Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 488

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 488 Rookie Masseuse 33

"Master... please *Haannn* st- stahp~!" Xiao Xue m.o.a.ned but her hands spoke a different language as she felt herself more daring than ever to grab the back of her master's head while pushing her butt towards his face, wanting more of her asshole licked and tongued with the soft snorts of her master throwing her damp p.u.s.s.y in chaos. "Ahh~" a groan leaked once again as she felt her master diligently spreading her butt and pushing his fleshy tongue even deeper. She never knew her ass could make her feel so tingly and good, heck, if she knew, she would have used her back door to please herself to sleep every night, not her loose slit that easily fitted three of her master's thick fingers with a slight space expanding and begging for more.

Meanwhile, with her juices already covering the inner-curve of her butt and still leaking made Nik's meal all the more satisfactory. The moment he found Xue grabbing his head, he closed his eyes and dived in. With both of his hands supporting her butt to keep it midair and gently scooch her anus up, Nik could only press his nose against the slightly loosened flower as his lips overlapped her butthole with trickling juices parting over on his lips. Meanwhile, Nik explored Xue's anus in an assured manner. His skill really brought him an efficient manner to introduce anal pleasures to his women and finding the natural sensitivity of her anal walls, Nik was greatly pleased. Feeling her soft m.o.a.ns graze past his ears, Nik continued his efforts, dragging the broad of his tongue against the slimy walls as her anus suddenly contracted, but not enough to impede Nik's movement. The moment he felt the change, Nik raised his face up, and even if his tongue was connected to her puckered hole with a thin strand of glistening liquid, he still covered Xiao Xue's p.u.s.s.y with his mouth, not willing to waste the squirt of a vengeful maiden once again.

"Aaaaiiiii!" With a weird groan, Xue's eyes close as she bucked her h.i.p.s against Nik's face, sensational fluids still trickling down her butt onto the bed as Nik lapped the slightly creamy orgasm, enjoying the delight hidden behind the orgasm as his hands below still probed Xiao's butt, unwilling to let go of her asshole even for a second. After all, he had already decided on which hole to start with when it came to the assatic Xue. Once again, the moment Xue felt two thick thumbs penetrating her asshole, stretching her flawless hole into a relative sultry 'taker,' Xue couldn't help but feel c.u.m.m.i.n.g even more, her clutch over Nik's hand growing firmer by the second while the shudders of her body quickening at an even greater pace, making her b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggle.

"Aah, that was wonderful!"

Xue trembled at her master's words. Although she did present a bout of strength, now, after having such a fulfilling orgasm, Xiao felt her reserves depleted as her arched back lowered once again while her daring hands fell limp, too. Gently settling her butt down, Nik rubbed his arm against his chin, cleaning his face and matching Xiao's current visage that presented the mixture of hot-headed passion and a maiden's reservation. Smiling, he lowered his pants, his actions instantly pulling all the focus from Xue onto his crotch as the bulging but still, soft, member flopped out. With a skin-color slightly darker than Nik's tan and thickness that far surpassing Xiao's imagination since she had felt Lu Piao's full erection quite a bit of time, the maiden's lips trembled by the sheer sight of the monster.

Only now did Xiao complain, slightly regaining her former glory. Pouting her lips and not even bothering to wipe the drool from her face, the completely sweaty woman already knew that at the end of the day, she would belong to a better man but that didn't mean her body could easily accept the 'upgrade' of her future. "Master!" she glared at the member, still unable to muster enough strength to so much as move her fingers, "that won't fit... honestly, just what do you think of me... maybe we should call it a day... I- I'd like to try that once we are ready."

"Hmm? Don't sell yourself too short~" Seeing her master's smile as his words sunk in, Xue felt a slight jolt of danger but felt it was too late when he raised her legs and pushed it behind, her flexibility kicked in, allowing her limp feet to easily rest on either side of her face with her back completely raised up extending to her exposed butt that even she could see for herself. "Uh... master?" She whispered, her body pressed into a strange but illicit form as her heart throbbed the moment her master gripped the base of his own thick tool and struck it against her wet crotch softly, inadvertently letting the underside of his tool soak into her juices that continued to build up.

"Hmm, you are perfectly ready, Xue. In fact, you shouldn't let things like size come into matters of pleasure... it's all about feeling~!" Nik cooed gently, taking out a small vial of essential oil before pouring half of its content onto the shaft of his c.o.c.k. The thick syrup dripped and parted onto the sides of Xue's butt before continuing the downward trajectory and reach her abdomen and slightly pushed 'up' b.r.e.a.s.ts. The titillating sensation made Xue gasp as the sense of unease in her heart grew.

"Master! Ah~ Don't!" In front of Xue's eyes, Nik moved his waist slightly, removing his shaft from above her twitching butthole before pouring the remaining content onto the entrance, with one hand pushing its thumb over the oiled up entrance and the other one stroking the tool to lubricate the shaft, Nik maintained his eye contact without a shred of awkwardness as his erection only grew until his bulbous tip pushed itself out of the slightest edge of the foreskin, finally giving the rod of justice and mender of broken hearts its true form as the gentle curve and the bulging thickness in the middle section of the tool made Xiao Xue almost dizzy.

