xue whispered with a sigh, her hands ungloved and wrapped around the cold glass as she continued to look at the calm surface of the strawberry juice while tapping her heels against the floor in frustration. "So, do you know why Lu Piao might have wanted to... wish for this?" Nik, of course, knew the true source of Lu Piao's sudden disinterest in Xiao Xue... nay, the entire female kind. But, Xiao Xue didn't need to know that. At his inquiry, Xiao Xue's grasp around the glass tightened while the surface of the juice rippled. Seeing this, Nik took a sip from his own glass, enjoying the coolness provided by the drink... but he still preferred other forms of nectar at the end of the day.

"You should drink, it will help calm you down."

"Master..." Xiao Xue took a shuddering breath, "Accompany me with wine... not juice!" She looked up, her dark pink eyes locking into Nik's violet hues as her bitten lips revealed her conflicted thoughts. For a few breaths, Nik calmed himself down, too. The thoughts of him wanting to rush over to Tanya were finally reigned in, making his earlier emotional barrier a form of nurture as he determined himself still able to have fun and get other's help in taking care of Tanya. He would still be there for the little princess, but not spam her life with his worries. At least, not until she comes home one day and says that she has a boyfriend... that would warrant certain death of certain youth.

"Sure," Smiling, Nik took out a bottle of wine instead of a vat since the table itself was made of glass and looked classy in a modern sense. Vat would have only served to ruin the mood.


Burying her face into the pillow and analyzing all her decisions that led Xiao Xue into her own room within the manor, n.a.k.e.d and laying on her bed over her stomach and her hair pulled up to reveal her smooth, slightly muscular back and toned h.i.p.s leading to plush but firm thighs and calloused feet. Feeling the slight chill in the air, Xiao Xue felt the effects of alcohol receding and her determination to quickly leave the situation increasing alas, as Nik clicked the door open and entered with his attire changed into a loose one, Xiao Xue hurriedly buried her face into the pillow once again.

A certain aroma still managed to bypass the feathers of her pillow and reach her buried in nose as the *tac* sound of Nik placing something down resounded within the room. It was a vial of essential oil, something necessary for the 'relieving' entertainment acts Xiao Xue demanded from her master. As Nik pulled his long sleeves up, letting the sound of the shuffle of his tunic sink in, the master admired the hard work his disciple put into her body. More muscles meant more power and alongside Korra, Xiao Xue seemed to embrace the fact, too. Sure, after continuously training in gravity for few months had brought increment in musculature to his disciples and partner, Xiao Xue still stood out with her athletic build.

"As a trainee masseuse, it is important for me to relay the type of essential oil that would be used. It is called Earth Solace that is produced by the Glory Center. Out of the three solace series, Earthen one helps pull frustration out of one's body," Nik spoke softly, his tone deep and soothing as Xiao Xue found comforted by the current version of master that didn't simply tease her from the beginning. Heck, she didn't even know what she wanted at the moment as her heart once again ached for something even more than his teases. Xiao Xue heard the stopper of the vial pop out when Nik seemed to have contained the liquid into his hand and started rubbing his palm softly.

The rough scratches of his callouses rubbing against each other turned into slightly sloppy wet sound as Xiao Xue breathed deeply, feeling a little hotter as she started to enjoy the scent of the oil alongside the aftermath of the wine.

"But, it is essential that you talk your feelings out. After all, what you need is not physical relaxation but emotional. So, now to begin once again, before I continue, are you perfectly aware of your feelings for your... ex-fiance?"

Nik inquired as Xiao Xue slowly tilted her head up, resting her chin against the pillow with her arms still hugging it tightly. Her heart ached greatly but she still responded positively. "Yes... master. We both have been friends since childhood... this kind of relationship... whoever throws away such a relationship?"

Not replying, Nik leaned forward and finally placed his slightly warm palms over her back, making Xiao Xue's body stiff as Nik whispered, "Don't feel afraid... just enjoy the feeling of your back getting relieved." Placing slightly more pressure on his palms, Nik slid his hands over to the upper section of her tr.a.p.ezius muscles, the one next to the base of her neck as his thumbs gently pressured the middle sections while pulling a soft sigh from his disciple. "Throwing a relationship can be as hard as ascending the rank of titled douluo, or as easy as breathing," Nik stated, bullshitting his way since he never needed any relationship classes. This was merely what you experience, and since he hadn't experienced getting cucked, he could offer no support aside from his little brother. Of course, that did not mean he couldn't speak things that Xiao Xue wanted to hear.

