Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 487

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 487 Rookie Masseuse 2?

"Master~" Xiao Xue whispered, breathless. Her room, completely closed down, felt incomparably hot as it felt like steam arose from her body. Her sweaty, sticky body that loved her master's arm wrapped around her back, supporting her into a deep, passionate kiss with her saliva sucked out while the remaining hand of her master diligently rubbed against the sloppy slit with a naughty, fat clit poking out and getting pinched into submission time and again. Her disheveled face once again admired the man's clear form. Though damp and sweaty, just like her, the cleanly shaven face of her master brought a certain sense of coolness as she once again squeezed her soft, fluffy b.r.e.a.s.ts with the hand supporting her back.

"Master, I- I am at my limits!" Xue gasped, just as how her master instructed, to instantly inform whenever she felt close to c.u.m.m.i.n.g. Bringing his fingers to a stop, Nik smiled as Xue's gaze fell on her master's sticky fingers. Those thick, hot fingers that continuously teased her body were now drenched in slightly viscous nectar that threaded over the gaps of his finger, making Xue completely embarrassed. "Ah, this tastes the best~" Smilingly, Nik brought his index to his lips before flicking his tongue and licking the underside of his index.

"Master! Don't!" She instantly complained, her hands catching and pulling on Nik's hand with a burst of strength she couldn't portray previously. Alas, her hands slid, but Nik didn't tease Xue in the same manner. Instead, he brought his fingers closer to Xiao Xue, "Someone's gotta lick em, I am up for the task since.you are so delicious~!" Nik whispered before pecking Xiao's cheeks, "But, if you want to try, then I won't be complaining either."

'Me... licking that...' Xiao Xue isn't stranger to orgasm's and wetting her hand while her body trembles with the feeling of squirt arching through the sky, alas, seeing her master lick her fluids so happily... made her happy. The fact that he didn't mind her scent while she sweated and even rubbed her worthless, dirty body in helping her feel relieved was already something Xiao cannot forget. Seeing the sticky liquid all over Nik's hands, Xiao Xue's heart throbbed. Seeing that wet thumb press itself to her plump, lower lip while master's other arm gave her a.r.e.o.l.a a tight squeeze, Xiao couldn't help but part her lips into a tantalizing m.o.a.n that her master covered with the awesome kiss of his.

"There, try it~!" Whispering this, Nik pushed his thumb into Xiao's mouth as she enclosed her lips while leaning against Nik. Within her mouth, her tongue gingerly licked against the broad of her master's thumb before playing around and wrapping her tongue around the tip expertly, and quite uncharacteristically at that. Meanwhile, the sweet pecks to her ear while the occasional rub of her master's wrapped package against her damp thighs made Xiao shudder. Even though Nik didn't play with her lonely flower, she still felt the pressure build, much to her surprise.

"Hah! Hah!" Ragged and hot, Xiao Xue breathed loudly as she observed Nik's clean thumb with a note of satisfaction in her gaze. "Now, now... this session needs to continue," whispering, Nik gently lay Xiao on her back as he slipped to the side of the bed. His gaze turned appreciative as he observed her b.r.e.a.s.ts pushed back once again but the tips turning up, revealing their perkiness, meanwhile, the sweat that lingered on her body outlined the traces muscles over her front. As Xiao heaved deep breaths, preparing her mind for things that her master decided to teach today, her teachings from Elsa regarding bedroom etiquettes finally kicked in as she whispered, "Master... make me feel good... your disciple is too sad, I-... I want to feel better~!" Cooing as naturally as she could, Xiao still revealed a bit of awkwardness but Nik disregarded them as her first try. Instead, he positioned his body in between Xiao's thighs by parting her knees. Seeing her master so close the e.r.o.t.i.c bit that only should be touched by Lu Piao previously, a sense of worthlessness touched Xiao. How could she even go behind Lu Piao