Smiling in excitement and aligning the mow glistened and well-lubricated tool against Xiao Xue's v.i.r.g.i.n asshole that clenched itself tightly with a small bubble of oil forming up, Nik tilted his gaze to meet the indignant expression of his disciple. "You... are a rogue!" Xue breathed out, completely at his mercy while Nik used the sheer difference in height and the fact that Xiu is already rolled up nicely to reach her lips while pressing his hot c.o.c.k against her throbbing p.u.s.s.y, "I thought you already knew it~ So, you still don't want me to take you, hmm? Not even after so many preparations?" Nik whispered while pecking her lips, making Xue roll her eyes, not out of getting brain f.u.c.k.i.e.d, but out of the sheer hypocrisy her master currently displayed. "Would that stop you? My refusal?" She inquired, her breath turning shallow as master barely gave her the chance to finish her sentence before plunging his mouth over to her's once again.

"Probably not," snickering, her master gently humped his waist, letting the underside of his thick tool spread her fleshy mounds apart while the tip easily surpassed the greatest of heights Xue could even imagine.

"So?" With one hand gently cradling the back of her head and the other one aligning the curved tool once again, as Nik pulled his waist up, Xiao sucked in a deep breath the moment she felt her master force his way into her clenched and tightened anus. It wasn't easy, but already tongued, spread and fingered, her entrance, at least, had become slightly stretchable. The moment she felt her master successfully push his tip into her dirty hole, Xue eased her breathing. 'Alright... it isn't so bad... now, just stay like this for a few!'

"Aaannnghhh!" A slightly astonished yelp escaped her lips as Nik continued down the wet and oiled up hole, the layer of the oil over his shaft gently smeared the tight entrance, forming a ring of oil around her butthole that soon dripped downwards while Xiao felt truly weird with her insides stretched to the extreme as Nik continued until half of his shaft had successfully marked the territory.

Releasing a soft sigh against Xiao's ear, Nik whispered in appreciation, "You know... even if Lu Piao didn't dump you, I would have taken you for myself one day~ This tightness alone affirms my conviction."

"W-what are you saying?!" Xue instantly lowered her head hastily, almost headbutting Nik's chin as her body 'clenched.' Now, Xue truly felt her mind buzz as Nik continued, slowly moving his waist up, "It's true. I would have definitely taken you and then taught you the remaining course of your education... of course, after having your consent {lol}, and then, I would have made sure that Lu Piao doesn't exist in your mind," even though Xue's anus had truly become extremely tight, Nik still moved with his lips twitching.

"S-stop saying this! You are just saying things out of nowhere Xue, you are s.e.xy Xiao Xue, why don't you join Korra and other sisters and now this! A bully! You aren't a master but a bully! An unruly, selfish... bully..."

Xiao whispered, her head completely hidden into Nik's neck as her hot and dragged out breathing impacted the base of his neck, "Unlike... Lu Piao... he always let me hit him... I was the bully back then... I-... I don't hate it."

Feeling the soft kiss on top of her head, Xiao Xue felt sweet, happy, and slightly... well, physically 'filled' as Nik plunged into her once again, balls deep, truly marking her as one of his.


[Exotic Escort Initiated. List of available talents, skills, strength, wisdom, etc. for the host compiled. Please select.

Xiao Xue








Skills: Bind Fist, Blazing Gauntlets, Mach Gauntlets, Maniac Hands.

Element: Lightning]

Selecting Maniac Hands and placing it within the Skill Pool, Nik looked at the blissfully sleeping Xiao Xue. Well, her body did rest, but her consciousness was already accompanied by a part of him into the Consciousness Realm. Now, Nik could easily form more than 30 consciousness avatar without even breaking a sweat.

After all...

Clearing out the air and using his purification to freshen the room, Nik looked at the skill with the highest level.

[Multi-task: Lvl 26

Use: This skill allows you to gradually cope up with the burden on the mind by committing more than one complicated action.

Level 10 Boost: Deduction- The separated consciousness process different information without any discord with the main consciousness.

Level 20 Boost: Sense Connection- The various part of consciousness connect itself with one another and the main consciousness, allowing ease in the transmission of sensations.

Nxt Lvl: 53 SP]

These two boosts basically allowed Nik to always remain in a s.e.x-saturated state as he continued to have s.e.x with his harem within his mind while controlling his urges in the real world worked as the better training to level the said skill up, hence, creating a virtuous cycle. Since he wasn't using s.e.x itself with the intention of training, Nik felt at ease. After all, the moment he starts using s.e.x for something other than pleasure... Nik felt that he would lose his own conscience. Everyone had their lines, Nik drew his at selfish pockmarked old women with a thing to dominate young men with cunts loser than a manhole and the act of using s.e.x for materialistic uses, including power. Exotic Escort? If he wanted to have s.e.x for exotic escort, Nik would have already plunged his member deep into the holes of every woman in the city, truly amassing a treasury of skills.

Gently playing with Xiao Xue's dry hair, Nik laid down alongside her. For her first time, if Xiao Xue woke up alone without her partner already warming the mattress for her, it would truly suck. And, after what Xue had gone through, Nik didn't feel right leaving her side until she wakes up.

"Well... one more resident confirmed~!" Nik snickered, sending his message of success to everyone connected to him, meanwhile, raising another name on the Steele of L.u.s.t erected in the center of the consciousness city, making Xiao Xue blush as she ventured into the new world.

Yeah, Nik had a spot in the city just to let the names of his partners shine.

Saeko called the dibs and named it Steele of L.u.s.t... after her breath of steel.

Not that Nik had other names chosen...

Well, he did!