"He... did it easily. After nine months of avoidance, he dumped me... I am sure he got someone pregnant in this period..."

Xiao Xue continued sourly while twisting her legs and controlling her breathing. Her fingers twitched continuously as she felt Nik's hands over her shoulder, soothingly massaging her body as the spiritual essence oil acted, making her body more relieved and relaxed. Later Xiao Xue would finally understand that this wasn't any essential oil but Nik's [Mirage Manipulation] as the liquid over Xiao Xue's back slowly seeped into her body, making her pores act up while burning into a slightly nefarious blaze.

"Are you sure he just doesn't want to hurt you?" Nik smiled devilishly, his hands working on the sides of her back as his fingers also rubbed the edges of her abdomen, making Xiao Xue loosen her breaths and her body heaving at a greater pace. His words instantly brought a conflict while Xiao Xue considered the situation carefully. If Lu Piao still did care for her... should she go and clarify or wait... shouldn't she first get out of this bed.

"Of course, there still remains a risk of Lu Piao genuinely getting over you..." Nik leaned down further, his face slightly behind Xiao Xue as he breathed against the tip of her ear, "and into someone else's pants... for nine entire months~!"

At this time, Nik slid his hands up, finally resting with his hold bringing his fingers against the underside of her squished b.r.e.a.s.ts and his thumb working its way on her side muscles. Damp with sweat and realizing the possibility of her master's words, Xue couldn't help but feel genuinely disheartened but with her master's hand impacting against her b.r.e.a.s.ts... well, Xue didn't mind it... just today.

With her breathing turning deeper and more audible, Xiao Xue registered her master's surprise kiss against the tip of her ear, "Then again, what options do you have to truly relieve and cleanse your system? Hmm?" His voice akin devil shifted her thoughts greatly. With her master's palms shifting and concentrating onto her back once again, Xiao Xue felt the n.a.k.e.d bits slowly turning wet. Each of her master's strokes pulled a little of her strength in exchange for a strange calm that burned with hot flames wanting for nothing but his touches and his voice easing into her mind.

"Xue, I am going to go start with your legs," whispering, Nik changed his position, and moved closer to her legs before starting from the bottom. He gave the right one his full attention by placing one of his palms over to her calf and the second one on the base of her foot, his touches titillated Xiao Xue as the sloppy palms brought a wave of satisfaction to her body, so much so, that Xiao Xue didn't mind her lower limbs growing limp. Her breathing was already hot and waves of expectations continued to crash against her heart. The image of her recent fiance seemed quite far away but the conflicting sensation made Xiao Xue even... dirtier. This, alongside the sensation of sweat pouring out of her body crazily, making her look physically dirty in front of her master's vision ached most of her body but not her heart.

Finally, Nik's words seemed to be fulfilling her expectations. Till now, Xiao Xue didn't dare look back. It was the same concept as the pigeon closing its eyes in front of the cat destined to devour it. But the moment Nik said, "I'll be sitting on your thighs, please bear with me..." Xiao Xue finally tilted her head back. Her cheeks deeply flushed, her gaze nothing but amorous, and her body finally shuddering as her half-lidded gaze matched Nik's clear one. Kinder ones...

Unlike her ex-fiance...

Far more passionate, too.

With her breathing turning shallow once again, Xiao Xue looked at Nik adjusting himself over her warmed up thighs, his knees locked onto the sides of her thighs and his crotch resting increasingly closer to her butt.

"W-what did you mean with my options?" Turning her head in embarrassment, Xiao Xue inquired once again. Her voice soft as her clench turned tighter when her master placed his firm hands over her perky bottoms. His hands thick and large enough to cover her entire curve, something, that Lu Piao couldn't even when he persuaded her into a little bit of handsy fun back then. Filling her butt stretch, Xiao Xue finally recalled once again... she is sweaty! She's probably smelling really bad...

'I should stop master... oh, wait! Where is his hand touching!'

Xiao Xue's eyes widened momentarily before a strange feeling played with her senses as Nik kneaded her butt before pushing his thumb into her butt crack before pulling the ass cheeks apart. Her butt, oiled and sweaty, gave a healthy sheen as Nik dragged his thumb through the hot valley while enjoying the trembles in Xiao Xue's breathing and her stifled m.o.a.n as he started increasing the sensitivity of her body, making each of his strokes visibly tremble the soft, wet flower centimeters below the puckered up hole that clenched and loosened time and again.