The realization of her not cheating on Lu Piao finally sunk in. From the very beginning, she had been abandoned by the man. His gaze said it all, after all, in the last seven years, Lu Piao never looked at her with anything but adoration and mock fear. With her gaze turning misty while the sadness overwhelming her thoughts once again, Xiao broke into uncontrollable sobs. Seeing her, Nik couldn't help but sigh. But stopping right now wasn't the best and continuing was only worse temporarily, to Nik, that is. With focus, he leaned forward with his hands rubbing against the base of her p.u.s.s.y. For a moment, his index let out a tiny ball of gold. This was the condensed [Purification] which only cleaned her anus straight-up instead of using his skill on her entire body. That would, in return, clear out all the built-up tension which was far from productive.

Feeling her master's hand tenderly stroking her slick bit, Xiao looked towards him with a glazed gaze since her face now accommodated tears, too while her bit lips displayed her frustrations. Seeing his soothing smile, a bit of her frustrations finally felt satiated but the moment she felt her anus tingle and all of her 'other' tensions removed, Xiao's tear-stricken face couldn't help but turn shocked. It was at this time, she saw her master shifting his legs behind him and then slowly lowering his front.

'Is he going to lay down with his face right in front of...' Just when the thought crossed the sobbing Xue's mind, instead of sticking his tongue, Nik supported his body with his elbow, allowing him to gaze at Xue's face whenever he wanted and giving Xue the same access. Finally, Nik observed the steaming cunt with passion, his lions burned with the hedonistic thought of taming the cutest of all and the most outspoken disciple that even pranked Nik time and again. Of course, this was a little side of him... the less sadistic one. Meanwhile, with the thought of truly helping ease Xue her troubled heart at the cost of their rather 'pure' relationship, Nik brought his left index forward and pushed the length against the vulva, letting it rub and dig into her clean slit as his other hand moved to the lower location. With his right palm grasping the side of her left butt firmly, Nik pressed his thumb against the side of her asshole and pulled on the slightly darker hole. A tilt in gaze allowed Nik to see Xiao Xue already covering her face with the gaps of her fingers showing her eyes that instantly locked against his before hurriedly closing the gaps.

'So cute~' as Nik continued with the second stage of massage... well, it wasn't a massage anymore. Nik truly remains a rookie in the art since he couldn't keep focus and committed haste in recovering the payment.

'Ah! M-master is poking... h-he... butt! Ah! No! Don't push your finger there! It's dirty...' Xue groaned internally but instead of fulfilling her mind's desire to complain, she let out a throaty m.o.a.n due to her clit getting pushed back while her anus stretched by the thick index. She felt weird. Her body tingled and even if she didn't want it, the moment when Nik seemed to push her anal walls 'up' as if pushing against the walls of her p.u.s.s.y, Xiao couldn't help but feel faint. 'What is this feeling... the pressure keeps on building, but... I want more!'

Xiao whispered to herself as Nik finally dug into her cunt as well, both of his index scratching the aching regions of her fleshy wall before pushing against each other, making Xiao Xue tremble as her b.r.e.a.s.ts heaved up and down and even when Nik continued to look at her face, Xiao Xue didn't hide behind the cover of her hands, matching her master's gaze with unbridled passion that she couldn't even have mustered for the man she should have.

The slight partition in the edges of her palm revealed her cute lips continuously mouthing the same word over and over again.

More! More! More! More!

Finally, as Nik felt her walls, both, v.a.g.i.n.a.l and anal, contracting violently and her gaze breaking due to the roll of her eyes and the arch of her back which Nik didn't control as his hands were rather busy, he tilted his head and even when he avoided the head-on spray of orgasm that passed through the ends of the bed, droplets still fell on the side of his face as he licked his lips clean, enjoying the cutie's taste as a Xue shrieked our a loud and sultry m.o.a.n that would have surely woken Tanya once again.

Oh, well, Nik would make it up to her later. Right now, he had a dissatisfied disciple to please.